Pictures by JAMES VYN

STILL IN MONTREUX You know guys, I am dying to show you the pictures from Dubai, but I thought one thing : how nice would it be to post them once I am back home. The reason? Well first of all 1) I still got this look that I wanted to show you, and 2) how nice is it to go through the pictures of your holidays once you are back home, all those cool memories that come back in mind. Anyway, you won’t have to wait long, tomorrow I am getting up very early ( way too early)  to catch my flight back to Geneva, and as soon as I am my room a brand new Dubai post will be online. Seriously, it has been such a crazy week that I am excited like a little kid to share with you the experinces I lived during these few days.
Also, I just wanted to say welcome in 2012! I hope you celebrated good enough New Year and wish you only the best for these upcoming months. How did you spent your 1st of January, have you made any good resolutions?

Now about the look, back to Switzerland ( even if I don’t really want to, but the outfit is worth it). You know I have always been the skinny pants type, but when I got more interested in fashion I liked to experience new things, new shapes, new styles. I remember my post called “Wide Camel” with the large Isabel Lu pants, it was the first time I wore something like that. But you know what, it felt great and I thought that wearing always the same models was quite sad. So when I saw those pants, I fell in love. Their shape, the material and colour is amazing, and believe it or not but it is also from Zara.  You have seen me wearing this look in the post called ” Tea-time after Christmas“, well here are he pictures James and I shot when we got out after the drinks and cookies.
See you tomorrow!

PANTS : Zara
BAG :: Chanel
COAT : Zara
JEWERLY : Parfois and
LIPSTICK : M.A.C “Vegas Volt”


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this coat looks amazing! great outfit! HNY!

beautiful look!

Fashion Philosophy

Absolutely impeccable outfit! Those palazzo pants, great jewelry, perfect jacket… You look stunning!

Looking forward to your photos from Dubai :)

Girl, you look incredible and sophisticated. x

you look amazing babe

New outfit post – NYE

gorgeous! the necklace especially!


wow they are even wider than I thought, but they looks good on you. I’m still ” stuck ” to my skinny jeans, should really try something new aswell

Very curious to see the dubai pics !
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

wow they are even wider than I thought, but they looks good on you. I’m still ” stuck ” to my skinny jeans, should really try something new aswell

Very curious to see the dubai pics !
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

great photos ! you’re really beautiful :)

this is gerat and perfect pants!

Love your look! The pants are amazing :)

Really nice look!
Love the pants!
Happy New Year!

Your outfit is great. I love the pants. I’m the skinny-pants-type, too, but I also wear the others if they don’t make me shorter than I already am :-)

xxx, B.

You start a New Year in a very stylish way! I love your green blouse, white pants and this amazing necklace!

I wish you a great year, full of ideas for outfits!

Polka dot.

oh well so in love with your pants…and so curious about your dubai pictures!

lots of love


I’m just in love with that coat! it’s so beautiful! You look gorgeous as always
Happy new year!

Love your jacket – looks really amazing… great style and great choice…

Have a safe trip back to Geneva…

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

I love wide-legged trousers but I always find them easier to wear in the summer rather than in winter. It’s strange I know ! You look great though :)

Linda e poderosa ;)

Beijão linda :*


I love your hair and make up!

you’re a precious girl.

Love this look! Unfortunately, I’m a bit/lot too short to pull of wideleg pants, but you look amazing!


I love this photography, beautiful trousers, you’ve worn them so well.

Love the cream on the pants and bag going with the gold accents!

XO Sahra

Wooooow!! I really love this look. Bold, beautiful, and just the perfect amount of vintage glamour!

A hit – as always!! ;)



love your coat :)

You look so classy and pretty, you have something a very few have, you’re so photogenic ! Love you coat :)


You look so lovely…this type of trousers is great on you and this shade of green compliments really well with your skin tone!

Live the look dear! And your pants are gorgeous :)

great outfit! i love the combination of white and green.

you’re such a precious girl.

Oh.that zara faux fur!!

Amazing look, i love the green blouse!

You look very beautiful !

love the green shirt which pops out from the whole outfit x


Great outfit ma cherie! :P

The pants are amazing!

this shirt is beautiful!! lovely outfit!
check my blog if you want! thank you so much and happy new year!! <3

Oh my God! This is so chic. I love how you incorporated the fur in. I’ve always wanted a pair of pants like that but was never sure of how to pull them off. – I spent my Jan.1st with my family and friends, a very relaxing day. :)

Love your style!

Amazing outfit! The pants are really flattering and I love that you combined them with this fabulous green blouse, and you Chanel bag!

You’re not tall are you?;) I love the look and your make up is perfect as always


Love your blouse and coat!


all i can say is that i totally love it….

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Gorgeous outfit!!! I LOVE your sense of style!! PLEASE check out my blog !!

love your coat!! And the green top looks so beautiful with your skin :D I’m a new follower and I just adore your blog! xoxo

Flawless look, you always look impeccable :)

XX Kathryn

the most lovely outfit

I love the pants. Great jewel green color with your blond hair!

wowwww you look PERFECT!!! great outfit i just discover uu and i love it!!!
from mexico i follow u

walking in wonderland

you look really good! i love all your outfits and i totally love your coat!

wow, I am glad to discover your blog ! the colours are so beautiful, and I love your pants !!!

You always look so pretty and stylish ! But this time i dont really like your trousers :/ anyway your fur vest is gorgeous ! Xx nadine

i love the coat !!

Oh I simply love this look and your attitude is great! I love the wide cut of those pants and the color of the bliuse is driving me insane! I can’t wait for photos from Dubai :D


love that top! I have to visit that website! lovely photos!


Sei stupenda!!!^^


Perfect tone of green!

ooh ur coat and makeup♥

fresh look <3 it ;)

You’ve inspired me to find pants like that…looks awesome.

You are so pretty!!! I get that about trying out new shapes and styles..but in my case it’s more the opposite lol I want to start wearing skinny jeans instead =P

Love the bag!!!

xoxo Rose

those pants are killers!

I LOVE that green! Fab outfit, in general!

I don’t like the mix of color (blue/white and white/black) i prefer your camel pant ! i can’t wait to see your photo of dubai

Great outfit!! I love thoes Zara pants! Finaly something diferent (new type of pants!). This are awesome photos.!
I cant weit for photos editorials from Dubai!
I wish you a realy nice flight!
Take care,
xoxo, Lara Medić

Your look at the way you have put the colours together, if of course immaculate, as always. But I really don’t like the pants. Skinny jeans and trousers are just so much sexier and look good with ANYTHING. And there are so many interesting colors and materials around these days that I certainly would not call it “sad” when someone wears skinnies all the time and no other pant shape.
Overall, of course you look fab as always!

Anneli xx

What a stunning outfit!! THE ZARA COAT IS SO NICE!
We are so in love with your blog!

you’re beautiful!

great outfit as always dear!


Can’t wait to see the pictures!

great outfit! so glam!

I’m really loving your outfits Kristina!
make-up and the way you mix and match everything is just done almost to perfection xox
all the best for this year =)

Style Hostess


It looks so rich and high class. :)

You look beautiful (as always!) and I’m IN LOVE with that coat!

your blouse is wonderful!:) Love it!!

Hey ! Je viens de faire un article sur cette tenue de toi et il y a un lien pour ton blog. Si tu as du temps, j’espere que tu passeras. :)

J’adooore ta tenue, tu es juste sublime. Le sac est une pure merveille, en même temps c’est Chanel donc.. :)

Bisous <3 V.

Zara’s my favorite, I always know when you wear one of their designs, they’re simply amazing!
They have some cool sequined clutches in the TRF section, you might like them too x

J’ai enleve mon article parce qu’enfaite, je voulais te demander si Cela te derange si je fais un article sur cette tenue avec le lien de ton blog ?

Bisous V.

Cela veut dire que ça ne te dérange pas ? Ou tu ne veux pas que je le publie ? Merci d’avance de ta réponse…


Great outfit! The pants and coat are amazing!

adore this outfit. Looks elegant and stylish!

Belle! Elegance est avec toi!

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Awesome blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

Really informative article.Much thanks again. Will read on…

Kashif abbas 26 April 2014 / Reply

Very beautiful pictures and you also be happy all times

Kashif abbas 26 April 2014 / Reply

Nice u and pictures be happy all times