PASTEL SHADES 2011 was all about neon flashy colours, for me this upcoming 2012 spring means pastel, mint, lavender and ligh pink will rock my closet that’s for sure. Have you seen the last Louis Vuitton campaign? Well that is exactly what I am talking about, light tons, elegance and a little candy ambiance.
James and were in a great mood when we shot this couple of pictures, he just received the Alexis magazine where he was featured and finished school really early. The weather was perfect, we decided to go for lunch in an italian restaurant by the lake and then make a few pictures of my outfit of the day. What do you think about this cotton candy inspired coat? I sear, my heart melted as soon as I saw in on I though it would look perfect with my little pink Chanel bag and a peachy coloured shirt. What do you think about it?

RINGS : Follie Follie
BAG : Chanel
SHOES : Zara


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I prefer pastel shades to neon colours! You look great :)


Elle ღ

I love it!! beautiful photos x=)

Totally in love with pastels and pink. This is so cute!

Tobruckave Blogspot

You are so beautiful and the soft colours are so pretty against your hair, skin and eyes! Definitely a street style photo appropriate look :)

Have a great week!

Really nice look! All in pastel shades!
Really like the coat and the shoes!
Have a nice week!

Beautiful pastel colors, love ‘em!
Your jacket and bag are so chic and classy :)

OMG! You coat, your bag, your accessories, are all to die for!!!

BTW, is that a faux fur coat? XD

The Niknok Style

the second to last photo is just STUNNING!

you are beautiful Kristina!
xxx Federica

we luv cotton candy as we luv ur style ^^

Oh so lovely!

i love this coat, you look like a big & cute piece of cotton candy, but in a good way!! ;) the makeup is really pretty too, as it’s a bit of a lighter version of the one you usually wear! and the rings, their small, pretty & simply perfect!! ^^ and yes, i’m looking forward to spring and wearing all the beautiful pastel colors so so much!! :))

You really look like candy, gorgeous! :))
I think you’ll lookstunning in any outfit :

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You are so gorgeous!

Love the photos!

Love this outfit. Very cute, chic and casual at the same time. X

Love these pastell colors and your fur coat ! Adorable look ! Xx nadine

Beautiful as always! Love the coat:)

xx Laura

Great look! So elegant and classy! That’s what I like :)

Amazing coat!
That last picture is so beautiful! <3

Great pictures =)

Ohhh, you look so amazing :)))
Love it so much :)

WOW, I love that lipstick and fur coat. You can do your makeup so well, I wish mine would look so pristine. Fab look xx

love your photos!

You are amazing, so beauty, and I love your hair…

Bellissima nel mio colore preferito, sei una Barbie^^



That Chanel bag just finishes things off nicely!

Wonderful outfit – gorgeous jacket – perfect combination with your blonde hair…

Have a great week…

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

You had me at the title :) I love cotton candy!!
And you’re lovely coat does remind me of it..

I like the idea to move towards more pastel colours this year; they are perfect on a porcelain complexion!

you look gorgeous here girl!! great photos! love the pastel colours coming through for this spring too, definitely something i can get into :)

sooooooooo beautiful and gorgeous!!! i love this, and am definitely putting a bloglovin heart on it <3 x0x0
Golden White Décor

what about lipstick? which brand?

Great pics! U’re beautiful :)

Amazing look!
I love your shirt ;)

I love this combination of colors:)

I absolutely love the second last picture, you look gorgeous :)

You look gorgeous ;)

the black leggin and boots don’t really go with the pastel tones on the top. not feelin this outfit, sorrys

Absolutely love everyhting! Amazing blog by the way!

Love the last picture! :)
Pretty smile

Simply adore the jacket. And you’re so beautiful!

Very lovely! I love the rings! xoxo

The coat looks super comfy. Love it!

very beautiful ♥

sweet look!
I love your bag and all.
Nice color of lips.

Well you definitely managed to catch the ‘candy ambiance’!
Great outfit, you always look so pretty.
And I’m a huuuuuge fan of your coat, it looks so cozy :)

Love the combination of pastels in your outfit! As always you look beautiful!

Love these colors and the bag matches so well. Love it !
new outfit post – snake print

you are so beautiful!! :) <3

Love that shade of lipstick!

This is sweet as pie, I love pink:)

beautiful!! Love the rings and the pastel pink of the coat.


Soooo cut style!
I also have similar fur jacket,so I ‘ll think new look♡



J’ai vraiment hâte d’être cet été pour découvrir et porter toutes les jolies choses qui nous attendent.

Comme toujours, super look ! :)

Bonne journée Kristina

love the pastel colors!!! especially the Chanel bag!

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Love the look!<3<3<3 You look so beautiful! :)

Tres joli!

This is sooo cute :D haha :) the bag looks apsolutely adoreble!!! :)

The coat and all the soft colors are so pretty and romantic. x


Sooo beautiful!

The coat looks great on you. I love it! I think I would look like a chicken in wearing this, but you don’t, don’t worry :)
It also looks great with your chanel bag and all these other candy colours. I’m looking forward to spring :)

Love, B.


Where is that gold cuff from? It’s beautiful x

so wonderful photos and amzing outfit!!!

You are so unbelievably pretty! I’m so jealous, haha. Especially your skin looks so flawless!

beautiful coat! youve done pastel shades so well!

Hayley xx

Les couleurs sont vraiment bien assorties, et le Chanel fera des merveilles ce printemps aux vues des tendances des défilés printemps été.
J’ai lu l’article dans L’Illustré, je ne connaissais pas ton blog avant. Pour moi les blogs suisses connus ne sont pas courants ! Mais le tien est waouhh ! :-P

Fais un petit tour sur le mien si tu as le temps, je débute aors j’aimerais des avis pour commencer ! :-)

Bravo et continue !


you are so beautiful!

I love your Chanel! Beautifl mix of tones but I would have chosen high heels better…

beautiful and excellent camera.

you’re such a beautiful girl!!!

This is my first time on your blog! I really like it and am going to follow you! Would you mind checking mine and tell me what you think?

Love those candy-colours!♥

Loove the cotton candy color! You look so pretty!


you look stunning! I love the fur coat and the bag :))

fell in love with this look(: i actually prefer this pastel shades, and i think they look grat on you(:

Cute fur! I love new colours in furs!

Beautiful photos, amazing bag and furry coat! Love the post :)

Polka dot.


WOW very lovely indeed <3

Pastels all the way!!
You look so stunning in your photos!


You look soo beautiful!^^ Amazing outfit!<3

the second to last picture is beautiful <3

you are so sweet, but do tell me, how does your hair look so neat all the time?


The lipstick is Saint-germain by M.A.C :)

always so beautiful! that pink color is fabulous ♥

Such a cute outfit!! xo Madeleine

Love the different hues of pastels and pinky-neutrals! I also like how you toned down all the soft “prettiness” with dark tights and rugged booties ;)

woooow!! love it! please check and follow me on my blog if you want! thank you, i love your style!!
Have a nice week! <3 <3

Your make-up looks flawless! And this is quite a compliment, coming from someone who spend every spare second practicing make-up:-)

you look so gorgeous babe!
I´m so in love with that fur together with your chanel-> perfection!! :)

Beautiful colors, lovely look.
And you look so stunning!

Congrats to James! :D


You loke so CUUUUUTE!!!
And I must agree, your hair looks everytime flawless as hell! How do you do it?!:)

You look really happy! :D

Love your blog.

I love this! The jacket is amazing.


I would like to know if your air is blonde realy! I like your bag but, i know that you can used others shoes and a t-shirt of neón colors!
equilly your style is amazing! :) kiss from Spain!

wow! you look so gorgeous in pink! Heart the chanel bag!

Wow you’re gorgeous!! I love that lip color on you!! GORGE!

love your coat, and your hair is so beautiful

Charlotte Couture Blog

Please do a post on HOW TO SHOP LIKE KRISTINA BAZAN! I go to the same shops like you (Zara, topshop, etc.), but I don’t know how to choose things! I’m sure other people would find a post like that good too. How do you see things in a store that make you think “wow that would look good in an outfit!” ??? Bisous.

love the last two pics. Kristina :)
you did this classic “barbie pink” take so well!! unique thing is, it does not look overly feminine but very stylish and fresh. so I guess light pink is tops in this post

You are so beautiful!! I love pastel im so into for this spring! Your coat is amazing you are so lucky!

Bisous, Lizzie

love the look !!!!!!!!!! you are beautiful !!!!:)

I love pastel colours!! And the lipstick is wonderful!

You look stunning! I love how your fur coat matches with you purse.



You are amazing! ;*

U look amazing.


Cute coat!! xoxo

so pretty! love the colors. <3

im in love with this look! :)

Nice! I like the small bag!

you’re so gorgeous OMG *-*

wow so gorgeous <3 Love ROMWE!

View From Heels

I’m in love with the penultimate picture.

I love pastels for spring 2012, gorgeous :)

Both You and the outfit , stunningly beautiful!

Love from Norway :)

Helen Saevik Fashion Blog

You are so beautiful and you have such a cool blog! :-)

so lovely and simple

pretty amazing! love your coat,rings and lipstick! xo

Love the pink lipstick.

I´m in love with your bag and fur coat! oh they´re so amazing! and you look very pretty…
please check out my blog if you have time;) thank you:)

first of all your style is amazing!
can you please tell me which eyeliner do you use?it looks so professional.
thank you

I love this post so much! You look gorgeous with pink.
I made a portrait of you inspired in these pictures, you can check it on my blog. Hope you like it!

Nice outfit, beauty hair