LAST DAY IN DUBAI We had to plan something special for this last day spend in this crazy, unbelievable city, however after two days of intense celebration we were in lack of energy and simply wanted to cool down for a bit. Our decision : an entire day at the Spa of the Atlantis hotel. It was indeed a great idea, especially because the hotel offered special treatments that we’ve never seen before. We chose an exclusive hamman session and it was a great experience that was totally worth it, it is actually nothing like the spas in Switzerland. So basically we had a full body detox and were washed with black soap. The best part of course was when we got covered with honey ( did you know it was really good for the skin?). We even tried some arabic perfumes and savoured some black tea with fruits in their special hammam salon.
After this relaxing time, we went for lunch in the Eau Zone restaurant which was also in the hotel by the pool side. The view was so incredible, palms and water. I simply didn’t want to leave anymore. We ordered giant prawns with a ginger risotto, simply delicious. This day was a perfect after new year rest!

DRESS : Zara
NECKLACE : Parfois
SHOES : Vogele


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very nice pictures :)


Elle ღ

I adore this dress!!! So chic! You look wonderful as always.

Seems like a perfect way to end your trip! That Spa had some amazing offer for you because it included everything in your course!!
I knew from before that honey is great for skin, but when it’s a part of treatment and put on by professionals, I believe that it has a lot of effect on your skin :)

Also, I really like how that Zara dress suits you!

You are absolutely stunning, and I love your dress. I like your bag too, and I’ve been looking for a black leather bag, so I think I’ll look at the site you linked. Lovely blog.

Wonderful photos in a wonderful surrounding!

that dress is beautiful!
i love this look


Your photos are always so glamorous and are definitely envy enducing ;) And you pull off that dress better than anyone else I’ve ever seen it on – you’re so chic and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Dubai photos!


You look absolutely amazing. That dress is perfect!

Too beautiful for words to explain!
Amazing shots!

A very elegant look! Shoes and bag fabulous!

you are so nice. and good bag.

LOVELY DRESS! You look so pretty n.n




Maria Onorio

Wow this look is so classic and chic, I loved hearing about your dubai drip! Happy New Year

love this as always…

great photos!! ♥♥

It is SOOOO nice to relax like this after some crazy days…

wow gorgeous! I’d love to go to Dubai someday!

It seems kind of like Bali, Indonesia. You should visit Bali, Kristina :) :)

I have been eyeing that dress, but I think you have convinced me to finally get it. You look like an absolute tropical goddess in it, and adore how you paired it with the fiery blazer!

Amazing photos,love your shoes and dress!!!Kiss<3

I love it! Like your whole blog. xoxo from the German speaking part of Switzerland :-)
Marina Olivia
(It’s only at the beginning :-))

love it! the dress is superb and now you make me want to go to Dubai!

Oh girl, you look so pretty (again).
The dress is gorgeous and the bag is so fashionable. I love it how you keep your make up matching your outfit even the accessories.

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This place is just perfection, right? :)
love your dress!

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I love your style!
The last picture is so beautiful! <3

Great dres and love the combination with the red blazer. xo Madeleine

Kristina! I love this outfit. I’d like to know what brand is the lipstick you put today :)


Sounds like a very relaxing day ! the food looks very good, but definately not a lot. Love the outfit !
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

Sounds like a very relaxing day ! the food looks very good, but definately not a lot. Love the outfit !
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

i have nostalgia and its all your posts fault! i miss summer…Great pictures :)

enjoy your last day in dubai!! love that outfit so much. especially your dress and your shoes!!!

I’ve seen this dress on so many different bloggers and I love how you have all styled it so dffrently. It really is a very versatile piece. You really seem to have had an extraordinary time in Dubai.

Yeah ! Your are fantastic !

Oh I love ur heels.. u look spectacular in that dress.. Nice use of the color Tangerine wic is so IN this season! :)
oh n btw. I watchd ur videos.. THanks fr the make-up one! I’m new to the make-up glory.. so it helped me! :)
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Could you be more elegant and gorg?!?!
love the dress! might have to copy you

Wow Kristina! This dress is amazing and you look absolutely stunning!

You look absolutely stunning

Not your first follower on twitter but first comment. yay

Beautiful photos!Love your blazer and heels!:))


I love your dress, and it looks that you have such a great time there!

Love the dress!
You look great on it!
So stylish!

We wait for you at:

Amazing pictures! And you look gorgeous in every single one of them! Wish I could go to Dubai and Altantis hotel to try it too.

Marcella Nasato 12 January 2012 / Reply


the dress looks beautiful on you!

It looks so beautiful and relaxing there. Love your blog.

this dress looks soo good on you, with the waving blonde hair:)


I love the dress. This collection of Zara dresses and skirts is really really great.
It looks and sounds like you had a great last day in your holidays :)

Love, B.

The spa must have been so great. You’re lucky to have been there. The pictures are incredible.

Beautiful dress!
Your trip sounds so much more exciting than studying for exams. :P

seems perfect! ♥

that dress is amazing, you look stunning ! x

Your hair is so beautiful and your looks are great!

that dress is so gorgeous! you look great!

classic black + vibrant REDS. couldn’t be better <3 pure likes. you look so posh Kristina =)

Style Hostess

Perfect dress! Nice post honey


Those shoes are fabulous

like ur bracelet….glamour ^^

Love the bag, reminds me a bit of the Céline bags

You so lucky Dubai looks amazing. Love your outfit specially the red touch with your blazer.

Kiss Andie ;)

I am so grateful for your blog article.

Very informative blog post.Thanks Again. Great.

Foarte frumoasa si eleganta!