BACK IN SWITZERLAND Usually coming back from a trip is always pleasant, but the more I start to travel, the less I want to spend time at home. You know, I am truly getting into this whole travelling thing and I can’t imagine my life whithout new discoveries, new people or new landscapes. This is the type of living I would like, no routin, never only adventures. Of course it is a prifiledged lifestyle, but what is so bad with a little ambiton? I think there is nothing more interesting than discovering a new culture and getting your head full of memories. Therefore I am truly looking forward for my next trip, it’s going to be something really exciting, I won’t tell you more for. It is going to be my little surprise for the nexr post. Allthough as I said coming back home means to me putting my head back into studies, books and maths ( also when you return from a very hot country such as Dubai, it is not always nice to discover icy cold weather ). Also, I simply adore unpacking my luggages. I know it seems weird to say that but actually, I do love it. First of all because there is nothing better that going through your new items bought during the trip. In Dubai I was tempted to buy so many things, however I stayed reasonable ( at least I tried my best…) and picked up a couple of little goodies which you’ll discover in this special post.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Have an awesome friday folks.

Little necklaces bought in Aldo.
How cute are they, I’m sure they will look perfect during summer!
Earrings from Aldo aswell, I tought they looked so Chanel like.

New pair of heels by Steve Madden, my nude obcession tends to surpass my tangerine one.

Best hair products I have ever tried.

New bracelet by Juicy Couture, did you notice that I am wearing it on the pictue of my new banner?

Make-up essentials, a peachy rouge volupté perlé YSL lipstick n°107 and some mac skin finish powder.

 A little present I received for New year, what’s in the box?

Maxi haul!


Add yours

So lovely…

Everything is so nice… I would love Miss Dior Cherie body lotion!

Curious to see what is in the H.N. box. Miss Dior chérie really is one of my favorite smells. I like the shoes !
spring make-up !

Curious to see what is in the H.N. box. Miss Dior chérie really is one of my favorite smells. I like the shoes !
spring make-up !

i love bringing new things back home from travelling, but i always hate unpacking my suitcases ^^ so many beautiful things!!! :))) i have fallen in love with the nude high heels, both earrings and that juicy couture bracelet is really gorgeous and unusual!!!

Beautiful photos! I adore the earrings & nude heels – just lovely! :)

<3 Shawna

beautiful things!!

Nice goodies!

Love your new Steve Maden!
And the Aldo necklace is really nice too!

We wait for you in

Amazing goodies! I especially love your new Juicy Couture bracelet :)

What’s in the box! Lovely shoes and accessories

everything looks cute. i love the juicy bracelet! glad to hear youre enjoying travelling :)

Really beautiful things! i love 1st photo so much!

oh lovely bracelet – it’s beautiful! it’s always hard getting back to reality after a holiday, i feel the same! :)

Those are beautiful necklaces and I love the pop of neon in your new bracelet. I remember that while I was on my gap year, one of my boss’ fiance told me and the other gappies that once we finished our year abroad, we wouldn’t be content staying at home again. And it’s definitely true, I’ve gained such an appreciation and love for travelling since then. You’ve picked up some great goodies and I hope you have a lovely Friday as well!

Completly agree with you, when starting to travel a lot and discovering new places and people – coming home is always a little bit step to the past… and you can’t wait for the next trip…

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

You are an inspiration to all bloggers. I love the creativity of your posts. Have a wonderful weekend!


Amazing shoes!

dubai is an amazing place :) Love the post and all your looks

I have a similiar necklace, love to wearing it.

your goodies are all girls wishes :)

Those necklaces are beautiful, but the first photo caused me to have a little stop omg moment – you can get Miss Dior Cherie as a body lotion? SO HAPPY. How did I not already know this?

Very nice things. I love the nude heels! And those necklaces are charming!!

I really love what you wrote about travelling being a privilege. It really is and like you I hope to be able to do it later on.

These things are lovely. I adore the ones you bought in Aldo. They look so great!
And how can you do something wrong in buying new nude high heels? I love them!

Love, B.

Your goodies are so nice !
I was wondering, do you have a formspring ?

Wow! Everything is amazing. Especially the heels and the earrings. Can’t wait to see what’s in the box.

Love these photos!

amazing *__*

I’d love you to join my giveaway^^
CharmFactory GIVEAWAY♥mfashionfreak

ooo you lucky girl!


Can i guess what surprise is waiting for us in next post? – NY FASHION WEEK??(you posted that on your twitter! :D )

Wow so lucky, beautiful items :)

nice things :))

mmmh, ring?
I envy you sooo much!

well.. can’t wait to start my life with non-stop travel… :)

aa! those heels !!

I have the same lipstick! I think you’re right, the necklaces you’ve bought will be perfect during summer..they are essential but classy!

kisses from Italy

Kiss :*


I can totally understand how you feel by the end of a holiday trip. Lucky me I’m still having my winter break and I’m so not looking forward to be back to reality!
I’m sure you’ll love the Steve Madden shoes. They are great!

Beautiful new things, I like everything, mostly your new shoes in skin colour:)

nice goodies, especially the pumps! I heard a lot of positive stuff about the Fekkai products. I might try them too.

such cool things:) I don’t think that the love for unpacking your stuff is that strange, I love it as well:)

very nice things! :)


Just wanted to let you know that Fekkai shampoos are tested on animals :-(

I adore you!!

Have you ever tried any soap and glory products? they smell quite like miss dior cherie and you can get it in shower gel, hand cream (which is really good) and loads of other things!!

and just to sayy i LOVE the earings!

hello! je suis moins fan des voyages que toi aussi j’ai VRAIMENT bcp de plaisir à défaire mes bagages, et contempler mes achats aussi! tes photos d’objets sont vraiment belles, c’est toi ou ton chéri qui les prend? plaisir de te suivre tjs sur ton blog! a+ Val

Lovely goodies. I feel the same way about travelling. I do not travel a lot but I do every time I can. I’m also always exited to meet new people and discover new cultures. There is so many great places out there that I would love to visit like India for example and I know one day I will. Ambition ;)

Love Andie ;)

Kristina that YSL lipstick is so fantastic, we post it about it too, :)

you are so beautiful sweetie, lots of kisses,

visit us on

simply little necklaces, luv it

Nice gooodies

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