Pictures by JAMES VYN

GUESS WHAT IS IN MY TUMBLER? Coffee… For sure. Those past days have been so stressfull, and I barely manage to find a minute to post. Oh I am really looking forward to summer and especially to the end of my high school, perhpas it doesn’t looks like from the outside but blogging is like a job, well it is at least for me as I began to take this activity very serioulsy last year. I want to share as much as I can with my readers and to do so it is good to be present as much as possible on the blog. I am lucky to have James and my family to help me out of course, but I wish I could spend a little more quality time ( especially by answering to all your sweet comments and e-mails, I read all of them).Now back to the outfit of the day, here I am dressed in little mustard pot walking around with my tumbler. I bought this dress in topshop when I was in Dubai, and I think it will look great during summer. To make more winter-like I matched it to my Miu Miu glitter pumps, a new coat I just got from, some cozy tights and a new bag! What do you think about it? I am back to work, talk to you on twitter folks! (

DRESS : Topshop
BELT : Mount Affaire


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aw girl!this’s just way toooooo amazing!<3


Very glad to have come across your site! It is very beautiful :)

-Marta of

adorable outfit.


CUTE shoes! And your bag looks very luxe–can’t believe it’s from Romwe. And mustard is always a great, interesting, eye-catching colour. I also like how your coat resembles a long-ish blazer =)

Love how the hue simply pops against the gray days of winter…everything so monotone then there YOU are!! A breath of fresh air K…hope the madness dies down a bit for ya…then back to business as usual…gorgeous look!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Perfect blazer and bag, and a very lovely dress!

coffee is really a necessaire at the moment chez moi, too, as I’m graduating as well… wouldn’t survive it without! greetings from germany, yours annka from

the color and material of that dress are too lovely on you! i adore your shoes x


The outfit looks very nice, especially the coat.

I really like the dress, especially cause it’s a lace dress <3. I think it'll be perfect for summer. It looks fresh and "happy".

Hey Kristina :) If you’re thinking about which university to go to, here in Milan there are lot of fabulous university: Marangoni, IED, if you want to study fashion, art and so on. Bocconi or LUISS if you want to study economy or law, and normal University of Milan that have sooo much faculties :) You find courses here even in english ! Think about it !

You look more wonderful than ever :).

Oh, I just love the MiuMiu heels with that bag! Beautiful outfit! :) xxx from Finland

such a beautiful look!! and the tights do add a wintery look :) many people underestimate blogging, but i know that when you’re really into it, a lot of time needs to be invested!! i think your bag is perfect!!! i’ve been looking for a similar one for ages, so that it’s big & everything fits inside, so i’m heading over to romwe to look for it right now!!! ^^

Beautiful! I love your shoes and dress! It’s a great color for the dress.

Looks really great the combination – but in summer with sun I think you will love it much more…

Love your shoes…!

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

Love the dress! Great color!
You look great on it!
The coat is very nice too!
I also want summer to come! ;-)

You look divine- that lipstick is beautiful!

XX Kathryn

heeeey, i have the same mug! :)
gr8 dress!


Gorgeous look! Love everything about it!


Love the mustard this winter your dress is beautiful and you look stunning with your eye makeup!

xoxo Lizzie

Absolutely love this ! Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors and in winter it matches so well with black. Cool bag !
my lipstick collection

Absolutely love this ! Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors and in winter it matches so well with black. Cool bag !
my lipstick collection

I love your styl so much! These photos are really cute <3

Great color I think that yellow will be in top 5 color for this summer:D

Heey, you look so gorgeous, yellow fits you very well:)

Beautiful! Love that dress and the shoes!

Looking great, that bag is amazing! <3

I like how the color combination of you bag matches your shoes. Besides, you work the blazer out that it doesn’t look too formal. I have just followed your blog for a while, from which I can safely conclude that I like your style.

Cutest dress ever! Love this look!

Super cute dress! And love your bag and shoes!
xo Madeleine

gorgeous dress. and those shoes are wow!


dear christina,
i’m such a big fan of your make up… (i believe everyone adore how you wear lipstick) would you please do a tutorial of your make up?


the dress is soo pretty! the shade is gorgeous aswell :)

Hayley xx

This outfit is so gorgeous!<3 Love the dress and the color of your lips!<3

Love this look!<3 And you are so beautiful! ^_^

love it ! So pretty ! ♥

I have the same bag! :)
I love your dress :)

love your dress ;)

dress and bag are great :)

OMG! This outfit is BEYOND perfection! Marvelous! xx

The Niknok Style

love your dress ! <3


Lovely combo!:) I like the bun!:)

You´re so sweet :-))

beautiful dress , but i don’t like those tights i don’t like how they look with those shoes and the color somehow makes your legs look thicker :S xo

Wow… wie hübsch du bist.

lovely dress, and shoes

gorgeous dress! great coat and heels as well, love the entire outfit

The yellow hue is so delightful on you. x

Loooove your mustard yellow lace dress! very cute! ♥ It’s so perfect ♥
Love the belt and it the dress goes nice with the black blazer :)
You do a nice job on styling the dress for winter! :D
Love the last pic, you’re so pretty and cute!

I can’t believe your in high school! :O i thought you were in your early 20′s. No offense :)


I love H&M tights! looks so warm and cozy ..but here in Lima isnt so cold :(

big kisses pretty!


Beautiful look!!!
I loved the photos!!!

Kisses Nana from Brazil..

So pretty! The belt adds to the outfit, and the coat is really flattering. The heels are very cute, and I love how you “winter-ized” your dress.

beautiful! the dress is amazing :)

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Amazing dress!
Starbucks coffee mmmm… so delicious! :)

Great outfit! I love this dress. It does remind me of summer so much. The shoes are gorgeous. Miu Miu is great :)

Love, B.

only DO not give up on university!! Blogging is not something that you can do even when you are 60…

J’adore, tu es magnifique !
Oui c’est sur que bloguer est un métier à part entière surtout quand on veut poster souvent, mais ça en vaut la peine dans ton cas lorsqu’on est invitée par des marques ou même aux fashion week
Bisous !


lovely lace dress. I’ve seen a copy of those shoes in Topshop.


I love your travel mug!!

such a lovely color and the shoes are so cute, you look gorgeous

Love it! The mostard colour looks great on you!

You’re one of my idols and I wondered if you could do some sort of question post, because i’d like to know much more about you!

it’s nice but please not this tights…

woow(: i really love that look(: you look amazing, the dress is so nice, love it(:

Yay for coffee! Definitely needed ;)

Love your dress dear, mustard yellow is always such a great color! Will be a great versatile piece for colder days and layers to warm summer days :)

I have that yellow dress! Its soo pretty only wish I had those gorgeous shoes to go with it!

Wow! So sweet dress and fabulous outfit!
P.S: You didn’t write where did you buy your shoes.

those shoes are awesome! ♥

What a gorgeous outfit, love the color of the dress in contrast to the tights. Those shoes are a dream! Completely jealous!

I looove lace dresses! You look amazing! This mustard color suites you very well.

I love this outfit. Everything is so charming ! And the mustard colour really suits you. I love the coat too, it makes it look very elegant !

I like youre hairstyle!

i love your bag ! gorgeous outfit as usual !!
You know i’m looking for your rose genial lipstick but can’t find …. seems that it’s not sold anymore :’(

You look amazing :))! I love the dress shoes and bag! they go together so well, too! I’ve been eyeballing that bag in black but you made me want the snake version! lovely pictures dear!

So freaking gorgeous. I love this mustard dress. You are, hands down, one of the most inspiring fashion bloggers I’ve found. XO

Real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

Oh, I have an undescribable weakness for colour mustard. I don’t agree with many people saying that yellow is difficult to wear – it is really not, just team it with different neutrals, as you perfectly demonstrate with this look.
Grey tights are an unusual choice but it definitely works :-)

Anneli xx

don’t like the tights but the bag is just amazing!!! :)

Love your mustard dress and your long blazer. The romwe bag is also fantastic.
And you’re right, blogging is like a job sometimes. And you do a great job with it. You are so lucky to have James to take your beautiful pictures every day!

Hey! Amazing dress and amazing look overall. If it is not so much to ask, I would like to know the brand and tone of your lipstick… Is just as the one that I’ve been looking for ages! And you look gorgeous wearing it ;)

You look beautiful ! Love this dress ! Xx nadine

beautiful outfit… i love your dress<3

I am also stuck in work, but I wanted to tell you how lovely you look in that dress, it has such a great color!! :D

Perfect dress ❤
you look so beautiful :)


I love your look! You are soo pretty!

Can you show us your high school looks?
Miss Starshiny

you are so pretty!!
kisses from prague
have a beautiful day

Simply beautiful! I adore your dress!

Genial tu blog! me han encantado tus entradas. me pasaré y un saludo desde:

I love your outfit! =) and I especially like the mustard dress and your shoes !

Beautiful look as always ^^

Blog of a young designer

Stunning outfit! I love your coat, your dress and your bag! xxx

Love this look!
The orange looks so good on you.

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Love mustard color. You look nice… Love your bag too!

<3 ur tights

that purse is absolutely killer! the different textures are perfect for an everyday bag.

flaunt and repeat

I just looooove your blog come to see mine!!!!! You r so gorgious!!!!

I really like how you’ve made the mustard yellow dress as the highlight of this whole outlook. the dress is so pretty with all that lace, and the pale creme and grey hues like your bag, tights and shoes fit really well!! Btw, the whole gold business on your shoes is splendid~ love. love. love!!

Style Hostess

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OMG! It’s sooo gorgeous! I love this dress <333

What a wonderful dress!
- and some beautiful pictures.

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I completeley agree with you with the fact that blogging IS A HARD JOB!!
You look amazing with his look but I would have tried maybe with black tights in order to enhance the shoes. The bag is amazing and the coat is exactly what I’m looking for!!! Could you please tell me the reference number in order to buy it??? Thanks a lot!!

I just love this dress, it adds so much “sunshine” to this grey weather outside :))
And always preferred your Miu Miu glitter pumps, they are so great and unique! :)

Your dress is sooo cute <3 I want one <3 Btw, your hair looks really good.

This dress is so cute. Good luck with everything.

Kiss Andie ;)

You are so pretty! I love the glitter miu miu shoes and I love your topshop dress!

Congratulations on your first birthday KAYTURE!

Aww, u’re such a beauty! :)

that dress is really wonderful ♥

WOW! Your blog is amazing! Love the immaculate look of this and some other posts, your elegance is enviable!
Following you!

cant believe youre still in high school, you look stunning :) love the dress

The tights and the dress look amazing together! I really like your hair in this post, it matches perfectly with the outfit!

wow! Wirklich toller Blog! Habe ihn gerade erst durch Zufall über lookbook entdeckt aber wirklich super wahnsinnig tolle Outfits und ist ja echt beeindruckend was du innerhlab nur eines Jahres für eine Leserschaft aufbauen konntest! Glückwunsch und weiter so :)


Looking Good… As usual… Love the mustard (and the lipstick!) on you :)

This is beautiful, I just came across your blog, and I love it! You inspire great ideas for so many future outfits!


Adeline Cuvillon 31 January 2012 / Reply

tes chausures sont de le tumblr du magazine glamour :)

I love your bag.

I’ve never seen you in a casual dress dear.. u carry it off so well!! :)

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i love your style xxx

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