FIREWORKS AND GLITTERS Party in Dubai was something totally different from what I use to know, a lot more ” gigantic”. When I discovered that the legal age is 21, I thought : okay I am going to spend my New Year by my friend’s place because I didn’t have access to any bar and any night club. Luckily, we managed to call a few places and found the greatest deal. We ended up in the Atlantis one and only hotel. It was so beautiful, they’ve organized a beach bar. It was great, and was pretty funny to wal in high heels in the sand. I understood later on why this particular spot was priviled, we had at midnight the most unbelievable view on the multicolored fireworks. It was something.
For the occasion I decided to wear a new dress which I tought was perfect for this type of occasion, full of glitters I say yes! Some tights were needed because of the chilly temperature at night ( I even carried a jacket with, I know how cold I can easily get…). To finish the outfit I wanted to wear my red Muse lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent, and my favourite heels, that I just can’t get enough of, the Louis Vuitton ones.  I hope you enjoyed your party as much as I did, and that you are fully loaded and motivate to start 2012 in a good mood!

HEELS : Louis Vuitton


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Giovana Conde 11 January 2012 / Reply

Loved the dress and the fact that you spend in black! Loved the post as always! xoxo

That place looks fabulous and so do you!

ca devait juste être unique !!

belle année à toi =)

wonderful pictures!!! it looks like it was a fun celebration!

WOW beautiful !
love your dress!
thanks for sharing


Stunning dress and what an amazing celebration!


amazing photos!! looks like such an awesome place to spend New Year’s :)

Wow, the view and fireworks look amazing! great dress too, looks like you had a good night :)

wow, your dress was so amazing! it seems like you had alot of fun.. :) and you looked beautiful!

with love,
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Great bar and that dress really is perfect for the occasion! definately an original way to spend NYE
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

Great bar and that dress really is perfect for the occasion! definately an original way to spend NYE
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

Wow! Beautiful location :) And love your dress. xo Madeleine

WOw! Amazing! You had to enjoy New Year very much!
You look great! As always!

Looks beautiful! Looks like fun to celebrate NYE there:)

xx Laura

Your New Year’s Eve was really great;)

That party looks like the perfect night and location!

Monochrome Magpie

Love the dress and the shoes. I hope you had a great night!

Blog of a young designer

Looks really beautiful Dubai on NYE and your outfit is amazing… congratulations!

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

it looks like so much fun! yay for fireworks!


Wow!! The photos are amazing and you look great! It must have been an unforgettable start into 2012!!


love the glittery dress!

Wow, such a gorgeous dress! <3 The skyline is quite amazing, too, he he! :)

That must have been amazing to watch! Lovely dress as well, looks good on you.

Yay for glitter dresses! The location by the beach is beautiful – happy new year to you!

The Bookish Fashionista


Tu es magnifique et ton site est super ! Je passe tous les jours voir les nouveautés ;)
Pourrais-tu stp en cette nouvelle année nous donner plus d’infos sur les films que tu regardes, les musiques qui t’inspirent, etc ? Qui sait, au-delà de tes sublimes tenues, tu pourrais nous donner quelques idées et ce serait génial de te découvrir un peu plus !
Best wishes 2012 georgous !

you look amazing :) i adore your heels too!
and yes, this is quite different from what we’re used in Switzerland…

xx Blonde Symphony

I love ur dress hon and adore your style!!
i knwwww.. it pretty much sucks.. 21 termed ‘legal’.. bt lucky u found a nice hotel :)

Maybe u have time to read my new post

Have a nice day :)

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

This dress is totally amazing! Great party!

awwww looks so beautiful:)

What a fun new year’s you had! The dress is a dazzling beauty. x

You look really beautiful :)

Comment fais tu pour à ton âge autant voyager, avoir tous ces vêtements de marques assez chères…? Voilà ma grande interrogation.

Emagawd! You are so lucky to be going to all these places!

dear,it is so beautiful!:))

New Year in Dubai looks amazing!!

You look STUNNING!!!!

I always will love that shoes !!!


Wow those pictures are so lovely! You look wonderful and the skyline and fireworks behind you are stunning. Too bad I can’t watch your videos because the content (music) is forbidden in Germany :(

The photos look amazing! You must had an awesome time. xx

You look gorgeous! And it looks like you had a great new years in Dubai, such a pretty city!!

you look great and the place, too!

HUGE PARTY! you look so wonderful:) as always ;) Amazing dress!

aah firework at dubai must have been something outrageous. I’ve never been to Dubai, but i walked in sand with high heels once and that wasn’t that outrageous at all :D
And i’ve told many many times i love that lipstick, but i have to tell it again.
Such a unique colour :)

I’d love to be able to celebrate on the beach..looks like you had a blast

Style by Lola Jaro

Can’t say a word – these are gorgeous pictures. There is so much beautiful New-Years-Eve atmosphere in these photos I just feel like on January 1st again.
Your dress is amazing and if these shoes were mine, I would love them like you do, too.

Gorgeous! That’s all I can say.
Love, B.

wow U R amazing !! love

You look so beautiful when you smile, Kristina!! I enjoy watching the pictures where you smile like you do when you hold the hat saying “Happy New year”.

Happy new year to you too, Kristina!

From Amanda (Denmark)

You look pretty! Your hair is so long now :)

the post is wonderful! :) you look gorgeous

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Amazing pics! It seems you had a fantastic NYE in Dubai!

wow, this looks incredible! my new years was a little less glamourous but still fun :) glad you had an amazing time

nice, i wish i could have a new year like you did

Hi Kristina!

I want to ask you something. U have really good photos that I love and I wanted to ask what camera do you use? Soon, I’m going to buy a new one and I would like to buy a good one, just like yours :)

What a beautiful dress!! :) I really love your blog, you are very inspirational to me.

you`re simply wonderfull!
i wish you more than the best for your future and your plans!
i`m sure you`ll realise your dreams!
reading your blog is always a nice thing after working(:
Thank you for blogging as you do!

Girl, you’re so damn beautiful! Love these pictures. Seems like you had a great time!


very look super pretty!

Wow those fireworks really are something! I am sure you had a great time there, the dress on you is fantastic!!!:D

Goregous!!! Finally You’ve changed the headline! Its 1878 times better now ;) I have to admit that I love your work and clothes!!!


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I Love your blog!! Keep up the good work!! Checkout mine and please let me know what you think.

You look so fab! I love that you wore your hair up. Happy new year!

isn’t a bit too late for this post?

famous photos and party look so cool and fresh! ♥

It looks so fun and gorgeous! You looked amazing as always!

Kristina, I would love if you visit my blog, Garment Traveling!

♥ Anjuli

Your dress is extremely pretty, just like you.

You look stunning! You really do! Your blog is very inspiring!

love it! love the picture with you holding the “happy new year” hat!♥

I never tire of saying you’re beautiful

black stockings!!! sexy ^^

Great blog!
Kisses from New York:)

that is a party *-*!


Hey Kristina, two beautiful outfits!
Asos do you know? have you ever ordered from asos? Who so, what experiences have you done?

<3 Anja

these pictures are so gorgeous! the fireworks look amazing and as do you :) your hair is soo long wow!

I love this dress and heels:) you look so gorgeous.

I love your outfit. I hope you had fun. Happy new year btw (a little bit late)

xoXo Andie ;)

Elsa TYSEBAERT 24 November 2014 / Reply

Dubai… My dream destination !! J’en rêve tellement et j’espère avoir un jour l’occasion d’y aller ! Je replonge dans les débuts de Kayture, on voit la différence entre les posts du début et ceux de maintenant. Mais tout est super comme toujours.