Pictures by JAMES VYN

PICTURES FROM LAST WEEK My mind has been lately tortured ( well of course I exagerate a bit, don’t pay attention to the word…) about many important life choices. As you might know, I am in my last year of high school. A lot of exams are soon showing up, a big essay to write, a university to choose. Oh my gosh, I can tell you, it’s a lot of pressure but somehow I manage, thanks to my familiy and friends who support me. Also I do feel lucky to have those choices, I mean some people don’t and just follow a road already written. But you know, my blog is one of my biggest passion, and it brings so many interesting opportunities that I decided to concentrate on it for a while before my univeristy, and I think this should be a good decision.

Let’s forget all this stress, if you are in the middle of your exam let’s talk about something more pleasant, such as the outfit of the day. Let me introduce you to another dress, I thought that it was so Miu Miu ( they also have those dresses with little pearls embelishments in the front, so classy). And guess what, it’s nude and black : the perfect combo I’ll say. So I paired this gown to my new Steve Madden platform heels, perhaps you saw them in my last goodies post. I bought them in Dubai and love them. Also what about the blazer that James’ lend me for the day, I always thought that wearing men garments adds something special to a look, and I love how it turns out here.

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SHOES : Steve Madden

RING : Zara Taylor
BLAZER : Zara men
SCARF : Zara
NUDE BLAZER : Mount Affaire


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I love it! Scarf in screaming orange is a great detail!

I’m excited to see where your blog is going to take you when you are doing it full time (and I can’t believe you are still in high school)! Such a lovely, ladylike outfit, and the Zara scarf is so unexpected and fun! Hard to pull off a bright orange furry scarf but you did it beautifully. :)


you have such a cute smile! love the outfit!

I like how, with all the minimalistic colours in your outfit, you went for a bold pink lip and orange scarf; the hints of those colours really complements your outfit well and I agree about there being something quite special about wearing men’s clothing. Good luck with all of your examinations that are coming up; I have no doubt that you’ll do well. Have a pleasant Tuesday! xx

Best look I’ve seen all day!! A total hit!!

Peace. Love. LOL!

gorgeous, love this nude colour on you! men’s wear definitely looks great worked into an outfit, too bad my bf only wears hugely baggy snowboard clothes haha!

B xx

Really beautiful pics… I love your dress :)

loving that orange fur, awesome with the outfit

Personally I’m not a very big nude fan , I prefer black, white, beige or very bright colors, but the dress is really pretty and goes well with the shoes :)
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Personally I’m not a very big nude fan , I prefer black, white, beige or very bright colors, but the dress is really pretty and goes well with the shoes :)
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

You look beautiful! Nude & black combo is also perfect! And that touch of orange is so nice!

I’m sure you’ll choose something really interesting for your future! ;-)

Very beautiful outfit
You’re a little bigger shoe size?

don’t think too much cause the street you will choose it will arrive by itself. you look gorgeous in orange!
have a wonderful day! love chiara

Oh, you look sooo pretty!
And I love your dress and your shoes so much!

Many Kisses

really love that dress(: the look is so nice too(: i hope i get to send you the birthday pic, im sick now, but ill be ok for tomorrow(: love your blog!

What a nice boyfriend… AND WHAT AN AMAZING OUTFIT!



Love the color of your dress and I’m guessing that shoes are those you brought from Dubai, very classic! And you look so cute with his Blazer, I think is very romantic when boys take off their jackets to keep us warm :)



Great look again.

You look lovely ^^

Blog of a young designer

Amazing!! Lipstick please!

Looking adorable! Love your dress!

I see the Miu Miu resemblance, love how you’ve kept the palette neutral :)
All the best with all your choices for your future x

Monochrome Magpie

even James jacket suits you very much :)
so pretty :)

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James’ blazer really adds a nice touch to the whole outfit. Good luck with your exams

Goodness I adore your shoes!! They are simply perfect and the bag is awesome too :D

This is lovely :)

Wonderful outfit again – love your scarf and your nude platform heels…

xox Tanja or my Facebook Page

best of luck for the upcoming exams Kristina! I’ll be starting this stressful year in a few days’ time as well =/ so we’ll see how I cope with it. but I guess you’ll be more than fine if you can still manage school demands with blogging :)

Style Hostess

I like your nude blazer and the dress!!

xx Leila

You look good in everything!!!

Lovely look!

It is certainly a lovely dress!! I love your shoes!!

The dress is very sweet… and that color always looks great on you. I’m not really into the orange scarf but that’s just me :) xoxo

Hope you are enjoying your Steve Madden shoes as I love them lots! They are pretty aren’t they? Mine is red and you can see them at the link below.

Impeccably perfect!


Such an amazing looking dress! Best wishes as you continue to make life’s decisions!

Wow, you look stunning. Your shoes are incredible!


Super gorgeous!!! love the orange fur and the sexy rustic looking ring!!
if ur not too busy, please check out my latest backstage photoshoot post!


Really classy outfit! Love how you styled the dress!

Oh so perfect this outfit!!
This orange scarf gives the outfit a special element to color the day, just beautiful :D

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You look so nice honey :)

Check my blog too, I know you’ll like it :) Waiting for you!!

I love your Zara scarf, it’s so unusual and goes very well with your blonde hair. Much love, from England.

Wow beautiful outfit

wow.. that’s gorgeous !! :)

you look lovely Kay!

I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I just realized that you were still in high school. You’re so mature! I hope your decision to put off college for a year works well for you. Make sure!!!! No regrets…….

I love it.. but i honestly believe that you should concentrate on high school and exams too :)

Lovely outfit ;)
I just finished my exams so I totally get you. Good luck with everything.

Love Andie ;)

LOVE IT!!! YOU ARE YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL AND I CAN SEE VERY TALENTED!!! So I am sure you will take the right track. Good luck pretty girl!

I love your outfit. A special highlight for me is the orange scarf. It looks so great!

Love, B.

love the scarf! you look beautiful

Again; LOVE IT!

The orange scarf is to die for! I think I may just go buy that myself… :)
Eleanor xx

Ces chaussures sont vraiment très belles. Mais comment fais tu pour marcher avec d’aussi haut talons ?

Very beautiful outfit! I love the shoes bag and dress!
<3 Anja

The outfit is so lovely and the orange scarf really brings a touch of color to the whole impression.

Such a pretty outfit, love it that you added the big orange fur to it – definitely makes the outfit pop. James’ blazer seems to suit you wonderfully over the shoulders too, such a great detail.

Good luck with the exams! xo

Soft Purple

You look super cute, as usual! :)
Giveaway – LOVE dress

OMG! I LOVE your blog, your style like a mag beautiful posts!

Im following you!

Besos from México

Pretty outfit!!!! i love the dress and the color of the scarf n.n


beautiful! what a fun look, o how we all love blazers! xx Golden White Décor

Lovely outfit.

The dress is really Classic.. I lvoe the detailing too.. N nicely put outfit :)
Wud u mind telling me wer u got ur tights from?? Dey look woolen n of very nice quality!!

looove this dress:)


Amazing look !!!

You look amazing! The outfit is perfection.

This is so adoreable!
But the orange fur is too much for my taste, I would never pull it off!

you look super wonderful ♥

u look like princess! luv your style :)

I seriously admire how you always look so put together. Jealous!

you’re such a sweetie!

Trop jolies ces chaussures =)

Wow the outfit is so grgeous!

A big thank you for your blog article. Fantastic.