Pictures by JAMES VYN

IT HAS BEEN ONE YEAR I simply can’t believe that it has been one year since I first started Kayture. It all began when I met James and that he introduced me to the online world. I have always needed to share my passions, and it wasn’t always the easiest thing to do in Switzerland. But discovering all those amazing communities such as lookbook, twitter, blogger has really opened my eyes on a new world that goes even further than the virtual domain. Because of my blog, I have met so many friends, done so much interesting collaborations, travelled, received some gorgeous gifts and most of all shared a part of my life with you and got a huge response, which I am everyday so grateful for.

2011 has been a year full of discoveries; I took part in the Miss Switzerland contest, have cat walked in a bikini in front of a gigantic crowd, won the Miss photogenic title, have learned so much. Losing isn’t the most important: I had this chance to take part in this competition and I enjoyed it at 100 percent and always stayed who I really am, in front or behind the camera. I travelled in Madrid for a shooting with fashion salade, to Greece with James and our friends. We were invited by Armand Ventilo to meet him in his showroom in Paris, then to Tokyo for the Vogue’s fashion night out where we had the extraordinary opportunity to meet so many interesting people. My favourite magazines contacted me to write an article about Kayture: Teen Vogue, Elle girl, Comopolitain Russia and much more. James and I were invited to amazing events; the Grieder’s opening in Zurich, the Diesel event in Geneva, Louis Vuitton party in Lausanne. I have met incredibly talented people, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Anna Dello Russo, Bryan Boy, James Blunt that inspire me everyday with what I do.

I couldn’t say anything else that will have more sense than: THANK YOU. For your support, for your messages, your loyalty, your kindness and even your critics. Thank you for being here, for your support. You helped me realize that blogging is more than just showing off clothes, purses and bags. No, it is more than that. It is all about sharing with people your passion whatever it is: food or decoration. Following a blog means discovering new things, travelling the world with the blogger that you follow. Kayture is the window to my life, and I feel like each day, since one year you have been fully a part of it.

Enjoy those couple of pictures, and tonight don’t forget to check out my special post with the amazing pictures you have send me. You are the best!

Un petit mot en français :
Je ne saurais vous dire à quelle point je suis reconnaissante et heureuse en ce moment, à l’instant même ou j’écris ces lignes. Merci pour votre soutient, le courage et la motivation que vous me donnez tous les jours. J’espère que 2012 sera l’année de Kayture et que j’aurais encore plus de chose à vous faire découvrir et à partager. Merci, merci, merci.


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Happy birthday to your blog! You’re one very stylish girl and it was a great choice to open up this blog and share your style with us.

I love your blog!
You are so beautiful and photogenic!
lot of success!:))


I love You, Your blog and Your style. Actually I envy You, but I wish You everything best in the world. Happy birthday, Kayture! Stay with us next year and the next after next and next after next…

Wow, what a great selection of photos :) Really like to see you laugh :) Congrats on the blog! *

Happy Blog Birthday! I’m so happy to be a follower of your blog, and you really deserve the award!

Congratulations on your blog-birthday… and all the best for the 2nd year…

I think it was the longest post I ever read, but the pictures are all amazing…

Wishing both of you all the best …

xoxo Tanja

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

Happy Birthday to your blog!! All the best Lovely;)!!

Monika from J’adore Fashion

Congratulations, dear! You are absolutely amazing!!! (:

Congrats for this first b-day’s blog! :)
I love reading your blog!

Happy birthday to your blog!Best wishes for you hun!

Style LimeLight

Great pictures :)
xo Madeleine

where is that cross top from? :-)

ich liebe deinen style :) hab deinen blog erst vor kurzem entdeckt.. das bild vorm eifelturm und das mit dem eis gefallen mir am besten :)

Congratulations Kristina!
Please keep on with your amazing work & your passion for life! Thank you so much for sharing your passions!


AMAZING!!! I hope Kayture is going to have much more “birthdays”! Keep on doing and blogging and giving us so much inspiration! It’s unbelievable how you can post almoste every day and still have a life keep going on. Stay this way, it’s gonna be so worth it and it defenetly is – just having all of those opportunities.
You really deserve this success and as long as you love what you’re doing, you’re gonna do it great!

Best wishes from Germany, Berlin :)

I love all of your pics! I can just say WOW!
Greetings from Tessin :))

From Paris With Love

you deserved all this! and true, blogging is more than what others think of it. anyways, happy 1st birthday :D

Congrats ! your blog “expanded” so fast :)
Great photos. Your travel photos and colourful outfits are my favorites
new post : Cafe prestige

Congrats ! your blog “expanded” so fast :)
Great photos. Your travel photos and colourful outfits are my favorites
new post : Cafe prestige

Congrats on your anniversary! I only started following your blog recently but I totally adore your style and the way you always pose so naturally on your pictures! You always have amazing pictures. I really wish you the best and I keep following you :)


C’est génial tout ce que ça t’a apporté, je te souhaite que ça dure ! Tu es superbe ;)


amazing! aaand I have a beagle too! they’re so cute!

So beautiful Kristina, congratulations!

really great photos ;)

congrats girl!!! i love the way u dress!


Truly amazing blog dear! Congratulations!

great post and photos
I really like your blog, good luck

Ces photos sont très belles :)
Joyeux anniversaire a ton blog !

Happy Birthday To Kayture! I really love your blog and style! XoXo

Happy Birthday to your blog dear! It always has been a pleasure reading your posts! And the pictures are always amazing! Carry on!

Congratulants!!! It’s always nice to see a good blog like yours growing like this! I wish you another year of more success!!! =)

You are so beautiful! Amazing photos!

I really do love your blog and I absolutlely love your photos!

You’re sooo amazing! I love your blog, you’re so inspiring! <3

you are gorgeous ♥

wohoooo ! love you babe :)

wunder wunder wunder wunderschön!


Congratulation with Kayture’s 1 year.
I love your blog, it’s my favorite! ♥

You deserve all of it and much more Kristina! :)

You are so beautiful… love your style.. great pics… everything!


Et Félicitation une fois de plus ;) Et congrat à James pour les merveilleuses images ;)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Kristina!

Happy Birthday und herzlichen Glückwunsch. Ich hoffe, dass dein Blog uns noch lange erhalten bleibt.

Yay, congrats on a year, more years to come! You’re one of the best fashion bloggers and also inspiring, so glad to be on the journey with you. :)

Congratulations :)) your blog is amazing :)


Congratulations for all your lovely achievements of the past year and wish you even greater things for 2012 :)

You have an inspiring blog and I mostly like your photos, I often find them as a great source of inspiration! You are very beautiful and expressive, but congrats to the photographer as well :)

Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday to Kayture!

Kristina you have done such an amazing “work” with this blog ;)
BTW, you’re beautiful and I love your sense of style.

Congratulations also to James, your photos are awesome!

Keep doing it,
Inês T. XXX

lovely pics ;)

So excited for you on your one year milestone! Your blog is one my favorites, wish you much more happiness and success!

I just knew your blog 6 months ago when I randomly logged in Chictopia.I really love your style and blog. You have inspired me much confident of my style…After that, I have followed your blog everyday and Kayture is always 1st wedsite which I haved visited…Hope that your blog will be much better than in the next time as well Kayture could win 2011′s best fashion blogger. Happy birthday to Kayture from a follower in VIETNAM :)

Happy 1st Blog Birthday! You are an inspiration, having achieved so much in your first year of blogging – I am a follower on Bloglovin, and love your style! Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing more in 2012 :)

B xx

You’re a very inspiring person. I envy you and I admire your style at the same moment :) I was looking forward to seeing a photo with James Blunt! :(

you’re amazing! What a year!

Great photos! I’m so exited to see the other fan’s photos, I couldn’t participate because I was so stressed and tired these days but I’m looking forward to spend another year reading about your life and style.

Congratulations on your blog’s 1st anniversary!

Congrats for this amazing job that you do!
And thank you, as well, for inspire us all and infect us with your good taste and beauty. Thank you for showing us the amazing pictures that you make and make us wanna know all that amazing places that you’ve been. Thank you for share your life with us and impart knowledge.
Above all, thank you for having created the Kayture.
Once again, congrats! (:

wow, you’re amazing!

Congratulations on your first blog birthday! You have such an incredible style and you are so beautiful! And James takes the most amazing photographs. Dream team! x

You and your outfits are too pretty for words! Congratulations, girl!

congratulations for the first year!!!i really love all your blog!your style is gorgeous and you are so beautifull i wish you more years like this.

many pictures are repeated

Your style is fantastic! I’m glad I found your blog so I could see how you progressed this last year!
Luvv, Leigh B

I love all your looks:-)you are very special and besides I am from Switzerland too! you have a real feeling for fashion!

You are one of my favorite fashion bloggers, I wish that your blog gets better with each passing year.

You are a stunning and gorgeous girl! It’s so awesome that your 18 and so successful!

Btw, I mentioned you in a Indonesian fashion magazine interview as an inspiring blogger for me!:)

check it out here:

you are so beautiful !

Congrats!! I loved all these photos! You are really georgeus! :)) Keep on doing that! Love your blog! :) You are the one!

you’re just sooooo amazing! I love your styl,e love your blog ! :) congrat !!:)

glückwunsch und weiter so :)
Die Bildauswahl ist toll :)

what an incredible year you’ve had! fantastic photo’s kristina – i adore your blog. congrats on a great year :)

You are sooo pretty :)
I love your blog and this pictures !
how is your growth ?

Great pictures!!

You look so cute and pretty :)


Happy Birthday sweetie!
Congratulations for all those things you described above and thank you for the dedication and passion you put into this beautiful blog!

Best wishes

omg wow you are so beautiful, pretty & amazing! wonderful pictures :-)

What type of camera are you using?

You look simply b-e-a-u-t-i-fu-l!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW

Amazing photos and amazing you! Happy 1st Blog Bithday!!! and more great looks from now on!!! :)

this is seriously one of the most incredible posts i have seen lately!!! the pictures are amazing and you look stunning!!! to me you are the perfect blogger and i always love seeing different parts of the world through your posts. keep it up, you’re doing an incredible job!!! :)

What an amazing year!!
Congrats to your 1st blog bday!!!
P.S Superbly beautiful photographs!


Happy B-day! You really inspire me every day!

Blog of a young designer

Happy first birthday, you are amazing, it is a pleasure to read you, to discover a new outfit every day, to travel with you to beautiful places…you are a little miss sunshine :D

You are really beautiful and I have to say, your style is amazing!! :)

Congratulations on your blogversary!

Wow! Super lovely pics.
Just hoping that 2012 would bring you a lot more opportunities and we thank you for sharing us the wonderful and inspirational blog that you have.

You are seriously just perfect! I love each and every one of your posts. You’re so sweet and personable, as well as beautiful! Happy Birthday to Kayture! You are one of the biggest inspirations to keep my blog going! Thanks for everything. If I ever come to Switzerland I would love to get together with you!

xox Olivia

Happy Birthday Kature. And more to come =)

i havent been following you for this whole year, but ive been doing it for almost 7 months, your blog is the best ever! i read you every time you post, your style is amazing, you are wonderful, so pretty, so stylish…! keep on with this super nice blog you have(:

I love your blog and you are so beautiful!<3 :)
Happy birthday Kayture! ^_^

Congratulations on your 1st year of blogging! Here’s to more years for your blog! Stay gorgeous! xx

The Niknok Style

Congratulations for your work guys! Hope the future brings you much success and happiness … you are really B-R-A-V-I ;)

Congratulations! I discovered you through and have read every single one of your posts since then! Amazing blog, amazing style and I appreciate you sharing all these photos, they are wonderful :)

wishing you all the best in the coming blog year :) thanks for always being an inspiration!

it’s amazing how a girl can be so beautiful.

Happy anniversary! You are absolutely stunning <3

lovely pictures for a lovely year! Happy Blog Anniversary!


and im so happy how ur blog evolutioned all this time :)


besos desde Perú!

Amazing photos. You are such a beauty!

Happy 1st blog anniversary.

Tu es vraiment une fille magnifique et j’aime ton blog ! Je ne suis jamais tomber sur un blog comme le tien il est tellement comment dire WAOUUU !
J’avais du mal à croire que t’avais 17ans sur tes photos passées ! J’aurais penser que t’avais au moins 19ans! Tu es tellement magnifique *.*
Bonne continuation !


congrats on your 1 year!! I can’t wait to see what year two brings both you and the blog!!

You are beautiful <3 ! and your boyfriend is really cute ;D

Your photos are incredibly beautiful,
just like your outfits! I really like your blog.

only one word…..WOW!

I have bee following your blog for a while now and Love it!! Happy first year!!

You’re so stylish, beautiful and i don’t know what else! Love you! Happy Birthday beauty! ♥

You look beautiful: always ! I’d like to know how you do to have such a perfect skin ?

I do not think you have to thank anybody for what’s happening to you, it is happening because you do everything for it. You deserve all the happiness that happen to you !

Enjoy every moment !

A french girl working on having a life as fantastic as your !

great photos! Happy 1 year ;)

happy birthday to one of my favorite blogs!!!!!!


Raque from

Happy birthday!:)It’s amazing how many faces you have!Stunning pictures, your blog is my inspiration!:)Good luck!

Happpy birthday Kayture! :D
Youre seriously SO stunning woowwww

Happy Blog Birthday!
I ADORE Your style and blog. You are really inspiring. I just simply wish I was as beautiful and as stylish as You are :)

Great choice of photos :D
Happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAYTURE ! Tu nous fais vraiment partager de belles choses avec ce blog. Je te souhaite pleins de succès :)

What an amazing review!!
Congrats for all your achievementa! You really deserved them!
And congrats too to the pohotographer! He’s 50% in all this!


You’re just perfect! I love your blog and I follow you every day :) congratulations for everything you did and Happy 1st Blog Birthday!! Keep on doing like this.
Best wishes <3

Happy Birthday!!!!! Its so cool looking at all the pics all your outfits are so amazing! You are so gorgeous!
Ps. You and James look so cute together :)

Amazing photos!
You and James have put so much work and effort into this blog, you two definitely deserve it all!

Happy first birthday, Kayture!


Why haven’t I known your blog for so long since you started it. I joined your blog this month and it seems like I’ve missed so much.
Your photos and your outfits are great! I’m so looking forward to read much more of you :)

Love, B.

Bravo! J’adore tes photos et tes looks!

Wow! Happy Birthday to Kayture! Your blog is absolutely amazing! All of these photos are so beautiful and you have such an unbelievably great style! Good continuation for the future xxx

This is what we call REAL STYLE! congratulations dear! KATEFP team

I luv all of your STYLE!
Your passion on fashion makes me so excited everytime!
I’m looking forward to reading your post,in Japan!

lovely photos. Congrats on your first year. I wish you many more successful blogging years.

p.s your make-up and hair is always on check.

These pictures are AMAZING… seriously!

i simply love all the pics!:) and ur style is so inspiring!
I wish that ur blog keeps growing and growing!
xx from Germany

Just stumbled on your blog and I think it’s brilliant! I know I haven’t been around for a year but you’ve got a new follower to begin your second year with

fabulous!happy 1st birthday kayture

You are the prettiest blogger. Hands down. God has truly taken his time when He created you! Now your style is good but needs to mature a little more to be more refined and interesting, unique. You are still young so you’ll surely improve.

You are the prettiest blogger. Hands down. God has truly taken his time when He created you! Now your style is good but needs to mature a little more to be more refined and interesting, unique. You are still young so you’ll surely improve.

Happy bday Kayture ! Your blog is very beautiful and you too !

Happy birthday to Kayture! And Kristina, you’ve simply become one of my favourite bloggers. Your style and the photos of this blog are fantastic!

Oh Kristina, I wish you only the best!!! is an amazing blog, I haven’t stopped visiting it since the last year when I discovered it! I wish you a lot of inspiration, passion for writing & sharing your thoughts with us, fashion success, modeling success. And of course, I cannot forget about your personal life. Good luck with James, you r amazing. Good luck with family & friends. I wish you also a lot of success at school.

With love, Jane from Slovakia :)

OMG Wonderful pictures&you are so beautiful! Love your blog! Happy One Year Kayturee! :)

I just discovered your blog, well it’s really nice to have so stylish and pretty girl among us :) Blog-love



I luv all of your style!
Your passion on fashion always make me so excited!

I’m looking forward to reading your post in JAPAN!

And wauw amazing pictures!
It looks like such a great year!
I printed out some of them to put on my inspiration wall :)

You got me a bit teary eyed because of what you mentioned in this post. Very well said! Happy first birthday to your blog


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Congrats!!! xoxo from Rome


There is really not much to say, exept that you are amazing. Simply amazing. I wish you all the best of luck!
Please check my blog.


congratulations! I’m very happy to be a reader of your blog since it’s so gorgeous. I wish you all the best.

merci kayture d’exister tu es magnifique et tu me donnes pleins d idées pour m habiller au fil des jour, et c agréable de voir une fille qui a des formes et non une taille mannequin. Love you

Congratulations! I only found your blog a few months ago, but ever since I’ve loved seeing every new post, and this beautiful recap reminded me why!
Hoping for many more years just the same! :)

love each photograph ! happy birthday dear kayture ! this is an amazing blog ! xx nadine

Happy Birthday Kristina!
You have really beautiful picture’s!
check my channel:

xoxo Lütfiye

Happy Birthday Kristina!
You have really beautiful picture’s!
check my channel:

xoxo Lütfiye

Happy Birthday Kristina!
You have really beautiful picture’s!
check my channel:

xoxo Lütfiye

Congratulations Kristina, those photos are all so beautiful, I hope you will keep on blogging for a long time!!

Happy Birthday Kayture ! Love your blog ! Keep going like this !

Happy birthday to Kayture :-) Lovely pictures!

Happy birthday to Kayture. I just wanted to congratulate you for your amazing, inspiring and lovely blog. Thank you for sharing all those greats pictures and adventures with us. I hope you had a great time during this year and I wish Kayture to last a very long time.

Kiss Andie ;)


<3 <3 <3 from Indonesia.....

vraiment top les photos,

happy bday, belle suite à toi =)


lovely photos..good luck with your blog in future:))

wow!! tolle outfits und bilder. wunderschön!!

you have such lovely outfits and photos

congratulations KAYTURE!!!

so many memories!!!happy one year certainly deserve it to be here right now causse your sense of style im truly beautiful and inspiring

Tu es exceptionnelle. Merci à toi de nous faire partager ça, ton style est un modèle. Parce que c’est très classe et très original en même temps (et c’est dur de concilier les deux, on est d’accord!).
Bonne continuation !

You are amazing. INSPIRATION TO THE MAX!

Just need to ask you, witch camera are you using?

your style is amazing !

Happy birthday to your blog !
I’m french and I love your blog ! Thanks to your blog, I can learn english and look at an awesome fashion blog at the same time. You’re gorgeous on every pictures and you do an amazing job !

“continue comme ça :D !”

Christina Rosenkilde 24 March 2012 / Reply

Love your blog!
Where is that silver bra from? The one on picture 19?

Happy 1st birthday Kayture. I totally love your blog :)

Anonymous 2 August 2013 / Reply

Soooo glad and lucky to bump into this blog. I’m so wowed with your beauty, style, fashion, I guess, everything about you and this blog . You inspired me so much. Please keep blogging and continue to be an inspiration and joy to everyone!Your new-ardent follower and fan.

Major thankies for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

Im grateful for the blog.Much thanks again. Cool.

Elsa TYSEBAERT 24 November 2014 / Reply

Qu’elle belle aventure depuis la création de Kayture ! Voir tout ça me donne réellement l’envie de découvrir tout ça et de vivre de si belles rencontres, de si beaux moments. Je sais que je ne pourrais être l’écran comme toi, car, soyons honnêtes, l’apparence compte énormément pour se faire remarquer, et je suis loin d’avoir le visage et le physique pour être un modèle de mode, mais j’adorerais travailler “en coulisses”, travailler en tant qu’assistante cela doit être passionnant et tellement enrichissant. En tous cas encore félicitations pour toutes ces années de travail et tout ce que vous faites James et toi.

i love you , you are my inspiration

luv luv luv u much #Kayteam
keep inspiring us, stay humble as well :)