Pictures by JAMES VYN

KAYTURE IS READY FOR 2012! I hope you noticed a little change on my blog, if not look again. James and I have been working so hard lately to make a brand new design for the blog and it seems like it is finally finished! A lot of you wrote me that you really liked the old banner, which was unique. I do agree with you, and I will always love the previous banner since it is the one I started this blog with. It will always have a special meaning to me. But you know, I really needed a little bit of change to start this new year, and it feels great! I am so excited, so many projects are starting to build up, and I am more than planning to work and focus on this blog even more this year than in 2011.
I hope you like these few backstage pictures, we shot them at the A-focus studio where James usually shoots his fashion and beauty projects, if you still haven’t checked out his work, you better do now : Anyway, enjoy these few shots and wait until tomorrow for a brand new Dubai special post!

P.S :  A little project coming through, on the 27th of January Kayture will celebrate it’s first year online! Send me your greeting card, a picture of you with a message for the blog on and be sure to find it published in a special post!

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beautiful photos :)

You guys look wonderful together!!!

You both look adorable :))

Stop by – Where are my keys?

It’s best thing to hear that you are focusing on your blog. Keep going with everything with such a passion I can see now!

Monika from J’adore Fashion

P.S You are such a cute couple;)

wow you and your boyfriend look adorable :)
love the new layout! looks so clean and yeah i agree its nice to switch it up every once in a while! hope 2012 is a good one for you

haha, I love these pics :) You and James look so cute together I love your dress is so pretty :) You look so cute/pretty/funny! I can’t wait to the 27th! Do you mean January? not December haha I will be sure to send you something! :) I think you have inspired me to do a blog now :)

these photos are so cute!
and the blog looks great. you set it up perfectly :)


Haha, so funny and really great pictures! :)

love the new look, it’s very chic ;) and early congrats on Kayture’s 1 year birthday! wish you and James all the best for 2012! :)

а мне нравится новое оформление, и фотки хороши :)
Ты кривляка)

You are so pretty(:

sooo cute you and james:)

the old header was so awsome this one is lame… sorry!

I love the new design! Good luck to you, guys in this New 2012 year!!

xx Leila

You are doing a great job!

Funny happily photos :)


Really great pictures and your new design is great…

Love your “behind-the-scenes-pictures”… as it is more “you”

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

aw you two are super duper cute! i’m jealous. :)

Kayture! I have been following your blog for almost a year now, and I looove it!! its my addiction, its good with changes! xoxo

Lovely Kristina! I like this new twist! Whish you all the best for this 2012.

That dress is lovely!
Love the new design of your blog, it’s very professional looking.

Ciara x

lovely pics!!

Aww these photos are so cute and the new banner is very chic.


Love the pics! :D And fun to see some of you and James, you guys look too cute together. :)

I like the new header, even though I liked the old one better, but as you said, this add something new to the blog and 2012.

Keep on going girl because you´re amazing and a big inspiration, for many girls out there!


you are so sweet! :)
I love the new banner more than the previous one :)

Your guys are a gorgeous couple! Congrats on 1 year- you area amazing.


Such mesmerizing studio shots, and adore your new banner!

You are adorable in these pics! So beautiful! I really liked your new header and the whole layout! You both did a great job! You look fantastic together! I’m so happy for you! :)

Lovely photos ;-)

Great shoot! And I adore your new layout – I loved the old one as well, but the new one is stylish as well. Hope 2012 will be even greater for you than the last year!

The Bookish Fashionista

These photos are adorable! They’re so fun & carefree. And LOVE your dress. (and the new look of your blog, of course!)

xx Anastassia

Lovely :) I like the new banner:)

beautiful pictures :)

you two look great! amazing dress :)

I noticed your new banner and the changes straight away. I love this post, I love the silly faces, you’re so pretty even when you pull them.x

You’re such a cute couple! :)

With love,

Don`t worry the new banner is great really everyone needs a change from time to time :)
Wish you all the best

I love the new look ! Its really amazing ! Good job ! Also you and James look so cute together.

so so so soooo incredibly wonderful! You two are too adorable!

You have such a pretty face ^^

Roxana @ Comfy Space

I really like the new banner! And you are so nice :)

Cute pictures !



Cute pictures !



Cute pictures. You look so lovely together. You have been such an inspiration for me this year. Can’t wait for more ^^

Blog of a young designer

you are such a beauty ! flawless ! ♥

Ha Ha you are so cute together!!!

Ocean Wind

Reeeally nice photos! and congrats on all the great changes and 1 st anniversary to come!


I certainly loved your old banner, but this one is gorgeous as well :) Super cute photos of you two!!!!! And I love your white dress!

I love this fotos!

Lovely pictures!!! Kisses

Love the chunky bracelet! The pictures are very cute!

really lovely pictures!

Fashion Philosophy

you look fantastic ! iam excited to see your post on 24th january ! xx nadine



really like the new banner, even though the old one’s my favorite!;)
and the pictures of you two are adorable. xx

Très jolie shoot!
Vous êtes tout mimi

i think i kinda know what kind of boyfriends i want… Thanks to you! :D

really nice photos. u look so lovely, cute and sexy :-))

You two are ridiculously sweet together!

Lovely photos!
You two are so adorable!

I love your looks! I just recently started blogging and would love some feedback. Have a great day!

amazing photo :)

These photos are more than beautiful. Well, not these photos – you are! :)
I really like the new design and I think it’s a great decision to make a big change when a new year begins.

Love, B.

Congrats on your new blog =) Pretty cool-ness!! =D

i would like to know what nail colour you have in this photos =)

Trop mimi!!! J’adore tes mimiques hahaha surtout celle où tu boudes, et l’avant dernière!
Vous être trop chou ensemble James et toi!
Ton blog est génial!


Lovely blog!!! Come see my blog, if you like we can follow :)

xo Emma

These photos are so cute, you are freaking beautiful. And I love James’ work!!

You look stunning! I love the white ensemble. Looks like a fun photoshoot.


i love the new design of the blog, i think that it looks so much better and it gives the blog a feeling of going to the next level!!! you and james in those first two photos are such cuties!!! it’s so refreshing to see these photos of you pulling different face, some fun is always great!! :))) can’t wait to hear about the project ;)

i want your dress so badly!! <3
that dress is so perfect. :)

Beautiful! You and your boyfriend are so cute!

OMG Kristina!!! Yesterday I received an e-mail confirming that I am the winner of the Fabi shoes giveaway. I can’t believe it!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!! Thanks to you and Fabi Couture. I’ll keep you updated with my post wearing those AMAZING shoes!!!

Miniananas 10 January 2012 / Reply

These are the Best pics of you that I’ve ever seen! Personality, yes!

Love the new design! And the pictures are very funny :)
xo Madeleine

Gorgeous photos! You look cute together.

x Minty

Kristina you’re truly amazing. I love what you did of this blog and i really admire you. In just one year you did lots of thing and you’re such an inspiration for me. You’re so simply and beautiful, and i love all of this. Truly congratulations for everything :)

Please come on visit my blog, it would be such an honor to me:

You’re always welcome.


AWWWWWW *_______*

Anonymous 14 March 2012 / Reply

did u earn the money for yr Chanel bags or yr parents buying them? if you r u buying them yrself, how did u earn so much?

Aw beautiful!!

Did you teach yourself HTML/CSS in order to do the layout/template? In other words self taught or does James go to school for that? I’m curious because I want to create my own design.