SHOES, BAGS AND MUCH MORE Last week I have done a little interview for a Swiss channel called “La tele”. It was such a great experience, and the subject was… my closet! So basically you can discover here my little and humble collection of jewerly, shoes, dresses and so on. I hope you enjoy it. This interview is in french but you can find in this post a little text that explain what I say in the video. Enjoy!

P.S : To watch the video of my dressing, you have to put your mouse on the video then click on the link where you see a little picture of me, it is easier if you just want to see my part and not the whole program.

” For me fashion is a game, and what I like the most about it is that the rules change everyday. New materials, new colours or textures. I love elegance, and always had a very feminin style even sexy sometimes. I love beautiful pieces.
Heels are my passion, on my blog you can see me wear high heels all the time, actually I do wear high heels in my daily life aswell, actually I feel uncomfortable with flat shoes. I love playing with contrasts, therefore flashy shoes with original patterns are my favourite ones. I especially enjoy platforms and glossy materials. It is very interesting playing with neutral shades combined to flashy ones, therefore I have neon green bags, orange ones that I love matching to basic outfits. My biggest passion right now is actually orange, I am crazy about this colour.”


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Cool video, good description of your style:)

new outfit post on

Wonderful and amazing… Thank you for sharing your video…

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

wow, I actually loved this one! you are sooo pretty! and I love French language :)

You’re adorable in this video! Love your style, and I adore your closet. I wish I could understand French. I didn’t like that much the language before, but you sounded amazing, and so cute, you made me want to go learn French.
I’m happy for you! That your blog is growing, cause you have amazing style and a great potential!

Oh cette interview est trop marrante ;-) et ton dressing est canon, je suis jalouse bouh ! Je veux le même bien que j’ai pleinnnn de fringues haha et je suis aussi folle des talons en même temps je suis minuscule alors ça me grandit youpiiiii j’aime ta façon de voir la mode vraiment ^^

Hihih what a cute video, très chouette:)

oh you’re so cute!

You have such a great voice!

Fantastic Collection!! xoxo

You look so pretty :)


you have such a great closet!

great video! u r so pretty btw :)

very nice video :) and i totally love those black platform shoes with the glitter stones :)


Cute video!! You have some great pieces in your closet :)

So classy for being just 18 years old.

ah… i wish i could speak french, it sounds so nice

You remind me of Alexis Bledel! :)
Tell me, do you speak german as well?

It’s so strange to hear you speak french wile you always write in English! luckily I speak both, and you seem to have a great personality in the video!

looove your clutch collection:)

mais tu n’as pas montré encore ton dressing (avec la collection d’escarpins)…montre-le stp!!!!

you’re so cute :)

o my gooosh listening to you speaking french is sooo adorable!
you sound so hot haha <3

beautiful video ^^

Lovely video! you looked so natural!


Interview intéressant qui m’a également appris que tu parlais francais xD ! J’ai adoré tes conseils de style et sur les couleurs !!

Merci pour cette vidéo !

It’s so nice to hear you talk, you speak so beautifully, I just adore French! :D Great interview, congratulations! :D

Ça fait plaisir de t’entendre parler français :)

Thanks a lot for the english description. It was a long time ago since I had French at school so I didn’t understand a lot.
Your video is great and I think one gets the same impression of you in watching this video and in reading your blog, which means you don’t hide behind your keyboard. I love it! :)

Love, B.

oh, I`cant see it( pls, add it on your youtube chanel

i thought you had a bigger dressing because you have so much clothes, but i can see that your dressing is too small :( shame, i thought that a fashion girl like you would have almost a room like dressing :P by the way, it was kinda weird hearing you speaking in french (weird in a good sense, of course) :)

Je ne te trouve pas folle de marcher avec des chaussures à talons haut tous les jours Car je suis exactement comme toi^^

j’aime beaucoup ton blog! Bon anniversaire et bonne continuation…

wow thats very cool!

aahh tu parles francais =) j’aime bien des videos sur les blogs. J’ai aussi beaucoup de sacs en tous les couleurs :D

French is honestly the most beautiful in the entire world! Je’ taime!

Just wanted you to know that one of the top bloggers from Norway, has ranked you as one of her top ten bloggers in an article :-) It’s in Norwegian, but you can see it here:

La vidéo est super ! :) xx

T’es trop belle est c’est cool de t’entendre parler! Peut etre en se voit à New York ;-)

love your blog, your outfit posts are beautiful

Vraiment super de te voir parler en direct pour une fois :D
Comme le blog est anglais je ne pensais pas que tu parlais français aussi bien ;-) You’re soooo gorgeous !

Tu es adorable dans cette vidéo

c’est vraiment super de t’entendre parler Français j’ai beaucoup aimé la vidéo té adorable xoxo

ton blog est une petite perle rare, et tu es si jolie :)
Amicalement, Marie

J’adore cette vidéo =)
Je viens aussi de Suisse.

Anonymous 1 August 2012 / Reply

Hello ! je vois qu’actuellement on ne peut plus regarder cette vidéo, y aurait-il un autre moyen de la retrouver ou que tu l’a poste sur ton blog ? Merci d’avance !

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