MAKE-UP I have always loved playing with my make-up products, trying out new shades and having fun with beauty palettes and various eye liners. Since a couple of months I have fallen in love with a make-up that, as you might have notice ( which I am sure you did, since it is the reason why I did the tutorial of it, if you want to have a look a it just scroll down the sidebar and you’ll find it under Kayture vlog’s section) I do everyday. But I find it quiet sad right now to do always the same thing, even if I enjoy it so much. So today I wanted to try something new. I always wear brown colours on my eyes, with a thick eye liner line and a lot of mascara. Also I always use brown bronzing blush because my skin is very light and I need a little bit of colour to look fresh. I wanted this time, to try out a grey silverish shade on my eyes whtout any eye liner and instead of it some glitters on my eye lids. Finally I used some pink blush and lipstick to give my whole look a colour pop. What do you think?

Here are the beaty products I used : Lancôme mascara and eye shadow in ”Day in and Night”, Too Faced glitters in ”Drunk Dial”, Clinic’s pink blush and fair powder, finally Guerlain lipstick in ”Guilette”. You can buy all these amazing beauty products in your local Sephora shop. Enjoy the few pictures and I wish you a lovely Saturday!

DRESS : Zara


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You are veeeeeery beautiful in this pictures! As always! :)

this make up makes you look really cute, the one you always wear makes you look more hot, in both cases you look amazing. :)

You applied the make-up very well and the colors are great,especially with that dress, but somehow it makes you look a bit sleepy. Personally I prefer your normak make-up which makes your eyes very big :)
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

You applied the make-up very well and the colors are great,especially with that dress, but somehow it makes you look a bit sleepy. Personally I prefer your normak make-up which makes your eyes very big :)
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

You look super healthy and beautiful, I like the make-up look you look you did a tutorial on, but this is just as pretty on you.

that dress is so beautiful and so are you :)
you have the prettiest lip stick!


Giovana Conde 14 January 2012 / Reply

So pretty as always! Loved!

Very beautiful styling and amazing outfit…

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

Like the look. I love silver eyeshadow!

Blog of a young designer

you should wear this make up all the time… you have beautiful eyes and you can try it all… believe me i’m a brown eyed girl and i can wear just black and brown! leave the brown colors :)

amazing pictures! :) xx

you are pretty! i think there is no make up which won’t suit you :)

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I love the makeup! I looks gorgeous :)

this make up is perfect!!!
it gives you a different new look….
u look fab in that!!!!
thanks for letting us know how to do it! x

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Perfect make-up to match the dress.

This makeup is really cute, i like it more than usual! Just looks more young :)

i love this make up on you :)


You look so gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

This makeup looks so pretty on you! Love it!

gorgeous make up!!!! :D


Parfois,it is a portuguese brand! Good choice!

Oh, I love everything of You! Make-up, Style <3

I like it even more than the brown-toned make-up I geuss :)

great photos :)

U look beautiful hon!!

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actually I think it suits you much more, it’s more girly not so grown-up you know?

i really really love the makeup!! you look stunning and the photos are beautiful as always!! :))) i kind of have the same make up routine every day (and i also pretty much always ^^) and it’s always great to try out new things!!

You look gorgeous!! You should definitely wear your makeup like that more often !
I’m a huge fan of your blog!! I love how you put so much effort into it!! It’s an amazing blog. <3
It would mean so much to me if you checked mine out !
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Thanks !

You loose some weight!! Oh, great make up, as usual. ;)

you look so much better without that panda-like makeup!
more natural is better!

Amazing pictures! Beautiful as always!


It completely changes your face but looks great though!!

you are so stunning and flawless! and these photos are perfection!

XO Sahra


Je pense que ça te va bien mieux, moi aussi j’ai une peau très claire et des yeux bleus et par expérience je sais que les paupières silver et les joues rosées c’est ce qui me va le mieux, après les yeux noirs bien sûr. Tu es magnifique !


The other one makes your eyes look bigger and deeper (as I think you said in your video)
I really like this one too, and I think it’s nice to change up your look every so often!

Monochrome Magpie

J’adore!! Vraiment je trouve ça mieux que ce que tu faisais avant, ça te va très bien et ça fait un peu plus “naturel” on va dire ^^ C’est un bon changement ;)

J’adore absolument ce maquillage, tu devrais le faire plus souvent !

pink-ish blush suits your skin tone better, which is cold, you have blue undertones in your skin. brown blush stands out and looks like too much against your complexion. Although i love the brown make-up you do on your eyes. either way, you’re very pretty

Beautiful pics! You look gorgeous!

Nice post! That dress looks amazing on you!

Love, Petra

What a beautiful make-up ! *_* what foundation do u use ?
P.S : u should make video tutorial :)

Ce Make Up te vas vraiment bien Kristina, on dirait une poupée, so cute ! Bien joué :)

You look AMAZING! xx
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this make up is much more better than the one in brown colours!=))love your style!you are from my top five favourite bloggers!kisses from Ukraine=)

it is more beautiful than your usual makeup! i recommend to stick with this for a while and see if u like it :) anyways,you look stunning as always :****

its so nice!
perfect photos!

these photos ! ♥

It looks awesome. I think your usual make-up fits you even more than this one though. But I understand you very well, I experience a lot with make-up.

Ohhh you gorgeous girl!Can’t stop looking at your pictures!

You look great!

I’m following you with bloglovin :)

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your makeup is great it looks so clean and fresh. love it

I have that same palette but haven`t used it for a long time. U look amazing sweetie…
Hugs from Flutra

It’s very nice Kristina! You look so much more natural and less like a doll. Though I would empasize the blush a little bit more.
Love this look!

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyleblogger

This look is very fresh and soft, it is nice to see different looks with makeup, I think you should keep it up (playing with different shades and makeup looks) and not become so complacent with just one look. This is beautiful on your skin.

I’m pretty sure you don’t even need make up to look good, but in any case this is done so well! I like how you styled a whole outfit and shoot around it- very pretty :)

Have a great weekend!

lovely makeup :)

Silver looks amazing on you, I love this shoot!

XX Kathryn

muy guapa !!

You are perfect as usual, this make up is fine on you :)

You are… beautiful… gorgeous…. amazing… stunning *______*


you look so beautiful!

I loved the makeup on you in this way too :) You can often use it :) But brown one goes you perfectly!

Love your style! lovely post ;)

i’m your 3500 follower eheh

xoxo F.

Perfect make up!! And, i loved that dress, it´s so gorgeous!!
If you could check out my blog too, i woul be very grateful!!
Kisses Bruna, from Brasil!!

this is gorgeous, as with everything you do! i had a dream last night that i met you (how cliche!) but it made me wake up realizing how much i admire you! i will be 18 in 6 months and cannot believe you are only a few months my senior, as you have achieved so much and embody such a strong, confident woman. i really hope i will be like you one day!

sephora makes you look ever so stunning xx
the silver touch is done just right. so pretty and glam Kristina =) and your sequinned dress is the perfect accompaniment.

Style Hostess

you are gorgeous, no matter what make up you do:)

These pictures are amazing!! xo Madeleine

makeup- nothing big, but it changed your face a lot! now you look glamorous

You look very different and I love this make up! Much more natural… Innocent looking :) Love it! :D

Beautiful photography. Love your blog.

you look awesome in this make up! maybe you should wear brighter make up?
And I love the dress and I truly regret that I didn’t buy it!

great make up…you look so beautiful

What a beautiful dress and make up! As always you look incredibly pretty and your photos are amazing.





Such unusual pictures.. But you look amazingly beautiful as always ;)

View From Heels

this make is perfect with the color of your eyes! nice post :)

Kristina, can it be just a coincidence, or it’s indeed you and James in the photo I just found?

Your amazing eyecolor shows with this new look, I love it! But don’t give up your previous look, use it again now and then xx

o dear!
you look so amazing! =)

You look just like Elizabeth Olsen in these pictures, gorgeous!

gosh, perfect! perfect make up, perfect dress, perfect you!

Hello, my name is Andrea and I’m Portuguese.
I found you on lookbook and was passionate about your photos and your look.
It’s lovely!! :D

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you look so pretty in all of these photos! and I love how you did the make up

Lovely photos! Love your dress! xxx

Gorgeous! A wonderful alternative! x

love love love <3 <3 <3
can you plizzz post a tural on how you did that makeup??

I love this makeup! you look stunning
i like it even more then your normal makeup style. i think it makes you look much more fresh faced and not so weighed down by raccoon eyes.

These photos are absolutely stunning! You look flawless :)

<3 Shawna

you are so beautiful, aah i’ts untrue! I am a photographer if I ever go to Switzerland I’d actually looooooove you to be my model haha!

So beautiful make up! Love the dress

Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.