Pictures by JAMES VYN
FASHION BLOGGERS It was such an honour to be able to assist at the bloglovin awards. I have been blogging for a year now, and during the night I couldn’t stop thinking where Kayture brought me, in New York at such a great party with all those talented people. I was thrilled ( this is actually the reason why I am smiling like a monkey in each shot). I had the big pleasure to meet bloggers that I follow, enjoy some Arizona ice teas and champagne and of course have fun at the awards. Even tough I wasn’t nominated this year, I was already so happy to be there! team have done such an amazing job on organizing the whole event, the place was gorgeous and the goodies bag we received at the end were filled with adorable items. 
 For the occasion I decided to let my pastel obcession take up my outfit. I picked a pink pastel dress from Zara paired to some nude Steve Madden high heels and of course a touch of Saint-Germain lipstick as a cherry on the top. Enjoy those couple of pictures and who knows… Maybe next year Kayture will be among the nominated?

DRESS : Zara
SHOES : Steve Madden
CUFF : Topshop
RING : Forever 21
LIPSTICK : Saint Germain by M.A.C


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your shoes are stunning!


Elle ღ

Looking very simple and pretty! I like your hairdo a lot!

Wonderful photos! Love your outfit, you are so pretty :)


Wow you look amazing ! Looks after a wondefuk evening ! Xx nadine

You’re such beautiful girl !

wonderful pictures. love your rosé look!
kisses and a great weekend.
lovely greets
maren anita

visit me <3

Oooh you lovely cutie, amazing outfit! <3

i wish you all the best in bloggers world! You rock girl!


i love the big fur jacket!


wowwwww looks amazing!!! you are soo pretty kristina, and your skin is PERFECT!

love it, you are the most beautiful blogger i know…just perfect :)

Your style is amazing!!
xoxo Ivana

You are really beautiful Kayture, and your smile is so so so cute! You seem to have lot of fun ! Keep fingers crossed for next year :) cause you have an amazing blog !



monika from poland 18 February 2012 / Reply

To me, you’re the best and the most beautiful blogger of all!
I love your style < 3 Good luck!

The pink outfit is so feminine and fun, hope you had a great time! :)

You should totally be awarded next year! I love your blog! ♥ Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!


How, how are you able to look so beautiful every day? :-)

How lucky you are!!! Congrats! :)
Hope some day I`ll join you! Pastel look so adorable on you, love all outift!

Kiss from Serbia,


I love your dress, great color!:) Beautiful photos!:) Kisses! xoxo

Such a great experience! You look amazing on these pictures!

You’re looking great! Amazing dress! Im sure Kayture will be nominated next year!

Love, petra

Nice pics and great look! XOXO

Beautiful pink candy ! I love all your pictures!

xxx Lizzie

Great outfit ! wouldn’t suprise me if you’d get nominated next year :)
new outfit post

love your look!
ohhh you met andy and bryan! :D
nice photos

Love your hair, make-up and outfit – so effortlessly chic! Looks like you had a fab time! Plus, meeting Olivia Palermo is never a bad thing!

you’re so beautiful!! i love your style.. – jade

You look great :)
I love the color of your dress!

Очень красивые фотографии=)

Glad you found it a rewarding experience! Good luck next year!

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you look very nice, I love the shade of lipstick..and the best is your pink fur r what is it, I love it! :)

Love your outfit…
so girly!

You looked gorgeous! Oh wow i cant believe you met Olivia Palermo!! :o


Great event,wonderful photos and outfit!
Fashion review

HAHA, seems like such a fun event, you looked great, so nice you could meet all the famous bloggers!

Ocean Wind

Looks like a really great event! :D You look amazing! I wouldn’t be surpriced if you were nominated next year! :D

Could you post the names/blogs of the people you took a picture with? Like who is that cool looking asian girl?

omg olivia palermooo & you <3 :-o

Great goal! Congrats :-*

Wasn’t NY fabulous??? It looks like you had fun and your outfit was adorable! {I have those same Steve Madden shoes! They’re quite comfortable!} Your blog is wonderful and I would not be surprised if you were nominated next year ^_^ Good luck!

quelle chance!! tu es très belle! bsx

great i hope i will meet you nex year;)

That is so cool! Blogging can do a big change in one’s life!

Glad you had such a fun time at the event, hopefully you will be nominated next year!

Il est vraiment magnifique ton sac a main <3

amazing outfit! and your bag is stunning! x

I love your outfit! it’s so fresh!

WOW, you meet Olivia Palermo, I hope she was nice to you :p
and not the ‘mean girl’ like she’s on mtv.

And congratulations, you deserve it all!
next year, you will be nominated, you’ll see :)

U look stunning. Baby pink or the lightest tone of pink suits u so well!!!!

You look so pretty with your boyfriend! :)! nice look!!


This looks like such a wonderful and fun event!!

You look adorable…love the nude colors!!!


you look so cute! that dress is adorable!

You look so beautiful and happy in these pics! I hope next year would be your turn to be nominated.

You look stunning! And ohmygosh you met Olivia Palermo!! So jealous! You and her are my favorites!Love ur style, keep it up! and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do “HOW TO SHOP LIKE KRISTINA BAZAN” post! kisses :*

awesome! i hope one day i can be like you Kristina :)
xoxo love from Indonesia

relly great pictures!
you are so beautiful!

That looks so much fun! What an honor it must have been to even be invited! xx

woww you looked super stunning:) this dress is amazing, hope you had a good time x

Waauuw, you look absolutely fabulous!!!
Beautiful outfit too, and it looks like you had a great time :)

Lovely photos. Love the shade of lipsticks you and the lady in the photo wore. Best of luck in getting nominated.

We just have to say that we love your blog! and you! you are so sweet and naturally beautiful! We don’t really care that you don’t post that often, because when you do it it is so inspirational and the pictures so beautiful that we undersand it takes time! kisses from Astrid and Sanna from Norway <3 xx

omg. so happy for you and I’m sure Kayture will be nominated next year!!! xx

The few people that you had your pictures taken with, I’m following them as well =) I’m so happy for you that Kayture had brought you far =)
With you determination, I’m sure Kayture will be nominated next year =)

Nice post babe! You look awesome

WOW!You made it,girl!Well,you totally deserve it;) Love the pictures!

camila coutinho !!

Oh I love your pictures!!! xo madeleine

this is sooo great! You deserve it =)

you look so stnunning! i’m in love with your coat and bag ♥

Looking good! Love ur outfit!! :)

Love this post!! you look so happy in every shoot well done and keep blogging love reading you ps you look amaze xx A Fox That Meows ♥

WOW, these have to be the best photos of the blog lovin awards I have seen. You look amazing. Gorgeous.

How wonderfull to be a part of this!

it looks like so much fun! and you got to meet olivia palermo (she’s so gorgeous!)

you look gorgeous

You’re so adorable in your pastel outfit !! i love it :)

Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful time! This was the best time to visit New York, as the city has been having wonderful weather of late. The atmosphere looked to be really upbeat and I am sure all the bloggers had a great time!


Woww! You look absolutely stunning in these photos!
looks like it was an amazing night :)
Thanks for sharing the pix hun!
I especially like the ones of you and ur bf!


you are a real beauty and it´s impressive how classy you look with your 18 years, btw. you are not even allowed to drink in the us!!!

Well compared to chiara, I am pretty sure you will kick her ass soon! There can only be one blonde at the top ;D

Lovely! Some really good photos!♥
- you are adorable like always!♥
Lots of love from:

you look great! you deserve a bloglovin’award, your blog is very interesting :)

You are doing a really good job.

you look so good, it’s unbelivable how you inspire me! thanks for that xo

wow it’s such a great time! Congradulations! :)
your look is impeccable and chic here xo

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Hello Kristina!

I absoloutely love your outfit especially the pink pastel coloured coat!!
It was such a shame you weren’t nominated this year, but hopefully next year you shall win an award, your blog is truly inspiring!

Gosh.. You are so pretty. :)

beautiful photos!^^ You look great!<3

Waw ça a l’air fou!! Tu as beaucoup de chance!!
Je vois que tu as connu la brésilienne de “garotas estupidas” =)))
Plein de beau monde!
Continues ma belle ;)

you look absolutely beautiful!

it seems you really enjoyed the night(: everything looks super nice(: love your whole outfit, and your lipstick<3

You look gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing night. Hopefully you’ll get nominated next year, you deserve it.
Charlotte Couture Blog

wooow you’re too much higher than james!

You’re so beautiful. I think you spent a great time there. These pictures are adorable!

Love, B.

You look so pretty!! I love your outfit! I certainly hope to the Kayture among the nominated next year! =)

And the Saint-Germain is one of my favourites lipsticks and it looks lovely with your outfit!!


curious what’s in the goodies bag hehe, eniwei luv ur tights…cooL !

Great pics, u look so pretty in the powdery tones! And I’m loving Arizona tea u took!:D


yes, you should be nominated next year, finger crossed! :)
you and james look wonderful, I love the pastels outfit so beautiful!

wow u look amazing and stunning!!!!!!! NEXT YEAR YOU WILL WIN!

The Golden Girls


You look amazing! Love those jeans!


Hope you’re gonna be nominated next year!! :-)


You have a cool blog for sure but honestly I think it would look more polished if you would edit out the pictures some more.

look beautiful in every shot, glad you had a great time!!

Hayley xx

I like this look!!!!!!

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

CAMILA COUTINHO IS so GORGEOUS!!! :) brazil baby! hahahahah

o my god! you looked sooo pretty..if it wasn’t for the truly aweful aweful tights!! shiny is out, don’t you know?

Love the photo with Shea Marie!

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