SO SORRY I’ve been away for so long. Last week, I felt really bad, too much happened and I kind of had a little crash down and really needed to rest. No joke, I couldn’t turn on the computer because I was so tired. This winter is very tough to me, after beeing sick twice here I am once again leaving my blog whithout no update… Shame on me. I have been such a bad blogger lately, but I hope you’ll forgive me because I promise that in a couple of days you will be able to find a whole bunch of new pictures! I really missed kayture, and am really looking forward to make brand new crazy posts. And especially once regarding my trip to the big apple! Yay, James and I are leaving on friday. And I can tell you, it feels good to fly away for a couple of days. Just to escape the stressfull athmosphere.
I let you enjoy the goodies post sweethearts!

P.S : The lipstick you can see in the picture above is from Chanel’s srping make-up collectioon and is called ” flirt”.

This peach shade from the new Chanel collection is simply fabulous, I am addicted.
Kayture’s 1 year birthday  ! White chocolate yum…

New Chanel bag, I can’t wait to wear it.

Guess what’s in the box?

Just received some nailpolishes from O.P.I, thanks to Daria! I love this new “Holland’” collection.

For a good manicure, nothing feels better than this apricot oil.


Add yours

Amazing goodies! Love the Chanel bag!

Books in my bags

I love the goodies, except the cake. A birthday cake for.. a blog ? Seriously ?

I’m so glad you’re getting better! Hope you have a good time in New York!

Beautiful stuff, I like the Chanel lipstick, awesome color! Have fun in NY!:) xoxo

Love everything about this post…love your goodies :)

I will try the chanel lipstick and nailpolish!


@ Anonymous : Well yes, why not? My blog has been so important to me this year. Nothing felt better than inviting some friends over for a “kayture” cake! It was great.

:) can’t wait till another post..:) and the cake looks really delicious!! :D :)

Love your idea with the cake… all the things not to be expected are always great… and wonderful goodies…

Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

Love the photos!
The Chanel bag is /perfect/!

where’s the bag from? it’s soooo beautiful :) I really want to see the shoes:))) everything looks very nice:)

Divine post Kristina!:) Happy lovely birthday to your blog and I wish you never to be sick again! :* I sent you yesterday an email about an interview for one cool magazine, check it out! :)

Lovely goodies


might have to get that lipstick :)

I love the bag…what a wonderful cake!!
kisses from italy
Fashion review

I would love to be able to buy just a lipstick. Guess not everyone’s that lucky to have enough money :) I’m so jealous! in a good way, though :)

OPI and Essie nail lacquer is the best. x

I hope you’re feeling better! I know what you mean :(
I love your new bag!!! *_*
kisses and hugs for you Honey :)

I totally love Chanel! Everything is gorgeos!

I’ve seen your blog and I love it! You have an amazing style!! I’m following you and I hope you can take a look at mine and tell me what you think!


I love love love love … your GOODIES! <3 :DD :*

Wow amazing presents! :) I’m following you!
Big kisses,


Could you have shoved the Chanel lipstick on? It looks like a really nice color :)

love the chanel bag! where did you get it?
enjoy new york <3

Love all the goodies! The Chanel lipstick is gorgeous!

Looks all so great! Hope you feel better!

Alll these items are great ! I’d really like the june nailpolish aswell, such a pretty color.
Funny you had a kayture birthday cake, but any excuse for a good cake is welcome :)
new outfit post : marrakech

Hey Kristina,

lovely goodies, Chanel makes u instantly happier, huh? :D I know exactly how it feels to have a little “crash down”. What really helps is getting out of town, like I did last weekend when I made a trip to beautiful Barcelona. If you want to make a virtual escape, check out my post:

Hope you’re feeling better now! Good night!

wow great stuff ;_)

How much it cost the chanel bag???

thanks ;_)

Greetings from Poland ;_) Roza ;***

Hi Kristina, I am a huge fan. PLEASE can you do a post on HOW TO SHOP LIKE KRISTINA BAZAN.?!?!?!!?!! I go to all the shops like you (Zara, H&M, etc.) but i can’t find the same thing like you do. Also, I am scared to try online shopping,,, how do you know your size?!


how lucky you are! I’m sure everything’s going to look amazing on you. And that lipstick have an amazing colour, you’ll be beautiful with it for sure ;)

Hope you’re rested and better ;) kisses!

Happy Birthday K! Such great goodies, can’t wait to see how you style them up!

Peace. Love. LOL!


yey you are back!!! i missed u! hope u feel better! besos

I was just wondering : how do you make enough money to afford such expensive bags and shoes ? And do you think your blog would be as successful if you weren’t wealthy ?
Anyways, your pictures are very pretty.


I loved all your presents, and that white chocolate cake! Yum! Don’t tell me these are Tribtoos! And a new Chanel! Oh so lucky! I’m so happy for you! Glad you’re feeling better!

Can’t wait to see you rocking those YSL heels :)

Love the bag and the June! I also jjust bought “may” soo cute!xx

I’m sure you are a Chanel fan! =D Get well soon dear..

oh wow! they look like such good goodies :)
the lip stick looks like it’s the perfect colour


Sorry to hear you have been so sick! Exciting about NYC though, hope you have a lovely time :) LOVE your new Chanel, how beautiful.. :)

I love these “goodies” posts, there are so many wonderful stuff every time!

rest up! we all have days where we get so tried and crash.. so dont feel bad!! love the goodies :) xx, The Golden Girls

those goodies gift are from?????
also wo pays most of the thinks for N.Y it will be nice to know…

happy birthday Kayture =)
looking forward for the next post :D


Welcome back Kristina!! I’ve really missed you!! Hope you feel better now and enjoy your trip to New York. Keep us posted!!!

Can’t wait to see the YSL shoes! :D

Camilla /

These nail polishes loook sooo great!:) I wish I owned them all:)
We can follow each other if you’re interested in. :)))

Good your back again. I really missed your blog.
I like your cake. You can eat cake on all occasions.
Congrats and enjoy your stay in New York. XOXO

Wow all of the goodies looks amazing! enjoy them:)
The Chanel lipstic seems to be a great color for spring also..Can i ask what number it is?
P.S- I really like your blog, you have a very good style and sense of fashion!

Beautiful colors, can’t wait for spring, I’m sick for the 3 time! Waiting for photos from NY!

Ocean Wind

Oh I have the same bag and I use it very often! It is great!!! Love your post! xx

Oeww, that cake looks so damn good! Hihi :) I just ordered a “Chanel” cake for my birthday <3 hihi.

With love,

so you were exhausted? Hope you feel better now…but still you had time for shopping so it cant be so bad haha anyway nice goodies…and have fun at NY

My Dear, I am glad to see that you’re ok!! You know, I am used to hear from you almost every day through your posts, I realised that there was something wrong going on….Well I wish you all the best, have a big energy refill in NYC….Love xxx

Happy b-day girl!


i love chanel bag and lipstick

i like your bag!!
and cake is wonderful!!

So typical that a comment like that “a cake for a blog?” is written anonymous.

I like all of the goodies and especially the cake because it looks delicious! Lilly x

I love your goodies posts. Thank you. :-)

Nice stuff :) the lipstick looks gorgeous ! :) Enjoy NY :)

beautiful goodies, specially ur new channel make up, even the names are sweet! flirt and june, love it. Hope you’re feeling better now, so much going on on your life and ur so young! this trip to nyc will give you new energy, i’m sure, and you are a fantastic blogger btw, always taking care of your followers, of course you need a time for yourself!!!
ps: the kayture cake… such a great and yummy idea!!!

OMG! The Chanel bag is beautiful :)

Great blog!! Love it! Btw how’s the feeling of being rich?

All so fun and glamourous!

yay. great nail polishes!

xx, keep blogging!!

J ai hâte de voir les photos de NY!
Enjoy !!!

ton blog est suer :)mais peut tu le traduire en francais ?! merci

Great you’re back! Nice goodies.

Woow you have a lot of Chanel! Everything looks gorgeous x
Charlotte Couture Blog

the chanel spring make-up collection is amazing! i love the colours as well. enjoy new york!

Love it all. SO SO jealous at your Chanel bag! I have to get one someday…

Camilla//Scent of Fashion

Love your blog! Beautiful things btw :)

this is wonderful… I’d wish to receive chanel bags too!! <3

Yaay you are back! Missed you on the blog!! Awesome new goodies, can’t wait to see the shoes!! Hope you feel better, have fun in NY!!!


The tired-and-washed-out-syndrom seems to overcome more and more people. I have had it this whole winter, with first the endless rain and now the freezing cold. I was sick in December and am really sick now and I am constantly tired and exhausted and lack any interest in doing just whatever.
I hope you are feeling better soon, it is more important that you are healthy than updating if you are not able to – take it easy.


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