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NYFW I am excited to officially announce you (officially yes, because I couldn’t resist mentionning the trip on twitter, my bad) my collaboration with, I am travelling with james in a couple of days to NYC to spend some time with the the other great bloggers that are also heading to the big apple. The trip is part of Fashiolista’s World fashion week around the world tour ( they also host events in Istanbul, London and Rio de Janeiro, how great is that?). A huge part of of the NYC trip will be the Fashiolista party, held on the 13th of Feb. at the Blind Barber NYC. There we will celebrate together with our favorite fashion bloggers and style lovers the launch of Fashiolista NYC! James and I are truly excited, and we are already thinking what to take with us, I heard that the weather is dreadfull. I hope to see you there folks! Meanwhile feel free to check the event page created on Fashiolista where you can follow everything regarding the World Fashion Week tour and of course, find out more about the NYC trip ( click here).


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That is so exciting and envy-inducing! You are truly blessed and I can’t wait to see all of your photos and what you’re going to share from these cities with us. Have an amazing time!


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You can really be thankfull to have found James, without him you wouldn’t be where you are, and probably nowhere at all !

oh wow how cool! you lucky lucky girl :)


Luck you, I envy you :)
Have a safe trip and a great time in NYC!

Congrats! Wish I could go to NY!:)



How cool!! Congrats :D Hope you have a great time!
xo Madeleine

I’m jelaous! :) It’s great idea to meet another bloggers in front of big apple :)

Such a great news, what a beautiful collaboration! Congrats!
Cosa mi metto???


I’m a BIG fan from Hawaii :D

C est génial!! Hâte de voir les photos :)

Sounds so exciting! I always love how you share your trips and experiences with us, can’t wait for this one too :)

Monochrome Magpie

Oh how lucky ! I would love to be able to go to New-York !

Congrads!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures !

Ocean Wind

Oh, i’m so jealous! Btw, I choosed you as “the blog of this week” because you are amazing.

what in life really are you doing? where you work? which inclines you to the back of trip? how many languages ​​you know? This may very private questions but for me to take you’re a big question mark;)
you have wonderful hair!
I’m sorry for my english I live in Poland ;)

just got my invitation, see you there :)

All the trips that you do… Did the companies pa it for you or they just invite you and you pay it??

HEY! WISH U THE BEST! hope everything is great at NY..

that must be very fun and exciting at the same time!!!
im so happy for you!!!
enjoy it at the maximum level and please let us know hot it felt the whole experience !!!

Sounds super exciting! can’t wait to see what you wear and all the amazing photos!


Sounds super exciting! Congratulations Kristina! :)

I have a question for you, cause I just started to follow your blog. Since you are from Switzerlan, what languages do you speak? I´ve been studying german for 3 years now, and know that it´s one of the languages in Switzerland… :))

And I have to say, you are really beautiful and have an awesome style!!

Nice! Can’t wait to hear your report :)

i love new york! its an amazing city, so surreal being there!

Hayley xx

How exciting, have a great time!

As soon as I found your awesome blog I got impressed by your beauty and style and had to follow straight away ! I am sure you’ll have a blast in NY, wish I could go too ! Kisses from your newest reader in Italy :) Vale

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WOW, congratulations! I’m pretty sure it’ll be an amazing experience!

Greetnigs from Poland:)


I’m so happy for you! Too bad that I wouldn’t be able to meet and greet with you on your tour and I’m disappointed that I didn’t meet you while I was visiting Switzerland. Still, I’m glad for your collaboration with Fashionlista!

aaaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!! You have such a dream life!

xx,keep blogging :)

awesome! the weather has not been too terrible here, it’s actually been quite warm the past couple days.. I hope you have an amazing trip! I would love to meet you while you are here! If you want someone to shop around or sight see with while you are here send me a message or something!!

xx Olivia

Who pays for ur trips.

Who is paying all this.

Cool! Congrats! I will meet you there!!


Congratulations! I am so jealous, I hope you have a wonderful time.

You’re lucky ! Enjoy your trip and have fun !
And do you speak French ?

I am Brazilian and I visited your blog, just loved!
I can use some photos in my blog to spread some of his looks, and of course I will inspire them for my looks !

Such a great news! Glad for you ;)

View From Heels

wow congrats dear!

Wow, that’s awesome! Have fun in the Big Apple!!

That sounds ahmaazing :)
and its kinduhh chilly here, but other than that, its really nawt too bad– enjoy your trip! :)

Congrats, dear!! have fun there

xx Leila

Have a good experience!
kisses from your follower! ♡

I am so jealous!! I want to travel like you too!!! Still, have fun for all of us that won’t! =(


Oh, congratulations.. it’s amazing :)

Wauw, it is really excenting ! I hope it will be me who get the chance some day ;-)
But I hope truly that you will have a great trip to the NYC !

Enjoy! :) I luv NYC, is the great place :)

I hope you have a wonderful time :) Good luck!

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I’m sure you’re gonna have an awesome time Kristina!

Hey sweetheart, it’s amazing that you have the luck to come to NYC, fashion week is the best time of the year around here! Except for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show ;) Since I live in the Big Apple, you can get in touch with me if you like, I know some hot spots in the city where you can go for dining and partying. Let me know ;) I love your blog, you have such a great talent for putting together amazing outfits! Keep going! Check out my blog if you want, maybe you’ll find something you wanna see!
xo from NYC

Congrats … Hope you take so many photos! :)