Pictures by JAMES VYN

BACK! Yes guys, I am. For sure. And I promise I will never disappear for such a long time again. So basically here’s what’s happened ( I think you deserve to know the reasons of my total lack of posts). As you may have understood in my previous posts I was very sick lately because of stress and things that happened. Sometimes it is quite hard to manage this last year of highschool, all the important essays and exams with the blogging and modelling. However a couple of days of resting and I’m back on the track. I just think it is really important to take care of your health, and I really needed a few days “off” if you know what I mean. And actually I am even more motivated right now and ready to show you guys all the amazing shots that James and I made during our trip in New York!

I am so gratefull to who invited me to the big apple, the journey was a great experience for both James and I. We had the chance to discover so many interesting places and meet so many talented people. I must admit that I had a big crush over New York, the city is so activ, there’s always things going on, people are so nice and friendly, the athmosphere is great, food is de-li-ciou, and of course the city is so beautiful! We decided for our first day to enjoy a serious american meal : we went to Burger and Barrel for a real US burger before heading for shopping in Soho. The weather in New York is so much nicer than in Switzerland, I was quite amazed. No bone freezing wind,  the temperature was so cool! Perfect for some outdoor pictures!
Can’t wait to show you more folks.

COAT : Lanvin
LEGGINS : Versace for H&M
BAG : Vintage Louis Vuitton
SHOES : Zara
RING : Forever 21
LIPSTICK : Flirt by Chanel
WATCH : Michael Kors


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I’m happy to hear you are feeling better! You look great!

Ocean Wind

Amazing photos– Finally are here! I love this combination: thoes Versace for H&M leggings are FAB! I can see you have a lot of good time in NY ! James and you haved a great experience! Wish you more of your awesome photos. See you in your next post!
Lara Medić

You look stunning! Love the fur :)


Well one thing is for sure-our health is the most important thing in the whole world! Without it you won’t be able to blog:) So, get well:))

great watch :) seems like new york was fantastic :)


the details of your leggings are gorgeous! love this look x


I`m in love with your tights! :)
Amazing coat! :)

You look lovely, as usual! I love your bag, it is the perfect black bag!
Also, can you please tell what’s the nail polish your wearing? I usually have a problem finding colored nail polish I like, but the one your wearing looks really nice!

I love your style <3 Can`t get enough of your blogposts

I love NY very much!! I have been there last march, almost a years ago and I would like to go back!
You are so beautiful and I think any outfit suits you well :)

you look amazing in those versace pants. cool you’re back with a new post:)

wow, this is such a grand entrance outfit for NYFW !! hmm I’m doing the last year of my highschool as well. I just started a few weeks ago. yes, it can get a bit stressful. very, actually, nearing the end with all those exams =0 have fun in NY and take care ^^

Style Hostess

Quelle chance ! Et vraiment j’adore cette tenue, ça te change de ton style habituel mais c’est plus moderne, rock ou masculin je ne sais pas mais ça te change des tenues girly j’adore !

Bisous !


You look stunning!
Happy you’re back :)

J’adore le manteau !!! Et j’ai hâte de voir toutes les autres photos de NY ;)

Beautiful pictures. And that street name – W Houston..
xo Madeleine

You look wonderful! Love your jacket and you’ve styled those Versace pants so well!

LOve your coat.

Please have a look at my two week old blog and let me know what you think.

welcome back!!!

xx,keep blogging!

vous assurez trop les chouchous, vous allez aller loin! prends soin de toi, too much stress is not good… at all! Bisous

Beautiful make up and nice outfit :) as always!


It’s so funny to read that you like weather in NY. Because most bloggers from countries where weather is warmer than in Switzerland complained about cold weather in NY :)
P.S you look amazing as usual! ;)

Bag, bag, bag – very nice :) And You look AMAZING

such lovely photos !!! I went to NYC last year and this city is such amazing and beautiful :)
I also really love your Outfit and the Zara shoes, also wear them :)


You look so cute! I love this style, great matched! Enjoy! Big kisses!:) xoxo

Gorgeous pics ! Love your coat !
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you are such a pretty girl :)
love your blog :D

xx C

amazing outfit! x

What a fabulous coat, and killer gorgeous leggings!

You are beautifull!!! Keep smiling!!!


Love these photos!

You look amazing as always Kristina! It’s good to have you back!
Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos of your trip to NY!

hope you are feeling better! YES, NY is great! have a great time there!


Like your furry jacket
beautiful ring!

I am following you via google friend.

Feel free to take a break whenever you need it hon, no one of us wants you tired! :)
I love these leggings!
And, once again, I feel the need to tell you how beautiful you are when you smile! :D

I see you spent such a great time in NYC. You look so beautiful in that fur coat. I love it!

It looks like you had such an amzing time! I would love to go to NY fashion week one day! xx

I’m glad your back and feeling well :)

Made by: sara

That so good you feel better! I lovee ur blog <333

You are so gorgeous! I’m happy you are back in track, I missed your posts a lot – cause Kayture is my absolutely favorite blog! ♥
Lots of love from:

Cool photos ! When I saw these leggings on the H&M site I didn’t like them at all, but they actually look good on you
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I am sooo happy you are back, I have missed the blog everyday!
The leggins are amazing, and too is NEW YORK!

Really great look! I love the coat!

Also, glad to hear you’re feeling better. Sometimes it’s just needed to take a few days to make a full recovery :)

Welcome back Kristina. I’ve missed you!! Gorgeous pictures…

Kristina, can I just say I truly admire you for continuing to blog despite all the things going in your life. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to continue doing this with all the exams and essays (and sicknesses!) you had to deal with. All that stress would make me go crazy, but I think it’s just awesome that you’re still able to find time to blog for us despite your incredibly hectic schedule.

Wow.. you are in My Dream CIty!!! Fantabulous Kristina :)
Take pictures of the McLarens Bar too if u can :D
Have fun.. oh n btw.. U look amazing as always :)

Really great haring that u’re well again!
The tights are super sexy <3


I have to admit I’m a little jealous at how beautiful and perfect you are. You always look flawless!

Great style! ♥

Xo, Imke

You look great as always! So nice pics!

gorgeous photos and outfit! I really like those leggings, i love leggings so its cool to get some with a design rather than just one block colour! Glad you are feeling better :)

Hayley xx

Oh my, you look stunning! The last picture is my favorite – like a professional model! I want those Versace leggings! :)


Glad to hear that you’re feelinc better. I understand u complitely:)
You look great as always:)
Hugs sweetie,

you’re soooo beautiful! the pictures are stunning, as always! your blog is the best :)

Beautiful look and great pictures :)

Perfect outfit!

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Yeeah! Beautiful look, gorgeous!<3




Thanks for sharing about your short term leave, totally understand where you are coming from and hope that you can stay healthy and take care of yourself first in the future. :)


you travel everywhere and your only in high school i think that is amazing!! id like to know more about you you seem extremely interesting. i know in europe high schoolers travel a lot because my mom is german and she traveled a lot in high school.

Enfin:-) tu nous as manque! Magnifique photos! Tu es magnifique!

super amazing! ♥

Beautiful pictures of NYC and your outfit… also writing currently about my NYC trip … love NYC

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

the pics are beautiful,you are seems that you had fun in New York!!
Fashion review

you look so so soooo gorgeous! xx, The Golden Girls

Cool, you back. We miss you, or at least me. Nice look. X. :)

you have such a cute smile! you look so chic :)

wooow! AMAZING!
I wanna know NY too!! haha
you look divine!!


I’m glad you’re back! I love your blog, such an ispiration!

Your outfit is very beautiful, I totally love your leggins, they are amazing!! *-*


Woohoo! Faux fur+ New York City during fashion week = a kick ass, good time

glad u back, thus we also keep stay wit u :)

nice outfit as usual, luv u boots

You look so beautiful! Love your fur coat! Xx nadine

Give me that jacket please? haha
see my blog from Brazil:

I seems it was cold in there, love the outfi