Pictures by JAMES VYN

EXOTIC CREATURES Tomorrow is an exciting day, we are leaving in a couple of hours to New York city and I must admit that I am extremely excited. First of all because it has been years since my last trip to the US. Plus, I can wait to assist to all the fun event regarding the fashion week. As you might have noticed in my last post, I have been very tired lately ( too tired actually… my brain stopped working for a while) and I really wanted to say sorry for my lack of posts. I truly needed to take some time away from the computer and rest even though I must say that I missed the blog each day. I do feel better now, but not good enough yet so I really hope that this trip will reload my batteries. I have spend a couple of hours yesterday by James’s place which is full of little animals. After checking a bit my blog, I played with his strangly creepy but still so adorable gecko, can’t remember his name but I think Karl fits him quiet well. I am going to bed, early flight tomorrow morning!

P.S : The dress is from


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You’re so beautiful and that is a very pretty dress! Love the little animal cameos too ;) Hope you get well rested soon and that your trip to New York is relaxing and not stressful!


Get some much needed rest, dear! The animals are so fun, and adore your geometric patterned dress!

Cute Gecko and wonderful dress!

Have fun at the fashion week in NYC! :)
I wish I could go to NY fashion week.

So beautiful!

Oh… I had a mouse, unfortunately he died after three years :/

like the dress!!! and u looks so cute :)

You look lovely ;)

Looking beautiful!
Have a safe trip!

Wundervoll! Die Tierchen auch :)

Such cute photos!
Don’t worry about your lack of posts, I think we all got days like that haha :)

you look so inocent, i like your natural beauty and i wish you stay like this for always. You seem to be so hot inside your soul. I wish we meet one day. kiss

you never get tired of being so pretty? oh my ♥

You are breathtakingly beautiful!


That is so exciting to be going to NYC!!
Rest well!

Oh my gosh, those little animals are ADORABLE!

Also, your sentence made me smile:
“After checking a bit my blog, I played with his strangly creepy but still so adorable gecko, can’t remember his name but I think Karl fits him quiet well.”

I hope you have a safe trip to NY! Also, do you have a Mac Air? Because I have one ^_^

Happy Travels!

Amazing pictures with these little animals!

you look so pretty:) what a great chance to travel NYC xx


loved your dress, have a great time in NYC!!

you’re so cutie!!

very cute. have a save trip! xo madeleine

Gorgeous photos! I like the dress you wear!:) Kisses! xoxo

i know what you mean, sometimes, yo dont feel like anything(: the little geckho is so cute(: hope your trip to new york is as good as you expect(:

I’m sorry, you’re beautiful, I love your blog and your clothes, lovely dress you’re wearing, but that these disgusting creatures. I respect animals, but keep away from me. hehe’
Kisses :*

Such a pretty face.Have a safe trip hun.

Really nice photos! You’re so beautiful:)

xx Laura

The gecko is too cute!!

Hope you’ll feel better soon and be able to enjoy NYC!

- Dani

aww that gecko is so cute! It reminds me of the time I spent living in America!

Ces photos sont vraiment belles. En fait je crois que ce sont les plus jolies que tu ais jamais faites. La robe te va à la perfection. Le vernis June est magique. Tu as vraiment bonne mine, on ne dirait pas que tu n’as pas été très bien ces derniers temps… Continue à faire des photos avec des animaux, c’est vraiment adorable.
PS: -ce petit hamster est trop trop chou
-c’est vrai que Karl ça va très bien à un lézard.

The Dress is beautiful!!!
Enjoy New York!!!

Take care and have fun in NYC! Can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Also, how cute is this dress? I need this in my life, I think.


you look gorgeous as always. I love your lipstick, which one is that? I wish you lots of fun on your trip to N.Y.

Really love the dress you wear here, and the pics are amazing as always. But, I really wouldn’t touch that little animal on your shoulder.

Wow! I really like this simple make up! i think it really makes your eyes pop! lovevly!

Wonderful and really cute pictures and a MacBook perfect for blogging :)

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

Yes. You’re absolutely beautiful!


These pictures are so adorable and professional! You are really beautiful and your skin is gorgeous!
I really like the dress and the animals!
I think I just fell in love with this post!

cute dress! And I’m in love with the vintage hard-side louis luggage! Hope you enjoy your trip to NY and feel better soon!!

I love these pictures ! And your skin is flawless :)

Hi Kristina!
Which lipstick were you using in this pic? Luv yje color!

which lipstick is this? :)

OMG you are faboulous in this pictures so beautiful an shining…woow!
Fashion review

:) U make me lough! Love this post! Love dress 2! XX

soo cool!, can you post a comment on my blog?? that would make my day…. your my fav fav fav blogger! …but just curious..: Can you do a maku up tutorial of this look?? your skin is like porcelain!
frederike sophi

Nice pictures!!!

These photos are so cute!

Pretty pretty photos, love them :) xx

woow sooo cute! and you look so pretty of course! i love this post!

I love the color on your lips! What is it?

Love your necklace, and your lipcolour. Have fun in NYFW

Your dress is beautiful! =)
Have a great trip! Enjoy the fashion week, and I hope you find some time to relax a bit!


That gecko is adorable! (So are you of course).


You’re pretty

ooh the gecko is so cute! lovely photos

The animals are so cute :)) and of course you’re beautiful :)

Awww! So cute! Could you please do an eyeliner tutorial? Your makeup looks awesome! :)

very cute pictures!!


Hope the trip is gonna make you feel better beauty! :)

Have fun in NYC! =)

Wow so much pets. You look beautiful in that dress and i wish you much fun in new york city ! Xx nadine

you’re very beautiful!
i like your dress!!

Amazing photos (as always) ;) I hope your trip helps you feel better soon… :)

Your hair looks perfect!!!!

Have fun in NY! You look so good
Charlotte Couture Blog

Love the dress…Is that the 13 inch MacBook Pro?

Pretty photos, really like your dress. Have a safe flight !
new marrakech post

very cute dress! :)

It’s A Geco? Beautiful!!

Glad to hear that you’re feeling a wee bit better and I hope that you have a safe flight! Definitely take advantage of the trip and get in loads of recharge xx

Love the photos you made:) You look very pretty in them
xIris from Irisistible

Congratulations! You won in the nomination “interesting blog”)

get well soon and the pictures Look Great!

Have a nice trip Kay ♥
Kisses and lots of love from Copenhagen.

wow..pretty as always

Bardie doll it is you!!!!!!!!!!!Your are very beautiful girl

My gecko died last week… :(

like your photos :)
…the hamster is sooo cute :D :D

Schöne Lippen! Was hast du benutzt?

i love your dress – the shape, the pattern, the colors – are all great.

YOU LOOK GREAT! this hamster is soooooooooo cute!!^^ And your dress… huge!Gorgeous! Hope you are better after rest ;) kisses!

You look great and the dress is beautiful. I’m not so excited about the gecko but the hamster(?)is so cute, I used to have a couple of hamsters when I was younger! I completely understand your lack of energy I feel the same plus exams. Hope you’ll feel better soon, I’m sure the trip to NY will make wonders! Sorry for the long comment, I almost made a post in your post, sorry :)!

Ocean Wind

wow !!!the siberian hamster is so cute i used to have once one just like that:)have fun in NYC oh and befoe I forget
u r beautiful as always

Lovely post! I love your dress and you have so beautiful eyes!

xx Lizzie

I love your lipstick..I was looking for a similar, but all the ones I found are too orange or pink: Your hand fits perfectly with blonde hair and fair skin (like me.. What did you use? that .. I’m going to buy now!

lovely dress :D

wow, i’m looking for a dress like tahta since i don’t know how much!is it of the last collection?i dion’t find it on the website!:D

so cute and pretty! I am usually scare of amphibia, but this little Karl seems cute :P Have fun in NY, you look adorable!!
Sasha Fashion

very interesting pet! :D

xx,keep blogging! We missed you..

It is so pretty!)))))You have very beautiful eyes and charm smile!*)))

OMG, I love the 6th picture. Awesome!

Greetings from St-Petersburg!))

You are really beautiful, and be ready for tomorrow :D ! I love your post :)



oh my gosh the hamster is sooo cute im jealous :D

love those pictures… i wish you a save flight and i really would love to have a trip to new york as well (:

Amazing photos :)
Good luck in N.Y.

you look so awesome here!

What a cute post!:))You have very interesting pets!:))


I hope you get better! This pics are so cute! I love your blog! xx from Venezuela!

animals are cute but you are cuter! :D

Cute pictures!


love your dress

You are so cute! And i love the little gekko, want one!!

You’re perfect. I love your hair <3 Regrets from Poland.

You are beautiful :) And the dress are lovely!!

You are so beautiful

ohhh! lovely animals! :)
enjoy of NYC!

you’re so sympathetic and beautiful ! :)

love ur eyes *.*
ure gorgeous

You`re always stunning, but in the pictures where you smile or make a funny face you`re just PERFECT!

can’t believe how beautiful and photogenic you are! :)
XX from germany and have fun in nyc :)

u are yeaks

The gecko is so sweet!
You look great as always!!!

Have a great trip :)! Hope to see you NY´s posts soon!

Actually i truely love your blog and find you a beautiful girl…but somehow i cant understand how you can be so exhausted from blogging and school some ppl got muuuuucchh more stress but anyway hope you are better

You are always beautiful !

Muito linda você… Amei o ton do seu cabelo e o vestido. Beijos do Brazil… Universo de um Closet

tu es vraiment très jolie !

Too much animals in there.

Tres belle la robe et trop mignon la gerbille:-)

I hope you’re better now! I wish you a fantastic trip to US! I love all your photos…!:)

omg.. u r so beatiful even with reptile :] and this hamster(?) is so cute as u are <3

can’t wait for new outfits! greetings from Poland:)

beautiful pictures!! very very nice, i love it! <3 looks my blog, new post!
have you a nice week end!! <3
I love your style!!

you are stunning!

I am new to your blog, which by the way is awesome, and can i just say, what beautiful beautiful pictures! :)

Visit my blog here

what lipstick are you wearing?? It looks beautiful on you!

i kust want to say that your blog is amazing and probably one of the best fashion blog in the world, also you’re style is absolutely gorgeous! have fun in the city!

love ur nail color :)
smells like spring :>

Ahh ur do pretty! I live by new York and I really hope I see u in fashion week!! That would be amazing<333 haha:)

Love these pics!!! xoxo from Rome

You look stunning in these pics!

Can;t wait to see your pics from US ! xxoo

Roxana @ Comfyspace

aarrhh!! (well at least you’re brave..) those animals would freak me out no matter how innocent and actually harmless they are !!…eek..but now that I see and think about it again, I’ve held my friends’ guinea pigs quite a few times, so that guinea pig there won’t freak me out so much ahaha^^ and it looks so wuff-adorablleeee <3

Style Hostess

love the dress:)

Reposes toi bien Miss ! on attend la suite ! :)

What do you use to dye/ bleach your hair? Love the color!

Greetings from St-Petersburg!))

You’re beautiful. How tall are you?

LOVE your nail color and the chevron print dress! SO pretty!
Btw weren’t you scared of James’ gecko? :O

P.S. You are totally one of the bloggers who really really inspire me to do better every day :)

Lovely post! :)

Cute photos with hamster! You’re so beautiful <3

Kisses from The Spotted Cherry Pie

OMG you’re so beautiful

Beautiful photos, so cute!!


u look gorgeous even when blogging! :) love the dress! glad your feeling better :) xx, The Golden Girls

super série de photos

aww you look soo pretty with the lizard

beautiful. <3

Maybe you create post ”what’s inside my bag?”? :D

such a beautiful look and photos!^^
adore your blog!<3

you are so beauty and i like your blog

OMG! You are so gorgeous and I love your eyes!

absolutely gorgeous!

I discovered your blog right know with fashiolista. You are wonderful!
Most better than others bloggers. So nice :)


Cool make up! Have fun in NYC!

Nice pics..!!!

Kiss Kiss

You have amazing eyes! Great photos! The second photos is awesome!

xoxo M.

Kristina you are amazing!
Unbeliveble that you’re swiss!
xoxo from bern

Beautiful dress :)

Lovely pics, lovely pets and really nice dress!


have so much fun in nyc!

X, Annie

u r so pretty :)

you’re an amazing blogger! kisses from Spain! :)


you are so pretty <3

very lovely pictures, really capture the mood. relax and love each other, wish you a safe flight home

you look soo pretty! :)

The animals are so cute! Have fun in NYC!

Blog of a young designer

you are so flawless ! that dress is gorgeous and aww such cute animals, hope ur having fun in ny

your hair matches perfectly with the blacket. :) adorable smile!

What a lovely pictures Kristina!! It’s very important that you recover completely. Our health is the most important thing we have to take care of!!

You’re beautiful! And I really love your blog!
I’m happy to be your new follower!
Have fun in NYC!

Love, Suzanne

great photo’s dear!

Cool images! :D

Well than have fun in NY!

Very cute photos!!
Hope you are able to recharge your batteries quickly!

Take care!


Love your simple natural look on the photos! :-) Which lipstick and eyeshadow are you wearing?

You look so pretty! AMAZING photos!


Hi Kristina !
I discovered you on Lookbook, and reallly appreciate your blog. As you, I’m pretty fond of trips (next ones : Budapest and Moscow) !
Hope you do well

You look awesome babe!!! Nice photos


The photos are amazing!!!
The animals are cutes!

Ohn, a hamster, how cute ! I love the dress! I love you blog!

I’m in love with your hair! Great photos :)

Those photos are so cute!!

Just Rock and Rose.

ou, lovee little animals! And your styling is amazing! ;)) check out our blog at:

omggg u look so gorgeous!
the gecko has a lovely print!


LOVE THE DRESS. and have fun in ny.



I like your style!! ahhw the little mouse is so cute!

cute animals and the beautiful you ! ♥

you are so beautifull!!!!

You look amazing, as alway! I really like the colour of your lips. What lipstick do you use?

Hello sweety! I really love your blog, your style and the quality of the photos! Can’t wait to see your New York Fashion week post!
Est ce que tu viendra à Paris pour la Fashion week? bisous


Wow, Kristina, tu rayonnes!


so nice!

I had geckos too! they are funny!

I really like your lips, what lipstick are u using?

omg, ur skin so luvly…
spa spa spa :)

Anonymous 3 March 2012 / Reply

Ta première photo est juste magnifique, les couleurs sont parfaites!

Anonymous 3 March 2012 / Reply

You look soooo pretty in these pictures! And the little hamster is so cute!!

Anonymous 2 April 2012 / Reply

coucou, il s’appelle comment le nom de ton rouge à lèvre pleaze?

N from paris

Tres belle la robe et trop mignon la gerbille. J’aime ton le blog de mode beacoup. Tu es trés belle!!

Pleins de bisous!!!!

xx Heidi Caterina

Anonymous 6 May 2012 / Reply

can you tell me brand of lip that you used in this picture? thanks

Anonymous 23 June 2012 / Reply

This is lovely! where is your necklace from? xx

Anonymous 6 August 2012 / Reply

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Woww your hair! AMazing! I love the animals :D and your makeup!! Also your dres

Your dress, hair and make up looks so beauty and natural Kristina

I truly appreciate this blog post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

Major thanks for the post.Really thank you! Really Great.