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FLOWERS Back to the hometown, back in Switzerland. Even though it didn’t seem enchanting to be back in the cold and leave New York, I was quite amazed by the unbelievable weather waiting me back home. I guess spring is almost here and I swear, we went from -3 degrees in the morning to almost 15 in the afternoon! How crazy is that? It was a good occasion to savour a couple of hours whitout a coat, and you know what? It feels so incredibly good. Just a simple blazer, one pair of tights instead of 3.. Also, nice weather, sun and everything is a marvelous remedy against bad mood. Therefore, I almost forgot NYC and was so happy to enjoy a couple of hours under the sun.
When I was reading Elle, or Vogue or Bazaar I noticed that the flower print trend is almost everywhere now, I guess I am not the only one craving for spring am I? Anyway, I simply love it, and as soon as I saw this blazer in Zara I knew it was going to be perfect matched to my new Aldo neon pink clutch that I found during my trip to the big apple. What do you think about it? To finish the look I decided to wear an Isabel Lu blouse, Style Sofia skirt and a touch of Girl about town from M.A.C on the lips. Smooch.

BAG : Aldo
RING : Aldo
BRACELET : Parfois
LIPSTICK : Girl about town from M.A.C


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I’m definitely craving for a blazer with floral print aswell. Love this trend, so bright and happy :) Great outfit
new outfit post

I like so much this combination of flowers and bright pink colour!


Elle ღ

That pink lipstick looks good on you!
Love your outfit anyways.

You looks gorgeous! great style! so elegant!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Very pretty jacket! xo

That blazer has the most amazing print! I love that the floral print isn’t the stereotypical floral that we see on most clothing! xx

oooooo I bought this blazer last week! Great to see it on.


I really like your outfit…your blazer and clutch are amazing!!!

L’imprimé fleuri est pas trop mon style mais toi il te colle à la peau, avec du rose c’est vraiment toi ! :)


You look stunning! Loved the sunnies xx

stunning clutch <3

I love your blog! And you’re amazing.
xx Maria

Im so glad its finally getting warmer too! & I love the flower prints!

Gorgeous blazer and I love your lipstick shade:)

Love the blazer and the bag!<3<3<3 8)

You look amazing! Don’t get cold, this weather is very tricky! It may seem that it’s ok to walk just with blouse and blazer, but later you will get sich without even knowing it :) So careful! :))

Kisses :)
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That’s a nice blazer:) Love the colours on you:)

wow great look. love the flower print!

Love the sunnies I have been wanting to get ones like those for ages now!

So gorgeous and stylish! Beautiful blazer and purse!

i love your blazer and ring!

That Blazer is gorgeous!I want spring to come so badly.

Love complete look!! you look amazing but bag is my favouritte (:

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Your floral blazer with this pink bag is beautiful ! I love so much your style !

Xxx Lizzie

Love your blazer & such a wonderful bag *_*

Ohh nice look!

It’s so nice that spring is finally hitting us up here in central Europe! And I’m already looking forward to all your outfits for this time. I love the combination of the hot pink bag and the floral print of your blazer: It’s definitely fun, but your outfit is still sophisticated and chic!
The Bookish Fashionista

oh wow, this outfit is beautifull love that bag!

New outfitpost – Mint and blue!

Really pretty!
I like that you accentuate with pink :)

Californian London

Such an incredible and spring-ready blazer. x

You’re so beautifuuuuuul !

Congratulations, you’re beautiful!
I’m from Brazil, and found your blog and loved this day, to love their looks.

you look fantastic!

Love the bag! You look great! We had nice weather too for a few days, but now we’re back to snow. :( Can’t wait for spring.

very cute blazer :) the bag has an awesome color


that blazer is simply amazing! love the flower print and everything about it!

X, Annie

I love the pop of color from the clutch!!! GORGEOUS

love your sunglasses! i really want something similar (:

you look adorable!) love the blazer

such a perfect blazer!


Great look, you are absolutely stunning! I’m so glad it’s starting to finally warm up :) I am ready for Spring!! I love the colors of this blazer, the flowers are beautiful. My favorite of all is the top and skirt combo, so classy!

xx Olivia

You have such an amazing style!

beautiful outfit!! your blazer is so cute!!
The Sky

Han you are beautiful dear. And the pink is really amazing on you !



The florals on your jacket is to die for ! Plus those sunglasses are perfect for this summer. I might go and buy them.

I love the blazer so much!

You look is perfect ! :-)

That floral blazer looks amazing! I love you bright pink bag as well! ♥

The hot pink bag is perfect.

I love the outfit. Your bag is too cute.

Lovely! I hope you understand german…:

Ich habe dich in die Blogliste bei mir eingefügt :-)
Hoffe du hast nix dagegen & schaust mal bei mir vorbei… ♥

Lovely !!!

Wonderful bag !
I love it

Wooo lovely bag!!
And I love the blazer too :)
A great outfit

Soooooo cute!!!!!! :)))))))

Everything in this outfit is gorgeous.

Andie ;)

I love your blog, best ever!
I’m totally following.

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Love the floral jacket!

I LOVE your Aldo bag.

you just come here in the philippines surely you will enjoy the sun. You will enjoy the weather here….

Beautiful jacket, great look! Love it :)

Ocean Wind

Great blog. Love it. Would be cool if you could check out mine too.

I don’t love the blazer, but the skirt and the bag are so cool!

Cosa mi metto???

PLease please give me that blazer! ah i love how cute it is!

Hayley xx

I love your spring blazer, it is very colorful. Nice pair with your outfit.

Hair, outfit!