Pictures by JAMES VYN

JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF New York has been for sure an incredible destination, it is so different from Switzerland: not only by its atmosphere but also by it’s food, life habits or even by the people’s character and manners. Each time I entered a shop I always received tons of complements, and it felt so unusual to be asked all the time “how are you?”. These are little things, but they all felt so uncommon to me, and you know what? I kind of liked changing a bit of air. Even if I don’t really now if the girls at Bergdorf Goodman were honest with all their nice compliments, it is always nice to have such friendly people around you. I am not saying in fact that swiss people are arrogant, no. Just that it is really different in Europe, especially in shops where they prefer to entertain with their client a more business to business approach.

Times Square is like the beating heart of New York City. Broadway, Hard Rock Cafe, all those flashing gigantic adds, the cabs, the shops.. It was such a great feeling to be standing in the middle of all this. Of course I couldn’t resist all the shops : sephora here I come ( I think I kind of killed James that day… He’ll never enter a make-up shop with me anymore I think). We also went to the famous m&ms shop and picked up some pastel coloured candies. I got so excited but the lavender ones, they looked great and I simply wanted to eat them ALL. For the day I decided to wear a faux-fur coat from Motelrocks with some yellow jeans and my beloved chanel tote. Also watch out : I have made 12 hours of intense New York shopping in high heels, I can win a price for that ( for those who saw me at the urban outfitters dying, laying on the stairs well, yeah.. No comment.)

COAT : Motelrocks
SHOES : Mango
JEANS : Windsorstore
BAG : Chanel


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Amazing pics! Love your bag!

Books in my bags

love your fur coat and the bag of course <3

Wahou ! Tu es vraiment MAGNIFIQUE ! :) <3

Lovely Pictures! I love that trousers & that bag! <3

Waouuuuuu trop la chance ! Profite à fond même que je sais que tu le fais déjà ^^

Amazing pictures, love the pop of colour in your outfit!

Beautiful, love this coat! :)

I’m agree with you, people approach of Ny is different from the Europe one. I’m italian and when I was in NY, it was so strange that people in the shops asked me “Hey, how are you doing?”… What sorry?? :)) But after two, three times I understood, and it was very funny!
Times Square was the first place I visited in my holiday last march. It was in the night and so amazing *_*
I hope I will go back very soon in that beautiful city <3

Wow – all your outfits are incredible!



the bright yellow is just perfect!


You look amazing!!
I love that coat :)

When I was reading the fist part of the post i Just though, SHE’S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I’m from Europe too (Italy) and I’ve been to New York three times and people there are so kind and reading your post reminds me why I really love New Yrok! Any way you should believe other people, you are soo beautiful!
Kisses Fra

Those yellow trousers are so refreshingly chic. x

The bag and the shoes are amazing! ♥

I love New York!I want to look there once:)

I like your outfit a lot!:) Kisses!

u look awesome!!!love this combi!La Folie 

You are so pretty :) i love the yellow pants! They suit you really well.

Love the color of the pants!
You look stunning, as always.

Love those colours!

You’re getting prettier! Love your simple style!

l’immensité de times square !! je me réjouis d’y aller =)

Great photos! I like your coat a lot!

Your jeans really compliment well with the vibrant atmosphere of Time Sqaure!

Beautiful photos, day, outfit everything looks so great!

Ocean Wind

I love your style !!!

These are such stunning pictures – it looks like you had a blast in New York!

You are so beautiful!


Wow! I’m lovin your outfit!
Im so impressed by you wearing those fierce heels the WHOLE day! and for shopping nontheless! I doubt i would be able to do that.
Gorgeous pix as usual, your m’n'ms sure made me hungry!!


I don’t understand why do you like and wear a lot coats of faux fur like this… It looks a little bit too big for you and because it is faux fur, looks cheap.. and it looks like it’s quality is bad. Personally, I think that with chanel bag (very expensive and fancy) you should choose something more luxurious (but I am talking not about the price, but about the fabrics).

The belt matching the bag is great!
You always have the most amazing outfits and photos!

Great pictures!
You deserve my whole respect for powershopping in High Heels. I think I wouldn’t have made it. It happend once or twice and it ended with walking around with the shoes in my hand, not on my feet anymore :)

Love, B.

you are such a beautiful and sweet young lady, that i am sure all the compliments were very honest!!! keep posting and please keep writing, i love your long texts and can’t wait to read them every time, they are full of innocence and honesty about every day things in contrast of all the other blogs i read. kisses little fairy

I have only 3 words for you:

GORGEOUS IN YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really love the jeans, they give the outfit a lovely pop!

but people in Switzerland are also nice to you!!


Very beautiful shoes!


Love your bag..

Great outfit, such a good idea to tie that belt around your waist !
new outfit post

you look GORGEOUS in Times Square! I love the yellow with the abundance of lights :) xx, The Golden Girls


12 hours on high heels? Hero!
I’m from Europe too so I underastand what you say about people.
Miss Starshiny

New York is definetely amazing!! You look gorgeus in The Big City!!

WOW – those jeans are amazing. Such a statement piece. x

Amazing eyeshadow combination!
Could you tell us about it in your next vid? :D

I’m in love with the yellow jeans! Looks amazing!

Love, Suzanne

wow this outfit is the epitome of perfection! i love everything about it. the pants are perfect, you pull off yellow so well! the matching belt detail to your chanel bag is awesome. and the fur! so beautiful. i love it all!!

xx Olivia

I know exactly how you felt about their manners and culture. I was the most impressed by that, I love their open minds and approach, it’s sth I miss here in Slovenia. New York is perfect in so many ways <3

Your Chanel and your jeans are amazing! You’re so lucky to have been in NY.

stunning bright pants! i loveee black n yellow black n yellow

Summer Flounce

you look AMAZING!!!
loved the color of your pants!


You look gorgeous and I love how you can rock that yellow!!! Glad you had a good time in NYC! :)

U showed me my dream city yet again!! Thank you :D
I really really like ur Jeans collection.. u have brown, pink, yellow.. woww.. most of the people have blue/black.. I love it :)
well ofcourse.. It suits u too :)

n i like ur nail paint color too :D

New post- The Big Fat Indian Wedding~Part II is up! :)


Your pants has an awesome colour, love the look :)

Love your outfit, you look amazing!
Love the bag and your pants.


Such a beautiful outfit. Love the pictures!!!
xo Madeleine

Le bonnet te va vraiment très bien !

Gosh, how I miss the time there, I am so jealous! Especially love that pastel m&m’s!
Your look is great as always :)

Gorgeous! I’m dying for your Chanel bag! ♥ 8)


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I loved your yellow trousers !

Really great pictures and remembers me of my trip last week to NYC – posted about the Highline Park in NYC today on my blog…

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i just love pics from NYC! always look good!
i love your face on the second pic! cool! nice outfit!
seems like u had just gr8 time in NYC!


love your bag!!!!!!!!!!!
yummy M&M :D

Love the bag and shoes goes with everything!!

You shouldn’t really generalize Europe, because Europe is composed by different countries. Maybe it’s like that in Switzerland, but I look a hell lot of Euro countries where people are as friendly or more than you described :)

i love those lemon pants, soo funky:)


Soman (btw, I'm a girl) 21 February 2012 / Reply

You look absolutely stunning with those clothes! Haha, sometimes you remind me of a princess =)

Gorgeous outfit !! <3
I was wondering what kind of camera you use ?

OMG! YOU are so gorgeous !
Just followed your blog !
I will really appreciate it if you followed me too !


Great photos. I have jeans just like that nice to see them styled in a different way.

Your pants fit the Times Square so well.. both vibrant and dynamic!!

Absolutely gorgeous. I love your bag.

Love the bright colored skinnies!

eyecatching *winks

Love your outfit, hope youre having fun in NY!

Charlotte Couture Blog

Fantastic outfit! I’m dying to see NY!

You look great in these photos!
Cosa mi metto???

Oh I LOVEEEE those jeans – what an awesome colour!! BTW your hair looks like it’s short in the second picture – I think a short length like that would totally suit you if you ever decided to cut it! :) Gorgeous photos!

I simply adore you, you seem so sweet! You are really the best blogger I can think of, and I love that you’re not like “omg I can’t eat that I’ll get fat” like so many other bloggers are…I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, it looks so nice and I can’t even imagine standing at Times Square looking at it all

Beautiful outfit and photos! Your pants, your shoes and your coat are amazing! xxx

Beautiful *.* kisses sweetie!

Lovely jeans!! is a great twist for a winter look!


the bright yellow jeans is amazing!

This is such a wonderful post! Love your jacket and the chain and rope belt that goes with it. Kudos on the heels. I live in NYC and after a while your feet really do give up on you!

I love how you do your makeup! I saw your makeup tutorial, and I hope you make more!

Love the colour!

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Love the hair n outfit

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