Pictures by JAMES VYN

SILK AND CREAMS Valentine’s day was the perfect occasion to shop for pretty silk pyjama, musc scented creams and body mists. Each time I enter a Victoria’s secret shop my head goes round, and it is like entering a girl’s boudoir full of pink couches and enchanting body treatment bottles. Because there’s no VS in Europe, I always make sure to test all the new products out, smell all the frangances and buy some body lotions to bring back to friends and family (every woman enjoys receiving this type of souvenir present) when I have the chance to be in the States. It is crazy how a shop can create such a vibrant atmosphere. The brand has been so succesfull these past years, I bet the VS art and marketing directors really did well their job. Not only the models of the brand look gorgeous and are looking at you like saying “smell the frangance, buy the frangance”, but the packaging is also amazing. However, I kind of learned to resist to all those temptations ( after a couple of years of practice of course, it stays hard to resist on the 3 for 25 dollar thing). I came that day to buy a bathing robe, since I really wanted to find a pretty one, and get some body milks for my friends. And guess what, no big deal. I’ve bought only the things I needed. Yep, I get reasonable, or at least I try to which is a good thing aswell. I guess I grew up to endlessily fall for all those pink stuff, I mean do we really need all that? However, sometimes, it feels so nice to feel really girly, isn’t it?


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I love all that ! Please, what is your lipstick ? Thank you so much <3


SO SWEET PHOTOS! Good morning!

You should become a victoria secret model! : D ps I love your make up.
xx Frederieke

Oh, I love Victoria’s secret. I always get a little crazy in there! =)

You are so lovely :). I adore You and You look realy nice in pink :).

lovely photos :D

Wow, great photos! :)

Why are you ridiculously beautiful?!?!

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wow, SO adorable! you are so beautiful, and those pictures are fabulous :)
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First photo is absolutely perfect!*

So cute! It reminds me of an old fashioned sweet!

omgg wowwwwwww<3 <3 <3

you look super cute:) love that pink silk coat xx

Cute robe ! Yes, I think almost all of us understand the temptation :)
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

I love your pyjama !

you are sooooo cute!

Your hair looks SO silky in these pictures, and I love the pink bathing robe. You look as gorgeous as always and I totally enjoy reading again posts by you more often :) ♥

Babeee! You look so so gorgeous!
This post is all VS embodies! Fun, Flirty and PINK! lovely post <3 I love victoria secret as well!! :)


wow, you’re so beautiful !

Very nice!

Oh my god, you look so gorgeous I could eat you! I wish they had VS in Europe, all I do is to order online, and therefore I don’t take the risk on buying any perfume or stuff…But the swimwear is fantastic!

Amazing photos! You look gorgeous:)

xx Laura

Great pictures! You look so natural, very pretty :)


OMG these photos are like from a real VS catalogue:) pretty in pink:)

you like those models of VS” :)) so very pretty!! love VS and i use all their products, ive got their lotions and fragrances!! they are great :)

You should be Victoria secret model this year! Beautiful !

Love your photos, they are so elegant! Do you work as a model?


pretty pink baby :) I love love victoria secret, such a shame they don’t have shops in europe :( and if they do, they only sell beauty products and no underwear! their weird policy..
You look amazing, great pictures :)

Much love from

Cute Pictures! :)
Your Styling and the colour of your lipstick is beautiful.

I love your bath robe, it’s so girlie.,
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which lipstitck is that? its gorgeous!!

The color looks great on you! You have a very fresh image, keep it up!

you look amazing in this pink, my dear!


I like your pics! Are Amazing!


Cute pictures! And you’re absolutely right, the scents are addicting! You can’t ever get enough of them :)

Californian London

I just discovered your blog. Don’t know how it was possible not to know this amazing blog! You are gorgeous and I love your style.

such a cute photoshoot. pink looks soo good on you. looks like you had a gread valentinesday :)

X, Annie

On dirait des photos de publicité ! Ca rend vraiment bien.

You look like total eye candy! So cute!

i wish we had an vitorias secret shop in sweden, i would go crazy in there haha
you look lovely as always! :)

I love VS too! Of course I discovered it in NY and it was so an exciting experience! I also love the Pink collection with the funny stuff :)

OMG! this is soooooo beautiful ! :) i love these photos ! :)

so pretty! love Victoria Secret!

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Love this robe! I agree…a hint of pink is needed every now and then. ;) VS products looks so nice but I’ve never had anything from them! Bad me. :)

OMG You look so beautiful 1Gorgeous! I love your blog and it is inspiring that in only 1 year you’ve become THIS famous!!! You rock girl! Have a nice day!


wow you look amazing!

Great pics, as usual! V.S. has the best sales. Too bad they weren’t having a sale when you were in the States!

Candy stripes robe, so cute!

Love the photos!<3 You look like a Victoria’s Secret’s angel!

you look stunning :) ♥

The photos are really beautiful. I love your pajamas :)

Kiss from Lisbon!

helayne maria 22 February 2012 / Reply


:) I love pink!

you’re soo cute in pink <3

xoxo, Roxana @ Comfy space

love this! that pink robe is amazing, i love me some VS.

loving the pink dressing gown! i love the underwear from there its so sexy and frilly :)

Hayley xx

wow! loved this photos!
you look amazing!


Pink really suits you ! :)

You are gorgeous! Such a beauty!

SO BEAUTIFUL!! And that pink and white striped robe looks great on you! :)

Oh yes, Victoria’s Secret! No matter what I buy from there, I always love walking out with a pink bag in hand with pink tissue paper! I have been wearing VS fragrances for years and my favorite is Sexy Little Things. It has been hard to find the perfect fragrance, but I always get so many compliments on how nice this one smells! VS is definitely a great gift at anytime :)


I love Victoria’s Secret too, but I have to say that it actually is in Europe, more specifically in Spain. I don’t know if there’s in Switzerland or not, but I’m from Spain, so I can assure that here there is a Victoria’s Secret shop

its cute, cute, cute…!

I wanna have that Pyjama !

Great pictures and set up!!! Yes it feels great to feel like a girly girl at times

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wauw you look so pretty!

Très belles photos&très beau modèle !

You’re just perfect :) so lovely!!

so lovely pj! but your yellow one, for me, is more beautiful.. ;)


You are in luck as they are opening a few in England this year ;-)At least its closer than America

You look absolutely gorgeous in these pics!! Did you stay at the hudson hotel? It looks like it, I was there 1.5 years ago! :)

Looks really cute… wonderful style… brilliant pictures

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The are the best photos I’ve seen. The first one is so adorable.

I love your blog! Your pictures are fantastic!

really pretty dear!!!!

You look adorable! And I share the same obsession about VS. Such a shame we don’t have it in Europe.. Wish I had that robe, too. Looks so lovely on you.

You look like a model! pretty photos n.n


You are so stunning! You really ought to be one of the VS models! (:

So fresh and great photos!!!!!!

Welcome everybody:

You look so cute…beautiful pictures!

Love victoria secrets…

Gorgeous! Love your makeup! Could you please do a tutorial video on how to do your makeup? Love from Australia! xx

So cute! this could be an ad campaign!

You look so pretty dear!

Funny pics! I love this firma!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Ur photos are always amaze me. So stunning .

I love your lipstick, which colour/brand is it?

les photos sont super, tu es vraiment bien maquillé !
on dirait des publicités pour victoria’s secret !
bravo !

Lovely pics, great compositions! I can understand you perfectly and I’m a bit jealous, due to the fact that I live in Europe too without any chance of getting such a beautiful robe like yours!

wow you look so pretty! ♥

Oh My Gosh !!! what a wonderful post :) !!

I think I need more years of practice to buy only the things I need at VS!
I really love your robe! #wishlist


beautiful photos and model :-)


The Golden Girls


Wooow beautiful pictures, i love Victoria’s Secrets!!
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have you a nice evening <3

you look like a victorias secret model yourself! you remind me of candice swanepoel

I love that stripy wrap, beautiful!!

WOW!!! you really qualify to be a VS model! gorgeous!

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thank you! ^_^

Beautiful photos!it’s a ad campaign!

отлично! такие яркие фотографии!

Wow! You really look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I love your blog and am following! =)

Anonymous 14 May 2012 / Reply

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Really cute pictures!
I love your blog and your style.
I am trying to start my own blog but it’s really difficult to get readers, how did you make your blog populaire ?
-x- Danique

Anonymous 22 April 2013 / Reply

Ton pyjama est magnifique… je veux le même!

WWWOW the pijamas are awesome, hair and makeup aboslutelly fab!

Thanks again for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on…