FRIDAY So, this week went really slowly.. Maybe is it because of the fact that I was stuck in bed like a banana because of my cold. Usually I don’t even have time to say ”FREEZE” before the week is over. Anyways my illness routine made my life even more glamourous : I drank chicken soup all day long, stalked 9gag like a crazy old woman and of course got married to my fluffy pyjamas. Traditional sickness habits. I don’t know, but for some reasons this year has been for me full of illness, hopefully I will recharge my batteries during the upcoming hot days. I am thinking about swimming, jogging and doing yoga. Sport is a great method to fight against a weak immune system right?
At least I had the time to make some nice goodies pictures that I hope you guys will enjoy. I won’t show you my medicines this time, it’s a promise. Only the nice things that make me forget that I’m still cuddled in my bedsheets with my nose red like a tomato while writing this. Have a great friday, tomorrow’s the week-end!

New York city ballet, the new collection by O.P.I
I got, thanks to Daria, this amazing light lavender shade called ”care to danse”. So elegant and perfect to go with any outfit.
Some cookied to go with my rosehip tea. Vanilly dough and strawberry fruits.
I’m addicted to this new golden puma ring.
Cool Guava pink candy sheer YSL lipstick, the perfect colour for spring.
A Folli Follie multi-wear ring, being a fan of clovers, I simply couldn’t resist. Love the fact that it is wearable in so many different ways.
Got this baby Dior nailpolish after some purchases at my local beauty shop.
The bible, for my lonely days in bed.
A small Madame by JPG body lotion that I like using as a perfumed hand cream.
Spring eye shadows by Dior, I am in love with the lavender and pink tones. Excited to try them out and of course to show you the result.
Another adorable Folli Follie multi-wear necklace. I got it in the plain while flying off to Tokyo, perfect for my clover jewerly collection.


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i love those rings!! so adorable!
hope you get better soon!

Love it !!! Great colour !!!

stunning shots! think i might go get myself some of that madame lotion x


Amazing jewelry! Love these pictures!

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The nail polishes look so good, and I really love the jewelry you’ve bought!

lovely pics! I love pink ysl lipstick

love the rings :x

Nice pics, I like first nail polish ! :)

i really like the folli folli’s ring and necklace ! and the puma ring too, dior gorgeous as always , get well soon <3

Love all of your stuff and hadn´t seen the Vogue Paris which I´m now going to run and buy!

I didn’t know that jewelery brand, but I love that clover ring, so cool you can wear it in different ways. Beautiful make-up ! :)

Would be nice if once you get better, you do another beauty post wearing the different eyeshadows. Would love to see the colors.
new outfit post !

All such pretty pieces, especially the clover shaped jewelry.

OMG! The clover ring is such a beauty! I need it! I want it!

Goodies post! One of my favourite to read from any blogger! You have beautiful taste in makeup and jewelry! Hope the cold gets better soon! xx

I hope you’ll feel better soon! The photos are great and I love all that jewellery :)

xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

This multi-wear jewelry are perfect! couldn’t love it more!

amazing stuff! :) I’d like to have just one of it :)

Your goodies posts are always so yummy! Like every pieces from this post :)

like a lot your new jewellery

Beautiful nail polish – also bought the new OPI (Mermaid’s Tears) – take a look on my blog if you like… the pink color looks great and I know how hard it is – just to stay in bed with a cold… have a great weekend..


Tanja – or via Bloglovin

I dream about YSL lipstick :). Dior’s eye shadows are also beutiful :). I mean this pink colors :D.

Amazing pictures, I don’t know where to start! Love the ring and the necklace!
You should be more careful with your health, it’s the most important thing! Hope you will be better very soon!

Ocean Wind

love dior nailpolish!


So many amazing purchases! I absolutely love the lipstick from YSL, the shade is marvellous :)

- Victoria

Really like this post and especially the O.P.I. nailpolish! Get well soon!

I love everything! That ring is beautiful :)

yeii another goodie post:) i love them <3
those Folli Follie items are incredibly cute!


Anonymous 30 March 2012 / Reply

do you have any eating daily routine/habits?

love the rings and necklace!!!!

i’m in love with your clover jewelry, they;re the sweetest:)

Great purchases! I love YSL lipstick!
Pink eyeshadows are simply gorgous! perfect for the spring and summer.

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

The Dior palette is amazing!
Cosa mi metto???

Nice nail polish!!!

New post on my blog!!!

Folli Follie jewels are amazing!

I’m loving the OPI nail polish, The jewellery is really nice. x

love the lavender opi color and that multi-wear necklace is super sweet. I haven’ seen something like that before.

X, Annie

I love your goodies Kristina, you know. ❤ O:)

Gorgeous collection of goodies! Everything is so gloriously pretty. :)

<3 Mandy xx

really nice goodies:)

Yum to all Xx

follie follie multi-wear are great! I don´t see it anywhere, but I think is very cute and your presentation of them is unique!

OPI nail polish is the best nail polish. I love it!

Stunning things, love the OPI nail polish!


Love the dior spring eyeshadow!

all the pictures are so nice! I loved the puma ring and the clover ring and necklace. I hope you get well soon :)

the jewelry is really cool!

Really loved your necklace, ring, and new nail polish! Great colors and styles.

Beautiful shade of O.P.I. nail polish! I love it:)

i always love reading your goodies posts.that multi-wear ring way too amazing and i have a ring looks like your,but it ‘s silver

I truly hope you’ll get better soon. Lovely pictures, as always, honey. xo ♥!

love the ring!!

love the ring! ♥

Beautiful post! That opi polish is gorgeous! Just the perfect shade to fit both work and freetime!

LOVE the Guava Pink Lipstick!

Love all these photos!
Those cookies look yummy.

Beautiful things. I like the most the green Dior eyeshadows:)

Moi aussi j’ai pas arrêté d’être malade depuis Septembre, et même depuis que je me suis mise au sport 4 fois par semaine je tombe encore malade… Un vrai zombie je suis en ce moment

Remets-toi bien



In love with your Dior eyeshadows!!!

Check out my blog if you like!




wow i love the perfumed hand cream <3

I hope you’ll get better and won’t get another cold for a long time!
I’m already missing your looks, though this goodies post is great! I love the multi-wearable staff
love from Spain :D

Anonymous 30 March 2012 / Reply

So pretty, you are so lucky

wow looks amazing! Love the Dior shadows

Hi kristina! I love so much your clover ring! I love covers, in my last outfit in my blog a show a clover necklace made by a green stone from Brazil!

in love with your puma ring too! Kisses Alinne

all ur goodies are perfect! specially the make up!

I am absolutely in love with your clover jewelry… So beautiful!

xo Leonie

Currently Coveting…

I love your goodies posts :)
Folli Follie multi-wear ring is just amazing!

The nailpolish and rings are so cute!


I loooove all the pictures so creative!!! ♥

xoxo Carolina Ferretti //

Oh ilove these adorable lucky charm necklace and ring ! And the color shades of spring make up collectionnare amazing ! Xx nadine

the lipstick and the rings are amazing!

Anonymous 31 March 2012 / Reply

Beautiful necklace <3

Très jolie la nouvelle collection OPI, enfin rien de très particulier haha mais j’aime bien ces couleurs un peu douces :)
J’adore ta bague “trèfle à 4 feuilles” ;)
Et puis hahaha le motif roses sur les ombres à paupières Dior, très printanier hein :p

How cool is the jewerly ? Never seen that before :)

Sometimes being stuck in bed with the flu is a good thing because you are obliged to take a rest and have time to think about stuff. I would def recommend yoga, I love it, makes me feel very zen! Get well soon!
Ps. Nice goodies!


Anonymous 1 April 2012 / Reply

I can’t believe that you like 9gag….I like it too! :) I Loved every bit of this post! I love your blog Kristina! Keep it up with the good work!

That multi-wear ring is definitely to die for! Kisses from Argentina!

in love with the clover ring and necklace, ring especially, i want one!

Anonymous 1 April 2012 / Reply

You are awesome! Your style, body, hair! Evertyhink is perfect!;)
Love, adriana

I like the OPI pastel nail color. Very pretty on you too =)

(L) The YSL Lipstick :)

Love the nail polish!


You have such perfect nails.. Love all the sweet pictures :)
Take care :)

I have two contests going on Simultaneously!!

Blog Contest. The prize would be a Forever 21 necklace :)

Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

You are welcome to participate in them :)

J’adore la couleur du vernis OPI et le collier avec les 4 coeurs ! :)


the first pic is STUNNING,
DAS ist wunderbar ;)
Grüße aus Deutschland,
peace & frieden,

Lovely pieces!


WOOOW! Such lovely pieces of jewelry, i love clovers also :) S.

Anonymous 14 May 2012 / Reply

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Beauty the necklace!

everything so beautiful, pictures are amazing

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