Pictures by JAMES VYN

FIRST DAY IN MONTREUX Montreux must be my favourite place in Switzerland, it is like an escape from the world. James and I decided to spend there our week-end there, enjoy the unbelievable weather and relax before the beginning of school. This place is like our little oasis, a tiny paradise perfectly situated on the lake to have the most beautiful view of Switzerland. Absolutely gorgeous… I fall in love with Montreux over and over again. James and I spent the week-end having walks, talks and the funny part : we essentially cooked! Yes, yes. You didn’t misunderstood. We were staying at his familiy’s place and they have the greatest kitchen, with all you might ever need. It was the perfect occasion to test our cooking skills. An guess what, we did an amazing job. I rarely cook, but this time I did the most delicious crumble ever. We ate homemade fresh hamburgers, and country patatoes, I thought I was going to explode. Here’s what I did this week-end, what about you guys? How did you enjoy it?

Now about the outfit I wore on saturday, it was soo hot outside that I was even quite chocked. I wasn’t used to that kind of weather in Switzerland, especially during the month of March. It was the perfect occasion to wear shorts, tights and my new knitwear top that I love so much . Also, I just got my new Sal Y Limon bracelets, that I am totally crazy about. There are so many various combinations to create, I am addicted. I am looking forward to wear them during summer with a bikini. I found this black, golden detailed necklace during my trip in New York in a forever 21 shop, and absolutely loved it. I matched it to my vintage Louis Vuitton bag and to add a nice detail : a little H&M foulard, which is for sure inspired by le Carré by Hermès.

BAG : Vintage Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : Forever 21


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Looking gorgeous as always! Love your sweater and jewelry!

beautiful colour, so spring!


Elle ღ

yellow looks great on you! and i love your shorts!

I’m loving your top and bag! The top definitely makes 1 happy by just looking at it =)

Sucha a beautiful set ;-)


Great look, I love yellow.
The only thing I don’t like is the H&M scarf, because of the beautiful necklace and bangles another accesory really isn’t neccessary for me.
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Good color for you!

You always look great

Love the combination of yellow and pink lips – totally gorgeous!!


Absolutely gorgeous!:*

Какие ножки!

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

gosh, the nail polish is absolutely gorgeous! what is it?

I love your vintage LV bag! And you look amazing as always!!

love your bright sweater and you look gorgeous!

Black and yellow!!! very nice!!!

you look amazing!! great outfit, love the necklace!

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Love the shorts! And love your body

such a babe Kristina ! Louis Vuitton and a touch of Hermes really heightens up this look to be so fem and chic. and of course, James take such brilliant photos again!

enjoy your holidays in Montreux too~ and take lots of scenery pictures with that as well?? :D

Style Hostess

you look AMAZING, seriously. can’t believe it’s so warm you don’t need a coat! it was 14 degrees in scotland on saturday but then today it’s 3 degrees. oh well!

Your short is fabulous !

You look absolutely gorgeous! The yellow sweater really suited you well.

- Victoria

love that jumper, such a great colour on you! and the shorts are so cut! sounds like you had a fab weekend! :) xx

aboslutely beautiful! I love you Kristina! ♥

Love the yellow knit! Gorgeous with the all-black look! :-)

Forever 21 has some amazing necklaces and statement jewellery in store at the moment, right? I picked up an awesome green statement necklace just the other day!

You’re such a gorgeous girl! Love the yellow and black combination :)

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Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

Hi There.. First of all I’d like to give you my compliments, ur gorgeous and ur style is mindblowing. I’m a liittle proud, that we have such amazing bloggers in Swizzie :) Well I have a question for u too: I just read, that ur bag is vintage and I have in mind, that u also have a vintage chanel bag. So, where do u get awesome vintage stuff like those bags?? Would be happy to get an answer.. bisous de Berne ;)

You always choose amazinf match colors!

You look so fresh! Yellow really suits you :)

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

inspired by this look – Can’t wait to try my own version out!

Love from South Africa <3

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

Красавица) Очень понравился лук.
И рада за ваше маленькое, но приятное путешествие)
Хорошей недели в школе! Так удивительно знать, что в Швейцарии кто-то учится в школе в 18 лет, когда сам ты закончил её в 16 :)

The sweater is fabulous!!!!


I love this outfit!

I adore this shorts! The looks is very very pretty :D

What a beauty !

You looked stunning! Nd Im really jealous about your weekend ;p I barley ate anything, so lucky u ! :)

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

I too love Montreux! I’ll only say one magic word : Zurcher!

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

сразу весеннее настроение. у нас тут ещё снег правда, но на душе сразу тепло.

ps. жёлтый цвет очень к лицу:*

Amazing look ! You’re so beautiful (:

Cool combo! I love it!! You looks perfect with these yellow sweater!

xoxo from BCN
La Vie Quotidienne

You look great, bright colors suites you so well! I also had a great weekend with my boyfriend :D!

Ocean Wind

this is the perfect outfit!! Amazing

Fashion review

Very very very good look! Yellow is great!!

wow those shorts and top are amazing! this is one of my favorite outfits!!! fabulous :) xx,
The Golden Girls

The neon yellow with the black looks so good paired together. And adore the addition of the scarf as an accent. x

Great outfit! You are very beautiful :)

You are gorgeous! Love your top and your long straight hair.

Lovely! very sophisticated!
xoxo Ivana

Lovee the neon!!! and that scarf on your bag is stunning!
you look gorgeous babe! enjoy montreaux! The nightlife is amazing!


Wow you look fantastic! nice matching!

j’aime énormément ! Ce top est parfait avec le reste de la tenue, et c’est le genre de couleur qui se marie bien avec ton teint et ta couleur de cheveux ! Vraiment j’adore, surtout le foulard sur le sac, PERFECT !

I love it! ; )

Love your stacked bangles, black and gold is so chic

Love the top! You have gorgeous hair!

Love the pop of yellow and the scarf you tied to your bag! You’re so beautiful!!


I love this look, great colours!

Cool outfit Kay!:)

I love some similar shorts, what a lovely idea to wear them with chunky knits.

great top :) and a very nice city.

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

aww, you’re amazing!♥ how can you be so perfect? :3

- xoxo K.

Are you straightening your hair?? They are soo beutiful!!:)

wow the weather in Switzerland is really nice already! We have snow right now………


you look totally stunning!

you are such a pretty girl. Do you retouch your pictures ? :)
Let me know!

This look is seriously perfect! Wow! Loving neon colors right now =)

Кристин, привет!
почему ты не поставишь автоматический переводчик на твои посты?
Было бы гораздо проще читать))) Хотя я знаю английский)))

Образ потрясный!!!

Ты поменяла мэйкап? Он стал более сдержанней

Pretty as always!!!

Love your shirt!

You look amazing!!! I love everything the yellow top and the necklace blend quite well :)

the colour of the jumper is absolutley gorgeous! it looks really great on you.
and i love the scarf detail on the bag :) x



Damn :) You must be verry happy Girl! You are beautiful, You have “that something”, amazing clothes and shoes of course, U know a lot of languages! I’m jealous! :)

Habituellement je n’aime pas trop le jaune, je ne sais pas trop comment le porter etc. Mais là ca me donne envie d’essayer : )

Je lance mon blog si tu as un moment

i love you kate ! your awsome i love your style :)

you are so perfect

you’re beautiful! I love your hair! if you want you can visit my blog :)

Love the bright yellow! Its like skipping Spring and going straight to Summer! Can’t wait for warmer weather!

Nice outfit! I got the same scarf :)

I love these pants, and in combination with those tights and shoes they elongate your legs so much!

Gorgeous! Yellow looks really good on you.

Yellow is amazing and love it on you!

you look amazing :)

BEAUTIFUL! as usual :)

There are no words to describe how stunning this outfit is! So happy to have found your blog, and I’m glad to be your newest follower:) XX

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

Where did you get that an amazing blouse from your previous post? Aww, you’re so so great! I love your style!



You cut your hair?It looks so refreshed and good! You’re just like a doll here:)

тебе очень идет желтый и такой макияж!

You look really beautiful. I have never seen you hair looking this good. Its really beautiful and the color of it is gorgeous. I love the pop of color that the yallow sweater adds to the outfit. xx from Venezuela <3!

Anonymous 5 March 2012 / Reply

omg youre so gorgeous! just fabelous! yellow is my new favorite colour!!:)<3

LOVE IT! love that yellow sweater!
you have to show us your cooking! hehe do u have pics?¿ :p

love the top! The colour is so pretty!!!

Hayley xx

Loove your hair ! :) and this look is very nice :)



You often wear shoes from MAX and I was wondering if there is a website where I could buy them. Especially the black court shoes that I think you wore in the previous post.

I love your make up!!
Just few days ago one of the most important Italian songwriter died in Montreux. So sad about it :(

Just Rock and Rose.

Such a pretty vibrant top,love the cut!And how you styled it with black so it really pops up!
First pic is gorgeous!

Love your sweater, your shoes and your shorts! And you look so pretty! xxx

I love this outfit!!

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J’ai eu un gros coup de coeur en voyant ces photos que ce soit au niveau de ton make up et de ta tenue. Super jolie !!!

Bisoux Andie ;)

I have used the same shirt from in my Polyvore set I am posting Wednesday! I love it, super cute! :)


Love the bracelets!

Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

omg…even ur necklace & bracelets are not from same branded, those are looks great.

perfect combine!

In love with your look!!! Is great!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome:

New post is for all of you!!!

Tu es vraiment trop jolie! Continue le beau post!



I love what your wearing! Especially the bag omg
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Fantastic colours!)You look so pretty)

WOW i love what i see , the outfit , the make up , hair … the pictures are more then proffesional .
You are one of my fav bloggers<3 Greetings from Macedonia!!!

I looooove this outfit!!! Great yellow

Xoxo Ing

You look amazing and the place seems to be perfect for a weekend break! xx

I love the scarf around the bag. Great touch.

i love your look! yellow looks great on you :)

Simply beautiful!

Hello Sunshine :)
Love the yellow on you.Never had thougt that it fits so good with blond hair! But you look great.

geniale Kombination Kristina ;)

kuss aus Zürich!


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SOO beautiful.

Your complexion is flawless.

Wooooooww!! your make up and your hair Kristinaa!!

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