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 CHILLING Oh yes, I can finally, FINALLY, feel spring on my skin. No joking, it feels way too good. And so, I can therefore stop dreaming about wearing dresses and skirts aswell, because I don’t need to anymore, my dreams have become true and now I can wear it all. What a great and fabulous feeling. Actually this type of weather makes me want to dance, listen to music with friends and make walks hands in hands with James. A lot of you have been asking me what music have I been listening to lately, well I ‘ve got quite a lot of crushes that I’d love to share with you. First all, of course Lana del Rey, the sounds is so unique, so sexy and dramatic. My favourite one is summertime sadness, which I really suggest you to listen. I love listening to it in the evening with my window opened while getting done to go out. Next, I have been crazy over Madonna for quite a while now, and her new song featuring M.I.A and Nicki Minaj is stuck in my head and won’t let go. Perfect for parties, if you need a perk-me-up song, you got your hit. Marina and the diamonds is another artist that I redicovered a few days ago, I already knew her single I am not a robot, but yet primadonna girl is a fabulous song for spring parties. Last but not least, foster and the people blow my mind with their catchy songs. What about you guys, any suggestions?

This spring makes me feel all light and fresh, I am in a romantic mood, listening to my catchy music. Well for sure, as you can see it, my passion for pastel tones goes on and I’ve decided this time to try the peach shade and you know what? I am fan. I paired this dress from dress to a cuff necklace I got from Backstage. Finally I wanted to add a brigther touch and decided to pair my fabi orange heels to the whole look. What do you think of the result?

BAG : BCBG Maxazria


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i love the dress so lovely color <3

You definitely look romantic and fresh! Great dress, it’s color and shape
suits you well!

That dress is absolutely perfect…. – great shoes – but also like the platform heels from the bottom…


Tanja – or via Bloglovin

the dress is perfect for you! love the gold/ rose accessories with it!

X, Annie

I love this color!

Love the dress and ring! The colors look so pretty! x

Oh wow! Just love this sweet look :D

look so chic!! love these pastel colours on you (:

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You look amazing in this dress!!:)

I looove the dress! Such a great color :)

I absolutely LOVE that peachy dress. I could see myself wearing that a hundred different ways. Major lust!

:) Ewa

This necklace is awesome ♥
xoxo from Paris

Hi Kristina :)
This look is amazing! That peach colour suits you so beautifully, and I just love the sleeves of your dress. The necklace is a wonderful touch as well.


The dress is not really my cup of tea, but I like the colors !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

great look! Dress is so cutie!

Love the peach and tangerine colours!


Gorgeous dress!!

You look adorable! I have the same dress and love it, but here in Hamburg we only have 5 degrees celsius so I just can’t go out without tights yet.. Lilly x

very nice dress!! too of course :-))

Spring is so nice with a star like you !

FAshion spring model is you !

Beautiful outfit! I really feel like going outside now in my favourite spring dress. I hope there will be many more outits like this on your blog. It fits perfectly to you :)

Love, B.

i love the colors! :)

I love your dress and ring so much, wonderful color!

Lovely dress! I need it!! So chic! Pink colour looks perfect on you!
Nice combo with golden accesories.

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Amazing spring look..Love the colors!!!


It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. I’m Italian I love to speak in English and your tales are so simple to understand, but very interesting, and I learn new words as well.
About favourit music, I like every kind of music axpecially rock and pop music. The music is that energy feeds your life ;-)
Ah! Beautiful look! The peach shade suits you so much :)

I love UR shoes ! :o And UR bag too. You’ve got the style!

You look lovely!

That dress is such a lovely color on you! The gold accents perfect the look.

the dress is so cute! great combo!:)

Love that dress!<3<3<3

So lovely! I fancy the collar too.


Anonymous 20 March 2012 / Reply

lovely outfit :) spring is coming!

Wow amazing dress!!! Romantic and chic!!!


lovely outfit!love the color!

you look so fresh and relaxing .i love this whole outfit.and guess what,summertime sadness ‘s now my most favorite song!love you kristina

very sweet simple and gorgeous

You looked really really nice in that dress, suits you so well! Also, we have the same ring, aha :D

adorable colors!! love your heels!!!

Love the dress! Looks great on you! The orange pumps is just gorgeous. Wants!

love the dress!



So beautiful dress!


Lovely! Such a pretty pastel color for the dress and the arty ring always looks fantastic.

love this outfit!!

you look good in peach : )


looking gorgeous as always, great blog! xox

Love this! I love spring and summer also! They are my favourite times of the year! xx

your dress is really nice and yeah, marina and the diamonds is amaaazing! :)

So elegant dear! kisses, KATEFP

You look gorgeous! Loving ankle cuffs for spring!

Anonymous 20 March 2012 / Reply

great look, but people behind you are wearing a winter clothes,is it that hot outside?:D

Beautiful outfit!

love the dress!

Wow, I love this dress!
Today I did a post on music & style. lana del rey and marina and the diamonds are in there as well:

Oh How beautiful kristina. … Peach suits ur skin tone!!!!! N i love ur dress.. I had seen such dress somwer in beige… din knw it cud have turned out to be so beautiful :) I love ur necklace too!!
I’m listening to Rolling in the Deep by Adele!! :D

My All New Post is up <3

such a pretty look beautiful!

Vestido lindo… o seu anel também.
Universo de um Closet


Anonymous 20 March 2012 / Reply

beautiful <3

wow love the rose gold details and your peachy pleated dress ! you look so feminime and elegant ! i definetly love this spring look ! xx nadine

wow, you are SO beautiful! i have the same dress, only hope it will look half as good as on you!


Lovely outfit and photos! I love your dress, your ring and your choker! xxx

That ring is gorgeous.

Love the dress and color, it’s so perfect for spring!

I like your dress and its colour.

Just Rock and Rose.

Love that dress :)
looks like you don’t wear tights.But isn’t it too cold without?

fabulous outfit! очень красиво, тебе этот цвет идет, и кольцо просто супер!

so stunning! love so much your dress ♥

absolutely love this color and this look on you!

Really beautiful outfit! I love pastels and of course spring.

you are beautifull! ♥

Greetings from Venezuela!!

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Beautiful dress! And I really like the orange shoes with this look — unexpectedly perfect!

My favourit song in ths moment is also lana del Rey! I love pastel tons too.. And I have to say that you, Kristina are my favourite blogger! I absolutely love your style, you are my real inspiration… I love your lipsticks so much too, and the way you make your make up! I have a real pleasure to check your blog every day… I don’t know why you aren’t in the 1st position of the best bloggers in the world… You really deserve it! Also because of your simplicity and humility… and you are one of the most beautiful blogger! Keep it up dear!
Kisses, Alinne


i do love Sophie Ellis Bextor for boost up my mood *winks

eniwei ur dress & ring are perfect match

Love that peach shade on you and the pumps are so pretty!

So pretty dress. ♥

Туфли шикарные,образ великолепный!


You have to listen to Florence and the machine. She’s so great! my favorite song of her is Dog days are over. I think you will like it

You always amaze me with your impeccable outfits! You look so adorable :)

- Victoria

omg that dress and necklace are FABULOUS <3 gorgeous!!!! xx,
The Golden Girls

Love the dress, sooo pretty!!

// New danish fashion blogger.

Nice look, the color suites you perfectly!

Ocean Wind

Your every post is like fashion magazine editorial,amazing honey!

simly amazing…great look!

Fashion review

You know, you make a really good model ^_^ Love the outfit, especially the necklace!! <3 – small GIVEAWAY

The perfect dress with the perfect colour! love it!

Anonymous 22 March 2012 / Reply

aww how I love your dresses! but please tell me I think I read, you’re around 18, where do you always have the money from to buy such expensive pieces? xxx

WOW I absolutely love your outfit, the peach shade is gorgeous:) Xx

Hey gorgeous! Im from Brazil and really luv ur blog!
Love this dress!!
Byeee Kisses!!

The color of the dress is so beautiful. I like your jewelry.

Lovely outfit and jewelry.

Kisses Andie ;)

PERFECT look…I loved, just LOVED so much!

You’re so pretty! I love the whole look! :)


summertime sadness is sooo great! love the look! also–what’s going on with your hair? i seems sooo much darker on the top that it used to be

Wonderful hair