TRICKY WEATHER Well this beautiful sunshine got me, messed up with me. You know, during spring you have to be really carefull, even though it shines outside : it doesn’t mean that you can go out with just a dress on. That’s exactly what I did last week and guess what, I caught a cold. Well done. Of course, nothing tragic but still, I had to stay in bed today because I had terrible aches. So, a little trick from me being a crazy fashion guru : always manage to take a jaket with during spring time promenades if you don’t want to be stuck in bed with a naughty virus in your weak body…Now about the outfit, here are some pictures I shot during the week-end. I was wearing one of my new www.inlovewithfashion.con dress, the print remind for some reason of Miu Miu, those little girly flowers just make me think about it. I decided to play around that cheeky vibe and combined the dress to a blouse from that has this amazing pearl collar. To add a little bit of colour, I picked out a bright orange M.A.C lipstick called ”Vegas Volt”. I am totally crazy about this shade, used it so much during last year and now the tube is almost finished. Finally, as you can see : I have my jacket with hehe. And of course some Mango sunglasses to complete the look. Enjoy the look and be carefull lovelies, don’t mess up with spring weather or it’ll get you aswell!

COLLAR (Blouse) :
SHOES : Steve Madden
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”


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Looking great, love the dress!! Take care and get well soon!

photos are wonderful :) and this dress is lovely
greetings from Poland :)

What a lovely dress, beautiful!

the collar and the sunglasses are fantastic!


Really cute dress!

That’s the awful thing about spring – once the sun comes out I just want to jump outside without jacket and pretend the warm weather has finally arrived. So tricky!

Your outfit was “worth” the cold though, you look absolutely stunning! Love the combination of the lace-y looking dress and embellished collar, such a chic & fun combination.

xo Leonie


My favourite MAC lipstick! and worn so beautifully- I love the edgy vibe you have created with the sunglasses and collar yet the dress keeps it girly and sweet! xx

I love that you layered a blouse inside a sleeveless dress – this gives me so many ideas! You look lovely as usual and hope you get better soon. I know what you mean about the deceptive spring weather; it’s always this time of year when people get sick!

Hope you’re having a great week aside from the sickness!

i love seeing your smile,kristina,it’s just sweet and bright.btw that dress looks so perfect on you

Great look ! Love the dress, the pattern is really pretty .

I don’t like to wear orange lipstick myself, but it does really suit you
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Love the lip and nails – so springy! :D

love this dress!


Another lovely post! you are amazing!

xoxo Carolina Ferretti ♥

the dress is pretty, loving the print

Nice outfit ! :) I like your shoes so much!

you look so beautiful! i adore your dress!

Wonderful dress :).

Absolutely stunning! I love the combination of the cute dress to the pearl collar :)

- Victoria

Love it! That dress was soo cute =)

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

beautiful outfit!!! :))
by the way, it will be great if you could make a post about your jewelry collection!

it looks cool with the jacket!


I absolutely love the dress and the pumps! You look beautiful as always :)

Love, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

love the outfit) and u are adorable

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Such lovely photos and a lovely outfit!

You look stunning! Love the eye makeup <3

Hey :) Oh God I saw that picture with the Colgate smile already in Fb ^-^ It’s so cute. I love your Shoes *-* I also have some beige Heels from Steve Madden which look like yours, but my Heel is thinner :D I hope you have a sunny day. Greetings, CATHY COUTURE

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

beautifil outfit!
by the way, it will be great if you could make a post about all your jewelry collection !!:)))

Vegas Volt is my obsession!

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

I love the blouse with this amazing collar! :-)

I love how the collar looks with the dress! :D

Darling you have to be really carfeul with your health. It’s great to be a fashion blogger but up to a point!!
Lovely dress and shoes though…

lipstick color<3

so lovely dress!!:)

Such a nice dress. You look stunning. x

That dress has such a rocker chic collar and an incredible pattern!

That collar is so cute! Love the leather jacket, makes it a tough but sweet look!


The White Studio

Very beautiful pictures and great outfit… love how the wind plays with your hair… :)


Tanja – or via Bloglovin

ur lippy looks lush!!! the collar detail is the essence of this outfit x x

you caught a cold? Me too!! we have to remember that it isn’t summer yet :(

LOVE your outfit ! It’s amazing !


I love the collar!

Get well soon!! :))

What a pretty look!

I LOVE yor dress! It’s so beautiful! And get well soon! :)

you look very beautiful. and the dress too

I love your dress :D
These shoes are beautiful <3
Great styling :)

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

love the glasses! (;

I love this look, the dress is really gorgeous! :D

Beautiful pictures!
I hope you get well soon :)

gorgeous dress i love it! i agree with what you are saying about the weather, i live in scotland and even though the sun is out the temperature can be deceiving!

Hayley xx

Too cute, what an incredible dress! Love this look and how much fun you seem to be having in these photos.

I love the combination of the collar and the dress :)
And I also caught a cold this week :/
Spring is tricky :D

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

gorgeous !!!!!!! <3 <3

LOVING that dress collar! too cute for words :) xx,
The Golden Girls

love the dress, you look great!

This lipstick is gorgeous!

Love the sequin Collar


that dress is really cute :)

So pretty. I love this dress and the lipstick. I hope you feel better!

I love this lipstick on you and the nail polish goes so well with it!

Ocean Wind

Love! Vegas Volt looks amazing on you. On me, the color looks weird and pasty and neon. :/

Love that collar with the dress, definitely a nice touch.

you’ve raved about Vegas Volt so much that I’ve become to tempted to purchase it! maybe i will!

you are gorgeous dear!

Really nice outfit! You look great!And I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

love it! hope you’ll get better soon! :)

This dress is LOVELY, and the detail on the collar are incredible, … last thing i’m going to buy the same lipstick :) you always have beautiful lipstick.



Wow so cute dress!!!

Looking lovely! Love the lipstick, always do! They all look so good on you! Must be your skin tone! Hope you feel better now!


Just LOVE this dress! Definitely a must-have! … whenever I have the money…

U look fantastic babe! :)


Gorgeous dress!


they look fabulous
the dress soo amazing
I loved the photos
: D

second picture is especially awesome!! looking great!

I am going to run out and get that lipstick! Gorgeous!

Красивое платье, приятный образ. Я в восторге от помады!

it’s amazing dress :)

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Comment fais-tu pour marcher avec ces talons toute la journée ? :o tu m’impressionne.
Bref, tu es toujours aussi belle, et j’adore ton rouge à lèvre.

Great photos!
The collar is such a lovely touch.

Is that collar part of the dress…? really cute

is it possible that I saw this dress on blondesalad? anyway, I love it! cool post!


Hi Kristina! what a fabulous dress! What is the color of your eyeshadow? i love so much it in each outfit you post! Kisses, Alinne


Really casual but really cute look. Love it ;)

Andie !!!

Lovely photos! Your dress and shoes are amazing! xxx

Great sunnies! Didnt see them at Mango:(

I love love ur amazing dress.. And the collar, ur shoes..woww..Lovely!!!! Nice :)

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Mega cute nail colour!
Amazing pictures!

stunning dress! that made me wanna buy it!

Xoxo, Beng

love those pictures!! and the dress is fantastic! :-)