WEEK-END POST I remember when I was browising videos on youtube such as blog aswell, I found a lot of the bloggers making a “what’s in my bag” post and I could’t think : “that it is a great idea”. Womens tend to put a lot ( and I do mean.. A LOT) of things and their bag, and most of it is completely useless. For a long time, I couldn’t wear small bags, because I always needed to put half of my drawers in it. But, for a while now, I’ve learned to organize myself the best I can, therefore my bag is two times smaller and has only things that I am sure to be in need of. 

Let’s start with a little Michael Kors vanity I received at the Michael Kors party in Tokyo during the Vogue’s fashion night out. It is quite small but perfect to put the bare essentials in it. I usually put a carmex lip balm, dior creme de rose gloss, YSL coloured lipstick, Guerlain powder and a small bottle of Dior “J’adore” perfume in it.As you may have understood, I use it only for my small beauty products, that are really usefull fo ra little retouch.

I also try to always keep my agenda with me, I write all my appointments, parties, and important things such as essays or exams. Of course a pen is a usual carry-on. Next thing, my Prada glasses, that I use only to see things that are really far away.  Some Kiehl’s hand cream, I use it each time after washing hands so it keeps my hands moistuirized at all time. Finally my Chanel wallet and blackberry, basic essential. Sometimes, when I have a very busy day, I like to take a little snack with me.  A little cookie, or even a cereal bar are perfect to take with.

What about you, what’s in your bag?         


Add yours

I love j’Adore and this YSL lipstick !

I have this perfume ;D

love the bag… <3

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

lovre it !

I looove it… so organized and beautiful.

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

My iPhone of course, most often my Ray Ban sunglasses, my headphones -very important-, my keys, my agenda, my Gucci glasses, and a little vanity with some lip care, perfume l’Occitane pivoine rose, and some powder, and my Longchamp wallet… I think that’s pretty much it :)

There’s 3 items we actually have in our bags which is the same. 1. A Chanel wallet (mine’s in red), 2. A Blackberry phone (in red too) and 3. Carmex lip balm (they are so good!). Definitely a great post to find out what you have in your bag =)

Ong i love your LV Bag<3

OMG So cool and chic!!
I love your bag, is amazing!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Beautiful bag

Oh wow what great items! :) I love the Chanel wallet, YSL lipstick…but most of all the carrier itself – your wonderful LV bag!! :)


Love the bag… by the way Kiehl’s products are great!!!

beautiful bag! the wallet is fantastic … we have the same passion for Chanel. if you want, take a look at my blog ! kisses

I like that you carry only useful staff.

What a lovely post, some nice things you carry around – and a great bag!

In my bag there is my home!!! ahahahahah…

wow really love those kinds of post every time I get to see one and your is especially great because I have like the same problems every time what to take and what to leave at home…
love your LV bag looks really gorgeous.

love cherry bee

wow, die stehen dir ja super! und schön, dass du mal wieder was von dir hören lässt!

liebste grüße cherrybee


Love every item inside your bag! <3

kisses from Greece

I love your bag. Also your wallet, sunglasses etc., haha, and I have the same mobile phone as you! :)

I LOVE these sorts of posts! It sometimes seems a bit intrusive but its so interesting at the same time!

Oh I love the LV bag :) so classy :)

I would love to see some photos with your glasses on.

Your bag does look very organised, mini beauty products are so useful
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Lovely items, always look forward to your posts!

Beautiful bag!

nice things in your bag. Love the PRADA glasses and the LV bag.

follow me through bloglovin and i do the same

Everything is so small and cute. I’m glad I know someone else who carries around an agenda. The only thing I carry extra is a book. I must always have one near me. :)


your wallet is so pretty :)


Great post! I’m a huge fan of what’s in my bag as well.

I also have things like that in my bag, but I also have a water bottle, is super important to keep ourselves hydrated! :)

xoxo, CJ

Your handwriting is so cute! :D I should start carrying hand lotion with me; my hands always dry out so quickly..

I love you bag ;)

Really loving your bag, I was planning to buy it. You carry amazing stuff. x

I always like to read these posts. Don’t worry, you don’t carry too many things with you!

Great idea for a post! I have a huge purse and need to have everything in it, but I don’t always use everything. I guess it’s time to downsize!

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

Can I ask you what type of blackberry you have? :)

loved this post! ♥

Love love love your Chanel wallet!!


Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

You are sooo organised, I have like a ton of useless things in my bag!
And ur bag is just gorgeous <3

the color of your lipstick ‘s really pretty,i love it
reading your blog is so much fun!

pretty pics! love your Guerlain powder and the little J’adore bottle, so cute! My bag isn’t that chic, I’m almost thirty but i rarely use make up, I carry my Burt’s Bee lip balm, Helena Rubinstein mascara, Lumene lipstick My Way and a mini edt of Moschino I Love Love, next to baby diapers and milk bottle :)

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

OMG, i want your bag, and everything what’s in it! :D

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

Great post. Please, do a post about your skin care.

Love your handbag and all the fun trinkets in it!! I have the YSL lipstick…it’s to die for! xx,The Golden Girls

oooh i love these kind of posts as well!
i lovinnn ur chanel wallet!


Ginger and Lace

oh Kristina, I´ve just discovered your blog and I don´t know what to say! I mean, I´m so happy that I found such a perfect blogger! You´re so young but also so talented and beautiful!
I watched your video, that´s amazing how many languages can you speak : ) I´m from Slovakia and our language is quite similar to russian, I could understand you : )
but also your English is very good, you´ve got a nice voice, so listening to you is very good : )
i´m definitely your new follower!
have an amazing weekend!: )

Lovely stuff!:)

My bag is out of control :P

Love your bag and the Chanel wallet! We carry almost the same things!

I love that bag.

gorgeous bag & I love everything in it! I have the same bag but in blue infini/larger size since I always carry a lot of stuff with me lol. I have the small J’Adore bottle too :D

lovely post !! this Alma LV bag is one of my fav’ LV bags..

common stuff for a bag :) i love the small edition of jadore :)

amazing giveaway on our blog:



I love your Chanel wallet! And that Kiehl’s hand cream is amazing :)

xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

i also have that Dior perfume, i love it!



So pretty! I always wish I could have a habit of writing down my appointments and things but I’m always so lazy :$

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

Would you please take a photo in your glasses ? :)))

Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

Whould you write about the Clinique 3 steps ? I will help me really :)

Oh wow, bag and purse envy!!! xoxo

This was a really nice post, I have thought long about making one myself. I always have with me my note-book, a pen, camera, bus card, money and my telephone :)

Nice post :). In my bag there is a lot more staff – unfortunately, but I’m workin on it:)

check out my giveaway if you have a chance

Your bag is gorgeous! I have the same phone as you :) Love this post!
Charlotte Couture Blog

Your purse is gorgeous! I Love your blog soo much! My tumblr is: if you want to say hi :) I will defiantly be coming back to your blog soon! How did you think of your blog name? email me at :)

Nice bag x

i totally understand you, i’m bringing essential beauty products too in a smaller bag, organizer, a wallet, tissues, sometimes breakfast or snack, and the worst part-books so it gets sooo heavy :(
Nice bag and wallet!
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

cool post!! its nice to follow your blog :)

Fashion review

Gorgeous post, I love your Louis Bag.
xx Karen

Great post. I love hand creams so I have one in every bag.

Love from South Africa

your blog is my drug, you’re so perfect !


I’m have Carmex, too ;)

i love this post. bag is wonderful….

totally fashion

Anonymous 11 March 2012 / Reply

I LOVE your pag & what is in your bag ^_^

i adore that purse!

You are soo lucky! I love all those things
lol, now i want your bag with all its contents

Hahaha I want steal Your bag!


I also can’t live without my Moleskine agenda. I love your vanity case!! Do you know if it is available on-line???

I love posts like this! Amazing!

I usually carry almost the same things as you… But I always like to have a small bag with my toothbrush, wipes, nail polish remover, and other hygiene products =)


Wow your bag is amazing ! :) I love Louis Vuitton bags and chanel walwet ! :)

lovely!! i love the size of ur perfum, so adorable!

i love whats in my bag posts im so nosy :)

Mucho love


Love the kiehls and the J’adore! Great bag too!

You’re pictures are so flawless you look effortless love the blog and your style check out my fashion blog

ow..that’s cookies are so familiar :-)

I love this post and your wallet is so amazing ! I use the kiehls hand salve too ! Xx nadine

Anonymous 12 March 2012 / Reply

I would really love to see you with your glasses! they must be really chic! Could you do a post with wearing glasses? could be helpful to see you with glasses, for all the ones out there which are wearing glasses as well. to see that you can look great with wearing glasses.
hope you know what i mean :)

I love your bag!

I agree about paring down my bag. But it’s hard when you have two kids.
What really made me pare down my bag was when I got my KindleFire. I wanted to carry it everywhere so I had to make room for it. I also carry my iPhone, wallet, lipstick bag, sunglasses, pen, colored Sharpie pens, travel size roll of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, travel size lotion and deodorant, mints, gum, KindleFire.

in-your-bag posts are fun. and I get what you mean about paring down stuff–most days I carry more than I am actually supposed to–a no-no for the back and shoulders!

Your bag is really amazing and the outfit too. Blackberry phones are really great Isn’t it?

Love your bag, and all your items also very nice ;)

That is the usual thing that every girls have on their bags. But not all girls are lucky to have those kind of brand.

Hi i just creat a facebook page about this topic..u can share ur pic there too..regards

It’s really nice…..wonderfulll

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