WHITE TEE Yesterday was such a long monday, and the week-end was so incredibly short. I am very excited for easter holidays to arrive, if it’s all good James and I have a very exciting project to announce you guys. So yes, I am looking forward. Only two more weeks to wait. This week-end, a part from working like a rat for school and cleaning the mess in my room, James and I went to a very nice restaurant in the center of Lausanne for a dinner before going to the movies. We’ve heard so much about the “Hunger Games” movie, and were both surprisingly very disappointed by the result. If the idea was very interesting the movie itself for me didn’t reflect what really is a hunger game. I didn’t feel attached to the characters, didn’t feel any sadness or happiness during those long two and half hours. Each part of the movie was predictible. In fact, I found it all very childish while the subject could have been portrayed in a much more subtle and intelligent way. Big fail for me, however I am curious about the books which I am sure are much better.

On sunday my mother and I went for a walk in the center of Geneva, the weather was simply stunning and it was so nice to see everybody having ice creams by the lake, doing their jogging or simply enjoying the sun. I decided to wear that day a new topshop white dress, which is more like a very large t-shirt. I paired it to my new silver chocker from backstage and to my flashy Aldo pink bag.

DRESS : Topshop
HEELS : Zara
BAG : Aldo


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Minimalist chic is always a good thing ;) That choker really adds to the dress without overwhelming it. In fact, it mimics the dress’ clean lines!

The Quiet Spaces

Really cute! The dress looks great with the choker.

Great COLLAR !!
Maria Onorio

i agree about the hunger games…it wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be. and the cameraman gave me a headache with the bumpy looking cinematography.

you look great in white!

Nice look, I love your necklace!! :)


love this look. the neon bag is so perfect for this dress.
wish you a wonderful and sunny day.
kisses to you
maren anita

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Simple et efficace !


Are those shoes studded or just polka dotted? Either way, they’re so cute. <3 I love the shape.

love the outfit, especially how the bag matches ur lipstick and makes you really and angel….

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I love the dress, it’s simple but you definitely showed how to dress is up & make it unique.

Wow, you look so damn gorgeous !

- L

Very cute dress – amazing match with your high heels…


Tanja – or via Bloglovin

oh I love the silver neckcuff with the white dress a lot. super minimalistic. and the pink clutch adds a little funky, popping color highlight. great choice!

X, Annie

Loved your lipstick :) And my boyfirend went to see “hunger games” yesterday, he dissappointed so much too :(

I like the white dress, but the accesories aren’t really my cup of tea.

Curious to hear about the project !
new outfit post !

Beautiful outfit! :)
The heels and your lipstick are awesome. <3

l’été arrive =) les tenues aussi !!

belle journée !

So simple, yet so beautiful.
PS: Love the shoes!

You look amazing as always :)

Simply perfect!! You looks gorgeous!!! I can’t say anything more!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

I love how you paired the white dress with the bright pink, it looks so pretty! It’s a shame that you didn’t like the film, but it’s supposed to be much better when you’ve read the books before. I haven’t seen it yet though:(

great dress and cltuch!:) xoxo

You look great babe! Nice shoot


Love this look!
The accessories are perfect.

i love the pink clutch you add to this outfit, it really stands out.


amazing as always *.* I love your make up!

Really pretty outfit! Love the dress and the bag!

Love the bag – cute!

your heels are amazing!!

Cute shoes, cute bag, cute dress, cute everything!


You look so chic and effortless! Love your bag :)

- Victoria

you look amazing! love the dress so much!

i love the white on you with the lovely silver necklace!
matches with ur lip colour too.

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you look amazing – as always! The books are so good, I love them! You should read them. Probably I should go and watch the film too? I can’t decide! :)

So simple. Yet so lovely and perfect.


I love the necklace- its almost something quite unexpected added to the outfit! xx

Love it! Minimalistic but still you! Love the detail from the choker and the pink bag!!


Anonymous 27 March 2012 / Reply

Whoa, I completely disagree about the hunger games! Such a great adaptation of the book and I am really surprised you didn’t like it. It got fantastic reviews.

That being said, nice outfit.

I like this clean, fresh look!
Felt the same when I watched “In Time” movie, the idea was interesting but the plot not!

Ocean Wind

gorgeous look..i love that bag!

You look so classy! I love the white trend this spring! <3

Adore the shoes and the bright pink of the bag is to die for!

Anonymous 27 March 2012 / Reply

really pretty!

i love this look on you. very simple and elegant.

Megs Manwaring 27 March 2012 / Reply

Love this simplicity! It’s too bad you didn’t enjoy the Hunger Games film, I thought it was incredible! Though, I think it helps if you’ve read the books before seeing the movie. I definitely recommend reading them!

That bun suits you! :)

This white dress suits you perfectly, you’re so beautiful !
And I love how you paired it to your necklace :).

i love the necklace !!

Such a pretty outfit again,
I wish I could wear a dress with bare legs already, but it’s still too cold.

Прекрасные фотографии=)

I like everything but the choker, would have looked better with a longer necklace or stackable bangles on one arm…

your skin is so white!! Fairy! :)

Gorgeous outfit and pictures.

Kisses Andie ;)

you are too beautiful, love this

Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful !

I love, love those shoes!!

You are beautiful ! :) I am your new follower who admit your style !

I love your shoes and neon pink purse!

You look lovely!
Too bad for the film.. I intended watching it!

Stories and Sequins

Gorgeous look!


Anonymous 28 March 2012 / Reply

One of your look was picked as “Look of the day”

Loved everything! Just perfect as always! Kisses from Brazil

hii cutieee!!!! love the bag and shoes!

Simple, minimal and soooo chic Kristina! your necklace is the protagonist of the outfit! amazing! Kisses, Alinne.


You look perfect :) x

im in love with your unique style. and your boyfriend have a great style too.
great blog
i am a new follower

really gorgeous ♥

You are beautiful!I love your dress:)<3

Your make-up is always the best!:)

Tu es magnifique. Tu es toujours Parfaite !


that neckalace is insane!

Anonymous 28 March 2012 / Reply

I love the dress !

Do you know the name or do you have the link on the topshop website ?

Mais j’ai de la chance, il y a un Topshop à Varsovie, j’irai faire un tour pour voir si je la trouve :)

Anonymous 28 March 2012 / Reply

Yes, I checked their website, and I didn’t find out the dress :(
Maybe it is from a past collection ?

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

Love the look! I think The Hunger Games movie is really good when you have read the book, you definately feel much more attatched to the characters. Please read the book and then see what you think!

that bag is sooo eyecatchy ^^

Damn, you’re so pretty.

Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

the Hunger Games books are much better!
the movie is childish because the PG 13 (!)

you’re lovely as always :)

Love the dress with the necklace


Anonymous 29 March 2012 / Reply

Really cool pictures!
You’re so beautiful!


Anonymous 30 March 2012 / Reply

Agree with you about the Hunger Games! Will not go see the second one!

This is a fantastic outfit – you really know how to team them together. The choker is absoloutly stunning. I have just started blogging, hope you can add me

Tu es juste MAGNIFIQUE ! Il n’y a pas d’autres mots !


I love everything about this outfit. It’s so so so perfect <3

Incredible amazing, follow you.

Kisses from Spain.


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Simple and perfect.

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Wow the necklace!