LIPSTICKS A lot of you are aware of my big obcession for lipsticks, not only I think they add so much to an outfit but I truly consider them as a real fashion accessory. All those infinite colour combination fascinate me, and I am always looking forward to see the new lipstick colours each season. What is more feminin than a tube of lipstick? “Une fille ne peut faire son entrée sans son rouge” said Christian Dior. The lipstick is the final touch to most of my outfits, and I am excited to show you here 3 of my favourite lipsticks, all by Yves Saint Laurent. I love the brand’s lipcolours, there is such a wide range and the packaging is absolutely stunning. Of course I also have other brands such as M.A.C or Dior, however I can’t resist to those gorgeous tubes. I let your discover my top three colours :

14, Orange shiver “Rouge Volupté” is my classic red colour. The fact that it has a light orange tint illuminates the mouth so much and is even more special to me. It’s the perfect red.

107, Impetuous beige “ Rouge Volupté Perle  is an amazing beige shiny colour. It looks great with an intense eye make-up and a lot of bronzer and highlights on the cheek bones. I wear very rarely this type of light colour, I prefer wearing flashy ones, however besides this shade is so elegangt, it is also more wearable in the everyday life.

9, Cool Guava ” Volupté sheer candy”, perfect for summer and spring, the sheer candy has such a light texture. It’s quite like a lipgloss, very shiny and almost transparent. This colour stays on very well, and the fruit flavour is also fabulous. This kind of lipstick is also very nice during the day, it all depends of how many coats you decided to put on.

 FIRST OUTFIT : Dress : Zmilelee/ Ring : Aldo/ Cuff : Topshop/
SECOND : Shirt : bracelet : Juicy Couture
THIRD : Blazer : Zara / Dress : three floor


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The first one is just amazing, you look so gorgeous!

amazing :) now I want all those lipsticks! :D

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Could you also tell me where your nail polish is from?
Best regards!!!!

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

I love the second one. really nice colour.
and hope you will do a post about the wardrobe one day when you have time :)
have a nice day Kris <3

I adore lipstick too! The red one looks amazing!

xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

i love the pinky one, so pretty:)

I love all 3 colors and I agree that the packaging is really pretty !
new outfit post

You are so beauty, your face is amazing…

Wow love white dresses … so chic and elegant!!!


I’m totally in love with YSL lipsticks!!
The pink and red one are awesome! I want it!!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Love the third lipstick color ! You look adorable in that white dress ! Xx nadine

LOVE your lipstick obsession! The colors are perfect.


I like the first and the last one, perfect colours!

Love these photos! And these are GORGEOUS lip colours! thanks for sharing, I will definitely have to check them out. I’m usually big MAC fan when it comes to lipsticks, but these YSLs look amazing :) Great post!

B xx

Loved all of them and all of them look great on your lips :) You’re so beautiful :)

Love the second and third one <3

I have 2 rouge volupté YSL – in 07. and 09. amazing colors! Your shadows are beautiful too and you look beautiful. You have a perfect face!

i love ur make up here!

Loved the Rouge Volupté.Beautiful colour.

Really beautiful lipsticks – also prefer the lipsticks by YSL – I personally prefer the first one, I think the second and third are absolutely perfect for you… you look beautiful!

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Tanja – or via Bloglovin

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

you look gorgeous wearing all of them! what a beautiful selection Kristina!

love the last outfit and lipstick – you look beautiful!

Gorgeous photos!You look absolutely amazing =)

You look beautiful!! <3
I wanted to ask you: what products do you use for your skin (primer, foundation, concealer…)?
Thank you very much!

The colors are so beautifull , and i love the packaging . The dress is gorgeous :***

i love these colors! definitely going to go check them out at the counter (:

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply


What kind of nailpolish do you wear? love the colour

xoxo Kerstin

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply


I love the colour of your nailpolish…what brand and colour is it exactly?

xoxo Kerstin

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply


I love the colour of your nailpolish…what brand and colour is it exactly?

xoxo Kerstin

I like the color of two the last lipstick the most. They are more summerly and sweet :)
They suit you perfectly. You always look amazing.

Have a nice day!

Gorgeous photos, I love YSL lipsticks!:) Bisou!

I’m a lipstick addict as well!
Can’t wait to try out the impetuous beige!

These pictures are simply stunning!

I agree with you – lipsticks add so much to an outfit, they can even change it. Big lipstick fanatic myself. I’ll have to try out some from YSL, they look so pretty!

All the outfit are amazing. I adore those lipstick.

Oh I love all the looks!!! and the shades totally compliment your skin tone.. Maybe ul be interested in reading my Post on how to get perfect Red Lips.. Yours are perfect but still.. No harm, in reading more.. right? :)
Link is here
New post is up <3


Well, now we have got something in common. I love red lipsticks and their languorous effect.

As i saw you for the first time on, i thought, you were Russian. You have a great grace, just stay the way you are.

Greetings from Polish girl living in Zurich!

wonderfull pictures, ilove you Kristina, bye kisses

I love the third one, looks so generous

Les couleurs sont vraiment sublimes mais mon préféré reste le premier. Tu le porte d’ailleurs très bien.

I also love Rouge Volupté 1 & 2, they are the perfect nude alternatives too.

absolutely amazing..these colors fit you perfect!

Fashion review

I love all of them, but the nude one is just perfect! *-*

You look gorgeous!


this is ever so flawless!
Krissy xoxo

amazing make up today! really beautiful !!

i like the red one! :) it fits you very much

I love these photos! And all colors look great on you! Very beautiful make-up and outfits. Plus, I loved your manicure.

Beautiful !!!!
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Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

woooooooow :) gorgeous!

Beautiful and rich colors of lipstick!

they’re all so pretty on you but I love the pink one the best! matches your pink nails perfectly:)

love this post!!! loved every color..

soooo delicious :) I want eat Your mouth!

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

love the colors

Which beautiful nail laquer do you use???

i’m so glad that you write your blog more recently these days.i read you blog everyday and each post ‘s exiciting to you,kristina!!!

I just discovered your blog, but i have to say i LOVE it already! I look forward to clicking in and see your pictures. I love your style and you have a beautiful face!
I get so much inspiration from your blog :)
Cant wait to see more :)

your goregous <3

you are gourgeous! every color will be perfect on u!

The first lokes like the opium campaing from ysl! :)
But the trird look is most beautiful!

J adore le dernier, la couleur est vraiment très jolie et te va très bien!

Oh, such a great post! I’m always looking for new lipsticks and now I’ll definitely try the ones from YSL. You look lovely doll =)

- Victoria

Love all of them!!!

I like the last one best!

Ah!! I now want to go out and buy lipstick because of your post. Beautiful pics!


Loving the light shade on you :-)

You have perfect color on nails and with this hair look so sexi girl!

You look so great in red lipstick! I love your pastel outfit from previous post :)

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Those pictures are really stunning! I’m in love with the first and third lipstick, very elegant !!!!

Kisses, Adèle

Last shade is amazing! :) I like these naturaly shades on lips. But two thers seems great too!

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

kristina, please, pleeeeease do “my boyfriend does my makeup” video, like this one:



Love the Pics and how u incorporated the lipsticks!!

I like mixing red and pink! And i looks gorgeous to do it with nails and lips! :)

All 3 colours are beautiful! ♥

beutiful photos, you look gorgeous! I love the color of the third lipstick!

Gabrielle 13 March 2012 / Reply

Absolutely beautiful, as always!

How lovely! I totally agree with you, a lipstick kan make or break an outfit. Beautiful pictures too, you are a stunning girl. Only, there was one mistake, it’s obession, not obcession xx

eres demasiado hermosa
you are so pretty

gorgeous photos! I love YSL lipsticks..& love your dress in the last photos :)

you look truly beautiful in these pictures. i wish i’d be that talented in doing my make up … :D

xx love,

awesome colors
love the second one

New outfit post – Love me pastel love me sweet

Your photos are always sooo gorgeous!

So pretty! You’re such a natural model

Beautiful dear *.* have a lot of YSL rouge volupté, because they are simply wonderful – the touch, the smell and the appearance of course ;) Sweetie we send you an e-mail, did you receive it? :) beijinhos, KATEFP

I really love your third look!

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Such beautiful pictures and lipsticks :)

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Great. Please, do a post about your skin care.

You model these lipsticks so well! Althouhgh I would be scarred of getting them onto one of those beautiful white dresses!

The last one looks very elegant! I like it!

I need them all now! Gorgeous photos xoxo

you are sooooo perfect, girl *-*
you are amazing !
i love your blog ! <3

xoxo ;*

loving the light pink colour tho i never wear red lipstick i can never find the right shade of red.anyways gorgeous pictures.

wow, i really have to get that second lipstick, i’ve been searching for this colour for so long… and it looks beautiful on you !

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

What’s your nail polish ? :)

Great pics!

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

You are so pretty and your make-up is always perfect, so is your outfit.

i love all the lipstick colours!

I really love all the colours, they look so nice on you!

Love those lipsticks ! :)


where is your nailpolish from? It’s the perfect pink colour!

OMG,babe!They should definitely put you on billboards!

so sophisticated!!
i also love the nail polish. Which brand/color is it?

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Every kind of lipstick suits you but for me the best is the last one. You look stunning! And also not everyone looks as adorable as you with red lips! ;)

stunning photos! and i now want to go out and get some of those lipsticks!

Hayley xx

I don’t know why but I loved the most the last color on you. It’s the most natural and since you are so young and fresh I guess it’s suits you the best!

Ocean Wind

beautiful photos, i agree with you, the color in the lips it’s an original way to do an outfit :) kisses and sorry but my english is horrible!

Nice photos! I like YSL lipsticks!


Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

You look amazing!

you look so gorgeous, no words! ♥

Wow. Totally stunning, and your makeup looks great as always! Awesome photos btw, what camera/lens (if you know)?


Beautiful makeup! xxx

third to last picture is amazing!

Your pictures are gorgeous!

You look beautiful and I love your blog ;)

LOVE from Germany

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Hermosos labiales, y tu blog esta super padre, saludos desde Mexico City¡¡¡

Anonymous 13 March 2012 / Reply

Je suis tout à fait de ton avis, surtout que le rouge te va à ravir ;)

Pour ma part, je me suis toujours concentrée sur les yeux, car plus “passe-partout” sans doute. Mais depuis quelques temps, je ne cesse de m’émerveiller devant toutes ces couleurs de rouge à lèvre et ma collection ne cesse de grandir !

Mon problème est que je ne maîtrise pas tout à fait l’art du rouge à lèvre encore.. Aurais-tu quelques conseils ? Comment tu t’y prends ? Appliques tu une base ? Fais-tu des retouches régulièrement ?

Merci :)

Love the lippies!


wooow! love all this colors! *.*
you look divine!


i love these pictures!!!!!!

it’d be pleasure if u can visit

You really do make stuff work! :D

And amazing pictures. Especially love those with the lips in focus but the eyes slightly blurred. :)

Oh god… your eyes.

So nice! You look great! I love all those colors on you.

love this post! I have such a hard time finding lip colors that I like but I will look into these. Thanks!

Anonymous 14 March 2012 / Reply

Totally agree with you !! Love the last one , it looks great on you !
Fan of your blog !

I absolutely love your look! You are my number one inspiration to putting together outfits !

I find your style highly classy and yet has those tiny moments of sexy. I J’dore it all.

Signed and Stamped,

Love this post! Lipstick is one thing I CANNOT live without!

Прекрасные фотографии=)Очень красивый цвет помады!

That’s 1 pretty lipstick (the red one) and I’m loving that white dress on you too! =)

I always love the lipsticks you are wearing! You made me to buy the mac vegas volt lipstick and now i’m tempted to buy the red YSL :P

Love the first and the third!!

i looove love the red and nude ones! Gorgeous!
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

wow! u are beatiful! i love me too ysl ! visit my blog ;)
kisses from italy

So pretty and so cool, I love your style and your blog. Congratulations!!!

I have just begun a blog, maybe you’re interested in this.

You look absolutely stunning on each pictures and those lipsticks fits you perfectly.

Kisses Andie ;)

Anonymous 14 March 2012 / Reply

love them all! could you please make a post about all of your favourite lipsticks? i’d love to read one like that!

Just Beautiful :D

Waouuh! tu es magnifique sur les photos du dernier rouge à lèvres, qui lui aussi est très joli au passage ;-)

the last outfit with that lipstick!! so elegant, love it

I love lipsticks too! These photos are beautiful!

The pink lipstick in that white dress with the black blazer is perfection!!!! I use YSL lipstick too, sooooo sexy! xx,The Golden Girls

love the second :)

I heart the first and third lipstick color! having wanted to try on the red for ages!

I Love them all…but the red is awesome on you!1

wonderful lipsticks! .. the third is my favourite one (;

YOU, are sooooo pretty :))))

x, Jeslina

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What a nice lipsticks!

you look AMAZING in these phtoos! i agree with you that the formula is smooth and creamy and the packaging just screams luxury! Lingerie Pink is one of my favourites :) I am looking forward to reading some more of your posts.
I have recently done a review on some YSL Lipsticks, pelase take a look and leave me a comment

Thank you for your post.Much thanks again. Want more.