Pictures by JAMES VYN

 ELEGANCE We shot those pictures with James on saturday, after a long walk in Lausanne and a bit of light shopping. The weather was great, and we were about to have lunch. I decided that day to dress up in a very elegant way. You know when you have spent your whole week at hope with allergies you really want to look at your best when you first go out, am I right? I have chosen an american apparel hight collar nude body paired to nude Zara skirt, both together t really looks like  cream dress dosn’t it. To add a little touch of colour I added my lavender-blueish Bally pumps that you might have already seen in my post bellow, a golden with blue detailing michael kors watch and some silver and gold jewerly to top it all. What do you think?

Now guys I wanted to ask your advice, during my easter holidays I will have plenty of time to make interesting post and wanted to know what you would like to see on the blog? I’ve already thought about showing you my jewerly collection, making a room tour,  and some beauty tutorials perhaps? What are your ideas, I am open to any kind of proposition! Looking forward to see what you’ve got for me.

 SKIRT : Zara
BODY : American Apparel
SHOES : Bally
WATCH : Michael Kors


Add yours

i really love those blue pumps! so pretty!
and you really do look like a ballerina!!! love the skirt!

Beautful photos! Love your accessoires :)
And why not a room tour? ‘Think it would be very interesting!
Love N.

Wow, perfect nude look and great pumps! Just like a little girl :)

Amazing dress! You look heavenly :)

Classy combination with the blue pumps – looks beaitiful! :)

Love the nudes paired together! You look beautiful as usual!!

lOve the blue pumps!! really make your outfit special!!

what a gorgeous look! it really suits you, even if you’re not a ballerina x


Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Room tour and maybe another videobblog? it would be great.

Wow!! Such an interesting dress! I could never pull this outfit!

Sstunning balerina ! :) I like this outfit – blue pumps are amazing.

you look fabulous!

The Bally pumps freshen up the neutral palette really well. Flawless is one word that comes to mind. :)
Good to know you’re feeling better. I’ve also been severely frustrated by my allergies that were cause by the recent dust storms. Blimey.
And coming to the kind of features you ought to do, I’d say beauty tutorials, your must-have items from your wardrobe, a little about how you got into blogging and your dreams and goals in life, nothing overtly personal, just who you are. :)
Hope to hear from you soon, Kristina.

I love this outfit, it looks so elegant! :) Xx

i love the nude! the blue pumps stand out like crazy and look gorgeous :)
just like you!


I love your blue shoes!

what a wonderful look. i love your heels
and your dress is brilliant <3
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

YSL lipstick & Nelly leather bracelet

I would love to see some beauty tutorials as your makeup is always really nice!


bonjour lausanne palace =) très beau look !

You look so nice! I love this simple and SO elegant outfit.

I’d love if you made a room tour, would be so interesting! :)

your shoes are devine x

I love the body and skirt combination. And I would so much love to see your room! That would be great :) Lilly x

I love the dress!

I’m so curious to see how your wardrobe would look like! These pictures are amazing!

i don’t know many people which are as photogenic as you are!!!
nice dress…i love skin coloured things.

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

love the skirt!
it could be really nice if you could do a post about your jewellry collection!

This is seriously lovely. This look could be a dress at first glace. There is something that is so attractive about an all neutral look and a pop of color!

Hi Kristina, beautiful pictures as always! I love the colors…very classy!
As for what you could post would be really great to see some pictures and maybe some descriptions of your favorite places to eat/shop/grab coffee in your home town.

beautiful! I love all your bracelets

Love that nude classy dress ! You look absolutely wonderful ! Perfekt with your royal blue heels ! Xx nadine

You look absolutely gorgeous! I love those pumps :)

xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

very beautiful dress. and the accesories in gold is the perfect election

You look so beautiful! I love when you wear pale colours, it suits your skin tone so wonderfully.


The blue pumps were a really nice touch. Gorgeous as always!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Can you do a room-tour ? Please!
And you are gorgeous like always ;)

Kristina the look is very elegant and classy. I love the touch of colour added with the pumps!! (that btw are simply gorgeous!!)
Here you have some ideas: how about showing us your collection of shoes or bags, your closet or a tutorial about make up or updo’s??

You you look amazing as usual, I love everything!

Ocean Wind

this is gorgeous! and i truely love your makeup!


Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

not your color.. too pale for your face.. but youre beauty anyway :)

love the whole nude outfit with the pop of blue <33

I have to say that U look just perfect!

You look like a doll, so cute, wow good idea.. I would like to hear what your other interests – except fashion – are and perhaps some personal pictures of best friends and family, would be so nice.

Love the contrasts of the really light pink and then the bold vivid blue of the pumps! It looks so chic yet the blue pumps adds an intrest to the entire outfit xx

Looking forward to your beauty tutorial post! :)

You look great as always!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Would be nice if you do a post about nice places in your home town, like a little cafe or a nice bookstore you might like, or your favorite sightseeing place…
Good luck!

I want to see Your room!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

maybe some video :) and making a room tour is also great idea! :)

Wonderful “natural” look… love the blue heels as eyecatcher… very beautiful!


Van – / Bloglovin / Facebook

Lovely look, I am in love with your pumps! I would love to see some photograph tips on your blog :). X Cristel

The outfit looks great on you! It’s probably a bit too colourless to fit my skincolour but great inspiration! And a nice change to the normal total white outfit :)

The White Studio

I love your skirt, muak¡

wow speechless you look amazing and the look is perfect, I’m loving your blog

woow you look exactly like a ballerina *-* Your shoes are beautiful, but to be honest, all of your shoes are beautiful :D greetings CATHY COUTURE

You look great as always!

I’d love to see a tour of your room, your jewellery and make-up collection as well, and above all a lot of beauty tutorials and advices!!

I’m your number-one-follower from Italy! also if that’s the first time I post a comment I always follow your lovely blog :-)
You’re my favourite blogger ever! xxx

I’m in love with your pumps,great outfit!!
I’d like to see your jewelry collection!

Fashion review
Fashion review

you want to wear MK watch with everything, right?
I so understand you.. its SO cool!
xx,great post :)

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Wow! This is a really wonderful outfit. That is very elegant but a little bit playful too. I love it!

And a room tour would be very interesting :)

Woww this outfit looks on you like a second skin! Gorgeous!!! Love this touch of blue on your heels!
You are beautiful in this pics, so fresh!!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

I would like to show to your closet..kiss

room tour!! definitely :D

As an ex-ballerina I can say, you look beautifuul! <3
What u have planned so far sounds amaaazing (especially the beauty tutorials), how about also showing us what a ‘normal’ day in your life is like? kind of us following you through your routine or favorite places in Geneva. :) Just a suggestion! xx

So clever with the two pieces worn together as a dress!
For Easter, please do makeup tutorials? Your makeup is always immaculate!

Awww, ti takaya krasivaya! Tebe ochen idet :)
Your photographer is very talented as well, you guys make an awesome team and couple :)

I would love to see some collages maybe, of your the spring trends or whatever you think is worth getting this spring/summer?:)
Also some beauty tutorials, like how do u make this gorgeous eye look?:)

Much love from Sasha :)

Room tour, pleasee :))))

rwally love your look(: i would love you to do a video of how yo make your posts, how much time you use to do the pictures, to post them, how you read all the comments… it would be lovely to watch it, to get to know you better(: hope this helped(:

This is the cutest outfit! Really pretty xxx

perfect:) what foundation do you use?

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

look is good!!! I would like to see a room, house toure or your dressing room in yournew posts!!!)))

This look is adorable!! Well, all your looks are really cool. Following you in GF and Bloglovin’, follow me back?

You’re just perfect :)


Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

i vote for room-tour :-)! great outfit as usual:-). kisses from Prague

You should do a really cute Easter post. Oh and can you do one with your curly hair again? I love it that way!xx

I love your look. The colour is perfect! i like very much this. The blue shoes and the colour blue of clock are perfect with her eyes is a great combination


beauty tutorial sounds nice! ;)

You are soooo inspirering, so wonderful ! :)

greetins from germany :)

Мне было бы интересно увидеть видео вроде “День с Кристиной Базан” :)

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

so gorgeous, where is the post about your skin care? would really like to hear about that.
and the videos are cute!nice english!

I think this is my first comment on your blog, but I can say that I absolutely adore your blog! I loved and liked each and every one outfitpost and thanks to you I’m craving those YSL lipsticks! You inspire me to have my own blog. Maybe some day? :)

I would love to see a video about your skincare and make-up routine. Your skin always looks so dewy and flawless! I want that too! I also love your eyeliner. Maybe a few tricks for applying eyeliner?

You look like a beautiful dancer, those shoes add the perfect amount of contrast.

Love the pop of color with the pumps, your style is so amazing!


Very beautiful look!


Lovely dress! :)


Lana Ceulemans 3 April 2012 / Reply

I love the outfit!
On your blog, I would like to see something about your skincare… Your skin is amazing!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Hi, it would be so awesome if you showed your jelwery collection, made a tour of your room and made a beauty tutorial, it’s a very great idea! Personally, I would love if you made a post about the must see and your favorite places in Switzerland.
P.S. Love the outfit, it looks gorgeous!

I like all your post ideas , looking forward to them ! Love your heels
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Ahhhhh, LOVE it!!

soooooo preeeeeettyyyyyyyyyyyy!



I love this look, it’s so natural, and the shoes are just amazing!

I propose you to make a video showing your wardrobe, or something like that. I’d also love to see your city, so maybe a video tour in Geneve! It’s something I’ve always wanted to see!

love from Spain :D

Love your outfit! It’s simple, but so amazing !!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

you look soooo perfect!
i’m looking forward to the beauty tutorials! and i wish to see all of your lipsticks with their names and numbers… it will probably be a very long post (i saw one post with the photos of your lipsticks), but maybe you could make a post about your 20 favourite lipsticks?

I really wanna see room tour, make some beauty post and beauty videos! Beauty videos for sure, make-up tutorials please?
You look beautiful, I’m wearing the same color on my nails btw^^

cutey GIVEAWAY♥mfashionfreak

Amazing outfit! I adore the shoes!

I am always surprised about your lifestyle. You look sexy with this outfit :)

You look incredible :) So why didn’t you wear earrings? :)
I really hope that you’ll show us your room :)

Such a nice outfit Kristina! I think a room tour sounds great, it would also be fun if you made a closet tour with your favorite pieces or something? Or maybe what you think is the essentials in a good wardrobe?

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

beauty tutorials and a room tour please!`re sooooooo beautiful!

Love the outfit! You are really georgeus!

You look great…love nude colors..amazing skirt :)

Unfair how wearing the hair back looks pretty on everyone except for me! :D
Nice look, especially the shoes making a nice contrast! xx

Karoline! 3 April 2012 / Reply

<3<3 the watch <3<3

So classy! Gorrrgeous :)


Oh, you look wonderful) the combination of beige with soft blue is really perfect))

You know, I’d like to look at your school,your classmates,teachers and so on) In general, It might be interesting to know more about your school life)
The idea of your room tour is very interesting too.
In any way,I’m sure that you’ll invent something really great for this post)
Good luck)

Great ideas! I would really love to see those posts.

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Refreshing for a first appearance after having allergies.
Id definitely like to see a room tour!
Perhaps a mini tour of your favorite places in Switzerland, it seems like you live in such a beautiful town :)

wow! this outfit is beautiful!!! great photos!
kisses from Milan

Your ideas about posts are good and I would read them with pleasure. :)

PS. How do you get to school or shops or anywhere?

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

You`re so beautiful!
and I`m just curious,what are you wear at school?

a ROOM TOUR would be sooooo nice!
and you could show like your place where you put your clothes, and maybe also you nail polish collection ;)

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

awesome outfit !
i would love see on your blog your room or your dressing

You you look amazing as usual, I love everything!

Ocean Wind

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

wow! so cool!
as for me, i want to see your room, but your another ideas are great too!

love the shoes and your jewellery, the bracelet is gorgeous! :)

I LOVE THIS! Nude ensemble with a pop of color, it is perfect!

Adore the blue shade of the pumps and the skirt is so very fun.

I love the color of your heels, and they make a fantastic contrast with the whole outfit.
The room tour sounds amazing, can’t wait to see it. I’m sure we’ll see many beautiful outfit posts from you during the easter holidays.

this style is soooo beautiful… I love the color of powder on you. And the whole style looks the best on you! oh! super photos by the way. (I’m so new at this!)

You look great!!!! I love your hair like that!!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

I would love a room tour… And I was wondering: do you ever wear jeans or flats?

so elegant!!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

You look great!
I like your watch, fantastic)
If you make a room tour, i will be very very happy, but I think your jewerly collection also very interesting!

you should really be a ballerina :)
I love how your eyes ‘jump out’ when you make a bun and dress nude colors.

I think a little room tour would be a good idea!
Show us something more thank your clothes, maybe some objects which are important for you and tell us why they are.
Look forward to your next post!
Xoxo from Bern!

You look amazing, you wear such a lovely skirt! I’d love to see your nailpolishes and jewelry! And maybe a post about how you get your blog so popular and some tips for bloggers? :)

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Too much beige for me … but you pull it off well!

Woww, great look! XOXO

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Absolument sublime! cette tenue te va à ravie!! xx

Gorgeous look! Love the colors!


hi kristina! you look like a true russian ballerina! and yes to the room tour, beauty tutorials, and jewelry collection!

Your Ballerina pumps are amazing!!!! and the great thing is, your skin tone and your blouse match up!! Like exactly the same color.. you look very pretty :) And do you ever wear flats? Just wondering :)

and yes… Jewelry collection would be nice :) Also, a post on what you actually eat the whole day!!!! How many carbs etc.. :D

New post is up :)

EnterBlog Contest. The prize would be a Forever 21 necklace :)and

Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

I absolutely love your blog! You have my dream closet to say the least!

If you could please do some beauty tutorials, I’d really appreciate it. :D Your makeup always looks impeccable and I would love to know how to get similar results.

I would love a room tour or a jewelry collection tour!!!!

i have followed your blog for a year now,
and i love your elegant style!
i can see we have a similar taste.
i would really like to see a room tour!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Покажи нам свою гардеробную комнату :)
Вот это будет по-настоящему классный пост

Chic outfit! I love your blog and I’d love to see your wardrobe and your bedroom! xx from Venezuela!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

making a room tour- it’s perfect idea!;)

You should definitely show us your room! I’m curious!!

so pretty and elegant!

I love every piece of this outfit. It really looks elegant kristina.

xoXo Andie

Love, love, love this look!!! You look fab!




Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

So beautiful!!!
Show us your jewellery collection and your room :))

Love the shoes~!



I am extremely nosy, so I would LOVE to see inside your home!! Pictures of your wardrobe would alos be fab ;)

Anneli x

This is such a beautiful outfit. I love the all-nude look.

really gorgeous! ♥

Ohhh, i love your look nude + blue= elegance

simple and elegant! the blue pumps make all the difference!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

i would LOVE a jewelry collection video (it would make my day, in fact!) im an avid reader of your blog (im from nyc) and its beautiful and lovely, as always. thank you for the hard work!


I would love to see a beauty tutorial of how you do your make-up and especially your eyes and skin! I really love love love your brown eye shadow, it suits you great!

Love the outfit!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

We readers follow you through your life and i think it would be sooo cool to see how you live! The whole apartment!
Best blog Kay you go girl!

/reader from Sweden

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

Beautiful outfit Kristina! I just discovered your blog and I’m very impressed. To answer your question, I would prefer to see some beauty tutorials or something like that. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

make a closet tour :)

Gorgeous outfit! The skirt is so beautiful!

Anonymous 3 April 2012 / Reply

you look so pretty! and a closet tour would be so awesome!

Anonymous 4 April 2012 / Reply

I love your blog! You’re so pretty & lovely! Please do a room tour!

I loved yourr look
soo pretty
Amazing :D

Room tour! room tour! <3 and closet tour! wow that would be great!! Yeah! A closet tour!

you look adorable! love your skirt!

Nude Color is Always Sexy…! :-)
Love it!

Loved your pumps! Your make up, as I always say, is the best! Love love and love!

you are so beautiful
perfect photos

Beautiful photos as always!

Missing Amsie Blog

How about a skin-care products post or a tutorial?
Nice outfit :)

Anonymous 4 April 2012 / Reply

would you make a video wearing that outfit?

you’re lovely.

Your skin tone complements well with the dress you wore. Pretty gorgeous!

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Anonymous 4 April 2012 / Reply

kristina, please do “my boyfriend does my makeup” video, like this one:

I would love to see your everyday makeup…you always have so beautiful brown eyes but i dont know which products you use and how you do it !
So it woud be great if you could show that during your holidays !
And very nice outfit <3

Anonymous 4 April 2012 / Reply

cool shoes! like your style!

would be interesting how you dress at school,

Laura (from vienna, austria)

You look very pretty!
Love the nude dress.

J’aimerais bien que tu refasses un article sur le maquillage et que tu proposes d’autres manières de te maquiller, en utilisant ton nouveau maquillage Dior par exemple:)
Personnellement, j’ai quelques problèmes avec ma peau, si tu pouvais nous parler de la tienne, enfin des produits que tu utilises et tout ça, je pense que ça serait utile pour beaucoup de monde !

I love this whole look! You look so elegant and chic!

I love the idea of room-tour !
Maybe your favorite recipes? We can often read about your food picks, lunches, dinners, so maybe that ? :)

i love the shoes!
a room tour would be nice

really sweet Kristina! have fun these hols!!lots of love

Those shoes!!!!! and the watch sets the whole outfit up! Great pics!

This outfit is apsuletly stunning! During the Easter I would like you to do a list of the things you like to do when you’re bored or just a list of things you love. Also I like the ‘room tour’ idea.

wow. you look amaysing :)

lovely skirt!

Anonymous 4 April 2012 / Reply

The room tour is great! You’ve actually promised us one a while ago :P

Anonymous 4 April 2012 / Reply

You look beautiful!:)
What would be awesome is to have a post about your “everyday’s life” like what you eat, how you keep having a healthy life and so on..
good evening xx

lovely outfit :) I like all of your ideas!

You look amazing!

love the outfit!

and I would like to see a video of your closet and maybe a video about your favorite (beauty)products (:

I love that outfit! It really does look like a dress, it’s really beautiful! And the shoes and the accessories make the final touch so perfectly!

It would be so great if you could give us a quick look inside your wardrope! It woul be so interesting to see where all those beautiful outfits start! :)

I’ve always like this sort of skirt and liking yours alot! You pair it well =)

In love with this nude outfit in contrast with the eletric blue shoes! you are so beautiful as always, Kristina… I love your blog… Kisses, Alinne

More goodies posts, a tour of your wardrobe and beauty tutorials! :)

room tour that would be great posting *winks

eniwei love this putfit, u looks so sexy yet elegant

Anonymous 5 April 2012 / Reply

Hei, Kay! I’d love to see you creating a look only with Second-Hand pieces that you took from a local store. :D

You are so lovely ! ♥

It’s the first time I visit your blog from a local magazine, and there you are, looking so inspirational! And most important of all, these nude babies with you, are just so VOGUE-ish! :D

goin to visit you regularly, I guess! :D

visit and follow each other here, any fashion darlings? :D

Anonymous 7 April 2012 / Reply

One of the best looks so far, I just love your sophisticaded, refined, ladylike style! Amazing nailpolish too, which one is it?
Video with you showing us all your shoes and handbags would be nice!
Greeting from Belgrade, Serbia

Anonymous 9 April 2012 / Reply


So simple yet chic!


Love your shoes, especially the colour and you should smile more often on pictures ;)

I’m a man and i will love wear this Bodysuit with the skirt in the same colour wow dont laught howerver i’m a man i will love wear the same outfit

The watch and the bracelet! So cool