Pictures by JAMES VYN

 EASTER I must admit that I got real lazy during these couple of days of Easter celebration, I wanted to take some time off emailling and blogging to enjoy some quality time with my boyfriend and family which is very important for me aswell. I think there’s nothing more priceless than enjoying some real fun with people you love. James and I went on our week-end to Montreux where we enjoyed a delicious meal with all his family, I ate litteraly for two : easter eggs, chocolate, salads and so on. It’s all about pleasure. We spent our evening watching sweet movies such as ”One Day”, playing with the dog and simply resting. Feels so good after stressfull weeks of studying working and blogging. Today we celebrated easter with my family, we went to an adorable restaurant to have some Malakoffs.

For the outfit of the day I decided to stay very casual, still with high heels but with a very simple look. Just some black tights, black shorts, a nice blouse by and some silver jewerly. The weather was dreadfull, however we managed to find a sunny moment to shoot those pictures, the rest of the time it was raining and we couldn’t use our camera. Too bad, Montreux is gorgeous even under the rain. To get warm we sneacked into Zurcher for a little fruit cake with coffee. How were your celebration parties?

BAG : Vintage Chanel
NECKLACE : Unknown brand
HEELS : Steve Madden


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you look so so amazing! what a great outfit!
xo, Tina

Great bag, necklace and shorts! Last two photos are so dreamy!!

I love your incredible shorts

The pictures are really great!

you are so amazing! stunning beautiful!

Love the last two pictures the most, they are breathtaking!

your shorts are super cute!!

lovely pics! I really like the blouse!

Wonderful as always!:*

I love your bag! and the last photos…they’re so beautiful =)

Un Kiss

You look stunning as always! Montreux is one of my fav’ places in Switzerland even if I love Ouchy aswell. Keep blogging girl, you’re doing an amazing job!


Stunning photos! You look so beautiful!

Fashion in Pepperland



really gorgeous outfit with the simple black and vanilla white color palette. and the background is really nice, great vibrant photos. i was completey lazy too.

I love the outfit! It’s perfect! The black shorts and shoes are fabulous


You look so stunning,like all the food you ate;)

veeery beautiful look :>

you look wonderfull!!!!!!

Your style is so inspiring to me- I love how recently you have been playing with a lot of pastels and creams and white- your style inspired me to put together my latest look- a white lace dress which I put a twist of my own style into :

Just wanted to say how inspirational your style is to me :) xxx

Beautiful photos ! love your outfit, especially the shorts
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

You look so pretty…love the two last pictures such a beautiful views!

Such a beautiful look! No matter what you wear, you still look gorgeous.

- Victoria

Such a cute outfit! Love the pictures.
xo Madeleine


Wonderful outfit, but I really want to see you in flat shoes sometimes ;)
Girly blouse and shorts are one of my fav combinations at the moment, shame the weather is so bad we can’t yet ditch the tights..

Anneli x

Really lovely. I love the blouse with the black shorts.

great style!

So adorable, I love your shorts :)


Ah, it is so gorgeous there!!

I looooooooooove your shoes!!

So lovely! I love the background. Props to James :)

These photos are just divine, you look lovely!

youre so pretty! I envy you so much!

Casual is not a word for you cause you always looks so chic and stunning!! ♥



lovely :) amazing pictures! <3

Anonymous 9 April 2012 / Reply

It seems you`ve lost some weight during your illness…
But you`re amazing anyways!:)

Great post! You have a stunning style!

Great views, and beautiful background!
You looks as perfect as always! I love your vintage Chanel.
I hope you enjoyed these days :)

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

I love these photos so much. As they say, simple always works! And the silver details keep it elegant, as you always are. The outfit matches wonderfully the green landscape, I love it!

Such a beautiful photo location and outfit! Happy Easter (:

yeah I love your style!

Прекрасно выглядишь! Элегантный, запоминающийся образ! В России Пасха ожидается в выходные дни на этой неделе!;)

Such beautiful photos!
I love the shirt :)

wow you look stunning

Amazing outfit and photos! I’m sure you had a great Easter weekend. We actually celebrate Easter next Sunday in my country, so I hope we get to see the sun again really soon!

Love the Outfit:))

SOO beautiful pictures! I love your blog so much.
Always a inspiration <3 keep it up Kristina!

Vanessa from

great look!

Gorgeous outfit!

Perfect combination!! Love the colors!


you are so adorable and you make such simple outfit so amazing!

This is a lovely outfit as always!

Hi Kat! I am Danielle from Brazil and I really love your blog and looks. I am going to Switzerland in september and I am trying to learn about your fashion. Congratulations!

Super pretty :)

I have to go to Montreux !



Those photos are amazing, you look so beautiful!


such a great outfit for a beautiful scenery!

Last two are wonderful:-) and I love your outfit as always, you are the eternal source of inspiration for me:)

Lovely outfit!


So lovely! You look gorgeous.

simple yet awesome

Even on your day off you look fabulously pulled together – effortlessly of course which is the most chic.

I hope you had a great time to relax.

:) Ewa

You are stunningly beautiful. And I am not just saying that. I like the colors of the outfit, so simple and elegant.

stop by some time…

Like always, amazing photos!

i like the pic where u r smiling and ur hair is all a mess :)!

I love the outfit! Perfect color for your skin tone

you look so great and i think it´s funny how you say that´s a casual look – but never mind, you are gorgeous dear and i love your blog sooo much!


Just wow, love the outfit , love the bag !
You look amazing.

Happy Easter !

Ocean Wind

what a cute wonderful and GORGEOUS springtime look!!! xx,
The Golden Girls

Classic outfit. Love it.

James takes such amazing photos! And you’re so fabolous as well, i’m hoping for tutorials, things that i like and are useful at most <3

Satisfy my curiosity: I really love the fact that you almost always wear high heels, when you take them on, you can turn around all the day long with them, or are you the kind of person (like me) that always brings with you confortable shoes to have a change?
I mean, do you wear high heels without any problems also to have a walk in the park and similar?

I can use them only at night for few hours, especially for the fact that i feel too much tall, and the people look at me in a strange way! And I hate this!

You look absolutely stunning! Love the shorts, a nude blouse and your pretty make up. :)

Polka dot.

Anonymous 10 April 2012 / Reply

Is that Cartier Love bracelet? wow ;)

Anonymous 10 April 2012 / Reply

C’est tellement beau Montreux. Jolies photos :p

Hello! I just found your blog and I think it’s AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

i would be afraid to wear black tights with white heels but you pull it off magnificently. beautiful blogg. following!

The Dress Up Corner

You look amazing! I like your heels :)

Amazing look, you always manage to look absolutely stunning.

Très jolie tenue, j’adore ton collier :)

I love the outfit. You look very beautiful in these pictures :)

I hope you spent wonderful easter days :)
Love, B.

I love your photos!

The pictures are simply brilliant! I love the background, looks like you are in a fairy tale and those are the castles behind you. Amazing! It’s always great to spend time with family, I can’t wait to go home :D

Lovely look, great photos, I wish my husband was a photographer as well:)…
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Lovely outfit! Your shirt, your shorts and your shoes are beautiful! xxx

Cute nailpolish and I love the background :)

wonderful place to take some shots, despite your simple but delicious outfit! Kisses dear! Alinne


lastly wat a great sunset :)

that was a wonderful time when u’ve spent with his family…

i love this outfit!so chic!

sophie xx

The photos are great and you look stunning as always.

Love the pictures!

Patricia from Pastel Nudity

absolutely beautiful post!

Beautiful shots! That place looks amazing…

COuld you tell the color of your nail polish?

May I just say that you are beyond sophisticated! Glamorous is an understatement to describe your fashion sense. The way you mixed your black leggings is just so over the top, girl! I am so green with envy.