BLACK AND WHITE SERIE It’s been quite a long time that I’ve been thinking about a monochromatic serie, very ”à l’ancienne”. I’ve had so much inspirations lately. My head was full of ideas. I have found this amazing book at my local library, full of Vogue’s covers organized by their year of edition. From Claudia Shiffer to Naomi Campbell, I was fascinated. The old hollywood always inspired me, the furs, the diamonds and all those glamourous detailings. This athmosphere always made me dream about, and I simply wanted to make a couple of pictures slightly inspired by all that with of course a personal touch. A thick eye liner, big jewel earrings, some faux-fur, a delicate body by American Apparel, plumpy lips and white roses. For a nice face glow, I’ve applied on my checkbones and nose some Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent, it is the perfect product to create natural highlights, also a little tip : adding some of the touche éclat on the lips to give them a shiny nude effect and them cover it up with a light lipgloss. Hope you guys will enjoy those pictures, and that they will give you some inspiration before easter holidays!

Meanwhile, I am happy to announce you the winner of the BOTICCA and ZMILELEE giveaways!
The winner of the Boticca giveaway is Angelica from! The winner of the Zmilelee giveaway is Dosta from congrats to you girls!!

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love this! the outfit is perfection!:)

Beautiful pictures!

Really pretty photos. Your makeup looks amazing in them :)

you look absolutely gorgeous kristina!
i could definitely see these pictures being in vintage fashion magazines :)

congratulations to the winners of the giveaways!


black and white photos really suit you!! so pretty!

You look pretty beautiful, amazing pics! :)

i love the idea, but not so much the body, anyways u have a beautiful face :)

ooo what a lovely idea id love to see more of the series!



ehh amazing photos… you look georgeous !!!

Wow, these photos look amazing! You look so gorgeous. x

Hope you get to visit my blog :)

You look so feminine and glamorous!! Great photos!!

Love it! These pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous!


what shade of touch eclat do you use?

Absolutely stunning!!! I adore this series so so much!!!


classy & fabulous ;)

Lovely lovely photos, beautiful hair and make-up I like it so much ! :)

very nice photos!

These are gorgeous! This set feels more editorial. I Love the black and white.

xo Jade

I really adore the 5th photo,with white rose!

Wow – very beautiful pictures… – the 2nd pic is absolutely gorgeous…!


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You look great in this pictures!!! Love yous style!!!

you’re gorgeous in any color <3

Beautiful pictures! xo Madeleine

This series of pictures are beautiful ! Very glamourous and you look very mature in them.

Wow, your make up lloks flawlessly perfect. Ever thought of doing a make up tutorial? I’d love to see how you achieve that look!

Beautiful photos!

I love your pics! you look soooo amazing&gorgeous!

This post is great honey!

You made a nice job , great shoot


Wow I love the picture of you with the rose in your hands. You look amazing. Lill x

I love black and white photographs! There s something more of a story added to them! I esspecially like the ones of you with the roses- so beautiful! xx

absolutely stunning!

I love these pictures! They look so professionally done :) would you ever consider doing a makeup tutorial? x

This is so gorgeous!

I have no words to describe these pictures of you, but the best I can come up with is: AMAZING.. :)

- Victoria

sooooo beautiful photos!!!

OMG!!!! i love your hair!! Lovely pics
Kisses from Spain :**

You you look amazing as usual, I love everything!

Ocean Wind

I love your style and your body.
I wish I was as beautiful as you!

Simply amazing!! great pics !
Congrats to the winners ;)

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Anonymous 5 April 2012 / Reply

kristina, please do “my boyfriend does my makeup” video, like this one:

Oh my! You look gorgeous!!

Wow! You look so gorgeous


The pics are amazing!!!
I’ll follow you, follow me back??


Amazing! Love all the photos <3


Beautiful! I like photos in this way:)

These photos are absolutely stunning!
And of course, you are too. (:

Beautiful photos, you look so stunning!


I love the way you realize your make up!

The pictures are georgeous!
it’s simple and amazing at the same time, love the make up!

You’re amazing, you had creative inspirations but those photos are more than that they are so vogue like, you could really be a professional model you face is stunning, these pictures will get famous around here, so perfect, for sure. I hope you have nothing against it if I repin on my pinspire account.

you are such a good model!

So glamorous, and beautiful as always. BTW the clutch from Zmilelee just arrived. It’s so classy and I’m so happy :).


You are absolutely stunning!

GORGEOUS! so creative and such an amazing look ) xx,
The Golden Girls

you are so beautiful, it seems even more obvious in this black and white version.. :)

Anonymous 5 April 2012 / Reply

yes… beautiful pics!

Black and white sure is a classical touch to any picture.. You look fabulous dear!!! I especially like the add-on rose.. in white!! Amazing… James is an awesome photographer.. and u, an amazing model :)

New post is up <3

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Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

wow amazing photos. you’re beautiful and your boyfriend takes amazing pictures

Очень нравятся фотографии))
U are so beatiful)

These photos are stunning! You look amazing… as always :)


Beautiful pics! I love the ones with the roses.

I love the pictures with you and the roses! They were my favourite! Dark hair really suits you and they belong in a magazine~

These photos are amazing! You look incredibly beautiful! I loved the result!

you are so!

really beautiful pictures :-)

i just wonder – which type is your michael-kors-watch? i just want to buy the same :-D

Anonymous 5 April 2012 / Reply

can you do a youtube makeup tutorial for this look? :)

Le gros trait d’eyeliner te va très bien, et tu as réussi à recréer l’ambiance de ces jolies photos qui rendent un peu nostalgique… tu es magnifique ;) !

gorgeous eye make-up and I love the pictures with the rose :)

beautifull !!!

You’re more than gorgeous <3

xoxo, Roxana @ Comfy space

As always, pretty face! xxx

the last with the rose is STUNNING!!!

Beautiful make-up, you are such a stunning girl!

Anneli x

Lovely photos.


Love this black and white set!




glad you’re so inspired! love the white roses, you look gooorgeous!!! these pictures are amazing, you and James are such a good team!

Fabulous ! Great photos :)

OMG this is absolutely gorgeous!!


great picks!you look so beautiful!

sophie xx

such beautiful pictures. I’m suprised you din’t win that beauty pageant.

These pictures are amazing! You absolutely stunning! Love your makeup!

can you please do my makeup? always stunning. i adore black and white photos, you look like in editorial

Simply beautiful! And I love your earrings! They look great.

Oh my god, these pictures are AMAZING! I also love these old photos. Most of them are very inspiring!

Love, B.

This is actually the best post I’ve seen on your blog. You are so beautiful, and with the make-up you’re pure perfection here! xx

perfection! I love the old Hollywood too.

Hi Kristina very beautiful shot! black and white is amazing! Kisses, Alinne.

you are incredible

Seriously girl, picture nr. 5, omg stunning!!

Anonymous 7 April 2012 / Reply

my GOD!!!!♥ hope you know you’re torturing ugly people ;))

Beautiful photos.

Beautiful as always ;)

Andie !!!

I just love those earings!! I have similar ones but I never know how to wear them whitout looking like an old lady :)



you are so gorgeous! :)
j’aime ton blog ♥

Anonymous 9 April 2012 / Reply

and what about the fabi giveaway that you made a lot of time ago??



i’m so proud, that you are from switzerland! :D but my favourite city is always zurich! best in switzerland ;)

You are a real diva! Pictures are amazing and full of inspiration. Bisous, LL

Wow, you are so gorgeous!!!