SPRING AND BLOSSOMS Sometimes after school it’s so nice to hang around in a parc, take some time for a walk and just breath the fresh air. Feels so good after sitting the whole day in a class room. I had a lot of fun during my lunch break, I took my time to savour the suddenly sunny weather and took the advantage of the free time to make a couple of pictures. Lately, I really enjoyed wearing casual and comfortable outfits. What is interesting about simple compositions is how to embelish them with nice and subtle details, necklaces, earring, shoes or bag, you name it. I picked out two H&M necklaces that I had a big crush on to match my outfit and I think they add that little touch of originality that was missing to this over-simple look. Also just got this new bag from Romwe, and I am madly in love with it, I think it looks quite good with this new t-shirt from Minusey. What do you guys think? With spring weather almost here ( yes, still not entirely in Switzerland), I want to wear more extravagant pieces with lots of colours and prints, looking foward to try out new combinations.

SHIRT : Minusey
PANTS : Zara
BAG : Romwe
LIPSTICK : ”Pink Guava” by Yves Saint Laurent


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Cute outfit. I like the necklaces; the combination is great.

SO lovely! Especially the last two :P

Love your necklace, such a cute and chic outfit!


Nice Outfit! :)
I like the blazer and Pink Guava on your lips.

I love this Zara blazer. I’ve had my eye on it for a while now. It looks great on you!

That last picture is my favorite! I love the necklaces, especially the top one. So cute :)

Love your combination of two necklaces. Cute look. Great bag too.

Chic simple look!


Bag and necklace are very beautiful! You look gorgeous when you’re smiling :)

super cute and chic outfit! :)

great outfit and lovely nackle!

u look stunning as always! I love what you did with the necklaces, really great idea!

those shoes are perfect kristina! love this chic casual spring look.

I love how you mixed two necklaces, wouldn’t think of that.

Such a pretty white jacket !
see my new handbag !

lovely casual look, these necklaces are pretty awesome, especially thing into account that fat that these are hm finds. nicely done

so sweet =)!

I love your bag and your blazer!


Oh my! You look gorgeous! Great pictures, sweetie :)

Loving the t-shirt and the necklaces. I soooo want those necklaces. Such a nice outfit.

The bag is so Alexander Wang-esque! Lovely x

Monochrome Magpie

the jacket is lovely!

love the look and necklaces!!!

So stylish!!!! Love the necklace and the blazer!!!

Anonymous 26 April 2012 / Reply

is the necklace from an actual collection? you look stunning!

Anonymous 26 April 2012 / Reply

Super!!! Beauty smile :)))

very beautiful necklace and outfit

Oh, that necklace was really gorgeous!

This is such a totally comfortable and stylish look. I love the yellow and your nails are fab!


I really like the outfit ^.^ The background looks soo nice :) light blue nails ,yaay :D

so pretty
lovely shirt

Love the romantic way you wear neon:) The necklace is awesome and you look so pretty!!

Kristina, I love Kayture, your work, your looks! I wrote a special post about you on my blog, I hope you like it!!!


Отличные фотографии! Прекрасный образ!

Beautiful! I love the bag and especially this lipstick on you!

Nice outfit and I love the blazer!

kristina you look so lovely. the necklaces are awesome. i would have never guessed that they´re H&M
. great make up again



great outfit!:)

Hehe so cute – love the blazer & your necklace! The bag is so cute too, definitely works so well with this outfit! The park looks beautiful, I can see why you’d want to relax there after a long day of studying :)

B x

Love your necklace, and blazer

You are very beautiful

From Spain
Melocotón y rayas

Really beautiful look! I love these minimal outfits!

this is incredible! the combination of nailpolish, lipstick, t shirt, necklesses…and you :) last two pics are soo cool :)

love this outfit!!
is beautiful!

so beautiful,love the last two pictures


great outfit!! i Love going to the park. the necklace is just gorgeous the bag adorable!!!

You look so beautiful.. and your necklaces are amazing! :)

- Victoria

Beautiful outfit. I love the photos, you look so natural. I like it very much :)
The necklaces are simply amazing. I really have to look for some just like them! xx

omg i love this! such a beautiful post! you are so so sooo photogenic <3
Ginger and Lace

You look so cute :) lovely necklace!

I love the necklage and bag :-) super!


Love necklaces too :) You’re so adorable!

Beautiful pictures I love the location! Amazing outfit!! <3

Vanessa from

I would love to look like this during school days ! absolutely great :)

Such a funny post.. :D cute cute pictures.. I’ve never heard of MAX..but the heels..look stunning!!!!! Lemon/Neon is always a great choice in summers.. and strolling in park seems like a great idea esp with no sun..same is the case in India too :)
Love your poses..An inspiration!
I also wanna see your friends.. :P And your mother’s style.. I’m guessing she would be fab!

New Post is up: My 50th Post
You are also welcome to see My Blog Makeover :) Please tell me your views


Omg neon green,wonderful look!!!!!And why is so beautiful in Switzerland?:DDD

Pretty green colour on your shirt! :) Lovely as always… And really great place to relax after school and just breath the fresh air!

You look beautiful <3

Anonymous 26 April 2012 / Reply

you are a beauty O_O

can you tell me where is your nail polish?
i like it so much!!! ♥
is it from essie?

another question:

I´m from Germany and here in the near isn´t a Sephora shop? what can i do? i like this too faced powder!
order? where?

thank you ♥

Love these photos!!

please visit my blog!!

Hey Kristina! I love your outfit and also your blog. An idea for a post could be a photoshoot at your school, I dont know if u like it, but hope u do it.

Hi from Dominican Republic :)

Love the shirt! So great with a little input of color!

Great photos! I like going for a walk in a park, too :D
Ela – Me In Many Ways

красивая улыбка!

на 2 фото очень похожа на Coco Rocha :)

You are beautiful!!! :)

Anonymous 26 April 2012 / Reply

I really appreciate your blog compared to other…I enjoy the care with which you made the shots, your outfit that follow a specific personal style and taste, the care that you put in the face make up (without a fresh face is ruined every outfit!), the fact that you do not limit to write two miserable ungrammatical but always write an introduction to the post accurate and friendly… maybe, you transmit symphatetic because you’re not in the pictures “mounted” as other people in the net..I don’t know as you are the live but in pictures you do not seem haughty. Goes on like…:) you’re wonderful and your blog too….!! -Sara-

I love the neon colour of your shirt. Very nice outfit. :)

beautiful photos!^^ you’re looking great!<3

Lovely photos! You look beautiful and I like the nail polish colour and the necklaces! :)

Fashion in Pepperland

Anonymous 26 April 2012 / Reply

Cette veste Zara me fait de l’oeil tous les jours de semaines ;) Elle est superbe sur toi !

I love seing you in a more casual way :) It suits you really well and you look so chic even when you’re “casual looking” :)

your necklace is so cool!

Anonymous 26 April 2012 / Reply

my favorite post on your blog, ever!
Love the colors and the mood, and you and your outfit of course!

Gorgeous photo! I love the color of your shirt!

I love your look! Are peonies behind you? I love this flowers… Xoxo from Brazil

Love the necklaces! :)

Love the double necklace combination, makes for a totally new and unique look.

You look stunning, love your whole outfit! Xx

You look lovely and the weather seems perfect!

Ocean Wind

so cute! you have a big and beautiful smile :)

romantic, comfortable, and phenomenal! love the pop of lime with the black and white! truly amazingggg! Hugs form California! xx,
The Golden Girls

Ton sourire *.*

Great outfit! Love the mixture, it is classy, stylish and comfortable!
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Love this outfit! That jacket is absolutely beautiful!

xoxo, Laura

cute outfit! love the necklaces :)

Cute! Great outfit! The yellow looks great on you!

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

Great look! I like it so much!!!

Love the outfit and the necklaces! And the surroundings are beautifull!


love the pop of neon and your necklace is beautiful!

Прекрасные фотографии=)

Lovely pics! Especially love the last ones, they’re so spontaneous!

Nice outfit. I got you sometimes it’s just so nice to wear effortless & simple outfits.

Kisses Andie !!!

Your bag is awesome and I like your blazer.

such as a lovely moment that u’ve spent with ur boyfie…

Always Perfect. Kiss


Bonita!! Belle!! Bella!! Beautiful!! Makeup!

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