L’ARRIÈRE DU DÉCORS I have always been, as I am for fashion, passionate abour the art of the decoration and dreamed about moving to a wide appartment that I could decorate form A to Z. The athmosphere is very important to me, I enjoy living in a very light space, with a lot of sun and space therefore I have chosen to build up my room around a minimalist theme complimented by nice detailings. But still, I don’t have much things hanging around, only the strict essentials and I’ve noticed that it helps me to stay organized and calm. My room has a real influence on my state of mind, if it’s messy I feel like it’s messy in my head aswell.The room I had before was too much overwhelmed, and because I have a very small one it is better to preserve a coziness and a fresh feel. My decorations is highly inspired by clasic esthetic, Chanel or Vogue inspire me aswell with their elegant minimalism. My room is maily monochromatic, blakc and white are the dominant colours and I find it very usefull and pleasant. To add a little bit of personality to my room, I decided to get a bunch of flower vases, it gives a much more vibrant feeling. I love setting candles on my nightstand, and sometimes putting some nice creams or perfumes on it, but usually all my items are inside my drawers. 

Now, a lot of you have been very curious about my dressing, well it’s actually quite small and I am missing space. Basically I have in my garde-robe only the clothes for the season, the other ones are neatly taken away in boxes and aren’t in my room. My shoes aren’t in my room and the bags are in my drawers. Because of the small size of my room, it was quite difficult to shot the pictures especially from some particular angles but here in those couple of shots you guys can see the most out of it, and especially the nice details that I enjoy. Also, if you are interested, all of my furniture and boards, are from IKEA!


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Very nice room!

love all the details of your room !!

Everything is very well placed, organized and clean! Love it!

Wow – very beautiful style… – looks really elegant.. great interior pics… thanks for sharing…!


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Very nice room. I love how you’ve designed it, everything is so organized! :)

Amazing interior, very clean and light, love this!

Fashion Agony blog

WOOW the best room I have ever seen ! Like it so much ! :)

Love the cupboard and B&W with colour touches!!!
Simply great!!

So cool like you dear! A room to be photographed!
Have a nice day!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Love how minimalistic your room is! I want to decorate my own place in a similar way when I can afford it. For now my room is filled with childhood memories and far to many clothes! x

Monochrome Magpie

So beautiful room- I can definitely see that it’s a student’s room but at the same time it is really stylish and unique. And your clothing rack is amazing, pretty colors, beautiful materials.

All the best,

wow ! you have so amazing and beautiful room :))

Lovely, as everything about you! Very minimal and charming… I love also the fact that your clothes are positioned by colours!

kinda interesting.. :)

Amazing! Literally took my breath away.


lovely room! very minimal and chic (:

Anonymous 6 April 2012 / Reply

Could you make a post something like “10 thing I cannot live without”. and about your hobbies? Itw would be great!

What a beautiful room :)

Oh wow, your home is as beautiful as you are (didn’t expect anything else, really)!

Anneli x

You have such a beautiful bedroom! I really admire you for managing to keep it so minimalist and clean! I always try to make my bedroom like that but it always ends up messy!

wow such a wonderful place:) amazing how you make such a inspiring room whitin a small size. xx

Anonymous 6 April 2012 / Reply

nice room. do you live alone or with parents?

Thanks for this post!
I love your bedroom, I wish I had one like that. The athmosphere look relaxing and so glamorous at the same time

Your room is so beautifully decorated! I love all the flowers :)

Fashion in Pepperland

I admire your lack of clutter! I always have a thousand and one cosmetics laying around everywhere.

Such a pretty room! I love your wardrobe.

it’s cool!
very beautiful room!


OMG, I LOVE YOUR ROOM! It looks great. x

Love this elegant minimalistic black and white style with the flowers adding a touch of color!
Wondreful room!


Anonymous 6 April 2012 / Reply

your room is so wonderful <3

Anonymous 6 April 2012 / Reply

Очень стильная комната,обустроенная со вкусом!Видно индивидуальность в каждой её части)))Доска,на которой можно писать-это реальная идея)Привет из Сибири)

I love the quote!

I’m jealous! It’s beauutiful.

Wow, stunning! Love the Chanel details.


very romantic and clean atmosphere!

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Absolutely gorgeous!! I like black and white so much!

Simple, but elegant :) This room really suits you. Love the black and white
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

how wonderful <3

WOW! Incredible :)

beautiful. I adore all your Chanel Accessoires :DD greetings CATHY COUTURE

Wow, your room looks so sleek and sophisticated! Love the simplicity of it, and how your clothes are organized by color :)


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Hope you like it : )


such a nice room, i´d love to have a room that is so tidy and clean.


Love, love love your apartment. It’s nice to see that theres a set theme throughout it~ It also definitely goes with your style, very classic and chic. I wish I had more time to design my apartment!

With this post you made me quite jealous! ;)

I really like how you decor your room!

you have a beautiful place!!! I love the flowers!!

You have a very neat room! Everything looks so pretty!

Love the positive writing!

Happy Weekend and happy Estern!

Absolutely gorgeous!

What a beautiful room! I love black & white places.

A beautiful room. I envy. ^.^
You go it alone.?

wow, I love your interior decoration, very elegant and tasteful.

Beautiful room you have :) It’s like one of those whose pictures you save in your laptop (like me) :P N wow..u have a book on chanel? interesting :) n who is that lady with you in the photo frame? I have heard a lot about your mom, from you but never seen that her?

N it’s so nice to see that you have fresh flowers in your room.. so quiet and beautiful :)

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The oval black baroque like frame and small portrait really compliment each other well.

I can see that we’ve similar taste in id. Love b&w combination. Overall great design:)

very cool room! I like the minimalistic feeling of it. haha and Ikea is awesome:-)

Anonymous 6 April 2012 / Reply

It ia idelic!!!

I love the colors in your closet!

Lovely room! I like the style, it really reflects you! I love my spaces neat, tidy and organized as well! Really contributes to your piece of mind!


Lovely room!!
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xo Madeleine

I love what you’ve done with your room! It may be small as you say, but the decoration is amazing! I love minimalistic designs, and yours is perfect, and very well organized. I like that. I wish I could redecorate my room the way I like it, but it’s been almost the same since I was a kid.

Anonymous 6 April 2012 / Reply

“L’envers du décor”, plutôt non ?

so good post!
i am really like beautiful interiors)

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You’re room is beautiful, i love the monochromatic style!

Wow, you have a very beautiful room! Mine is very small, too and I still have so many decoration ideas left. Maybe I will live them in my new appartment :)

Love, B.

I love your room. You are very much impressive for your young age, you know what you like and how you want it to be! Seriously, hat off!

Ocean Wind

The first photo is amazing!!! This is a room that I consider to be very sophisticated and classy…love it!!!

Omg close to perfection! LOVE the flowers & the chanel stuff :)


You’ve surprised me Kristina! I didn’t expect you were so “minimalist”. I had in my mind you were more the “romantic and warm style decoration” kind of girl…

Wow,such an amazing place!Every detail is perfection!

I never though your furnitures were from IKEA, they look so good in these pictures! J’aime ton LE BLOG DE MODE!!!

xx Heidi Caterina

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soo tidy! love all those chanel accents!

Hi Kristina, I’ve just finished redecorating my room too!!! It was difficult to shot some angles for me too… But I show every detail of it in my blog post! i like the result… Your room is very sophisticated and elegant! I like so much! My room is in shabby style… I hope you like mine too! kiss dear! Alinne

Details of my new room here:

My blog:


i did here that the bedroom is supposed to be just for sleeping and shouldn’t have too many things going on, good point. def love the black and white

Anonymous 7 April 2012 / Reply

Is that a Kate Bush quote?

Love the clean, black and white look! The racks of clothing is probably the best part:)

Wow, it looks almost like on a hotel! But I understand you like it clean and minimalistic, it gives such a calm atmosphere which is very important in daily life! It’s so cool you’re interested in interior as well, I didn’t know

Now you could make a post with your favorite clothes . Love Patricia

Anonymous 7 April 2012 / Reply

In french we say ‘L’envers du décors” and not “L’arrière du décors”
Lovely room by the way

A french fan

Your room is BEAUTIFUL! :)
xoxo Michelle




“Just know that something good is going to happen”
I love that.

I really like this minimalist decor it’s so elegant and in order. I get your point about the fact that when your room is messy you feel like everything in your head is too. It’s the exact same thing for me like I can’t focus or anything. Anyway thanks for sharing Kristina, your room is lovely.

Kisses Andie ;)

Wish I could have a room like yours !

Anonymous 7 April 2012 / Reply

I’ve been waiting for that post. Beautiful room, I’am really surprised that all these stuffs are from IKEA.

xo, Marta (Poland)

your room is very nice. in one of your recent posts you asked if we have any ideas which posts you could make in your easter holidays. Well, I think it would be amazing if you would show us different outfits with “basics”, such as a simple jeans or a black high waist skirt or sth like that (like “4 ways to style a pair of jeans”:D). That would be soo cool:)

I also love decoration! Already have something in common .. ; )

such a pretty room,

Wow!Adorable room!I love the combination between avant-garde and minimalism!

Anonymous 7 April 2012 / Reply

“L’arrière du décor” :)

Cependant ton blog est excellent, bravo à toi !!

Wow, amazing!!! Great post!

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Congrats to your new move. You are definitely a Chanel fan! Even your furnitures resemble Chanel colors =)

I 100% agree with you. These are the tones of my bedroom. Unfortunately I have to add some masculinity for the bf. Xo

-Art a la Rue

I love it! And I like that it looks so fresh and bright!

xoxo, Roxana @ Comfy space

Anonymous 8 April 2012 / Reply

Hi,Kristina. I love your blog so much. You inspired me to create my own bloge…
Please, check it out. I would be very greateful to you if you did it. And let me know what you think about it)))
P.S. Your room is amazing)))) xxx

love your room!!

Love the style.

wowww so clean and so much order in there!

amazing decoration!


IKEA is a perfect store for bulding up a room!
i love the style of the hangers in your wardrobe:)
minimalistic style is very nice. i like it

have a nice Easter holiday!
much love from Slovakia!: )

derbe schöner raum <3

Really classy! I love your room!


Very nice. I always thought your room would look like this: Very minimalistic but with some romantig details like flowers or this picture frame. I think I have the same bed & commode ;)

love all the details of your room !! congratulations :D

I love how minimal it is, yet so glamorous!

just know that something is good gonna happen ~~ i do love this one!

wat a lovely room <3

Omg, your room is so stylish. I love the colour combination <3

I love the decor! <3 I’m going to use this as inspiration when I re-decorate my room :)

OMG!! Amazing room!!!

Great white-black room :)

Omg, your room is so stylish. I love the colour combination <3

luv ur room, never get bored to see it frequently :)

Cool is it!!

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Fantastic article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

I loved your article. Much obliged.

Lovely room you have =)

when i feel stuck, i come here and drop by some msg for u… ur room, if i hv the new ones…pls update us :)