VLOG Here it is finally! A lot of you have been asking me about my skin care, what products do I use and how do I do to manage having clear skin. Even though of course luckily we have make-up and photoshop (oh sweet power of artifice), I try to take good care of my skin and that first of all, not with the products I use but especially with my lifestyle. Eating healthy food, sleeping and spending time outside at fresh air will have a huge incidence on the way your skin looks like and as well on how your body does too. However I know how difficult it can be, especially between the age of 14-25 having a flawless skin tone. That’s why good products can really help.

I have heard about the Clinic three step from a lot of people, and it really helped me out with my skin issues. By adapting the three step program to my skin, I beneficiate of a perfect range of skin products perfectly suited to my needs. What is also quite nice about it is that you can buy sample sizes, just to try out the three step and see if it fits your skin type, I know it cost a lot so it’s better to try out before buying the regular sizes which are pricy. Another thing which you should be aware of, is the foundation you use, if you have oily skin try to find an oil free foundation or your skin will get damaged even if you use the right skin care products. For dry skin, don’t make it even dryer with too much powder. If you have any other questions please let me know, it would be a pleasure for me to share with you my personal tips!


Add yours

You are so pretty and cute in this video ^-^
And I like your voice ^-^

xoxo from Germany * C’est la vie, chérie *

I use Clinique Products for my skincare too!
Love them!

Wow! So cute ^^ I would looove to see any other videos :) About your hair, make up, styling tipps.. anything ♥


Such a great video. I am so impressed by how beautiful and lovely you are. And I would be very interested in a video about hair care because my hair tends to be broken the whole time and yours looks so healthy. x

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

Très chouette vidéo, j’essaierai sûrement ces conseils ! J’espère aussi voir une vidéo à propos de tes cheveux, car ils sont magnifiques ! J’ ai aussi des longs cheveux blonds mais ça m’interesse de connaître tes petits secrets pour les garder en bon état :)

La vidéo est super, j’adore ! Tu es très drôle en plus ! Quand tu dis avoir eu de l’acné, ça me rassure, j’en ai aussi beaucoup eu et à 17 ans j’en ai encore un petit peu. J’arrive à contrôler l’apparition des imperfections, mais je garde encore des petites cicatrices, seulement des petites tâches et des points noirs qui donnent une peau plutôt irrégulière … Quand je vois ta peau si parfaite et sans le moindre défaut sur les photos, j’aimerais savoir si tu n’as pas d’autres petites astuces pour retrouver une peau bien unifiée et lumineuse comme tu as ! Sinon je suis d’accord avec toi, l’alimentation compte beaucoup (une crêpe au nutella et je suis sûre d’avoir des boutons le lendemain !) et les produits Clinique sont très bien ! :)

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

Ты такая милая и красивая тут)
Очень понравилось, советы приму к сведению)

Yees, how do you take care of your hair :)

Thx for your tips, I had acne and I hated it!!! :(

I use clinique skin care products for 2 years ago..they are amazing!

What a nice video, your advice is really great!
Oh, and what’s the background music? :)

Love, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

This video was so helpful! I really want to try that moituriser now! xx

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

Ты выглядишь очень милой перед камерой, видно, что нервничаешь)) Приучай себя успокаиваться, ты достаточно рассудительный человек, чтобы суметь заинтересовать слушателей\читателей\зрителей. Поэтому расслабься и смело говори всё, что думаешь.
Удачи! :*)

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

kristina, a video about your hair care would be so great!

I’d really like to see a video about what you do with your hair, it looks amazing! :)

ohhh you’re so cute:) You really really inspirate me! Keep being so adorable.
Regards, Janira.

you’re crazy :D … thanks for the tips!

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

So cute ! You’re lovely !
You talked about your hair at the end of the video and… yeah I’m curious about what products you use for your hair (I’ve long blond hair – natural – too and they’re really pretty but I still would love to discover some new tips from another blond girl !)

How do you care about your hair ? Could you make a video about it ?
your video is very useful ! now I just have to use Clinique Products such as you do !

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

how often do you paint your nails?

I think I will definitely try Clinique products. I already used those pills that you are speaking about, I have to say they are great but yes very aggressive for your body so I don’t want to use then again.
Tks for the advices, I will try them ALL :D

Lovely video, you are getting professional :)

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

an eye mak up vlog would be amazing :)

This was very helpful! I really think that you’re amazing and sincere person. Sincerity and honesty are practically the most important things in the world.

Best wishes,

j’ai un problème avec ma peau, elle n’est ni trop grasse ni trop sèche mais j’ai des rougeurs sur les joues c’est vraiment très gênant ! j’arrive à masquer avec du fond de teint mais je préférerais que ça disparaisse… Est-ce que tu connais un produit pour ça?
PS super vidéo

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

Great video! Thanks for the tips!

great video. so many useful tips!!! and you are so lovely :)

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

how often you party? :)

You´re so sweet!
I wonder how you care for your hair. A lot! :)

It really helped, because my skin is oily.sensitive too!
I’ll try those clinique products as soon as I can :D
by the way, you are AWESOME!

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

Oh yes please, make a video about your hair!!

Я использую те же самые продукты Clinique в течение двух лет. У меня также достаточно жирная и в то же время чувствительная кожа, но эта серия просто творит чудеса! Спасибо за советы! Обожаю тебя слушать! Ты безумно милая!

You are SOOO beautiful!
I love your Style! <3

Amazing video Kristina, and really helpful tips! I’m definitely gonna try them!

Really good♥

You are so sympathetic and so pretty! These are good advises, i have really dry skin and i hope Clinique will help me (:

lots of love! xx

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

ooh merci pour la vidéo ! j’ai des problèmes avec ma peau et ta vidéo m’a beaucoup apporté c’est adorable je cours acheter des produits Clinique! J’aimerais bien une petite vidéo maquillage un truc pour aller au lycée soft, léger j’adore la façon dont tu te maquilles c’est toop!
thanks a lot !

Omgosh, how can you be so pretty??! You’re officially my girl crush. The way you talk, the way you move your hands is just so captivating! I wish I could be your friend ,really! More videos, please! I don’t care about what it would be, about anything, your hair, your closet, ANYTHING! I totally adore your blog! You’re an amazing blogger, really, and I admire you SO much!

Very cute video – really great makeup products “Photoshop” :-)… but you are right…


Van – / Bloglovin / New Facebook-Page

You’re the cutest dear!

you are such a lovely person!

You make a very good videos, that are pleasent to wach, you should make some more:-)

I am a big fan of the Clinique lotion, it’s so fantastic!

You are great!:D you act so natural in front of the camera and I find your tips really useful. Do more videos about anything, which come to your mind, I really enjoy watching it:)

I’m not a big lover of Clinique products, but maybe I have to give one more try to it!

Ocean Wind

i’d love to see a video of how you take care of your hair. and what type of hair do you have?
and this ‘grandma tips’ were soo great, so if you’d do the same with hair care tips i’d be eternally grateful! :)

and thank you so much this video too. you’re such a wonderful person, i wish i’d know you in real like :)

Aw cute video, and thanks for sharing your tips! Love the Clinique range, agree with you that they have great products! :)

B x

Anonymous 27 April 2012 / Reply

I totally wanna know about how u take care of ur hair cuz it looks amazing!!!!! :D

Comme je l’ai dit en commentaire sur youtube, j’adore cette vidéo, tu es fraîche et pleine de vie ça fait plais’ :) Merci pour les conseils, je connaissais pas le coup du dentifrice ahah :p
Hâte de te voir dans ton prochain post ! <3

You are soo cute Kristina I love your character! <3 I'm thinking such a long time about the Clinique producs and I think I give it a chance!

Love and Kisses,
Vanessa from

Clinique breaks me out, but you have lovely skin!


Kristina you are so cute!! And so beautiful. I would reeealllyy love to know how you take care of your hair! Video soon? <3<3<3

thank you for sharing this beautiful tips

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

Please do a blog post on your favourite lipsticks! You always have fab colour on your lips! Thank you! Love from Singapore!

i used it too and it was one of the very few products that really worked for me.
anyway, you are so cute here :) maybe you could do the video about your hair as well :)

kisses from Slovakia

Yess, girl, your video is perfect, a lot of advises and ect..:))

Also I would like to see your hair care advises and how do
you curly them?:))

So cute! Great advice! Love the video!

Ta-taa for now,

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

You are so lovely!:)

I love Clinique products! Great post!

another great video ;)you look fabulous!
I’m curious how you manage with your hair? it must be difficult, isn’t it? mine is much shorter and I already have some problems and it takes so much time, hm..
anyway have a nice weekend :)

ooh my goosh. :) it’s so nice to see how confident you are in front of a camera! making jokes and pulling some faces. haha. :) thanks for the tips, i just woke up after a little party night, and i will try the cucumber-ice tip right away! :)
have a good day and yeah, you should definitly do a video about how you take care of your hair! :)

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

Thanks for the video! xoxoxoxo

Great tips! And you look beautiful

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

The video was great! You look so cute, haha. :)
A video on your hair care would be fine!

we use the same products love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

You should have a beauty channel on YouTube

I absolutely love this video :) A haircare/hairstyle routine would be really helpful.

Thankyou so much for this video :) It was very helpful !!

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

After seeing this video I think I am going to start using these products! I hate my skin but I am really in love with yours! Hahaha xoxo from Spain! ;)

thankyou for the video :)
I’m going to adopt this tips right away.
It would be really great if you could make a video about hair care, because I see that you do things in your hair that could burn and ruin it, but your hair allways looks really healthy :)

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

You are LOVELY and so SWEET!I am quite pale too and I have a bit of acne and I am really going to take your advice! Thank you very very much for this video!

После этого видео я посмотрела все остальные твои на youtube:) Кристина, так здорово, что ты свободно говоришь на английском, французском и даже русском! Молодец!
Nice blog, very cute stuff you’re speaking about:)
Gros bisous!;)

Could you do a foundation routine video?

Lovely video woth great tips! Specially the tip to avoid looking like a zombie will have a lot of use in my case… ;D

Kisses from Finland, Aduaa

You are so pretty. I use the clinique products too :)

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

Nice video ^^ I like your blog :)

Invite :p

u r so cute!
great video.

such a nice and helpful video! really nice advices! thank u so much! you are really sweet! xx

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply


I really loved the video.
Maybe you could do another vlog about style advices to look slender. it’s our obsession, that’s why we torture our feet wearing heels all the time lol


Oh my, you are so adorable! I’ll definitely try these products.

- Victoria

Anonymous 28 April 2012 / Reply

I am addicted of your videos. I love you:*
Kisses from Poland

love your blog! it’s absolutely perfect. want to follow each other?

xo, nikki

Thank you so much! I have the same skin condition. I liked your advice about crushed cucumbers & ice with lip balm. The biggest problem I have though is reducing my red blemishes, especially under my nose and on my cheeks.

Yaay <3 You finally did it, thank you for this video!

life is pink♥mfashionfreak

great video! you’re so funny! :) thanks for the tips.

btw, i loved you music background, the temper trap is one of my favorite bands :D!

i love that toothpaste tip… so useful

Anonymous 29 April 2012 / Reply

You should make a post showing some baby/kid photos of you! I bet you were the cutest kid =p You are lovely!

Emily from New Zealand

What is the song in the video? I like your background.

Really really loved it! And I lvoed you much more when I watched this video :) You are increbly cute and sweet and funny :) I wanna watch a video about styling tips.. Like.. How do you start to create a look.. Where do you start from? Bag? shoes?? You can show it step by step :) Thank you so much for this wonderful video :) And you dont need photoshop :)

actually these tips don’t really interested me, cause I’m happy with my skin. But I’m so fascinated by your sympathy! in a video you can see much more of the personality of a person than on pictures. take care

Love it! You are so cute!! And funny, really funny, like your vlog! Clinique is great! Ps. love to see some hairstyling tips maybe.


Can you tell us more about, what you do to hold your weight ?

Anonymous 29 April 2012 / Reply

girl u are amazing!!!!seriously i`m crazy about your blog(in a positive way yes hh)u are so kind and funny really thank you so much for sharing all that with us your loyal fans

finally someone classy and good hearted that you can really look up to that cares about health and gives healthy tips not just stop eating
I find that inspiring

I’d love to see a video on styling (: You have such good taste! xx

Anonymous 29 April 2012 / Reply

I would looove to see videos about your hair, make up, and styling tipps!:)

Great post and great products!! I have sensitive skin too!

Thanks for the tips :D

Anonymous 29 April 2012 / Reply

Make a video about your hair. I would really love to know how you take care of your hair! :) Thank You! :)

Tolles Video, du bist so sympathisch :)

I love this video! You are so cute, I love all of the little jokes you make! And I have exactly the same skin-type! Oily and sensitive… It sucks. But now I’ve found skincare that is close to perfect (it will never be totally perfect, nothing will); I also use the Clinique three-step, but only two steps: a moisturizer and tonique from the “anti-blemish solutions” line and they work very well! Other than that I use The Body Shop and L’Oreal products; I use the Body Shop facial mask and exfoliator and L’Oreal night-cream that moisturizes. And I also think it really depends on food and drinks, I always think green tea really helps; so that’s also a tip to remember!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Anonymous 29 April 2012 / Reply

How do you care of your “school style”? Do You usually wear clothes like you post on your blog or others?
It’s very interesting, realy! :)

Tu es vraiment adorable sur tes vidéos.
Ça fait plaisir de voir que les peaux à imperfections (manière noble de les appeler) ont de l’espoir.
Je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher de noter que tu n’utilises que 2 étapes du basique 3 temps. Une raison ? Je me souviens l’avoir essayé il y a des années, ça avait été une catastrophe, ma peau ressemblait à du steak haché.
Je n’avais pas pensé que l’on pouvait retirer l’étape qu’ils déclarent comme la plus importante (la lotion)..
Bref je serais curieuse de connaitre ta raison :)
Bonne soirée !

Anonymous 30 April 2012 / Reply

can you make a video about how to take care of your hair please? do you do your hair ALWAYS with the iron? or your hair is always that straight? and what do you wear to make it blonder? i like so much, i hope you make a video about your hair soon (:

Anonymous 30 April 2012 / Reply

Kristina, you always look serious in your photos. I never thought you are so cheery and full of energy and confidence! It came to me as a surprise lol, a good one though! I want hair-care tips please! And i hope you would answer some of my questions:

1. You are in school. How do u have time to model? How much u earn from modelling?

2. My hair needs to be washed everyday if not my scalp gets itchy, very itchy. But when i wash it everyday, it becomes dry instead especially at the roots, what do you recommend?

3. Your hair looks so straight. Do you flat iron it? How do u dry ur wet hair? Naturally or blow-dry? Are you a natural blonde?

4. Have you worn braces before? Your teeth looked perfect.

I would be extremely grateful if you answer the question above.I would love it if you post a vlog on hair-care tips and do you follow a certain kind of diet? Pls share if you do.

Love ya!
From Asia

Anonymous 30 April 2012 / Reply

What do you plan to study after high school? Besides fashion, please let us know more about your personal life? And do you have a family photo of you. I would love to see whether u resemble your mom or dad. You are definitely mature for your age.


Camillemauguier 30 April 2012 / Reply

Question : trouves – tu que la Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion est mieux que la crème Moisture Surge Intense ( ou pas Intense ) que j’utilise à la place ? ( Si tu as déjà testé la chose bien sûr ) , j’ai une peau claire de blonde, sensible et sèche et j’ai peur que cette crème ne soit pas assez hydratante pour mon type de peau .

By the way, ton goût est sûr, élégant, harmonieux, frais . Tout ce que j’aime

Anonymous 1 May 2012 / Reply

I was very happy watching this video,
I had problems with my skin, too :/
and I felt exactly the same, I just searched every drugstore for cremes,… and went to the doctor and felt so embarrassed because of my skin..
but i solved my problems at least :D
It’s great to know I’m not the only one that suffered all this stuff :))

Ahh you’re awesome! I have skin exactly like yours, definitely trying clinique :) xx

you’re adorable!

Tu as une si jolie peau et tes vidéos sont toujours très chics et agréables à regarder.
Et j’ai une petite question: as-tu eu des cicatrices d’acné ? Si c’est le cas, quel produit t’a permis de les faire disparaître ?

Could please make a video about the hairproducts you are using?

SamanthaA 9 May 2012 / Reply

Loved this video. It was actually very helpful since I still suffer a bit from acne. Thanks so much for the tips! :)
I would love to see a video on haircare because mine has a lot of breakage even though I don’t heat style it a lot.

Anonymous 13 May 2012 / Reply

please do one about your haircare!!
i would love to hear how you get such gorgeous hair!

p.s.: i am a huge fan of you and your style! keep going! xx

I love your blog and your style! This video was super helpful, I’m going to try the lipbalm tip! Can you do a haircare video?!? I want to know how you get such perfect hair!!
Keep it up! xxoo

You look so gorgeous. I found the video interesting but I haven’t used Clinique. I only use herbal skin care and soap for my face.. What I did before using any skin care products I conduct a review fist or reading a skin care product review so I could make sure about the products I’m going to use.

Yoou are soooo sympathetic!! The photos sometimes can make you seem a little arrogant, but every time i watch a video where you speak, you convince me of the opposite! You seem very kind and generous!

Thank you so much for the video! I’ve been having problems with my skin lately. In the winter it dryes up but in the summer it gets a little bit more oily, but now it’s morey oily than ever and I wasn’t sure what skin care products I should try out :)


Anonymous 18 June 2012 / Reply

Hey, I just saw your video and I wondered how long has it took until it got better with your skin? Because I started 3 weeks ago also to use clinique, but theres no improve yet.

Would be great if I get an answer, thank you (:

You are absolutly georgeous. So cute, lovely and I see that you’re really happy. I loved this video!

I like the premium moroccan oil that they are offering. Organic and is expertly blended and formulated for women’s needs.

The post has share useful skin care video. Good post

Hey, I just saw your video and I wondered how long has it took until it got better with your skin? Because I started 3 weeks ago also to use clinique, but theres no improve yet.

Thanks for the tips. They are very useful and handy

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