Pictures by JAMES VYN

SUMMER LOOK Last week I had the chance to get my make-up done by one of the Yves Saint Laurent make-up artist, Michael. It was such a big pleasure for me to get some tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect YSL summer look with the products from the new summer 2012 collection. I was thrilled. And now I can share this great experience with you guys and also give you all the nice tricks he taught me.

EYES : Michael started my make-up with the eye shadow, which surprised me because usally people prefer doing their foundation first. He applied the light coffee/camel shade from the new Pure Chromatics number 8 palette on my eyelid after priming my eye with some Touche Eclat, (did you know that you can use the touche éclat on your eyes to make them more soft and shiny). These eye shades are very shimmery and the result is gorgeous. Afterwards he drew a half circle beneath my lid with the medium bronze shade to add some volume, and to make my eye look bigger and brighter. The darkest khaki shade comes at the end, just in the corners to make a darker and more dramatic look. Michael used a dark blue eye pencil that he mixed with a little bit of golden eyeshadow under my eye. Finally he used YSL Shocking mascara and eyeliner to finish the eye look.

SKIN : After preparing my skin with some touche éclat on my eye circles, cheekbones, around the lips and even on the line of my nose, Michael applied a shimmery illluminizing gel to make my face look glowy and fresh. Then a little bit of the lightest foundation on my skin just to make my skin tone more even. To fix the make up, it is good to use a big brush with just a little bit of powder, to avoid loosing the face glow. To end the face make-up, Michael used the Terre Saharienne bronzing powder just to make my pale skin look a little more summer-like. 

LIPS AND BROWS : The details are the most important. For the lips, Michael went for the new Rouge pur couture called ”Rouge Madras”, an incredible red shade which tends more a lila/pink shade than to a tangerin/orange one. Quite surprising for summer. It’s always nice to finish a make-up with the brows, with a little bit of brown brow pencil. Sharp brows add a sophisticated and dramatic vibe to any make-up look.


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Wow, beautiful look! The red lip is stunning.

so pretty :-D

godamn, your so pretty
love the makeup

new post up ; no makeup

waow.. nice info.. I’ll follow what Michael did to you.. ya, like you told i usually start with foundation.. New knowledge.. nice.. Thank you so much.. and you looks so gorgeous.. i love the result.. ^_^


You are SO gorgeous! Such a great role model, I love you!

Xx, Helene

Anonymous 10 April 2012 / Reply

what lens does your boyfriend use? your pictures are stunning! please reply. xx

Love seeing you get pampered! What a fun experience!

Beautiful description. I wish I would have all these products right here, so that I can try it out ^^ have a nice day Beauty.


lipstick YSL love love love


That picture with James in the mirror is so adorable! You look so cute together :-) Must be great to be able to spend such moments together!
Really love the look they gave you. You always have a one of a kind make-up look and I love it! :-)

Beautiful look! The colour of the lipstick is amazing. :)

You look so beautiful <3

It looks really, really beautiful!

wow the post is amazing!! I really love YSL cosmetics, the lipstick that they used for you is wonderful! I thing I’m gonna get it!! Lovely post!! I love your blog:)


omg you look FABULOUS! amazing makeup job :) Hugs from California :) xx,
The Golden Girls

WOW! You look so beautiful!!! Especially the eye make up is incredible! I love the lipcolor to the nailpolish color!

Judith from Germany

Wow!!! Amazing make up!!!! You look pretty!!

I love Yves Saint Laurent and I love when you do a make up post! It is so nice to get tips like this :)

flawless <3

J’adore !

Gorgeous make up!! I love YSL cosmetics!

Wow, you look stunning! I love this eye make up. I think I wouldn’t wear it for the day, but it will be great at night! Think I’ll have to try something like this soon :)

PS: There’s an amazing international giveaway on my blog


omg!! you’re so beautiful!! i love ur eyes :D

lovely! i also use YSL and is one of the best make up brands i’ve ever tried!

I just have no words!Perfect make-up!You’re so gorgeous!!:))


I love all the colours used YSL has such beautiful makeup and such beautiful packaging! xx

love your make looks wonderful :)

Gorgeous! You look absolutely stunning xo

Perfect liquid liner – that make up artist truly is a professional! Your skin looks flawless, it doesn’t even look like you need any make up.

:) Ewa

You look totally stunning :)

Вау!! Очень красиво! Люблю эту марку.

Anonymous 10 April 2012 / Reply

what perfume do you use?

You are so beautiful! I love YSL:)

Love the make-up, very stunning! Love the gold shimmery shadow!


You look gorgeous!!! Beautiful pictures.. I love YSL!!!!

beautiful photos!! you look stunning!!!

You’re really beautiful and make-up artist is wizard I think :D

you look gorgeous in this new make up style!
I love specially the eyes, the golden shade with dark blue details underneath the eye makes your eyes look more blue, you’re so pretty :)
love from Spain

sensationally beautiful!!!I fell in love with lipstick shade)

Wow, Kristina! You looks amazing! <3
I love this great post. (Your darling is sweet tooO:))
btw: Your make-up artist looks like Marc Jacobs ,,junior”! :DD

Absolutely stunning. But honey, you don’t need make-up, you are naturally so beautiful!

Anneli x

wow! you look wonderful :)


You are so beautiful!!!

Mind following each other?




really nice makeup! love the eyeshadow! xx

amazing make-up!^^

Wauwww the make-up is beautiful! You look gorgeous!


Lovely, how funny Michael looks so much like James.. without the beard of course haha :)

waooww you look gorgeous. thanks your helpful tips:))

you are very beautiful…you know it!

u look amazing!

you are absolutely stunning!

I love YSL make ups! They have the best mascaras and lipsticks…others I haven’t tried yet but I sure will! Your make up looks gorgeous! ♥

Love your make up, is super feminin and sexy!
Amazing products, I have Touche Eclat, and is one of my favourites!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Your make up is as gorgeous as Michael lol ;)

Kisses Andie !!!

Beautiful makeup… YSL is soo great… will have my appointment with Chanel in the next week…


Van – / Bloglovin / Facebook

Прекрасный макияж! Поразительно как красная помада может в корни поменять весь образ!

i love your nailpolish! and somehow I shortly thought that Michael is Vyn :)

you look beautiful !

Wow amazing!
And such a nice oppertunity!

XO Arezu

Love the eye makeup…gorgeous!

Absolutely stunning!

gorgeous make-up!!!:)

Amazing make-up! You look gorgeous!

Tellement belle! La photo de James et toi dans le miroir, vraiment trop cute!!


Beautiful look! Especially the red lips, classic :)

OMG what nail polish are you wearing?

Wow, Michael did a great job!

This look is beyond stunning, you look so pure!
JS xx

Wonderful, Kristina! this makeup is amazing! amazing products! But I love the way you make your makeup every day… Kisses dear! Alinne

Your skin is flawless! I love your makeup it looks amazing!

tu est ravissante. le rouge te va à merveille!

wowww! you look soooo beautiful!
the lip color is stunning on you!
Ginger and Lace

Anonymous 11 April 2012 / Reply

that photo james took of him kissing you on the cheek in the mirror…so precious it made my heart hurt. ughhh i want a boyfrienddddd

How on earth do you keep your skin so smooth and flawless? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million more times: you are beautiful!


You are beautiful.


Amazing, you look gorgeous!

Ocean Wind

love this make up!


Anonymous 11 April 2012 / Reply

Amazing make up, gorgeous eyes and perfect lips, really ;)

I really love this look on you.. the golden shades are so beautiful! :)

- Victoria

WOW, you ARE so beautiful. Looks so awesome <3. Love, J.

This make-up really suits you ! You look absolutely stunning

Anonymous 11 April 2012 / Reply

awesome! and he´s stunning, too :D
I think that you´re the typical face for the young yves saint laurent concept.
just saying :)

I love the eye-shadow so much! Kisses

I love this make up ! So pretty (:

omg love it
you always look great
what is Michael’s last name?

check my blog !!!

Anonymous 11 April 2012 / Reply

you’re looking so wonderful…
just found your blog a few days ago and i love it… you take so beautiful pictures which are an insperation at the same time… :)

sorry that i have to write as anonymous but i do not have an google account.

OMG!!! Heaven?? You are so so lucky!!!

You look so beautiful!

Love, B.

lucky you!!:) you look so pretty, i love your flawless skin. and james seemed to have fun with the camera haha


Definitely a great make-up artist! YSL definitely have taste. They made you look great! =)

Anonymous 12 April 2012 / Reply

for a moment i thought, the guy next to you is james wearing mascara :) lol
but he looks nice, and you aswell ;)

You look absolutely divine! Michael did a fabulous job of accentuating your lovely eyes and lips. “Rouge Madras” is a gorgeous shade — it really suits you.

Thanks for a great post!



I’m YSL make up artist in Poland:) you look sooo pretty ,perfect model:))) ps. i like you blog soo much :)

Anonymous 12 April 2012 / Reply

I love it! It’s really stunning.

You look lovely!

Hope you can help me with my entry for the Spring Bloom Contest. Votes and favorites will be really appreciated! Thank you so much dear!


Anonymous 13 April 2012 / Reply

The makeup looks phenomenal! Wow, this is the best you’re makeup has looked ever! It accencuates your gorgeous features!<3


Patricia from Pastel Nudity

OMG, really beautiful

lol I thought that was James on the first picture.. after styling =D
Tbl krasawiza!!

This is perfection. I love how Michael did your lips. Btw, Michael is hot haha.

Anonymous 3 May 2012 / Reply

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Oh! I’m jelous!! you look incredible!! I take note from your makeup

WOW ! The ending effect is amazing.

Very good makeup stylish!! And the end is totally gorgeouss!! As is in the begining Kristina :)

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