Pitures by JAMES VYN

FOTOGEN ANNIVERSARY Second day in Zürich, we had that day quite a lot of meetings and events and were kind of rushing from one place to another, luckily we found a little while to sit down and rest at the Park Hyatt before the Fotogen event in Sihlcity, thanks to Guerlain for this lovely invitation. We had a couple of drinks at the fresh air ( it feels so strange to sit outside, last week I was wearing a huge coat and now it feels like summer, that’s a serious weather swing). Then it was time to leave for the event. Guerlain held a lovely pink lounge, embelished by posters of their upcoming frangance. We were able to eat little candies which tasted actually like the ingredients of the perfume itself, roses and licorice. It was such a lovely night and it was really nice to meet the girls from Guerlain We didn’t stay very long because we were very tired, but still had enough time to enjoy the evening. I was wearing that day a Windsor dress, I kind of felt like a mermaid in it. Beeing a total fan of the mint colour I really felt in love with the dress as soon as I saw it. And of course, the dos-nu is the cherry on the top. I matched the dress to nude and golden elements, such as the Steve Madden heels, the BCBG maxazria clutch anf the Minusey necklace.

DRESS : Windsorstore
CLUTCH : BCBG Maxazria
HEELS : Steve Madden
NECKLACE : Minusey


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Such a gorgeous dress! i love the color!

this color looks lovely on you! i really love all the sequins!

Stunning photos, love your dress and your make up is always flawless.


Wow! I would have never guessed that dress is from Windsor! I love it on you!

WOW!! You look breathtaking and so handsome!
Great dress!

Gorgeous photos!! I love that mint dress and that spike necklace!!

Ohh god, you’re SO SO pretty!! Love this look on you :-)

You look beautiful!

Wow you are so beautyful – really! Are you a model? I have your blog discovered for only a few days and it is already one of my favorites ^-^

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Love the color of your look stunning :)

great dress, so lovely colour!


the dress is amazing, you look so beautifull!!!


the dress is fab, loving that colour, super lovely

GORGEOUS!! Love your dress! =)

Such a gorgeous dress. It looks amazing on you!

Love this dress. You look amazing!

So so lovely, you’re adorable!
Kisses from L.A.

you look amazing! Nice dress and nail polish- it has a great collor!

you look fabulous!

I love the pink lounge!

Pretty dress, that color really suits you :)
new outfit post !

What a beautiful dress! :)
Nice photos!

xx Timna

Love the minty blue color of your dress.

You look gorgeous! I totally love your dress and makeup ♥

The dress is absolutely gorgeous!

Fashion in Pepperland

you look amazing girl! the dress is stunning and the color suits you perfect

amazing dress ;)

you look amazing!!! Lovely dress, I like the colour and your necklace. I love the way how you put these colours together. They fit to each others very well!!!!!

Such a gorgeous dress love all these photos!! but the last one is like a cover so pretty (:

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what a beautiful’re gorgeous!


This dress was made for you!!

Marine theme – very actual! Brava! You – brilliant!

Great dress!! And amazing necklace :)
xo Madeleine

you look amazing in that dress. I really like the nude colors with it

X, Annie

Sooo nice post & your dress is so so amazing! love it! you look absolutely fantastic :)

amazing as always! beautiful colours, and perfect makeup. you look really stunning here :)


You look fantastic, love the outfit! :)

Wow, I’m totally in love with the dress, really beautiful!
xoxo A.

you look pretty in everything!


You look completely beautiful in this mint dress.
It looks like the night was so much fun!!
JS xx

You look fab in that dress!

what an amazing dress!!

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wonerful dress!

Anonymous 1 May 2012 / Reply

Wow the dress is amazing! I love the color, cut, …. everything. It looked like a great day!


incredible dress. i cant stop loving your blog…

OMG, your necklace is fantastic, I want it!! And with the blue dress you look perfect :)

you look fabulous and your dress is beautiful, and as always great pictures

You look lovely! Like the outfit, the colour and that necklace!! The pictures are great, thnx for sharing! ps. love your eye-make up > idea for a vlog?


Guerlain makeup is the best! That dress is so cool, I love that texture!

You look beautiful!!! :)
I love so much your dress !!

love your dress!

The color of the dress is just amazing! And the photos are so beautiful!

You are an absolute lady in that dress!

That dress is so beautiful! I’m also still in love with your necklace, I really,really want it! Everything look so lovely :)

life is pink♥mfashionfreak

Wow! You look SO amazing on all these pictures! I love everything about the outfit just so beautiful!! <3

Vanessa from

Love your make up, you look beautiful! And that dress is such a gorgeous solour and shape. X


Your outfit is totally amazing…but I’m in love with your make-up!!! *_*

beautiful photos!! you looked stunning!!!

The dress is so stunning and suits you so well.

lovely photos! i am in love with that dress! xx

nice pictures ^.^ mint green is such a nice colour for this season ;)

That is a KILLER dress! You’re beautiful!

Oh, that dress is amazing.. and you look gorgeous in it! :)

- Victoria

Great photos you look so lovely.

The Pink Room <3 I love the pictures.. James is a GREAT GREAT photographer! Pass this to him :)
You look stunning.. I adore your pastel dress.. lovely heels :)

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you’re a synonym of perfection!<3 this dress is amazing!<3

the dress is And classy!

The dress is simply AMAZING!

You look gorgeous, I love this dress!

Loved your dress, and your jacket! The dress has a gorgeous back! And mint color goes perfectly with your skin tone.

Gorgeousss dress!

OMG! I’m so in love with that dress, and of course it fits you beautifully!

you look amazing!!! the dress is stunning and it look so good on you!!!

Great pics! Love the structure of the dress, looks amazing :)

- Malena

Прекрасный цвет платья! Очень тебе идет!

Oh, you look so beautiful! Love the first photo and the dress is amazing, such a pretty color :) xoxo

You look absolutely gorgeous! That dress is really amazing ♥

This dress is so chic, i love it. You look fantastic :)

You looked amazing, so gorgeous ! xoxox

Fashion and Cookies

You looked amazing, so gorgeous ! xoxox

Fashion and Cookies

wow all that pink lighting, i love it. and your dress is in that gorgeous minty color, how do you look so polished and glamorous all the time, even just wearing a sweater and skinny pants. gosh i envy your style!

Beautiful! Great dress and hair!


your pictures are amazing! what camera do you use?xox

You look so cute and great but I loved most your necklace and dress :) Kiss

you look incredible, just amazing pictures! xx

you’re really great with color schemes and you always make dressing fabulously look effortless.

oh, you’re in zurich! makes me want to stalk you :P you’re so lovely!

love your sequined mint dress!!!!

Anonymous 2 May 2012 / Reply

You look stunning, beautiful pictures, love the dress and the way you matched it ;)

are you wearing tights?? just wondering…


pastels are a great color on you. I wish i could pull that color off

Какая красивая!!! Бесподобная Кристина))

Розыгрыш от LOVE в моем блоге

Amazing combination of pastel tones!! reallly love with this dress!! beatiful, beautiful!!!
Kisses, Alinne


Your dress is amazing and the event seems great!

Cosa mi metto???

super cute. love the dress :-)



Du siehst wunderschön aus! Ich war auch da, schade dass ich dich nicht gesehen habe… Hätte gerne mal Hallo gesagt:)

you look soo lovely:) this dress looks amazing on you!
nice you were in zurich, hope you liked our city:)

Federica 2 May 2012 / Reply

Je suis Federica, j’ habite en Itlie et j’espere de te rencontrer un jour car je suis bien “addicted” avec le monde de la mode! Tu es la meilleure blogger dans le monde! Et ma muse! Continue comme ça, Kristina! Tu es merveilleuse! Je te suhaite tout le bon!

Wow you looks amazing! Love your dress!

Such a beautiful outfit! I love the colour of your dress. And you look nice in a ponytail.

Wow, you look so amazing. I love the dress! xx

Anonymous 2 May 2012 / Reply

give me ur clothe plss xxx

Such a gorgeous dress! The color looks lovely on you!

Anonymous 2 May 2012 / Reply

You look so beautiful! The mint colour is divine on you, it was made for your coloring!
1) Can you explain how you shop online? It’s obvious, I know, but how do you know what’ll look good? And sizes (since things always fit different with every designer/brand)?
2) A video on how you do your hair? I love how you do your ponytail, I can never get it like that! And you part it in the middle sometimes, but my hair always gets little bumps in it at the crown, but yours never does. So, video or photos please? =)




the most beautiful girl that i’ve ever seen :)

You looks so beautiful! This dress looks perfect on you, the back is simply amazing!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

So stunning! I am in love with this dress. <3

You are Beautiful, the dress is Incredible. Kiss

That dress is amazing! Absolutely love the fit & color, you look gorgeous in it x


Great dress, looks great in the pink background!

Really gorgeous :)I love your dress!!
Gin F.

so gorgeous!

i love this dress! gosh i swear you always look so so gorgeous!
Ginger and Lace

Gorgeous dress! The color looks great on you!

Adore your make up and outfit! Especially the dress :))


Anonymous 4 May 2012 / Reply

great pictures, great dress, great hairstyle, make up and accessories – i am really amazed!

Wow. This is pure perfection!! :)

I was invited from FOTOGEN to this party but decided not to go there .. now I regret it so baddly!

Amazing turquoise dress
Amazing legs
Amazing necklace

You’re amazing !!

love ur backless dress and ur make up dear <3

I’m so desperately in love with that dress!
You look always so pretty and classy, I’m jealous!


I only have one word for this dress … stunning!!!

Andie ;)

The dress, the hair, the necklace = AMAZING!!


Gorgeous dress!


Love the dress, gorgeous colour

we love your dress so much!

wow! just wow! you look perfect!!