Pictures by JAMES VYN

SUGAR RUSH Hope this post will make you hungry, because there is no place on earth where I eat as much as I do in Paris. All those restaurants, various terraces and cafés they all look so welcoming and just make me want to try them all out. James and I had the chance to experience quite a lot of them and there are some places you guys really musn’t miss, for example the Angelina, where you can have the most incredible hot chocolates ( similar to a chocolate soup, these hot chocolates are made of actual melted chocolate, not usual cocoa powder just like everywhere else. Makes it very special and traditional), the Ralph’s for the athmosphere and the incredible cooking, Razowski for the best burgers ( James and I are burger fans and burger expert, so watch out), Thoumieux for incredible traditional cuisine, the First for a lovely hidden terrace with amazing food, l’Arc for the stylish and luxurious athmosphere, L’Avenue for incredible food and perhaps you’ll spot many common faces out there (Jennifer Aniston and Mika are big fans of this place) and I could go on for hours with the places I love. Obviously, when we come to Paris it’s quite difficult to see all of it but we try out best to discover new places each time. Any suggestions? So during our trip, of course we couldn’t miss an occasion to go to Ladurée ( even though we also have it in Switzerland, it is much more classy eating macarons in Paris isn’t it). For the occasion I decided to dress up like a walking cupcake, with yellow pastel shades which make me look bit like a lime macaron or a lemon curd cake, you choose, I pick both. The fun fact, it’s been a while since I haven’t posted pictures in flat shoes. Quite funny, I am indeed a lover of high heels but it’s not that easy walking in 12 cm Stilettos in the streets of Paris, I let you try. Big challenge. So I felt extremely happy with my flat Zara sandals on. Need to take care of those little feet!

Well I don’t know what about you but, I am hungry now. Having a look at these pictures remind me very nice memories and I think I’m going to go grab some sweets before getting back to my exam preparations. Wish you all guys a lot of motivation and luck for your own preparations as well, the most important is to do our best. That’s all that matters!

DRESS : Uniqueen
CLUTCH : Minusey
NAILPOLISH : Chanel ‘Coco Blue”


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welch wunderschönes Kleid <3


seriously – OH MY GOD! these pics are incredible, you, this street of pari…and the macarons. perfect combination! :)

GORGEOUS! Your hair looks particularly beautiful in these photos and what a lovely dress! The color is such a beautiful subtle shade of yellow.

Looking wonderful! I like your see through purse and sandals :)

you look soooo cute!

love your dress&clutch!

so beautiful

I absolutely love your dress and Zara sandals! Maracons are so delightful to have!


I know the heavenly feeling when you taste a Laduree macaroon… mmmm. You look lovely as well;))

Really love that dress ! Next time I’m in Paris I’ll definitely go to Lad Dureée aswell
new outfit post !

Oh wow, love the colour of your dress!! :D

- Malena

Lovely outfit, but weren’t you cold?

hai, i really really like yor blog, your style and all those pictures, nice photography. i am so curious with all those places that you visit in paris, would you please share it here ? the cafe, the food, the hotel, street, building, and those streetstyle. i think it will be great for your blog too.

This lovely dress is perfect for an afternoon tea, beautiful shade of yellow!

love the dress and the macarons look yummy, :-)

x For Happy Days

These macarons are so tasty! You look great :)

I love your pictures, all of them!!! Let me ask, what kind of camera do u have?:-) xx B

love this yellow dress. it looks amazing on you!!

you look gorgeous! I love your looks!!!! this yellow dress is stunning! xo, Alma

U look beautiful! Ur hair is so amazing

this post really makes me hungry!:) i love laduree’s macarons <33

You look amazing as always! Thanks for the restaurant recommendations!

You look amazing!! I love your dress!

Anonymous 28 May 2012 / Reply

Can I Have One?

You look so cute babe! I love this outfit


Beautiful dress, I want to look like you your so stunning

Funny sandals!

Oh I love Macarons!!
Really nice outfit, especially beacause of the shiny yellow of your dress! :)

xx Timna

fantastic outfit!

You are full of elegance in the photos <3 I love you for such a style :)

Love your dress!
Ladurée is my obsession hihi, especially lemon en rose blossem yumyumyum!


Paris is always classy & quite fascinating ofcz

I want to be in Paris now.

Love these photos!! Dress is amazing!

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awww gal!you went to those places where i’m dying for a visit!!!you must had lots of fun at l’arc duh?;p laduree is totally a must-go in paris!you just look so lovely on those pictures!hope i’ll make it to those place this summer!


I absolutely love the dress you’re wearing! The color really suits you well :)

- Victoria

You look fabulous! a tea at Laduree is a must when in Paris and a little something to go too :) Ahh, I miss Paris, miss the endless walk..

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gorgeous dress and the color is so nice! I love to see your pictures, they raise the mood!

I love how you’ve mixed the thick tweed with the transparent accessories, beautiful photos.

Des macarons *_____*
Comme ça fait bizarre de te voir sans talon ^^ C’est pas pour être méchante mais t’a l’air plus petite et avec les talons t’es une grande perche. ^^
sinon tu embellis de jour en jour !

the yellow dress is perfect! sweet and chic!



Great photos – Love the yellow dress :D


Amazing look! We think like you, Paris is a lovely place where everything is delicious! But the best for us is Ladurée, we can spend hundred of euros there, is one of our favourites places in Paris and in the world!

Your so beautiful!

Mmmm les macarons ! J’ai faim haha :)
J’adore ta robe !
Bonne chance pour tes examens ! ;)


god loves your outfit.

All those pretty colours! It’s crazy how happy colours can make you :D

The White Studio

so cute dress and color!

Wishing you the best for your exams season, too. Mine starts next week and I’m finishing my degree at University, so a lot of work is really necessary.
Those flat sandals are also on my wishlist, they look very elegant and comfy, I fell in love with them since I saw them at Zara’s website. Maybe they come as a birthday present early next month :D
These photos are really beautiful and you are absolutely stunning!
Keep on the good work! You’re amazing and I love, love, love this blog so much :)

you look amazing :) love that dress

Oh stunning photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Paris so looking at these photos just push me more into going, love your dress as well. Such a stunning color on you :)


love your outfit!!!!and..yes..i’m definitely hungry :D <3

i love yellow colour!

You look amazing in this dress! So weird to see you in flats, but you’re still really cute! I would love some macarons right now.

Wow, the dress is so pretty !
And yes, I’m hungry now (;
xoxo A.

Great outfit! Pastel colours always look great on you. :-)

Your dress looks gorgeous, especially with those transparent accessories. These pictures make me long for a trip to Paris.

Muito linda!
Amei o vestido, ele é perfeito!

Ce sont vraiment les meilleurs macarons du monde !


What a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous!

Heart your lemon color dress! you look stunning as always!

Lovely dress!
Mmmm, Laduree. Hope you enjoyed those macarons. :D

You looks so pretty in these photos! Yellow suits you. And as far as flat shoes go, those are gorgeous, love them!
Good luck with your exams. :)

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Beautiful girl!


Oui, in Paris it’s much more sophisticated to eat macarons without a doubt *.* You look lovely as always dear Kristina, very elegant & polished, beijinhos ♥

OH-MY-GOSH so delish!

Anonymous 28 May 2012 / Reply

are you 18 and still in high school? that’s weird…i’m just one year older than you and i’m in my second year in university… did you repeat one year in high school, right?

lovely photos & amazing dress! xx

krasawiza ty kristina!
ja tolko chto wyesnila schto ty iz belorussii, poetomu po russki pischu.
ochen’ zhal’ chto ne prisojedenilas’ k nam w subotu.
bylo by ochen’ prijatno s toboj poznakomitsa!

xoxo P.P.

I really love everything about your the clutch and sandals!!!


great look, amazing photos :)


Anonymous 28 May 2012 / Reply

Is your bracelet a Cartier love bracelet?

I just stumbled onto your blog today and I must say, it’s one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever come across! The photos are magnificent and you look so pretty on each one…just like pages out of a magazine!

You are absolutely extremely beautiful!

you look great! the dress is amazing :))

I want macarons :(
You are amazing!

gorgeous dress!

The clutch is so gorgeous and edgy love it !
Follow if similar i will follow back :)

Anonymous 29 May 2012 / Reply

Nice as always :D

I’d have loved to see some photos of these wonderful places you mentioned


Wow you look great! Love the dress! But especially the sandals! They are fantastic!


Like an angel! :)

love the see-through cluth! gorgeous!

thank you

The dress looks very Chanel :)
I am going to Paris for the first time in August and I am so excited I’m counting days!

Anneli x

such a great dress

Anonymous 29 May 2012 / Reply

yellow is definitely your colour!! :)

Enjoy every second darling, you’ll love it! And don’t forget to go the Angelina :)

@ are you 18 and still in high school? that’s weird…i’m just one year older than you and i’m in my second year in university… did you repeat one year in high school, right?

Nope, I never repeated a year. Some folks in my class are even 19. Perhaps the system in Switzerland is a bit different you know.

wow truly beyond phenomenal and GORGEOUS! Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

Great pictures – love the yellow dress! I was just in Paris too! Here is the post

The clutch is so awesome and I love your dress.

Anonymous 30 May 2012 / Reply

The dress is amazing!

Those sandals are major!!! And they’re Zaraaaa?!?!?!:)

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You are too gorgeous and quite stunning dear!


thanks for sharing.

Hair is stunning. The look is stunning!!

you are super awesome!!! love your work :)