DENIM + WHITE SHADES It’s been such a long time since I haven’t worn denim, actually a lot of you guys keep on asking me : ”Are you like wearing jeans from time to time or are you like always dressing up for prom? ” which always makes me smile, yep. It’s just that denim is a whole art, don’t get me wrong : I absolutely love jeans but I always had difficulties to find the right one. It just seems to me that no one I’ve seen had the perfect shape, were flattering, comfortable and fashionable at the same time. So, conclusion : it’s much more easy to find a cute dress than to find the right jeans that fits your silhouette ( or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t take enough care and time to find it, I don’t know). so here I am ending up dressing for a charity gala everyday on my blog, thumbs up. But you know what, surprisingly I think it is much easier to wear and above all find elegant and more classy garments, when it’s nice you see it right away : with jeans it’s much more subtle, it has to be the right one for your own personal body. So do you folks have got any suggestions concerning denim brands? I know heap monday make great ones and my next one on the list is a boyfriend jeans in a very light blue shade, still looking for it. In this post you can discover how I decided to style my boyfriend denim Zara shorts with some very light pieces such as the white Zara blazer which adds this little touch of elegance to the outfit. I have always loved playing on the contrast between casual and classy and this is an example of my kind of casulegant ( casual +elegant = casulegant!).

 Finally, I wanted to add a little sparkly detail to my outfit and decided to wear it with a Rocks Paper Metal necklace, which I have been really loving lately. Their brand is amazing and I definitely suggest you guys to check it out if you enjoy colourfull and bright jewerly pieces. It is perfect for summer or simpyl to add a little punch to any outfit.


HEELS : Steve Madden
CLUTCH : Minusey


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you are beautifull !

You look amazing in denim, you should wear it more often! Love that Zara jacket, seriously thinking about buying it,t he fit is so gorgeous and it’s perfect for summer!

beautiful! i absolutely love this look, and your hair looks gorgeous :)


Anonymous 17 May 2012 / Reply

I really liked this post, because I live in Brazil so I have to wear clothes like these since is (almost) always hot in here.. and I’m always trying to look casulegant as well! haha xoxo

Very pretty outfit, so luminous and gorgeous.

Beautiful pictures! Love the blue bracelet and the close up of your face playing with the necklace!

I love your blazer and your shorts!


So pretty :) I love the clutch and the blazer! xoxo

I lovr how casual this outfit is! Super chic!

Love this look, so different that what we are used to seeing from you!


Gorgeous look!

Girl, u look stunning !! Im lovin it !

incredible outfit. i love the shorts.

I’m so obsess with you and your style..^_^
Love it..<3

I love your hair! You look so pretty.

I think you pull off the denim look much better than you seem to give yourself credit. you should look into buying a few pair from seven for all mankind, paige denim, citizens of humanity, j brand, or joe’s jeans. they are all found at places like nordstrom, saks fifth ave, but they are all worth the price. love your looks always.
check out my blog too

love your necklace!!!

Great look – I love the shoes :)

Fashion in Pepperland

Love this look! Effortless and still so chic (:

your smile♥

Love this Outfit, looks fantastic! <3

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

love all the pictures, you look gorgeous and l o v e the outfitttt ♥♥

You’re the only person who can make denim shorts look so classy! Try Zara for jeans, they fit great :)

Gorgeous jacket and necklace! You look wonderful!

love the shorts! You look gorgeous!


so pretty :)

beautifull neutral colours! i love your shoes :)

Mix of denim and air things – ideal! Brava!

Very pretty look!

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Nice look! Love your posts!

Beautiful photos once again, you always look so in place!

I’m also a big fan of the “casual elegant” style. Love your jacket and shorts !
new outfit post

you look amazing in denim…beautiful pics!!


Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Ah les jeans tout une histoire! pour la plupart un jeans un T-shirt et le tour est joué. Alors moi qui mets un jeans tous les “4 ans”, il se demande comment je fais. Mais s’il savait la peine que j’ai à m’habiller “juste” avec un beau jeans! je trouve qu’il est plus difficile de trouver une touche personnelle avec un jeans et que comme tu le dis trouver LE jeans est mission presque impossible.
Mais ici tu le portes à la perfection!


I love your look today. Suggestions? I think that Zara jeans fits very well

you shoul make the tutorial how you do your hairstyle :)

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Levi’s et Armani Jeans sont les meilleures marques quand il est question de jean, selon moi. Ils vont à absolument tout le monde ! Tu dois juste trouver la coupe qui convient le mieux à ta silhouette, mais ils ont tellement de choix et les coupes sont tellement parfaites que tu en trouveras forcément plus d’un qui te conviendront ! :)

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Prefer u with cute and sophisticated outfits. u look a bit to casual like this. takes of your fierceness. not a judgement, no to criticize, just saying this as a constatation but u still pretty

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

AMAZING! LOVELY! I love your hair, the color contrast is it natural ? You are wonderful !

love the clutch!you look amazing

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

so simple and so beautiful!
great job, kristina!

Such a great outfit, looks so good on you!

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

This outfit is perfect for school, I think!
Casualegant. <3

ah i love this blazer:) adore your “casual” outfits:)

Beautiful look. I love shoes and clutch!

Great Photos! You Look amazing :-**

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Very nice outfit, I love it. It’s nice to see you in denim :)


Yep the necklace is very pretty!

gosh, you’re so so so pretty!!

Amazing as all of your looks !!

Absolutely gorgeous look! You look amazing!


the more I read your blog, the more i like it!! i love your style!! Could you make a post showing us how do you makeup??
xo from a spanish reader :)

Wow dear you look so beautiful! I absolutely love this outfit and the jewelry.
You are such an inspiration!

Love and hugs,
Vanessa from

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Looks good on you! And I absolutely love your hair :D

Love your shorts ! Love how you style denim !

beautiful look!:)

Какая же ты лапочка*_*

I also find really difficult to find the right pair of jeans for my body. So I hadn’t wear jeans over 5 or 6 years at all. And now since last summer I’m wearing again hahaha It’s like miracle that I even found the right pair! (And now I have three!) :))


You’re so beautiful! Love this outfit:)

xx Laura

Girl, you look incredible! Lovely jacket <3


Such a beautiful outfit! xo Madeleine

Love the outfit and your look!
So fresh!! :)

So airy and easy-going!

you look amazing

Simply chic! Adore the destroyed denim.

omggg I absolutely love your hair colour!!!
I thought I was over the whole ombre style hair colouring trend but apparently not! yours looks beautiful :) i love the transition of colour from your dark roots to the light blonde. this is how it’s supposed to be done :D

Anastasia 18 May 2012 / Reply

Love your outfit! <3 BTW, do you dye, bleach or colour your hair?

I’d love to see in you jeans more, definitely. More casual outfits please! :) <3

Anneli x

Aaah Kristina, this looks fabulous!! As you pointed out already, this look is something different – but absolutely stunning! These light colours look great on you, and the denim really suits you. :)

Love your blazer! It looks so summery and light!

Denim jeans are much easier to find a good fit than actual jeans, imo. That’s why I own so many shorts, heh.
I love this outfit and how you paired the shorts with a white blazer, very pretty!

Você é muito linda!
Seu look ficou perfeito.
Minha inspiração!

wow you look stunning

you look pretty! as usual!
and your hear are amaizing! gorgeous!
it will be great if you show us how you treat them and how you dress them everyday!
Kisses darling! :)

Wow… I really love your style!!!

I follow you!


You’re so beautiful! Especially in this outfit! Very simple but so beautiful!

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

i’ve got a question. what language do you speak?

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Your hair is soooooo freaking beautiful!

Anonymous 18 May 2012 / Reply

Please do a hair tutorial ?


Tu es sublime ! :’) Comme toujours !


Love the hair.

Love this outfit a lot! It’s summer perfection! Clean and crisp! Love the necklace a lot!!


you look pretty!

You look sooooo lovely… xx

You look amazing, gorgeous outfit as usual! XX

You leave me without words!!! :O
U’re so pretty :)

Great outfit. Clean and simple but that’s what makes it great!


I absolutely love this outfit! Your heels are amazing.

canon and something new♥mfashionfreak

Love the simple white blazer with the pair of short jeans. The look is flawless.

I’m in love with your shoooooes ! <3
xoxo, your bubbly girl

Really wonderful! ♥

Anonymous 19 May 2012 / Reply

I don’t think it’s possible for someone to be more stunning than you.
Request: you’ve shown us skin and hair-care (thank you!!) – how about showing us how you STYLE your hair? I try to do the ponytails you do, and your wonderful loose/quick chignons, but it doesn’t look as sleek :(

I guess you have finals now, but maybe a video this summer??

You look so beautiful, Love the shorts.

The necklace is so cool….

Ocean Wind

Anonymous 20 May 2012 / Reply

You look really awesome in this hairstyle i guess you are the most beautiful and tallented model i have ever seen as your set is simple and gorgous ;)

beautiful necklace ;3

i love your blog, is perfect ! :)

so pretty :D . jbrand jeans, current elliott. i love them!!

… stunningly beautiful as always !

wow, very beautiful!! I love your style :)

That’s the most beautiful pair of shoes I’ve seen in a long time! You too, of course!

This is all really beautiful! Your jacket, your shorts, your shoes and your clutch are all amazing! And your hair looks so nice too! xxx

Superbe tenue, j’adore !!!

Bsx Andie :)

stunning combination! I love your blazer and your shirt. About denim brands: I love Miss Sixty and Pepe Jeans.

Lovely! Very fresh x

It’s perfect!

your hair looks amazing in this post!! are you growing out your natural color or you do it at a salon? let us know, i see a lot of people asking about your pretty hair! b.

Pretty, really pretty

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