BRIGHT I’ve always been a bit scared of wearing pink for a very simple reason, the over-the-top girly effect, especially when it’s matched to blond hair. However since a couple of months I took up the challenge. How to wear pink and still look elegant, classy and avoid the walking bimbo effect. It is hard resisting these upcoming summer trends, neons, pastel and as you may have noticed it pink is one of the highlight colours of the season. The goal is to make pink look stylish, effortless and break that childish barbie effect. When I have seen this dress on Queens Wardrobe‘s online shop I immediatly immagined how it would look like once I’ll have it on me and the items I’d choose to match it, a lot of classic details and simple minimalistic jewerly. Therefore I have chosen to pair this neon pink dress to a vintage Chanel bag ( who actually is falling a bit a part, it’s been in the family for a while now and I am so attached to it I don’t even want to go and repair it : it will kind off erase the history and past of the bag), to my new Jimmy Choo Anouk stilletos and to some very simple silver necklaces from H&M. And that’s it. Nude lipbalm, clear nailpolish and natural hair all that to bring to the look a classy yet cool outlook. What do you think about it?

Wish you all guys a great end of the week,  and  a lot of courage for your exams! There’s not much time left before summer so it’s the occasion to give all we got and do our best. For my part, I know I’ll be working like a crazy person this week-end so you might not hear a lot from me however you can still follow me on my twitter to read my cries of desperation and pictures of the food I eat ( yes, twitter is the best way to share food pictures, I call it TW-EATER).

HEELS : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Chanel
LIPSTICK : Carmex lipbalm


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The contrast of the pink and black is amazing and of course the photography is flawless as always :D


I think the reason why this doesn’t come off as too girly is because of the cut! The silhouette is not overly feminine (actually it’s rather sporty-chic with its loose waist and tee shirt-like sleeves). Overall, it’s very 60s/Twiggy/mod! You pulled off pink very sophisticatedly and not over-the top-girly at all.

(p.s. not to be offensive, but your dress reminds me of Pepto-Bismol! Not in just the bright colour, but in the shape too, like the bottle ;)

The Quiet Spaces

I absolutely love your Jimmy Choos!


Looking great! The pink looks really good on you!


You look wonderful as always! Good luck with your exams :)

wowww! your so gorgeous, your legs are amazing and i just love the simplicity and elegance of this outfit

You do look elegant and pink rally suits you :)

Beautiful dress and the colour goes so well on you!!

amazing dress, the color is perfect, especially for the summer! perfect.

I love the pink, and the patent leather heels and chanel are perfect with it! I am experimenting with bright pink myself:

Luxury Hits the Fan

Love this dress, you look beautiful and classy!!

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pretty well straight shape of the dress .. ‘re fine as always dear

You look fantastic! Very elegant and classy and not at all like a barbie :)
You have such a great shape!!
I love your blog Kristina!!

I love this dress, and you are so beautiful!


Anonymous 31 May 2012 / Reply

you are too gorgeous. i hope, that if life after life exist, i want be you. ;)


I love pink! :)
The dress looks very good on you
and your chanel bag is amazing!!!

xx Timna

Those Jimmy Choo’s are so perfect! You look beautiful as always:)

xx Laura

Pink looks great on you!

Anonymous 31 May 2012 / Reply

u r very beautiful, i like your syle <3

But this is just so simple and gorgeous. Love the shape of the dress, which makes it less bimbo :) xx

You look so beautiful in Pink Miss Kristine!

Ericka from The Philippines

I think you definitely managed to make pink look classy on you. Really like the simple shape of the dress !
new outfit post

thanks for write the colour from our nail lanquer (:

I love this chanel nail lanquer so much (:

thanks a lot and you´re so beautiful ♥

You don´t look like a bimbo at all. So elegant and tres chic. Pink looks fab on you :D !!!!!!!


I also think that pink on blondes does a little barbie effect but i love it! you look amaaazing and so beautiful

What a lovely outfit, really elegant!
And great choice about the Jimmy Choo Anouk stilletos, they are just PERFECT. :-)

Making pink look stylish, classy, effortless and grown up? You definitely did!

You look gorgeous!

-Elodie x

Whathever you decide to wear, you ‘ll never look like a bimbo!! You look awesome in every colour :))
And with this pink dress, a clasic bag and super-duper heels, you are simply perfect! <3


i think you should simply wear pink more often, it suits you so well!!! and the cut of the dress isn’t too flattering, but with those killer heels it evens out the relaxed fit on top! :)
and i can totall relate to feeling attached to the bag, i’ve got the same with a few vintage pieces of clothing from my mom ^^

with love,
veronika from entertainment-scrapbook

Amazing,You’re so beautiful in neon pink!!


I love this minimalistic look! The dress is gorgeous :)


Love your dress <3

I thought you cut your hair by seeing your 1st picture.. hehehehe..
Nice pink dress. Simple yet elegant!


Gorgeous heels!
You look lovely.

I love pink on blondes, I’m also one and do wear quite a lot of pink, guilty! The dress is fabulous, so minimalistic yet exquisite. I love this look. I love seeing food pics of other people’s meals, crazy I know, but I use Instagram instead of twitter…

love love your Jimmy Choo! Please tell us where you got them and if they are walkable in, I am dying for them!!!!

great look!



You’re succeeded at making Pink a lot less childish! I think you’ll look chic-er with sleek hair (like in 1 of your photos).

Summer Flounce

Your heels are amazing ! You look great !

yes! the neon pink is so versatile!

I just love pink and black mix! Awesome!


Marina (Legalmente Mulher Blog)

perfect look!

That dress is amazing, pink looks really good on you! I am also in love with those shoes.


wow!! love that pink! girl you have amazing legs!!

Love your hair !!!


Beautiful dress and gorgeous shoes and bag!

I love the colour and it looks great paired with the classic Chanel bag and those heels! I think I would personally wear a belt with the dress but you pull it off great anyway. :)

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Lovely look!!!

I absolutely love the whole look! People (celebrities in particular) need to start looking at blogs for fashion inspiration because the whole world is tired of watching them dress like bimbos! You COMPLETELY transformed an outfit that could have made anyone with a blond hair look like Barbie and totally made it very trendy in a stylish and subtle manner. Your blog is truly inspiring. :) xo


Love the colour.
Beautiful dress you look so amazing !!!

Ocean Wind

Looks amazing!
Holla from Denmark!

incredible outfit. this dress on you its perfect.

The dress is amazing!!! Kisses from Spain


You have a very nice blog and your smile is amazing!!!)

Simple and chic!!! I really love the outfit!!! XOXO

that dress is amazing! you look so beautiful :)



Anonymous 31 May 2012 / Reply

So cute

wow amazing blog :) sooo beauty:*

Very nice :) love the combination and how you explain everything about the look , once again congratulations , you are an inspiration .
Love from Mexico .

Adoro il rosa in tutte le sue sfumature. Questa la trovo deliziosa
un bacio

you look so chic! glad you’re daring with bright colors and patterns, they really suit you well!!!

so pretty!

Your look so stunning!

Regards from germany,

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Really beautiful outfit! It’s sexy enough, but not bimbo like. The dress looks great on you, and it goes perfectly with your blonde hair. Although, I avoid wearing pink for the same reasons! Loved your shoes, and your bag as well.

You take beautiful photos!! I love that bag and the neon pop of your dress :)

Cute dress, love the color

J’adore ta robe!!!!! Et tes photos sont super!!!!!

Ely. <3

you look stunning!♥

would be so glad if you follow my new blog:)

Tu es superbe! Je découvre ton blog depuis peu et franchement, j’adore! :))

Your shoes are amazing, so Tom Ford.

A beautiful dress and color, by the way I love your make up!
(I follow back! )

Simply beautiful – those shoes, the dress, the Chanel….

gorgeous outfit! i love that dress its so simple and so effective, well done for taking up the challenge! :)

Hayley xx

Anonymous 1 June 2012 / Reply

Gorgeous look *–* you are so sweetie

I think this is the perfect way to wear pink in a simple silhouette with basic accessories. Lovely!

Nice dress! you look so pretty!


Love everything about this outfit!! Beautiful! xo

You look so pretty!!! Pink is your color!!!

Ta-taa for now,

dress gives the impression of a short or I just dream that

Love, love your shoes ! And pink is a great color on you !

Jolies photos, ton blog est canon


I love your dress!!
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Pink looks good on you =)

Anonymous 1 June 2012 / Reply

Simplesmente Linda!

Ah thank you so much for your sweet comments, and critics. Means the world to me.

Wish you all guys a lovely week-end!

Your blog is amazing ! I really LOVE IT!

I’m following you now ;) Could you just see my blog? I’d be honoured ;)

Ta robe est très jolie et j’adore ton sac :)

xx Virginie

Anonymous 2 June 2012 / Reply

S e x y shoes!!! ;)

Hey Kristina~
This is Min, I sent you email back
Would you check it for me please?
Thanksss :-0

So pretty! I am totally in love with this bright pink dress it looks so good on you!

Vanessa from xx

So chic! Really lovin’ your dress!

Great color! It looks really good on you!

You look always so beautiful ♥

I love so much this outfit I love so much pink and black together

Awesome dress, i love it!! ♥

xoxo Carolina Ferretti!

great look!


you look amazing, ladylove :D

xx Leila


It’s simply elegant:) <3

Cute dress! Love the combination with the silver accessories!!

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So gorgeous! I love the photos so much!


Anonymous 10 June 2012 / Reply

Your complexion always looks so fabulous.

I have been always wondering what kind of foundation you use. I saw on your “Make-up Products” post that you use “Clinic anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation”, but do you still apply it? I have been always dreaming of finding a really light shade of foundation, but all I have tried so far seemed a litlle dark on me. I would be really grateful and happy if you could provide exact information about which shade you use or maybe some tips and information about choosing foundation? I have really big problems with it :(

The pink and chanel is just fab! Love your blog.


this dress is amazing, you look absolutely gorgeous x

love this! beautiful!

Danielle Stielle

Wow }! Make up!

Hey, thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.