GET READY We all have our traditions when it comes about summer, some of us go for some heavy dose of jogging and sport to make those candy-hips gained during winter burn away ( yeah, the advantage of winter is that you can hide your tummy in your cozy sweatshirts which is obviously impossible during summer) or perhaps go to the salarium to get a nice skin glow for the beach. Well, I am not a big sport addict, meaning that I enjoy fitness from time to time but I still prefer laying under the sun like a patatoe, and second I’ve heard solarium was bad for skin. So, I prefer playing around with my jewerly which makes me stay fatty and at the same time I avoids me having skin cancer! Therefore I’m a winner in both cases… If during winter I prefer a more minimalistic style, with almost no jewerly, during summer I take all that I have of bracelets and necklaces out of my drawers. I have always loved playing with bright colours, and shiny accessories. Especially on the beach, with a nice bikini jewerly looks at its best.

Of course I have my own little routines when summer approaches. Here are some of them. As you might have noticed (it’s pretty hard to miss it actually) my skin is very pale and after winter I kind of look like a real zombie. So I always like to use a bit of bronzer and sun glow oils to make my skin look sun kissed. I prefer this option than going to the salarium, tanning creams smell perhaps a bit strange but at least it doesn’t damage your skin. Second, instead of going crazy for musculation I prefer eating more fruits and drinking more water, it’s my own personal after the candy overdose detox. My absolut favourite, is the kiwi. When summer arrives it’s the fruit I get the most addicted to and it’s very good for the skin. Finally, I use a lot of scrubs. If you exfoliate your skin a lot, your skin will tan better and faster and you’ll avoid making stains with your bronzer. These are my little tricks and tips to feel good when it’s time to go for the bathing suit, of course it’s still spring and we have a little while before summer but I always enjoy preparing in advance. What about you guys, what are your tricks?

Rocks Paper Metal frienship bracelet, Ziba earrings.
Clinic Sun screen, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria ” Lys Soleia” scent and Nuxe Huile prodigieuse
O.P.I ”Y’all come back ya hear?”, Uslu Airlines ”TIA – Tirana Rinas – Albania”, Chanel ”Mimosa”, YSL ” Bleu Majorelle”


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gorgeous jewelry!! you are so beautiful! xx

great jewellery! :) You look really good in it.

You should do a shoot in Morocco, love the second pic!

Lovely and girly shooting, beautiful jewelry pieces and indeed perfect for the summer!

beautiful photos

The pictures are amazing, you look pretty beautiful! <3 Can’t wait for summer… ;)

Fruits and veggies are the best, and a liter of green tea every day :) detox to the rescue ;)

The White Studio

mmmmm i LOVE kiwis! have you ever tried golden kiwis? they are yellow on the inside instead of green and are so much sweeter!
Love all the jewelry!

Last photo with kiwi – fantastic! Brava!

Oh wow! What an amazing set of photos!! You look like Far East princess :)
Love all of the photos!

beautiful pictures! great post! love your blog :)

Great post! I find myself reaching for more fruit and water during late spring/summer myself. Love the jewelry <3

omgg. you look stunning! and flawless!!!
Ginger and Lace

Wow you are very beautiful, the pictures are amazing!!

Very lovely as always! ♥

Wow you are gorgeous!
I really love this post!

Wow! Beautiful post!
I haven’t got so much jewelry…

I think the best trick is to apply a lot of sunscreen. But I like your tricks too. Lovely pics by the way :-)

x For Happy Days

Mmm suddenly I’m crazivng kiwis, grat shots! X

wow, that post made me uber excited for summer, you are soo gorgeous! your eyes, wow!

Beautiful girl with such gorgeous eyes!
You look fab! :)

Funny photos with the kiwis :)

You have lots of great bracelets and necklaces
new outfit post

i love the pictures with a scarf as a headband!!!you should try and wear them in everyday outfits too!!

Really fun pictures of you :-) You look beautiful!!

You have no idea how inspirational this post was to me! And I love the kiwi so quirky! xx

Lovely photos, my dear :)
Have a nice day!

wonderful photosession:) i’m in love with the last pic, so adorable:)


what brand is that all over gold necklage.. with the little… fish scale thingys ? : )

I love your pics so much!

Summertime has the power to make us suffer and like it.
I’m a slave to grapes, guava juice and the Freemans avocado and clay facemask.
At least my dry skin thrives in this weather.
My life-saving trick is to freeze a bottle of juice and wet-wipes and grab ‘em before you go. They’re defrosted by the time you need them, but still very cold. PERFECTION.

Vera (Being Vera Blog.)

kiwi kiwiiiii as cute as u are
that scarf as ur headband is perfect match *wink

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply


You look so beautiful , the pictures look so amazing !!!

Ocean Wind

Beautiful photos!!!!You look great!

You’re beautiful.

Amazing photos! Kiwi is also my favorite summer fruit, I just love its fresh flavor!

hi kristina,
whats the brand/shade of lipstick that you’re wearing in this post? lovely pictures!

cute photos! i am definitely doubling my workout routine, ready for al my exams to be over and summer to start!

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

You’re like a doll :)

Love this! I’m on the same page as you abou the solarium – so not good for your skin! Fake may smell a bit weird but your skin will thank you later! I love fresh fruit in the summer.. my favourite is watermelon! So yummy! Absolutely loving these photos and the jewellery.. makes me want to go and buy lots of different colours!

Love every single shot of them! You should show in a video how you made that turban! It looks lovely xx

you look gorgeous! your make up is so well done too

Oh, you look much pretty in an summer atmosphere :)

xoxo, CJ

thank you for sharing your summer beauty routine :) i didn’t know that bidy scrub can help getting a nicer tan :)
oh and where is your neon crystal necklace from? it is gorgeous :))


love your pictures

Animales y tachuelas en

thanks for your tips. you look so good can´t see why you need preparing :D

OMG! You´re so beautiful..soo elegant..sometimes you´re my idol! Krasaviza! <3

amazing photos, and you are so beautyful!

this is the best pre summer tradition ever!!
you look beautiful in this pictures,cool post!!


beautiful, gorgeous, amazing ..and so on :) i enjoy every your post!

You look beautiful and make-up is just immaculate! That scarf is so cool as well, where is it from?

Anneli x

i just love you…

Haha oui c’est dur de perdre des kg, personnellement j’ai beaucoup trop de cuisses et de ventre, mais ma gourmandise me perdra…
Les kiwi c’est booon, mais au bout d’un moment je ressens comme un goût acide fin bref :p
Moi j’essaye juste de marcher un peu plus et de manger un peu moins de féculents, ou parfois même pas manger du tout, ça va plus vite haha.

Tes photos sont magnifiques, as usual, les couleurs de tes accessoires font toute la photo :) Enfin ainsi toi-même et le fait que tu sois si photogénique ;)
Ce que tu as mis en “turban”, c’est le Carré de Soie d’Hermès ?

Your makeup looks stunning! And I really like the nail polishes, perfect summer colours :)

Fashion in Pepperland

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

Omg so lovely pictures :) I was wondering if you could make a make up tutorial about how you do your make up? it’s always so pretty! :) LOVE YOUR BLOG! MY FAVORIT :)

very nice colours ^.^ ethno style is always so nice for summer :)

Wow so beautiful and summery

Your jewels are fantastic ! Beautiful pics !

You’re soooo beautiful and photogenic! Amazing photos! I’m really white as you, but so far I haven’t used a bronzer…

great tips thank you

so trendy and colorful !
Bravo! : ))

Beautiful pictures :)

you are so beautifull!!


I love your blog! The photography’s gorgeous and you have great style (:

I detest kiwiis, ooh. But you look great! I also go for the more fruit more water detox, and I walk everywhere.

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

Hey Kristina! I think this post is amazing!
One answer: what do you think about Clinians brown cream that make your skin browner?
Let me know!

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

not only beautiful but also smart girl:))

Not only beautiful but also smart girl:))

Love the scarf! How do you make it look that perfect?! I love scarves, but they never turn out looking that neat ;)


You remind me of an Indian Princess in these photos! They are lovely photos.
I love all of your accessories. :)

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Too damn pretty .. !

- L

lovely pictures!


really adorable and u are so sweet) check out my blog

you are so beautifullll:))

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

love your makeup :)

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

you look beautiful kristina, you definitely have that je ne sais quoi!

Good evening, I find very attractive your bustierorange dress and your headband(banner) Pr hair and big golden necklace or have to find these marvels, can you send me the link svp,

Thank you and good continuation

Ces photos sont superbes ! La dernière est très réussie !

lovely tips and lovely photos! :) xx

You’re really beautiful, amazing photos!

Pretty pretty! Love all the colors!


Классные аксессуары! Красивые фотографии!

Dominika 9 May 2012 / Reply

Amazing photos!! :))

Pictures are fabulous, you are beautiful and I love your scarf as a hanband

Very beautiful pics! Love all the colours :)

- Malena

wow… amazing pictures!<3<3

Anonymous 9 May 2012 / Reply

you’re awesome (:

Love this post. xo

Wow! All of your photos are gorgeous! Simply divine!

Can’t believe how beautiful you are! :D And thanks for the great tips.

it´s great i´ll be back soon.

Lovely summer colors! You look gorgeous! :)

Ha ha I prefer laying in the sun more then anything too!

My “summer-routine”? Hmm, I would say pretty similar actually, a ton of fruit and water but I do sin with an occasional solarium visit, just to “jump-start” my tan-glow for the summer ;)

Keep up the good work dear, you guys (meaning you and your boyfriend too) are a true inspiration!

thank you for sharing

the Pictures are adorable and the jewellery are so cute! xxx

I like you with the scarf on the forehead. Pretty cute =)

Love the friendship bracelets.

love the pictures… such a cool summerfeeling

amazing like always !!! i love it!!i dont how u do it, every post and photo are amazing!!

maybe u’d like to visit my blog and find more inspirations :)

I like your close-up pictures, very beautiful! x



Camille Coeur 11 May 2012 / Reply

love the necklace!!! :)

I kind of prefer the same things you do – eating fruits (STRAWBERRIES!!!!!) and delicious salads all day long and drinking much water. I can’t eat too heavy food in the summer, like what there’s so much of in the German kitchen, but grilled vegetables or Italian kitchen fits pretty well for me.

Amazing jewelry btw :)

beautiful :)

Oh kritina this is so lovely, how did you twist that scarf into a band :) it’s really cute!

stunning pictures! I do some sports for summer.

This post is really amazing! :)
Now I want to have summer! :)

Love this post! Monday I’ll stay getting ready for summer, have to, I’d rather stay oin the couch!


I love the last picture it`s fun and adorable and very spring and summer like!

Great pics! Haha love the kiwi that’s used as a prop:)


Please, sometimes do some video-tutorials of you wonderful make up!

love so much the colors! they make me want to go out at the sunlight.. but unfortunately it’s raining:/
well, they look amazing on you(:

You are gorgeous!


You look stunning in these pictures! I love your hairband and your huge collection of jewellery. I love wearing all the bracelets, necklaces, earrings that I have at the same time in the summer as well :) Sometimes I feel like a christmas tree with it but it gives a feeling of happiness, too and that’s very important for summer I think.
I really need to tan my skin a bit, too. I’m feeling just like you do: A zombie woken up from winter sleep ;) xx

Love the gems.

tooooo pretyyy

Beauty kiwi!! lol