Pictures by JAMES VYN

 RUNNING IN JIMMY CHOO Since our stay in Paris was really short, we had to ”squeeze” in all of the things we wanted to do and make them happen in just one day. There were at least 6 or 7 restaurants we wanted to go to, we went to 4 which is quite a good score, isn’t it? Obviously we didn’t take each time the whole meal but went with the desserts or the coffee, it was all about enjoying all of these incredible places. Paris, as I said has something magical about it : there is such a lovely athmosphere in the streets and we had a lot of luck with the weather which was sunny, not to hot and not to cold : just the perfect one for a long walk. So first thing first, we went on for some shopping. Because, I have always wanted one I got myself a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos and more precisely the Anouk model with the highest heel, which made me feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw running in the streets of New York, instead of that it was Kristina running in the streets of Paris (I always associate Jimmy Choo with the amazing Sex and the City episodes, I just love them and am sure that no other brand than Jimmy Choo fits better to the play it perfectly sexy and feminin). Also I let you discover their whole new concept : Choo 24:7 style makers. It a very interesting project for all of us interested in fashion and shoes: you have the opportunity here to submit your pictures and earn a chance to be one the lucky winner to get a Jimmy Choo prize. For the outfit of the day I decided to go with a print dress from Romwe and some amazing accessories from Stefani Bags ( a very cool online shop you must check out) such as these brand new House of Harlow sunnies and the CC SKYE Victoria clutch. To top it all of, I went with the Rouge Pur Couture ”Red Muse” by Yves Saint Laurent on the lips and the outfit is all done and ready for a day of shopping and restaurant spotting.

DRESS : Romwe
SUNNIES : House of Harlow
HEELS : Jimmy Choo


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Vous êtes très chic! J’adore votre blog!

Now this is a real statement dress! It’s just perfect and looks awesome on you!

Feminine, fresh, gentle, tremulous!

good post)and very interesting sunnies)

The dress is gorgeous!!! You look amazing!!
So stylish!!


those are like the perfect shoes.
pointy, elegant and stylish all the way!!

Love this look. I love house of Harlow sunglasses!

the dress is amazing! but I couldn’t walk a second on these heels ^^

this outfit is perfect! from the neckline detailing, to the pattern of the dress to your wrist linked clutch!

I love the skulls dress and (of course) the amazing shoes!!!

Dear, this is awesome! I love everything: The heels, the dress, your accessories. So fashionable and elegant! This is honestly one of your best looks ever.


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The most stylish and chic skulls I have lately seen!:) Beautiful K!!!!

Very beautiful and wow: those heels!

Amazing dress!! :)
Want to be in Paris,tooo! :)

that dress is awesome, obsessed with that print

lovely dress….its an unique piece.

The print on the dress is so awesome, the skulls definitely give it an edge.



Woow wow wow!
I love that skull dress!!

xx Timna

I’m in love whit this outfit,especially whit the sunnies and the heels!!Stunning!


Stunning! Love those shoes!

Stunning shoes!

Such a beautiful dress .

It is really just to die for !!!!


Ocean Wind

I want all!!! but the shoes?? don’t linke :/


That dress is simply amazing!!

Beautiful dress!

Drop dead gorgeous dress! Unfortunately it seems to be sold out on Romwe :( Amazing shoes too!

oh wow, your whole outfit is amazing but the jimmy choo shoes are the best part! so cool!


Love love your dress ! And the shoes of course ! I’ve got 3 Jimmy Choo, they’re so confortable !

Such a cool dress! And the shoes are fab! Although they look a bit uncomfortable :/

your looking amazing honey!

woow, i admire you, that you can walk on these heels!!! the dress is perfect.

These Choo’s are to die for!
So Classy!

beautiful look! xoxo

quelle jolie robe !!! et comme toujours, je suis fan de ton maquillage, très lumineux, tu as un teint de poupée !

That dress is amazing!!

Obsessed with every single piece!

Those shoes. I die. so beautiful!
and your dress is amazing too :)

You look amazing, love the color of your dress and your heels!


amazing post!

Anonymous 22 May 2012 / Reply

OMG how did you survive the whole day in these shoes? There are beautiful but incredibly high. Karolina. :-)

you looks stunning as always. Not fan of the dress though :( I don’t like skulls

WOW love your sunnies and heels!

You look amazing! The dress is beautiful!

Stylish as always, I absolutely love the shoes and the sunglasses are amazing!

I love the dress, amazing details! Also the clutch that attaches to your wrist is such a great idea.

Loved your Jimmy Choo heels! Amazing photos!!!

Amazing outfit! I love it!

I love that dress, it’s one of the most original pieces I’ve ever seen! And the Jimmy Choo stilettos give it an amazing chic touch, I adore the look :D

I am in love with the print of your dress!


Woahza awexsome dressz Xo


The dress is just AMAZING I love it!
You look beautiful like always :)


Love the dressz xoxooxo

You look beautiful! I hope I can visit Paris one day, it sound amazing :)
I don’t know how you manage to walk in those shoes, i’d me crying before I’d walked five steps, so I admire you courage :p

AMAZING DRESS!!! So McQueen :D WOW!! Great look *Thumbs up*

J’adore tes photos !!!

check mon blog : !!

LOVE that dress! you’ve definitely made the skulls look very chic <3

XO Sahra

i love the dress and the sunnies!

Anonymous 22 May 2012 / Reply

Really cute, you are so fashionable! Keep it up!

OMG so jealous of your heeels !!

Piret xx

Красивые солнцезащитные очки и платье. Замечательный образ, Кристина!

You are beautiful as always but how can you walk in these shoes? Gosh, my feet hurt just by watching you wear them :P

Anneli x

Anonymous 22 May 2012 / Reply

the shoes look incredible :)

could you walk in them the whole day? Because they seem so uncomfortable.

Love Paris!

The dress is really beautiful – looks perfect with your blonde hair… and about Jimmy Choo shoes I already wrote :-) – gorgeous and comfortable…!


Van –
New Facebook-Page

LOVE your sunnies!!!!!!


This dress is absoultely amazing !

Шикарное платье! Да и образ в целом очень хорош!

Anonymous 23 May 2012 / Reply

perfect heels! love the dress too.

In love with this dress! The pattern is so fun! And those Jimmy Choo’s are fab!

You look so stylish! :)

You look stunning! Those shoes are seriously killing it, love that they’re incredibly high! x


This is an amazing outfit! I love the colour combination!!! And the sunglasses are great!

Wow, how beautiful! I love Paris as well. It is such a beautiful city!
Your outfit is wonderful. The dress is simply amazing and the accesoires just make it complete. Stunning as always :) xx

love your sunglasses!

The dress is fabulous. So interesting and elaborated. Love it.

I’m sure the Jimmy Choo shoes you are wearing are as comfortable as it looks =)

You look amazing. Great dress…everything I’m sure you know it :-)

I want the shoes!

Oh my, the shoes are to die for! I’m so jealous.

- Victoria

Amazing! :)

Blair Slytherin 23 May 2012 / Reply

As the biggest pirate fan I must say that your dress is totally GORGEOUS! And you’re stunning as usual :)

Muito linda! Perfeito seu vestido.

Very nice blog :) i follow you now.

Greetings Emma

wow, you’re so pretty,
and this dress is lovely!

Great choice of Jimmy Choos!!

Paris is an incredible city !

You’re amazing !

amazing dress and the perfect summer outfit, can’t believe I’ve only just found your blog its so chic, you have amazing style

OMG! How can you possibly wear those killer heels the whole day?? My feet hurt just to look at them…LOL!!
However they’re amazing and you look gorgeous in them . And the dress is so original!!

I look great I have been looking on this shoes for a while now. Does they comfortable?

Ocean Wind

The shoes are indeed super comfortable girls! No joke ;)

You look so pretty and great dress!


Nice outfit !
(and be careful you’ve made a mistake : not too hot and not too cold with two o! ;) )

What are you wearing on your lips? They are beautiful!

I love your shoes! Those, or similar ones from Louboutin are my dream! They’re so stylish, elegant and classic :)

Hello Kristina, I will follow you for a long time and I like you very much. Although I live in Switzerland, in Lugano.

I like your style and this dress is very special.

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Camilla :)

OMG, I need this dress so bad! But I couldn’t find them.. are these really from Romwe?? Thanks!

wow,what a beautiful dress!!I love your look:)

I love your sunglasses. They’re too cute!

Wooowwww~!! Your dress is so Koooool~!!!!

Awesome dress! So rock star:)

GO TO and check out my blog!

omg thats dress is stunning! I need to get it! lol you look gorgeous as always :)

Hayley xx

I love the heels, the dress and the sunnies. perfect outfit!

Lovely dress and shoes!


So pretty and fabulous as always!


Oh that dress is gorgeous! Love the skull detail on the neckline!
It look great on you!


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