Pictures by JAMES VYN

 BEAUTY PRESENTATION It felt so nice to back in Paris, each time I arrive at Gare de Lyon a wide smile apprears on my face. There’s just something about this city, it’s ambiance, history, imagery or even the architecture that feels magical. When we arrived at our hotel, we just had time to have lunch and quickly change before heading to the Yves Saint Laurent beauty presentation. Well I must say, there were many reasons to be impressed. The location, first of all, was light and divine (and matched quite well my outfit too by the way, so I liked it even more). With a bunch of other amazing bloggers such as Emilie, Fleur or Chiara we had the chance to discover YSL new make-up releases such as the new Teint Touche Eclat, which is a real revolution in trems of foundation. If you have already tried Touche Eclat itself you will know what I mean, well this is the foundation that will give this incredible light and glow effect, just like the Touche Eclat, by covering right what you need to cover and avoiding the cake effect. The most interesting thing about it is that it’s released in 40 different shades, therefore you are sure to find your prefect one. No more mistakes! Another great discovery was of course the new autumn beauty collection, made of khaki and burgundy shades. I will of course show you, more in details what it’s made of in a special make-up post. Finally, let’s talk about the Vernis à Lèvres. Perhaps have you already heard about this innovativ lipgloss-lipstick-lippaint, hard to name it since it’s all that put together. Well there’s even more colours coming out. We are for sure spoiled by these YSL make-up geniuses that do their best to make us look gorgeous. I had the chance to speak with Creative Director Make Up Yves Saint Laurent, Lloyd Simmonds. His vision of beauty fascinates me, he can see so many colours, shades and lights all around him. There is colours everywhere and they can all be interesting for make-up.

I decided to wear that day a whole Yves Saint Laurent make-up of course, I used Rouge Volupté ”Red Muse”, Terre Saharienne bronzing powder, summer 2012 pure chromatics edition n°8. I stayed in a very parisian mood and style, and decided to play on elegance, by associating the red lips to a white outfit. I have chosen this Zmilelee dress paired to my Zara blazer and high heels. Finally my Louis Vuitton Alma to finish the whole look. After the presentation we were off to dinner at the Ralph’s, a place to see that is for sure. There we enjoyed a lovely meal. This was for sure a lovely day, full of fun and beauty products to die for. Thanks again to Yves Saint Laurent for this incredible experience, and all the new discoveries. 

DRESS : Zmilelee
EARRING : Windsor
BAG : Louis Vuitton
Though we haven’t done pictures during the dinner, I must show you the plates and the incredible ambiance at the Ralph’s.

173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 
75006 Paris, France  
+33 1 44 77 76 00


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Great photos! Seems like a fun event. You look absolutely gorgeous, hun. xx

Beautiful photos !

I love you Paris and Yves Saint Laurent ♥

beautiful! your blog is always such a big inspiration for me! :) and pleeeeeease make hairstyle tutorial how to create exactly the same waves :)

Your beautiful!

ahh, we have an RL here in Chicago, but it doesn’t compare the one in the picture, so lovely.

also, has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like emily atack from the intbetweeners???


White color and bright lipstick – ideal tandem! Happy day to you, beautiful!

félicitations =) magnifique look !

You look awesome! See my blog and if you want we can follow each other!


Perfect ! You and your boyfriend are such a cute couple. ♥

Wow , so beautiful pictures.
You look amazing !
I wish I was there !

Ocean Wind


It must have been so much fun!
Take care :)

I love Paris and YSL is great!

Love your outfit, very classy and elegant
I have never tried YSL make-up but these photos make it very tempting
new outfit post

You look so sophisticated and elegant! Love your style girl!

Anonymous 21 May 2012 / Reply

you are living the good life;)
I`m so happy for you !!!you totally deserve it
thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience

I was so happy to meet you during the event :)
You’re such a lovely girl Kristina, hope to see you soon :) xx

2 Words – Amazingly Gorgeous…

beautiful pictures…love your outfit,so basic and classy


gorgeous photos as always! you look soo beautiful<33 and you make me want to go to paris;)

you are so beautifull and I love your outfit! wich brand is the nailpolish?it’s amazing

Girl, u’re just fascinating !


totally beautiful!
in this white dress you look like an angel!

you looked beautful! :)
I especially loved the way you did your make-up: gorgeous!!

incredible dress for an amazing woman!

wow what a great event!

Wow, All these pictures are so gorgeous!
James and you are the cutes couple ever and he did also a really good job with the pictures, they look amazing!

Vanessa from

waaaww you’re beaurifull!
i love yve st laurent ! :)

You’re flawless, always so picture perfect!

you look gorgeous in white!!

que fotos tan bonitas y qué guapa vas siempre

Falda navajo y gatitos

what a classy! bisou!

stunning pics :)

x For Happy Days

Such a fun event! What a pretty b&w look!

oh my god. everything looks so perfect. you’re gorgeous!

I love all the photos, so beautiful! Your life seems so glamourous and fun hihi ;)

Gorgeous photos!

You look adorable! I love the photos!

wow so chic. too pretty and the zara heels are a dream :D

Anonymous 21 May 2012 / Reply

You’re so gorgeous!

beautiful photos! You look awesome as ever :)

Amazing pictures, you look beautiful! :)

Love your dress and jacket!!!
You’re beautiful!!

Wow this is amazing, your so pretty :) such an inspiration to me

I love your look, very elegant. And this lipstick looks stunning on you. :-)

you look gorgeous once again! and i think i’d really like to go check out YSL’s new products now!

Lovely! I adore you in this outfit!

wow!! amazing photos!! you look stunning girl!! you are gorgeous!

you are so so beautiful, i could stare at your pictures all day:)

So lovely. I can see you had so much fun…

Anonymous 21 May 2012 / Reply

perfect! I really enjoyed this post.
You are so gorgeous :)

You and James are so great together!! :D I love the photos, I am sure the event was wonderful and you had a great time! :D

Beautiful! I love YSL lipsticks.

Those heels in Paris, that isn’t very comfortable in my opinion…
But you look amazing, but I wouldn’t be able to walk on such heels in Paris!

stunning as always. beautiful photos.

xx rae

You look stunning love your make up!

Absolutely LOVE your dress and heels. Gorgeous!


The make-up is truly divine! How do you manage to do it like a pro?!:)

GO TO and tell me what you think of my blog


tu as vraiment une chance énorme !

Anonymous 21 May 2012 / Reply

do you dye your hair? because your roots and eyebrows are dark!

Katrina you’re really lucky to have such a wonderful photos! It’s such a shame that we (I mean other bloggers) can’t ‘borrow’ your photograpger! Kisses:)

Btw you look fab;)

You look gorgeous, and it sounds like a great event!

Win a wonderful long dress from Shabby Apple

yummy! beautiful!

You look so beautiful! I love your makeup :)

Fashion in Pepperland

You look so pretty!

Love this pictures :)

The dress is purrfect.Love the earrings and the eyeliner as well.
Check out my blog

Anonymous 21 May 2012 / Reply

Very nice! You are beautiful

Love your outfit – looks like an awesome expirience! Can you tell me what kind of camera/lens you use? :)

Fantastic photos! Loved your outfit, and your make up.

nora ♥ 21 May 2012 / Reply

i like it if you post your dress and your shoes and so on but can you you also please write dwn your nail lanquer for me?

love and kiss


This all white outfit looks so elegant on you and is perfect fot the occasion, you look great.

you look absolutely gorgeous dear!

Você é muito linda, simplesmente perfeita! Amei o look!

Tu fais de meilleures photos de jour en jour :) ! Merci de nous faire partager cet univers, j’aurais aimé voir comment c’était. Tu devrais passer un petit peu à Lyon ;) C’est une superbe ville aussi, rien qu’à voir les berges du Rhône, le quartier du 6e, la Confluence, le Parc de la Tête d’Or…

You look absolutely stunning! Love YSL makeup!

I am following you now and I would love you to follow me too?

Flawless as always! :)

- Victoria

These photos are gorgeous! You always dress so elegantly.

Amazing phtos!
I love the face photos!


amazing photos! :)

simple and yet amazing!^^

OMG – these pictures are so beautiful – great photos and you look perfect again… PERFECT!


Van –
New Facebook-Page

Hello Kristina, je ne sais pas si tu es encore à Paris mais j’espère que tu as passé un agréable moment. Ta robe te vas à ravir.

Bsx Andie ;)

Wonderful post!
You are so pretty. :)

Those photos are amazing :)

your look amazing

Love these photos. Your blog is amazing and Paris is beautifully captured.

Gorgeous photos and adorable couple!

Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

Very nice photos, I love your dress and make-up.

Just Another Day:
Beauty & Fashion

Such a gorgeous look. The white dress and blazer look beautiful and the red lips are the perfect touch :)

You look wonderful, amazing event!

Nice photos! And amazing shoes :)


tu es suuuper belle !

Curly hair perfectly fits you! :) You look… sophisticated.

You look so elegant and sophisticated :-)

You looked fantastic. Love the white outfit combined to the red lips. I’m excited about the new foundation!

You looked gorgeous! x

how do you afford these high end products? you look so elegant and classy


you look so elegant! you are very lucky to get to expieriance all of this “high life”

So elegant lady!

michelle 19 July 2014 / Reply

nice photos!!