TIMELESS PIECES So the other day I have been asked the question, what does any women need in her gardrobe. After that, I actually thought of 10 garments I’d had to I rescue if my house was on fire (obviously if there’s a fire, I don’t think I’d rescue the clothes, I might come and save the cat first that would be a better action). And here’s my point : there are some pieces each of us must have in one’s closet. Of course there is no obligation, but these garments, once you have, them make your life so much easier or at least your mornings (we are all quite used to the mornings of running late because you still don’t know what to wear, it’s a true feminin tragedy). Well here are some of the pieces all of us should possess : Black blazer, perfect for any occasion day or night, winter or summer. Little black dress. A girl’s night out? Little black dress with stilettos. A job interview? LBD with the black blazer! A pair of super stylish yet comfortable jean, to play the rockstar or to play the casual chic. The black heels, to pair it with any outfit for a touch of elegance. Ray Bans, because it’s the best sunnies ever created. I’d be temped to say a chanel timeless bag, but obvisouly it’s a bit exaggerated  since we can’t all afford this kind of ”essential” so I’ll just go with a bag that look good and fits any kind of outfit. And finally, last but not least, I would say a plain white shirt with a flaterring cut, which you can pair to jeans, denim shorts or actually anything else. Here are my top picks and if I absolutely had to rescue some pieces from my closet here’s what I would keep.  

In this look I let you discover some of my recent favourite basic pieces. The leather shorts wich are so easy to wear and actually fit most of the clothing I own. Matched to my white blazer and shirt this whole outfit is finally quite minimalistc but yet full of elegance and comfortable. If the heels are to much for the day, then I suggest nice loafers to match the whole look : it will bring a very edgy and effortless outlook yet super chic and elegant. Because you know how much I love playing with details, I paired my new CC SKYE Victoria clutch and some Yves Saint Laurent bright tangerine lipstick to top off the whole look!

What about you, what would be your 5 wardrobe essentials?

BLAZER : Minusey
SHORTS : Goodnight Macaroon
LIP STICK : YSL Rouge Pur Couture ”Le Orange”
NAIL POLISH : O.P.I ”A Roll In The Hague”


Add yours

J’adore cette tenue, surtout le blazer et les chaussures !



Woooow magnifique ! *.*

Simply Elegant:)…great job!<3

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Так красиво безумно. ВРоде бы классика черный и белый цвет, а так стильно. Помада все заканчивает. ОТлично =)

These kind of timeless pieces every girl should have in her closet!
You look very elegant and sophisticated.

you are soo beautyful and amazing

You look so fabulous here! What camera does James use to shoot these photos?

awesome like always! love this colour on you!


This is an amazing look! I love that it’s so simple but so chic at the same time.

Very pretty! Love the clutch

you look so chic

There is elegance in simplicity…and you represent it very well!!!

jeans, simply chic tshirt, minidress, cardigan and ofcz high heels :)

Lovely look, suitable for pretty much any occasion :)
My style is quite different from yours (which doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your blog!), so I would say that my top 5 clothing items are black skinny jeans, neutral-coloured oversized jumper, ballet pumps, pair of black heels and a sexy tee.

Anneli x

Oh my gosh, I love those mornings relaxing and discovering that there’s a new post an your blog!
Well, just to guess what I would save, without thinking about it would be:
1. my most comfortable heels
2. my Louis Vuitton speedy bag, as it fits every outfit, although it is a damier ebene (why does the colour doesn’t matter to match an outfit when it’s a LV?!)
3. my favourite black second skin 7 for all mankind jeans, I simply love it
4. the Ray Ban is the best idea you had, of course I would save them
5. last but not least, some cosmetics. No outfit works with blowsy or even no make up and oily hair ;)
So these are my faves, enjoy your day without highschool, get prepared for your exams and don’t forget to relax in between!

By the way, I was just lying the same way like now on my boyfriends sofa when I discovered your blog on my first trip to Vienna. Cheers to you!

Love your beautiful basic pieces !

Love black & white mix :)

You are stunning.
The 5 essentials? Blazer, jeans, LBD, flat shoes and a great bag, like Chanel or Lady Dior

I absolutely love this Outfit so pretty! And you look gorgeous dear!

The little bag is so chic I love it.

Vanessa from

You’re so gorgeous and I love that outfit! :)

you are unique. a perfect woman.
i have a new outfit, very sexy…

perfect! I love the clutch!!!

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i’m in love with this look! Especially the white blazer with the black shorts, it looks perfect!

beautiful! x

you look great with all bright lipsticks! i wish i had such complexion to be able to do the same!

love these timeless basics, gorge black and whites

I agree with your 5 items! :)

x For Happy Days

Hi Kristina, what series are your Ray Bans in this post?

You look amazing, Kristina! ♥

I couldnt go without perfect shaped jeans shorts :)

Love the simplicity of the outfit and this bag is amazing!!

Love, Becky

beautiful look!

Anonymous 5 June 2012 / Reply

I love your look :)I think it would be a great idea to post a video about making theese photos, I would like to see streets and reactions of the people while you are posing.

love this look, so simple, yet it can take you from day to night! I love your blog so so much :)

I’m sorry, I don’t really have 5 wardrobe essentials, which I can name here.
But I wanted to stop by, just to tell you, how beautiful your are and how amazing the look of the photos is. I love this outfit on you! It’s so simple and so stunning at the same time!

Love the all white with a fe w touches of black Xo

total schön !


You’re so stylish girl! I love your blog, it’s so professioinal looking and you’re a really sweet girl when you talk on the videos :) A true role model. I love that you said food should be enjoyed and you don’t have to be skinny like a model (even though you do look like a model haha). xxx

toujours super classe :) tu devrais faire un blog beauté tu te maquilles tellement bien!!

love your photos!!!!

So beautiful!!
Is your weather always sunny, as on photos?)

oh, wonderful blazer! u look great :-)

last picture is amazing :)

very simple but brilliant! love it :)

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the outfit and the final detail, red lips! :)

Love your hair, make-up and blazer in these pics! I think you covered the subject perfectly with your list of 5 wardrobe essentials.

Anonymous 5 June 2012 / Reply

oh, could post some pics with you and cat? :D you have never done it, please think about it.

Stunning outfit and photos! You look so lovely! Your jacket, shorts, shoes, glasses and clutch are all really amazing! xxx


I am with you completely on your choices, even down to the Chanel. It’s something I believe every fashionista should own in her lifetime.

one word: STUNNING.
Everything perfect! Love white blazer, the leather shorts, & the make up is amazing :)
bisous x

Anonymous 5 June 2012 / Reply

The outfit is awesome!

I love this outfit so much! So simple, but so lovely :)

- Victoria

cool sunglasses :)

Your outfit is amazing!! Beautiful clutch!

Beautiful pictures!

so beautiful!

i love your make-up and hair!! the outfit is incredibly simple yet elegant!

Gorgeous photos! Love those shoes!

Rachel’s Lookbook

great look honey, perfect combination!!


You look so chic. Perfect outfit :D

Anonymous 5 June 2012 / Reply

You are so beautiful! Amazing blog :)

Anonymous 5 June 2012 / Reply

Would you share an outfit that you wear to school?
Would be nice <3

Keep your good work!

How can you make your skin looks so white ?

I know about Clinique, but can you advice me with something else, for fairness skin, please :)

Thank you, kisses :*

Tu es sublime ! J’adore ta tenue. (:

xx Virginie

Chic! You look vey chic!!

Kisses, Rebeca

I absolutely love how you can look so chic in just basics!


LOVE THAT LOOK! It’s so fantastic and you look fabulous.

I love the shots. You are so glamour with this red lipstick!

Much Love, ThePeppyMay

Classy and chic! love the outfit


Great style! Basic chic!! It’s perfect!


These shorts are a perfect fit.

Linda demais!
Amei o look, ficou perfeita!

I love your elegance.
You are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l


I love the black and white mix, very sophisticated! Great look.

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you look amaizing! as usual. you have great taste! love it!

Love the basic look!


love this basic black and white…awesome combo..simple but chic, i like!

Muito linda!
Amei demais seu look!

Soooooo gorgeous!!!!!1 I loved the lipstick color! Looks so stunning and the hair is so beautiful!!! The shorts are great!!! Looks like leather shorts right? Or latex maybe… wow, totally loved the outfit.

I really liked your article post.Really thank you! Great.

I think this is a real great blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.