STRIPES AND ORANGE CLUCTH We shot those couple of pictures last week as we were heading to my absolute favorite retaurant (Le Grand Chêne in Lausanne) to celebrate the end of my highschool and beginning of the exams. It’s a little tradition we have in my family to make something special on important days of life and we usally always choose this place. I have so many beautiful memories from out here and I can’t even describe how good the food actually tatses. If you are on day in Lausanne, this is the place you musn’t miss if you want to experience an incredible culinary journey. The dinner was great and the evening was so lovely, we have spent a great time. It was the perfect way to start this important month of exams. For the outfit I have chosen something quite chic yet very comfortable, a stiped blazer with a white shirt and beige shorts  matched to a flashy Louis Vuitton clutch to add a bit of colour to this monochromatic look, a golden H&M necklace and some apricot colour on the lips in reference to the cltutch. Also wanted to try out something new with my hair, a messy bun that took me exactly 30 seconds to do. You basically just twist you hair back into a bun and attach it in a messy way after separating your hair in the middle and leaving a bit of hair to frame your face. Hope you like it!

BLAZER : Uniqueen
SHIRT : Yes or No
BRACELET : Avant Première
CLUTCH : Louis Vuitton
LIPS : Chanel ”Flirt”


Add yours

Oh wow!! You look breathtaking and so stylish on every photo!!
I’m in love with your clutch and top!


nice combination,i love how the color of your clutch matches the lips <3

i love your blazer! so chic!

I absolutely love your blazer!


Anonymous 8 June 2012 / Reply

T’es toute belle ! Et bonne chance pour la compréhension d’anglais :) Hahahahaha

Woooow j’adore la tenue! Et tu es vraiment magnifique!

Cute outfit with very nice details :D

These shoes are a killer! You look just wonderful! <3

Anneli x

flawless like always x

orange looks great with stripes company.
nice look! :)


Love the blazer:) And the orange touch is perfect on the look!

Perfect look. The clutch is wonderful :D

Anonymous 8 June 2012 / Reply

I really like your hair like this! it’s different. Nice outfit combination too
Kiss, Adèle

What a great outfit! I love the accent of orange. And your hair looks amazing and classy like that.

ese look tan romántico es muy bonito, te queda genial el peinado, y la piel tan blanca te hace etérea.
besos guapa

Love the stripes and the flowy blouse.

Великолепная Кристина! Очень нравится прическа!

Simple and so chic ! Love the orange clutch !

oh so beautiful!I love u hair there<3

if u wanna check me:)

Hello! :)
This is the first time I comment, although i’ve been following your blog since a few weeks ago, and your lookbook since quite more! Hahaha
I’ve to say that I love every outfit you wear! I love your elegang, sofisticated style and that i understand you so well with the examsn! Im your same age and Im in the same period! Hahaha
Hope everything will go well and good luck! :D

I LOVE your makeup! Can you do an updated eye tutorial video soon!

you look always so chic, I adore your sense of style..perfect in every occasion ;)

Lana Ceulemans 8 June 2012 / Reply

Fabulous look! And good luck with your exams :) xxx

so elegant my love!
so elegant

wow you look amazing. I don’t live far from Lausanne. I might visit this restaurant some time. It looks very pretty

You look amazing! Love the pop of color from the bag.

I love going to my favorite restaurants with my family :)

Pretty jacket
new outfit post

Love it!
So beautiful look =)

Vanessa Ribeiro


Gorgeous – you look stunning hun! Love the blazer :)

B x

the clutch made all the difference. Love the color!!

love what you’re wearing :)

x For Happy Days

you are always gorgeous

I love your style! You are so beauiful :-)

WOW Kristina ♥
This is absolutely gorgeous! – I really love this new hair do, it looks good on you, but what dosen’t? ♥

Orange is a great colour on you! Great post.

Pretty, pretty, pretty! :)

so beautiful!!

Beautiful, great look!

Love your hairstyle here :)

i love the orange with the stripes, looks so great!
love, julia from germany

Your hairstyle is really cute! Also this is a really simple yet sophisticated look, I like it a lot.

Check out my blog, I’m doing a giveaway when I reach 100 followers! :)

your bag looks amazing

Love this outfit and the pictures! You look so pretty :)

I love your blazer

Love your outfit.
The colour of your clutch is fantastic!

Love, Joyce

Your new messy bun looks great – effortlessly chic! I absolutely love your blazer and heels as well. Lovely outfit!

- Katie

love the pop of the orange with your gold accessories! beautiful!!!! Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

Beautiful outfit! Love the classy feel of it and the pop of orange color is just perfect :) I also love those Zara heels <3


Kristina i love your style , i don’t know how you manage to daily look that chic, you are a lucky girl .

Anonymous 8 June 2012 / Reply

Oh, I love you! You are so beautiful! Your hair is so amazing, could you please write a post about how do you care about your hair? That would be nice :)

just love the cut of your blazer!! :))

you have really great hairdo here :)

Love how you manage to combine all the colors!

Fashionable kisses from La Vie en Ros.

Aw you pretty girl :) Good luck with your exams! I am also sitting my exams at the moment, hopefully we will both do well! Lots of love xx

i love your blazer!!!!

Oh my gosh, you are so gorgeous and have great sense of style.

Beautiful outfit, mostly the vest :)

love the blazer!!

Loved your blazer, and your messy bun! :)

Anonymous 8 June 2012 / Reply

Peux-tu faire un “post” dans lequel tu montrerais différentes possibilités de maquillage pour les yeux ?


I like your outfit! But I especially love the photos where your hair sways in the wind around your face, it looks lovely (1st picture =)).

Anonymous 8 June 2012 / Reply

you’re my idol!

Amazing ! I love the bag, the colour is to die for ! And I love your hair !


J’adore ta veste!! Il faut que je m’en achete une comme celle là. Trop belle :)

You guys make me so happy, thank you for your kind words and also suggestions. As soon as I am finished with my exam I will overload you with new posts. Of course I will make a hair care video as you asked and make-up tutorials. Finally, also got some surprise posts!
Wish you all good luck for your exams, we’re gonna rock it!

Superbe tenue ! Tu es sublime :)

xx Virginie

You look gorgeous, like always. I am so in love with your outfit I like everything about it just a perfect combination with the orange clutch and the gold bracelet :)

You are such an inspiration Kristina! Keep it up!

Vanessa from

Your hair looks lovely. Good luck with your exams.

those heels are gorgeous!! i love this outfit!!! is there ever any picture when you don’t look perfect!? lol

Looks so good on you!

Good luck on your exams. Love this post as always!

I love this look1

yes you are sublime!!!
yuo look like a model,
so elegant! i like the clothes and the attitude!
cool blog;))

You look stunning! XX

You look fabulous!

amazing clutch and those shoes are killers :)

lovely bag and bracelet :)

perfect look!! love you blazerr

and your blog!!

Great outfit! Love the blazer!!

Have a nice day, xoxo

Super chic!!!



Nice pictures!

I love this outfit!

you´re amazing :)

The orange clutch is the icing on the cake, love the look so much! And I’ll definitely visit your favourite restaurant if I’m in Lausanne.


Just lovely outfit , so chic.

Love the jacket with those hills .


Ocean Wind

I wrote a post about how inspirational you are on my blog <3

Amazing handbag and love the whole simplicity. I bought something very similar from here and good things will shine out on how you wear it, not how much it costs. xxx

Anonymous 10 June 2012 / Reply

This person is faking you:

You look so pretty! :) great outfit!


Orange combines for you, it was good…

check out my blog girls, is new and super cool, xo ;)

beautiful outfit! you look absolutely stunning! x

Delizioso questo insieme.
Vero tocco d’elegance quello sprazzo di arancio
Un bacio

Anonymous 11 June 2012 / Reply

The outfit is great!

Beautiful look!


omg , your blog is amazing , and your style too !
I’m following you .

You seem very beautiful and a doll! I loved her look, it was perfect! kisses

Love the splash of orange you’ve added with the clutch!!

Catherine 12 June 2012 / Reply

Great blog.

Thanks for visiting mine:

cool blazer!! xoxo

What a great post :)! The photos are really incredible!

Much Love, ThePeppyMay

My New Official Page

You ar very beautiful girl. I really like this outfit! :)

Anonymous 12 June 2012 / Reply

good luck for your exams !!!!!

The blazer and the bag are stunning! Great look for summer

Exams are definitely important. I wish you the best in your exam =)
Btw, I like your orange LV clutch

hy , Cris you have a little mistake “STRIPES AND ORANGE CLUCTH We shot those couple of pictures last week as we were heading to my absolute favorite retaurant” correct restaurant. With love Patricia

The stripes and the orange, beautiful together!

Good outfit, so springly, great makeup also!

I totally agree with what you are saying eventhough this write-up is not suit to new WP :)

Thanks so much for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Really thank you! Want more.