CASUAL CHIC Yet, first of all I would like to insist on the fact that my keyboard is getting totally nuts and is I think completely broken. So here I am retyping for the third time my first line. That’s cool, that’s great. I usally do a lot of spelling mistakes but this, holy grail, the keyboard went crazy.. Anyways, it’s been such a tough week. I don’t know what about you guys but these exams totaly killed me and all want to do right now is sleep, sleep for hours and hours. I hope it went out well for you, I know that I absolutely struggled during the math essay. There were moments where I tought I was about to burst into tears, but I think this is all due to nerves an stress… Now that’s all far behind us and gotta get ready for the oral exams yet. A lot of speaking and analysing awaiting, but it’s nice and I actually really like it. For the outfit of the day I let you discover the casual combo I wore last week-end in Geneva during a little shopping session. Denim shorts matched to a floral blouse from Minusey and finally bright python inspired Zara high heels. I Think this is kinda the perfect outfit for a relaxing day spent out in town with friends. Okay now I can’t bare it anymore, it’s just horrible writing with this keyboard crisis stuff going on so I shall leave you guys and wish you all a lovely week-end! Promise that next week you can expect a ragular posting! Felt really bad for beeing so absent but the school’s worth the efforts right?

SHIRT  : Minusey


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what a beautiful post

love your hair & shoes & sunnies
annnd shirtt!!

you look great <3

Gorgeous blouse! Floral looks great on you :)

Your shoes and sunglasses are brilliant and you look so pretty in all of the photos :)

the last picture is so beautiful!

lovely shirt! you look fab
good luck on your tests i have mine next week ugh

lessie x

Amazing outfit and you look stunning!

Fashion Agony blog

I really like the blouse and sunglasses and school is definitely worth the effort !
Good luck with your exams
new outfit post

Gorgeous! Casual chic sums it up perfectly.


perfect casual look! love how the floral looks!

I really like the combination of the blouse with the floral print and the heels with snakeskin print. It looks pretty cool.

Totally love this outfit, like enormously! :D
I hope your exams went well, and if you ever need some math help, I’ll teach you in exchange for some style advise :D wouldn’t that be an awesome trade? :D
Much luck next week!

The White Studio

Вам очень идет помада. Отлично ♥

Love your outfit, especially the shirt, you are beautiful as always!!
Have a lovely day!

Lovely outfit. Such a cute blouse. Gorgeous heels and your lipstick is awesome :D
Wish you good luck with your oral exams!!!!!


You look beautiful! I hope your exams went well.
xo Karolien

Amazing combo! Good luck with exams! :*

That shirt is perfect! Sleep well :-)
xoxo Alex

lovely outfit! ^^ fresh and sassy

love your shirt!:)

Love this blouse! Look so stylish! :))

I really like that shirt and I also like the picture where your hair goes up because of the wind/breeze. Cute look x

Great outfit !!! Love your blouse !

You look amazing Kristina, like always!

really great look!


Очень классная! :) Блузочка потрясающая! :)
Желаю удачи на экзаменах! :) у меня у самой сессия, тоже все время спать хочется…

Love the blouse and the sunnies, good combo! I also like how the lipstick matches the flowers on the blouse

Tu es que eres super guapa…y todo te queda bien

Super cute outfit ;)

You look great honey! Nice blouse


Stunning photos – your hair looks great!

Fashion in Pepperland

I love this outfit! Very girlish and perfect for this season

Great outfit! Love your lipstick color!

Oh…you’re so cute… seriously! ^^
I love your hair..
Beautiful outfit :-*


I love the blouse! Perfect casual outfit, you look so beautiful and good look with your oral exams xo

Wow i love the combo floral shirt + python heels, it is really great !

jolie blouse portée avec le short et les lunettes mais je trouve que les chaussures ne vont pas avec, une paire de spartiates ou des converses seraient mieux.



cute look :)

x For Happy Days

gorgeous photos! love the shirt its so pretty

Hayley xx

Loving the various prints in your look! Ultra chic.

amazing post!

very very beautiful blouse. i love your style.

love the blouse!!!!

I love the outfit! I have been also very stressed with exams, and now I’m stressed with the results!

You do casual so well, you look gorgeous x
Love the floral shirt.


sooo awesome outfit like you :)

Love your shorts! Simple yet pretty outfit!

SO TRUE! Luckily I got sick, so I could skip this week, but the last 2 were same horrible.
Aw good luck with you keyboard haha.
I really really crave this shirt. It looks great with these heels. So bright and relaxing! x

I love your top, very pretty, and definitely suitable for this time of year! You look chic as always. :)

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even though you are tired and stressed, you look always perfect!




So gorgeous! What a cute and classic casual look <3

lovely shirt! xx

This is such a different look for you! Very cool and sassy :) xxxx

super fab!


you look amazing!

These sun glasses are H&M. I must get them.

My blog is having a Le Spec give away.

I am in love with that floral blouse!


You look stunning!!! Love ur shorts.. Never seen you in shorts before.. You look lovely! :) Killer heels as well!

Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference



I really like the combination of the flower blouse and the reptile heels! ;)

The blouse is really pretty!


P.S.: Great blog, I’m following!

Aww your blouse is perfect! Are these photos taken in geneva?


Anonymous 15 June 2012 / Reply

Tu es vraiment magnifique dans cette tenue! Question, la marque minusey tu la trouve ou en suisse?

You’re too goegeous! Natural beauty and style :) big hug xxxxxxx

awesome look! The blouse is lovely. I hope the exams went well. :-)


Simply adore this blouse and your blog! You have a new follower me dear :)
Feel free to come over and visit me,

I love that photo where you’re laughing, it brought a smile to my face :) And you’re outfit is lovely as always!

Anonymous 16 June 2012 / Reply

I dont understand the scholar system that you have in Switzerland. could you explain it one day? because in my country we graduate from high school with 17 years old, and then there is an optional test that last only 3 days when you do just from 3 to 5 exams chosen between the 8 subjects we have in all the year… im sorry but when you talk about your exams i dont understand you… do you have oral and writings? here we have, but it oral OR writing, you choose, not both! i’d appreciate a lot if you’d explain for all the people that dont live in Switzerland

I have the same shirt :P)

it’s the best
thing for summer

youre so beautyful ♥

can you make sometime a post about model posing?
i´m so interested to learn any pose but i don´t know how?
any tips?


You look lovely

love your blouse :)

J’adore tes lunettes de soleil !


@Anonymous sure. I’ll explain it in the next post.

Great look! even when you have a “relax outfit” you look so fashion!


i love this floreal blouse.

simple outfit, but so pretty

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Camilla :)

sooo gorgeous!!

I adore that top! Such a simple way to spice up an outfit.

Your outfit is just perfect!! I found the link on your site on the list of top fashion blogs and now i completely agree with their choice! This colorful blouse and beige designer sunglasseslook so so sweet. Thanks for your post!

Love the combo of the floral blouse and snake patterned heels!


Great blouse, but I think you should wear it with the boyfriend jeans. x

So glamorous look! Love the glasses