FINALLY You guys have always wanted me to style a pair of jean instead of constantly seeing me in super elegant outfits. I actually always stuggled to find a pair of denim jeans that I really like. But yet I finally think that I have found the perfect one. I do indeed find it quite difficult to pick out the perfect pair of jeans, meaning with the right colour and the flattering cut perfectly suited to your body. I was searching a boyriend jeans for ages and I particullary wanted one with a cool ripped effect. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one that I really liked so I just went with the classic H&M one since I really liked the shape (it just missed the ripped effect) an actually ripped it myself. And I prety much like the result and highly support you folks in ripping your own pair of denim shorts or jeans. For tricks on how to make it nicely I just suggest you to google it, that’s what I did and I found awesome results. It took me quite a while but it was worth it and now I am finally wearing a jean that I really enjoy wearing. Last saturday James and I were in Geneva for a special lunch with the Navyboot team. They were having super cool sales and the boxes you can see me holding in the pictures bellow are part of the amusement they organized, ( meaning that no, I did not buy ten boxes of shoes unfortuately). You could actually guess in which box the hidden Navyboot cluth was hidden to actually win one. How great is that? We had a blast and it was a perfect day and perfect afternoon.

This week has been really tough to me, I suffered a lot from my summer allergies ( my head was burning because of fever, ears were plugged, had to drink soup and hot tea all day long) and working at the same time for my most difficult presentations was a real challenge. So there I was, stuck in bed trying to make my way through my law presentation. I couldn’t even breath and was surrounded by crouwds of tissues. Bad luck I guess. Yet law is behind me and I have fourblast exams to gonthrough with and then it’s finished. I am really motivated to give all my best for these last couple ones! I’m going to work like a crazy person folks. I can tell you.

HEELS : Navyboot
LIPSTICK : YSL ”Pink Guava”


Add yours

Love how you still added femininity to the chic, boyfriend inspired look!

I love your H&M Denim! :). Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you’ll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!!

Elle xoxo

love this casual look :)

x For Happy Days

waow.. coool your simple chic look.. but your earrings and cuff make it stunning..

I love how you make these casual jeans into a cute outfit!! Great pumps.

Wow!! You look so, so pretty and great in this outfit!
I like your jeans and earrings a lot!

Anonymous 21 June 2012 / Reply

Просто, но в то же время шикарно! Одним словом – гениально!

Привет из Минска! и удачного дня!

You so beautiful!

wonderful. i love the bracelet!


youre my favorite blogger, so beautiful, smart and just real. Wish i got to meet you in person!

amazing shoes and jeans :) love it :D

Even in denim you look still tres chic. Lovely photos. Pretty :D


Well styled as usual…btw the make-up is flawless; it’s always refreshing to see a neutral look.

Even with a ripped jeans you still look elegant.
Cool outfit !
Goodluck with your last exams !
new outfit post

Oh I am in love with how you styled your H&M jeans!


you look stunning in these pictures!!!
great idea the jeans ;-)

I have tha same boyfriend of h&m, but i don’t wanna cut it!! You look fab!

Love the look, so simple but chic! those heels and those earrings…simply amazing! xo, Alma

love it!

Lovely outfit! Love the pics :)
xo Madeleine

Awesome outfit! you’re right: sometimes i miss see you more in outfits with jeans :)


woww you look gorgeous in jeans:)you should really do more jeans posts <33

love your top!
and incredible outfit as always…

I love this perfect outfit!!!

MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

woow you look amzing in denim…love the outfit!


You look amazing as always, i love how you played with casual clothes yet stylish fancy accessories! It’s the perfect combination :)

Lots of Love, Ana

Amazing pictures, the outfit is great. Love such casual looks! ♥

gorgeous look :) good luck on your last exams :)


Love the jeans and the gold bangle!

Usually I’m not really a fan when it comes to boyfriend jeans, but yours I really like. You styled it perfectly! I also love your jewelry ;-)


Great look! You are right, that pair of jeans are the perfect one!

Cute pictures!

I always love reading your posts Kristina!
Can you do a tutorial of your make up or can you tell me how you do it? You look always so great!!
Your blog is definitely one of my favorite ones!

XX, Judith from Germany

Love your earrings and bf jeans !!!

I really love this outfit ! By far my favorite of them all. I need to find those jeans, I have been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans for ages now. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing photos.


do you have a new colour on your hair? it looks like ombre, i really like it :)

Your jeans look fab! Great work with DIY rips.


Anonymous 21 June 2012 / Reply

Okay you just look amazing in those jeans! Absolutely stunning!

Shoes and earrings are stunning! Not sure about the jeans but you look amazing in everything:))


great style’

Anonymous 21 June 2012 / Reply

Just stunning!!!!

This is my favourite outfit of yours so far!!! very stylish!
The jeans and shirt are new or from previous years? great shoes :))

Love your jeans, so much fun to see a different side of you x


You look so chic!
And te earrings are just lovely.



Anonymous 21 June 2012 / Reply

where is that top from????? :)

I personally rarely wear jeans, like once a month max, I usually find them uncomfortable and unflattering, but! I discovered, that the less often you wear them, the better you look when you finally do. Girls with rather elegant and chic style can every once in a while rock a pair of jeans like no one else can ;)

love this casual look that you make it look rather quite elegant!! you have that in you!!! everything you wear just looks polished!

Great look – you can even wear jeans and look fabulous!

Fashion in Pepperland

This outfit is really nice :)

this looks really suits you. :)

Trop belle ! Tu rends le jean super classe, moi qui n’aime pas trop les jeans j’adore !


you’re look amazing in that simple outfit, still feminim in boyish style, great


great look, these jeans really flatter you :)

I agree, I have always wanted to see you in jeans and a more relaxed outfit! Thanks for sharing, I love how you matched the jeans with that jumper and then the nude heels!
My Own Project

You look so great and elegant even in jeans, it’s amazing! :)

Gosh. You are soo beautiful!


You are GORGEOUS! and I love your blog and your style! So jealous!

Mi piacciono molto i tuoi orecchini
U bacio

I LOVE this look on you! maybe you wear jeans more often – these look great!

- katie

You look fantastic in boyfriend jeans! I love how you’ve styled them :)

Anonymous 21 June 2012 / Reply

Your best outfit! <3

simple and pretty outfit :)

I like you more with this casual style and boyfriend jeans than with the elegant looks! :) Just stunning!

You are just AMAZING! <3

Крутой образ!!!!!! Люблю бойфренды…ношу тоже их с каблучками …

You can wear anything! This look is gorgeous!

Your jewelry is amazing! Love this outfit!

You look elegant even with a pair of jeans. Love it.

Xoxo Andie ;)

You look amazing even in bf ripped jeans!

looks like model off duty chic! so simple and no fuss i love it :)

i love this kind of jeans!!

Good luck with your exams, I finished my last test today in the morning and now finally relax:)

love that you’re wearing patterns, pink and now boyfriend jeans!!! you can pull off every trend because you have the confidence in yourself, we can tell!!!

Nice outfit, bf jeans are always nice!

Just wanted to say; I loooooooove your blog! Found it yesterday when I was exploring lookbook.. now Kayture is one of my favourites! You have great sense of style and these pictures are great :)

Love this outfit!

The jeans looks great on you! You should wear jeans like this more often :)

Vanessa from

simply perfection!

Anonymous 22 June 2012 / Reply

Tu ressembles tellement à Christina Ricci, c’est un truc de malade !

Bonne continuation dans ton blog, il est super. Réel plaisir de te lire :)


Gorgeous outfit. So laid back but you still look beautiful and chic ;)

I really love your blog.
You´re fantastic.
I´m following you of course.
Check mine if you want.

really great way to style boyfriend jeans! and it is great to see you in something other than a skirt or dress :)

Stunning! You just pull everything off so well! Love those jeans! :) :) :)


Wow, you look amazing! Casual but very feminine =)

Aw! I love your jeans, you look amazing!


Love this outfit!

i love your shoes..and your outfit is stunning

Nice outfit! I love how you combine the boyfriend jeans with the high heels. Makes it look so beautiful!


Ons of the best looks! Chapeau!

however… you still managed to make boyfriend jeans look extremely elegant!!!!! you are so pretty!!

Gorgeous outfit – you look great in jeans! Love the pumps too, the perfect nude colour.. Photo of you with the boxes is awesome hehe :)

B x

Awesome, you’re in jeans:)! Looks as stunning as the usual dresses you wear! Very cool of you to come out of your comfort zone and experiment with different styles!


Amazing look! :)

wow love your boyfriend look!

Anonymous 23 June 2012 / Reply

I just searched for your blog on facebook and found a profile that says its you?
I dont think this is realy you, because it says that you live in London and studying in Dublin?!
Just wanted to let you know ;)

ps. the jeans look incredible on you, you should wear them more often :)


amazing shoes

I love how you work these jeans. You look effortlessly chic and your hair is spectacular! –I just found your blog <3


A Preponderance of Fashion

Really, really love seeing you in a more casual outfit. This would have been even better if you had worn flat shoes/loafers/slipper shoes instead. This kind of style is much more wearable and accessible to your readers, I am sure! <3

Anneli x

omg… u r amazing ♥

Probably helps that you are gorgeous! (Jealous? Me?!)

Love your blog, the layout is fabulous- so glad I found it today!

Definitely following now :)

I love your photos* Yoy have a great style *
Follow me? I foolow you too!
xoxo, Chance to change

Waou, i love it

Great outfit! x

You look beautiful and GOD! I love your earings! ;)

you look great in those bf jeans :)

It’s unusual to see you in jeans haha. But I like it.


Anonymous 28 June 2012 / Reply

It’s so great! Boyfriend’s jeans? Really? Your boyfriend must be very slim. You look like fantastic wearing them.
Absolutely fantastic earrings and bracelet!

wow! I love this look because it is so casual!! It looks great on you!!


Hi Kristina,
I’ve been wondering how I should wear my boyfriend jeans and I love the outfit you have created!
I was also just wondering if you have thought of or would consider setting up a ‘like on bloglovin’ icon on your posts so that I can save your later posts on bloglovin to easily refer to your outfits??
Hope you consider this

Laura =) (From Australia)

Jessica Spektor 24 January 2013 / Reply

There’s this funky line of django & juliette shoes that would definitely go well with the ripped jeans. I love how you created those artsy ripped effect. Way to go!

Perf outfit and heels!!

Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

Great outfit. I think nothing can better the boyfriend jeans. Hey guys i loving the bf jeans.