THEY’RE BACK It felt like ages since my last goodies post,because I’ve got so many new and interesting outfits to show you guys I must admit that sometimes I tend to forget about this lovely goodies post that I love so much. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. So I will let you discover this week’s selection of the best products and new discoveries I have made during these past weeks. In a couple of days I will be in a huge auditorium with more than 100 people writing essays. You can’t even imagine how freaked out I am. So don’t be mad at me if I don’t post one day or another, it means I am crying in a corner over my math book ( how I hate those math books). But at least, what means exams means almost the end of the school year! So I will be back with even more posts and ideas, James and I have got so many cool plans and projects, we simply can’t wait to share them with you! Wish you all a lovely end of the day and a big success in your own studies!

The new frangance by Guerlain ”La Petite Robe Noire”, the most amazing scent I have ever tried out is soon in shops! Hope to see you on saturday for ”Le Goûter Guerlain”!
New Michael Kors wallet, thank to Zalando for this amazing gift.
My spring picks, plain white shirt, sheer candy sorbet lipsticks by YSL, bold necklaces, sunnies, a bright Vince Camuto cluch and a golden bracelet from Avant Première.
New products by O.P.I, this creams feels like heaven. I use in twice a day, before going to bed and in the morning after the shower : divine.
My new candle from Ladurée brought back from Paris. This ”Poudre de Riz” scent is so relaxing.
Flashy heels that I am going to wear this summer.
Thanks to Jimmy Choo for these amazing sunnies, they will match perfectly my bikini and I can’t wait to show you guys how I styled them.
New amazing products from Yves Saint Laurent, please have a look at the upcoming Autumn collection and the new Teint Touche éclat foundation! You will love it and you can expect a special YSL post in a couple of days, that’s all I can say.


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That black dress and red sunnies are my favorites from this post of goodies :)

So many pretty products! Love the La Durée candle and the Jimmy Choo sunnies. But the YSl make-up is cool aswell, nice to get a preview of the new colors
new outfit post !

Good luck with your exam! Beatiful goodies.

Wow, looks amazing! You’re so lucky!

Dear Kristina I love your post about goodies!

how many beautiful things! the shoes are fabulous!

i’m so obsessed with your goodies-posts:) those photos are just to dream! love those beautiful paper bags hihi, especially the one with the bow <33 and can’t wait to see your ysl post! xx

Great goodies Kristina!
I wish you and James lots of success in the exams!

Ughh I feel ya girl!! Hope you do well on your exams! School is almost over! :D Seriously these goodies look really enticing especially the perfume! It’s packaged rather nicely. ^^” You can never go wrong with flashy heels and red sun glasses for the summer! It’s the perfect time to wear them! ^-^

The Krystel Book

wow, this looks like paradise

Can’t wait to smell Guerlain’s new fragrance!


I’m looking forward to meet you Saturday!!

Kristina (from Bern)

Omg I love the Yves Saint Laurent Goodies!!Those Eyeshadows looks great!

… I can’t await to meet you on saturday. See u!

wow great goodie post. I love the new Parfume. Can’t wait to see what you and james are up to!

La Petite Robe Noire <3


Great photos!
Good luck on your exams.

Totally love your goodies. The shoes are awesome :D

WOw. I just love how you arranged everything. Looks really really nice!

Nice goodies and good luck! Know that you’re not the only one who’s studying :-)

x For Happy Days

Amazing things!

Omg lucky you, love it all!

Anonymous 6 June 2012 / Reply

Great things! Love the sunglasses – Jimmy Choo *_*

Do you often get little presents from brands?
thas really cool <3

you are a BEAUTY!

Love his pics. Please go check your e-mail. :)

i love the blue clutch and the choo sunnies :)

J’adore toutes tes nouvelles choses :)

xx Virginie

Fabulous items, heels are fab-colored and the sunnies look amazing! Love Jimmy Choo accessories, wonder if they would like to send a pair to me for free as well? :P

Anneli x

AMAZING post, great goodies & stunning pics :)
bisous xxx

I like your Vince Camuto clutch!

Very pretty post!

I like the dress and YSL make up;)!!! goodluck with everything

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Annabella 6 June 2012 / Reply

Hello I adore your black dress and your necklace or have them to be sold yourselves(to buy yourselves)

Waoooww they’re amazing. Enjoy it:))

great , love the sunnies !!

omg, lovely things! :X

Anonymous 6 June 2012 / Reply

Please do hair tutorial !
Love your style (:

beautiful, beautiful!!!

i always admire your choices of jewelry!!

check out this silly joke to help with your math problems:

Your posts are always so beautiful and inspiring!
All the things look super!
Also cannot wait to test Guerlain ”La Petite Robe Noire”)))
Have a nice day tomorrow!
xxx from St Gallen

So many goodies! Can’t decide which is my favorite one!
Good luck with your exams Kristina! I’m sure you’ll do great.

Seeing all your beauty goodies reminds me that I need to stock up. Love the attention to detail in all of your pics.


You’re so lucky! i want some of that kind of gifts to! :P
Lovely YSL make up and the Jimmy Choo sunglasses !


Great stuff, and the picture with the sunnies and big necklace looks like a smile face, so cute :))


I love your look. You make me inspirierst <3

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wauw, i am impressed with your pictures and your blog. following:) maybe you follow me back?

Pretty little things :) I love it! Great photos xo


these products are making me want them YSL :)
Xo to everyone!

Cute!!! amazing pics!!


me too i bought Guerlain parfum. I love him.

your blog is fantastic and you too.

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The green eyeshadows are amazing! I think they woul perfectly match to my brown eyes. Need to get one! :)

Anonymous 14 June 2012 / Reply

wow you are amazing! and so are your gifts, how do you get all of them?