Pictures by JAMES VYN

HOT Yes, it’s has been very hot these past couple of days. And though it might seem super exciting after the long and forever lasting winter thinking that it couldn’t be more pleasant to enjoy a bit of warm weather,  well my allergies have never been so bad. Some of you guys might know what I am talking about, I am talking about sneezing all the time, cough endlessly and to blow your noise creating that way a beautiful, harmonious melody. Ah it’s a delight. No actually it isn’t, I was stuck in bed for days and it was so difficult to work for my exams in this condition. Luckily I have only four left and I will receive my results of friday. What about you guys, are you already on holidays?

For the outfit, you might have noticed that I have been really into the casual/sporty chic style lately. I just love combining comfortable clothing with bright and elegant pieces such as a nice pair of heels or really cool jewerly. My tastes are a bit changing lately I guess, even for food. I have been absolutely disgusted of yoghurt for years and yesterday I had one and absolutely loved it! Funny isn’t it how we all change and evolve. So here is a bunch of new garments I was excited to show you, what do you think of my brand new Michael Kors wallet I got from Zalando? You might have seen it in my Goodies post a while ago, I actually really like wearing my wallets as cluches when I go out. Especially this kind of ones that are big enough to handle my lipbalm and keys. Bare essentials.

SHIRT : Yes or No
HEELS : Zara
NECKLACE : Karen London
LIPSTICK : Bobbi Brown Lipbalm SPF 15
WALLET : Michael Kors from Zalando


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i want this whole look!!!


You amaze me every time, beautiful look!

The outfit is gorgeous, as always!!! :)
Hope your allergies will get less soon!

The White Studio

Well, let me tell you that your allergies didn’t affect your aspect. You still look awesome :)

One of my favorites outfits of you, everything looks so style-ish and chic!

This is quite an different backdrop that you normally would use for your photo-shoots, but it’s a nice change.

The sheerness of your sleeves gives a refreshing twist on the blazer and I really like that shade of nail color on you. Is it a nude shade?

The Quiet Spaces

gorgeous! I love the way you pose!


Love those pants! The whole outfit is perfect!
♥ ♥

Die Hose ist wirklich toll! Du bist wunderschön! Ich weiss noch damals an den Miss Schweiz Wahlen, du wärst perfekt gewesen. Aber ja…xoxo ♥

Gorgeous and sophisticated outfit! I like your blazer a lot!

amazing photos! and i’m in love with your necklace :)

amazing pants!

I’ve never been a big fan of harem pants, but I do like how you styled these
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

you look beautiful!! Love the wallet!

i`ve never been a fan of the harem pants, but they look really good in this outfit ! And the pattern is amazing !


You look amazing! Love the combination of your patterned pants and the white blazer and top. You’re lucky you’ll be done with your exams soon – I’ll have my last one on August 13th ;)

xx, Conny

I’ve never seen harem pants look so sophisticated- especially when they’re tribal printed like that! Beautiful styling and you look so pretty as usual :)

Have a lovely day!

Love the black and white combo. Your heels are awesome :D


Love the pants! You look beautiful as usual!! Good luck on the exams!


So chic! I love the black and white ensemble!


I love the pants, and the white blazer. you are one of the best.
i have a new outfit.

You look so great! you give and a idea for one outfit with that kind of pants n.n


Stunning! My holidays start in a week :) although it’s winter here- freezing! x

lovely blazer!

MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

Oh..It is amazing!

Your pants are perfect! I love them

I’ve been loving the white on white with colored pants or shorts trend, and this outfit is brilliant! Those pants are amazing :)

Lubna | ELLE VOX

Hy! very nice outfit! could you tell me from where you brought the heremes bracelet? thanks!!

Wow I love your style! I have seen al your photo’s and blog items and I wanted too!
I follow you on Fashiolista, so I hope you’ll follow me too if you want because I’ll learn more about fashion, beacause it’s my love <3
XOXO Danique
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Love your pants print ! You look great !

This looks really good! Very simple but very elegant at the same time! Hope you are feeling better!!! xx

Beautiful look and beautiful pictures :)

the pants are really gorgeous, but the most i love the details like cuff or the wallet x

awwww those pants are killing!great look!<3


You look amazing!!!

I’m not a big fan of harem pants but the way you styled made them look amazing!

XX Teresa

Lana Ceulemans 25 June 2012 / Reply

I definitely know what you are talking about, I have allergies myself, and I know how bad that is… Love your look, and success with your last couple os exams :)

I just love this outfit so much, everything is perfect..
HAve a good week :)

gorgeous babe :)
Love your new casual chic style :)))
And james really does a good job as well, all your photos are always breathtaking <3
Good luck for the last 4 exams :) I just finished all my exams and did well, so relieved :)

Мне очень нравится твой наряд. Выглядишь изумительно! Мои экзамены начнутся только в середине июля – большую часть лета я учусь:(

you look perfect

You look so lovely, your accessories are the best!

Usually I don’t love this kind of pants…but these are great on you!


You are stunning.

You look so chic and gorgeous!

Fashion in Pepperland

I just recovered from flu and cough and it has been a torturing 3 weeks for me. I hope you get better.
I like your white blazer and Hermes cuff. I’m still contemplating between wearing Harem pants or not =)

You always look amazingly classy, elegant and stylish :)
I love your wardrobe! X

Those trousers are beautiful! Hope you get to feeling better, sweetie.

Nicoline 25 June 2012 / Reply


This is one of my favorite outfits from you! So pretty!

your pants are gorgeous! love the way you combinated it with the white blazer!

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LOVE this outfit. You look gorgeous.
Good luck with your exams.

gorgeouse… love the pants- great look!

Great pants!
You look gorgeous.




Love those pants on you, the styling with the white blazer is amazing x


great outfit! love the colors combo! xoxo

love them!!! but I would never dare wear them!!!

Looking fab! Great pants, loving the pattern <3


Pomme qui mousse 25 June 2012 / Reply

Ah les bijous sont superbes et la pochette aussi!
Que de nostalgie de voir Lausanne en fond, avec un si beau ciel bleu!

Anonymous 25 June 2012 / Reply

Nice NIce nice ..!! You’re amazing!.. i’m watching every day on your blog and i am waiting on your new post ! Wonderful girl I ever seen. Have a nice day! Aneta

It’s an amazing outfit! Love the pants!

These pants look stunning!

i usually don’t like harem pants, but these♥

Yay, an update! Those pants look so chic. Perfect for all seasons. x

Really beautiful outfit!! loved the pants

Anonymous 25 June 2012 / Reply


Anonymous 25 June 2012 / Reply

Nice wallet


Love these pants! They look so comfy, yet so chic!

Lovely Outfit! These pants are really gorgeous :)

Fantastic outfit! It looks great on you! And it’s a bit different from what you use to wear, although you’re always really stylish and well dressed.

Your outfit are so simple and elegant. I love your pants.

You’re sooo beautiful! I love your necklace and wallet/clutch!!

Anonymous 25 June 2012 / Reply

Where did you get your necklace from?
Love your outfit :)

Such a lovely blazer!

Probably the best outfit you’ve ever worn! I’m loving it!

Anonymous 25 June 2012 / Reply

it’s beautiful , what are you wearing on your eyes

You look stunning – and your blog is such a huge inspiration! Thank you!

Anonymous 25 June 2012 / Reply

Kristina, your beauty is shining! :) Amazing outfit

absolutely same, I didn’t wear pants for a couple of years but now I’m kinda going towards a little more casual outfits, besides I totally love the trend for harem pants, yet still of course trying to keep my style elegant, feminine and chic, you are definitely succeeding in that I can see :)
also yeah, nice big wallets look absolutely presentable as clutches, I wear my white Prada one like this quite often, though am thinking about getting one or two colorful ones just for clubbing or fancy dinners

Amazing outfit…love love the necklace!!!

one question: whats your nailpolish in this post?
kisses from portugal,


Lovely outfit, the MK wallet is dreamy! <3

Anneli x

beautiful underwear, pants super cool

working with fashion, and now recently started my blog it is new, but is super cool … confer

beautiful underwear, pants super cool
working with fashion, and now recently started my blog it is new, but is super cool … confer

What a wonderful look again… – your pants are gorgeous… simply PERFECT!

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Cool pants x

I would hate those pants on anyone exept on you! :) You look gorgeous as always.

lOVE THE NECKLACE and the pants! and especially the Hermes bracelet

wow wonderfull look

stunning nice quiet i love your style and your blog!!!


SOOOOOOO FIERCE!!! Love everything about your outfit!! :D

xo – David

You look really good! The photos are amazing and I love your pants, very fashion I don’t know if I’ll look good wearing it but they are amaaazzing!!!

Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

you should make videos on youtube every monday or any day of the week so you can teach us stuff about makeup, style, fashion, clothes etc. By the way love your blog, you are an amazing blogger and fashionista

Love the pants, the whole styling of them makes the outfit look classy and really elegant :D

I love your printed harem pants!


Amazing! I just loved all outfit! It’s one of the best for me… You look very chic!!

I love your blog, you’re very inspiring

Kisses, Rebeca

looking good :)


You look stunning and your hair length is amazing! Keep up the great work!



love it!!! I would never thought that harem pants could be that elegant!

Love apsolutely everything on you,very nice photos :)

Amazing outfit! Love Your pants!

Very beautiful your photos!
I love the looks you use!
All very beautiful.

Love the harempants. Your face is so pretty!

this look is so pretty!

Sooooo chic!Congrats!

check my new outfit post with printed pants too

Gorgeous !! Love the whole outfit especially the chain necklaces ! <3

i love the outfit. you look incredible.

I love the looks of yours

That pants are amazing, you look gorgeous on the pics ♥

J’adore cette série de photos, vraiment magnifique. Je sais pas si c’est les couleurs, mais si tu n’étais pas habillée si chic je dirais que ça fait très californien, j’adore ! Superbe


Discovered your blog only a couple of months ago and I must say now I’m slightly addicted!
Your style is simply faultless, not to mention this Micheal Kor’s wallet is to die for!
Carry on being fabulous <3

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i love this look!

it’s a pair of wonderful pants!!!!
perfect for a day out.

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This is great! Love the details as well

Love, jbst

waw! this outfit is simply breath taking! you look amazing!

Obsessed with the Hermes gold cuff!!!

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The necklace is awesome, love it! Usually I’m not fond of harem pants but you combined them very nicely so that I love your outfit.


this outfit become my fav from all those ur posts
gosh….thats pants >.<

Anonymous 28 June 2012 / Reply

Nice! I have crazy pants with bright pink lines etc., but my friend says they look like as pants from pyjama ;/
Luckily, I love them, and they’re as fantastic as your harempants ^^ But my pants are short, not long ;D

Oh my gosh, you look like a top model on a photoshoot, so, but so beautiful. I just loving it*

Anonymous 28 June 2012 / Reply

absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!

I love your necklace !!

I actually have a similar pair of harem pants from h&m..will def. try this look!!

What a great outfit. You combined the pants so well, I’m absolutely jealous ;)
I know about these things you told about your allergies. I’m sneezing all the time, too, and I really hope I’ll find a medicine some day, which keeps all this away! xx

Great pants!!

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Hélène 2 July 2012 / Reply

totally in love with this outfit :o

love the pants and the necklace :)

This post was totally amazing. You look abolutelly GGORG! Your hair looks so great as well as your make up. The outfit is stunning and elegant!! The jewerly fits perfect and.. Aff you inspire me. Your hair <3!!