Pictures by James Vyn

COZY SWEATSHIRT So 1991 has no particular significance for me, I was born in 1993, a part from the fact that my boyfriend and beloved photographer James was born in 1991. I have however always been obcessed with sweatshirts with all kind of numbers on them. I remember when I was a kid, I had a shirt with 1989 written on it, and I was so pround. Didn’t even knew it was the year of the Berlin’s wall fall. So when I got contacted by Wildfox to choose a couple of items, this shirt totally catched my eye. Now, I swear, I wore this shirt for 3 day in a row, the whole week-end plus friday night in front of a movie. Heaven on earth. I really, sincerely didn’t want to take it off. And I am not saying this to promote Wildfox, not at all (tumbs up Wildfox!), no it’s just that it is honestly the most comfortable material I have ever tried on. The inside of the shirt is so comfy and soft, when I wear I just feel like I’m in some kind of cozy cocoon.

Funny fact also, as I was wearing this shirt the other day some random promotion guys were like : hey 1991, would you like to donate 100$ for the penguins in Antartica (not the actual quote of course, but it sounded that way to me though, they always come up with weird donation projects). Anyway, I wanted to create something elegant yet a bit fun with this shirt. My first idea was to wear it with denim shorts and messy hair, but I thought it was too obvious. So I went for this nude skirt, my round vintage sunnies and a bold necklace from H&M which everybody already has. So what, it’s unexpensive and adds a little touch of originality to any look!

HEELS : Jimmy Choo
SKIRT : Zara
SUNNIES : Vintage



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Nice look! More sporty than your usual looks ;). Love the skirt and the necklace is a real eyecatcher.

You look gorgeous!

Love the necklace and these accessories!

Beautiful sweatshirt and necklace! Fabulous outfit :)

kind of completely obsessed with this look! you look fabulous!


LOve the necklace!

Cute sweatshirt! You look gorgeous on it. Loving the statement necklace!


You look great ! I love your style and beauty <3

I follow:)

pretty as always ;))

invite to me :)

Love that you dressed up the simple top, the look is so striking!

You look so pretty =) I love your shoes, they are so sexy =)

I absolutely adore how you styled your sweater and that necklace is gorgeous!


You’re so beautiful! :)

love your outfit!!! totally gorgeous! xo, Alma

Love the combo of sporty shirt and chic skirt and accessories. Tou look amazing! ;)

With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

I love this preppy-elegant and playful look!

you’ve got beautiful make up . and i love your necklace!

always beautiful! make-up care…You always fantastic shoes… glamourcoma

beautifull look! love your nackle!

This look is divine, love the way how you give that twist to the Wildfox sweater dear Kristina. And that’s how you say, in the other way could be a little cliché but in this way is pure perfection! And the photos are irrepressible, James is such a wonderful photographer and also makes a great job on editing, uau! Enjoy your day! <3

WOW ! perfect outfit! :)

Nice combo, I like this classy and sporty look together, it’s so chic!

Ocean Wind
Ocean Wind

wow you look so pretty. P.s Have the same bag :-)

Anonymous 24 July 2012 / Reply

Tu as de magnifiques sourcils, et tes traits sont superbes !
Tu es d’une beauté pure et naturelle

Ton blog est à tomber !

1991…. Cela pourrait éventuellement te correspondre dans le sens où c’est l’année de la chute de l’URSS =)

Sinon au passage, super sympa ce look

I love how you incorporated the Wildfox piece! kisses

Чудесно выглядишь! Эта майка придает особый шарм всему образу! Очень нравится.

Love this Outfit! You look so beautiful!
xx, Laura

Lovely outfit – the skirt is so pretty!

Fashion in Pepperland

That shirt is so cool.
Love that you mixed it with
a skirt!!!! Fabulous outfit :D


You’re beautiful!
Nice outfit!

So beautiful style ! Love it.

Such a amazing look! Like the combination! Great!

I love your sunnies <3

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Wow, your photos are stunning! You look great!!!

really great look!
LOVE it!


Love this look!
You are absolutely stunning.



wow I like it a lot!! Nice outfit!:)
and I love the combination of the shirt and the skirt :)


fashion blog

shoes are soooo high! but they are great :)

loving the necklace with that 1991 shirt

you look gorge….love love the heels.xx

I always think you can’t be any prettier. but you always convince me, that you actually can!

pure beauty :))

beautiful makeup :)

The heels and the skirt are so beautiful!

beautiful, kristina.

i just loooove your look esp. your top! :))

Love the whole outfit. Gorgeous. Sophie X

What a killer shoes :) You’re so sweet and pretty! look beautiful :)
Kisses ♥

such a great outfit. you’re so lucky, wildfox is amazing. and your foot is kinda weird on one of the photos ( when you’re walking )


I adore your necklace and skirt!!!

Wow! JUST PERFECT!! You look so beautiful and this style its amazing.. I love your posts!

oh, you look really amazing!! It’s so cool that you keep trying and changing different styles now and then.. keep on doing this great job girl!!:)

that`s a great outfit and although it`s a casual sweater it looks chic:)

Wow, as always, your make-up and hair is stunning! Would you pleeeeease show us how to do such a beautiful bun? I love wearing them but it never looks like yours, not too tight but however not messy – just perfect, smooth and elegant!

love your hair this way, and this whole look is so cute yet edgy in a way. :)

A-ma-zing! You’re so beautiful! Love your style and photos. xo

this outfit rocks
SO beautifull
and you are GORG.

new outfit post ; Tribal me baby!

Love how you look casual but dressed up at the same time!

i love how you style the big hoodie over a flirty skirt!

You look wonderful! :) I love your hair.

I love the shoes!! also the combination of relaxed with the dressy skirt.. Great blog!!

that’s really cool! omg choo:)))

love your shoes and skirt and makeup

It amazed me what was your age when I saw those videos on youtube called “questions and answers” and it amazes me how can you wore this very high high heels. I can’t do that! HAHA. Is it take time to learn how to walk on them? I want to know it because when I see this kind of heels I decide not to buy them and that’s a pity!

By the way, I love this skirt and I am sure that almost anybody would decide to combine this shirt with this skirt. And it looks cool, so well done!



Amazing outfit! Love how you combined this shirt, with that skirt! And the necklace is the perfect addition to the look! I want it too! hehe

t-shirt, skirt, sunglasses – I’m in love!

I wouldn’t think of this coordination myself! You look really pretty, and the red lips look gorgeous on you!

Amazing outfit Kristina Bazan! – I really love your sense of style, you are always so stylish and super chic. And I think that you are one of the most beautiful people in the world!!!

I love your hair and make up:))

You always look so flawless! I love those round sunnies too!

wonderful as always! i love the shape of this whole outfit..very unique!

Love the result! You’re right when decide to wear with the beige skirt, the shorts really will be too obvious and vulgar.


:D You’re adorable Kristina! I love how you dressed up this sweatshirt instead of going the obvious route. It really works. <3

I love the accessories! They are all so chic and classy.

What a great outfit! I also love shirts like this one very much, especially from Wildfox. It’s such a great brand! xx

wow. amazing! from shoes, through this skirt to your necklace :)

I really like this look, original combination of girly and casual sporty
new outfit post

One word … Amazing. Your style, your look, your pictures and this H&M necklace. I’m so jealous.

Andie ;)

Anonymous 24 July 2012 / Reply

You look amazing but your Jimmy Choo heels way to big for you :)

Lovely and beautiful photos :-)


I love your cozy looking sweatshirt as well as the way you fancied it up with the vintage sunglasses, perfect red lipstick, and shiny gold necklace.
Even though 1991 doesn’t mean anything to me either, I would absolutely love to get my hands on that sweatshirt as well. There’s just something so cool about numbers on a shirt…I understand how you feel :)

You look so cute in these pictures. I love how your smile makes things seem a little more personal and casual even though your accessories make things seem very formal.
Amazing look as always!


Anonymous 24 July 2012 / Reply

Stunning as always !
Kristina, could I make a suggestion ? Would you be so kind to make a tutorial or just show us the make-up you use for your eyebrows ? I mean, eyebows are really important (real girly girl know that) and yours are simply gorgeous !

Wow – love this special style… and Jimmy Choo is always win… may be one of your readers will win a pair of Louboutins…

–> New giveaways: e.g. win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes

Van –

Love the styling!! You look stunning.

Gorgeous lip colour!! Loving your accessories here… xo

I was born in 1991 and now I reallyreally ant that sweater! Love it! Great choice ;)


I love your blog, if you want visit my blog

Your pictures always look amazing!
What camera do you use?


Love your tshirt, super cool :)

Besitos desde

I am so in love with your style. You’re beyond beautiful.. just unrealistically stunning ;)



Hey! You look fantastic! I love the look it is so feminine and stylish at the same time.

hi lovely.
thanks a lot for wearing your anouk heels.
You look incredible with them!!!!
definitively, they are my favourite!
PS: i’ll be waiting for the next time you wear them

this is one of my favorites looks, made by you :) love the necklace ♥

This is a beautiful look! Love this combination, it is very unexpected.

Lovely as always! You inspire me so much! :)

Love, Jenae.

wow! you look absolutely stunning!

Un superbe exemple de Sporty Chic. Tu as vraiment la classe, mais bon ça tu le sais déjà :)


I love this look ! It inspires me.

cool outfit, i love it! My favourite outfit by you :)

Hayley xx

I was born on 1991 : ) Maybe I’ll check out that t-shirt for myself !
Loved how you paired it : )

Great look! Every piece is gorgeous! x

It’s one of the best outfits!!! It’s perfect, I totally love it! :-)

One of my favorite outfits ever! Dying over wildfox’s stuff for a long time and still never dare to buy something

Anonymous 1 August 2012 / Reply

May I ask you which size did you take for your t-shirt? I wanna get one for my sister’s birthday, so she can wear it in a loose way just like you did but it’s pretty hard to get a glimpse of what it will look like on >.< Can you please help me? :)

Wow! You’re born 1993? I can’t believe it! You look gorgeous!

The Princess on the Brink

Love the mix of casual and chic vibes in this look!

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The t-shirt is bit big for you right? Still you look amazing on it. You’ve dressed up simple and nice.

Your look sporty, and elegant at the same time. Great post, congrats! I loved it toally. Makeup is amazing.

Thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again. Want more.

Muchos Gracias for your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Great.