WEDDING DAY SUNSET Who said Billabong is only a brand for surfers? When I found out about Billabong’s collaboration with Oracle Fox I couldn’t be more excited. Not only I love her as a blogger and personality, but I thought the association between the two was absolutely incredible. When it came to style some pieces from the collection Oracle Fox created for Billabong, I was more than excited. Obviously, first thing I thougt was : ooh to the beach! sand! surf boards! hairy tanned dudes! But then, I thought that I needed to add my little touch to it and show you guys that you can make this collection your own and adapt it to your own style in an elegant way. You know me well, and you folks now that I love playing with elegant combinations with a little edge and so instead of going for with the whole surfer idea I though I’d better stay true to myself and make something spontaneous by showing you guys how I would style in real life the collection. Our friends’s marriage was the best occasion to wear this gorgeous and so romantic Billabong dress (since it was a very small and untraditional ceremony, we had the freedom to choose the colour of our clothing, and in Switzerland we can actually wear cream, beige, off white shades to wedding as well).

This outfit is the thrid I have styled for Billabong, and here comes the announcement. Do you guys want to travel with me through the pages of this blog to LA and discover the most amazing Billabong event held over there? Well it’s the occasion to raise your voice and to speak up for Billabong, give me your thoughts on the brand, the collection or even on the second outfit I created on the link bellow :
The more comments and thoughts we raise, the more chances we have to share this amazing experience all together. Let’s raise the support!


DRESS : Oracle Fox for Billabong
SHOES : Just Anna Shoes
BAG : Jelmoli Shop



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you look incredible with this dress.
i have a new outfit

That dress is so pretty but the shoes are my favourite! The food looks really incredible too.

You look absolutely stunning here! xx

You look so gorgeous! The dress is very pretty.

Carmen Ri.

Мне нравятся оба образа! Это платье очень прелестное. Сразу захотелось его в свою коллекцию!;)

J’adore cette robe ! Vraiment magnifique !


you look stunning I hope you had a lovely day during this weding !



Elegantesque Blog


stunning photos you look great and i love the dress!

Hayley xx

Well, i love it, really. And I think that dress looks so much better wearing like you did it, than in the version surfer. Because the dress is so beautiful and delicate, that deserve more than a surfer and beach look! You give the dress what he deserves.


Such a pretty dress! I love this collection so much and it’s so great that they have clothes to suit so many styles.

that dress is beautifully worn! i would have never thought that it was from billabong!

I completely agree that surf brands like Billabong have definitely picked up their game recently, especially by recognizing the value in blogger x brand collaborations. I love that you have taken the ‘surf out of the brand’ in these photographs. What a gorgeous wedding location!

You look amazing! I love that dress on you :)
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You look absolutely stunning in that lace dress!


what a lovely dress, you look stunning!

Lovely dress!!! The food looks delicious!

I love your heels!! They are so pretty!!!

very pretty shots! I love your hair! they are so beautiful and shiny :)


i like the dress a lot! is really cute !! hope this model also sells in peru soon!

You look beautiful! I’m loving your shoes!

Nice dear!! I’m in the contest too if you wanna see my entry :D A big kiss


You look so beautiful, that dress looks very sophisticated

Gorgeous dress, lovig the lace. And it seemed such a lovely wedding <3
And yeeeees, I would LOVE to travel to LA with you! Who wouldn’t :)


that´s a beautiful dress and love the bug cuff…xo, Alma

you’re so beautiful in this dress…love the first picture!!Have a nice friday :)


Totally stylish dress :D


Your hair and makeup look gorgeous on you! I am IN LOVE with your shoes. kisses

love your dress! :)

You look great like always! Love your dress!

Billabong is such an interesting brand, because you can find various pieces for different occasions, as we can clearly see in your post here. The dress looks beautiful (althought this isn’t a suprise when you are wearing anything) and is perfect for a day, when you want to be well, but still not over dressed. Honestly I have to say that I haven’t known about the whole range of products billabong produceses for a long time. Only by chance I saw a nice dress in a store in my last holidays and wondered when I saw that it was from Billabong. Since then I look more behind the picture or even the prejudices we have for a specific brand or even for some products. It is great that you also point on this fact. I don’t know you, but I think you are a great person with a very good taste for styling things. And I’m sure that many people around you don’t understand you and judge you. That is the same sad thing with this brand. I’m not so interested in sporty clothes (apart for sports of course), but I love to see what Billabong is offering for my taste. Unfortunately I can not choose my favourite piece of Billabong’s collection right now, because the webside is “down for maintenance”, but I’d love to go with you to LA! That would be so great!
Bisou, Claudia

Beautiful pictures and beautiful outfit :) I would definitely like to have such a wedding location! :)

The White Studio
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Very lovely pictures! You look amazing & I adore that bug bracelet :)
:) Hugs from Latvia

Love this dress! You are always so elegant and sophisticated!


Tes chaussures sont magnifiques

love the dress!! and the food looks so yummy!!!

I love the dress! It´s georgeous! And the way you styled it is amazing! :D

Thatdress is amazing, and you styled it perfectly!

I love this 2nd outfit you’ve created. Edgy, with the shorts, but still quite feminine thanks to the heels. Lovely post!

This dress is amazing and you are gorgeous!

Very feminine outfit. You look heavenly :)

Absolutely beautiful and romantic outfit… perfect dressed and the photos are gorgeous…

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You look lovely as usual. I love your shoes!!

that pretty, the dress is beautiful.

You look amazing! I looove these photos honey!


Please please tell me which lipstick you are wearing in these photos, you look so beautiful! Your hair is looking fabulous too! xxxxx

Love the whole look! Bracelets are amazing and I love love love your hair! So cute :)


You’ve got beautiful smile :) great shoes and nail polish :)
Kisses :*

OMG YOU’RE GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful outfit!!

Lovely !!!

please, take a look x

you look awesome!!!

I agree it was a good idea to style the Billabong clothing in your own way, rather than how they do it in the campaigns.

Pretty dress !
new outfit post

Looking ravishing as always! Love your natural make up!


but i don`t want you in LA i want you in Europe!


What nail polish are you wearing? It is such a lovely shade!!

What ist this for a nail laquer?
by the way:beautiful outfit!


great dress!!

Oh I can’t believe this is a Billabong dress! It’s so pretty. xx

Fabulous! Love that dress xx

Fabolous, love this dress!

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Anonymous 13 July 2012 / Reply

AMAZING Outfit and s BEAUTIFUL Kristina!
You are a big inspiration!

Would you make a post for `summer must-haves/essentails/goodies` or something like that? That would be great! :)

Best Blog ever <33

Fantastic outfit! I absolutely adore your heels!!

You look so beautiful! I really like the outfit and of cours i love the shoes!

Beautiful styling! I actually only recently stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love your style and way of writing about your days. Keep up the great job!

Beautiful! The food looks great too :)

omg just.. your beauty…!

Wonderful dress and heels! You look very beautiful!


love the shoes so much! xx

Wooooow u look gorgeous, I like the fact that you are always so class, in my country brides usually wear many dresses in diferent colours so it´s not a tabu to wear white or cream to a wedding, but I guess that every culture has his own rules. You should really visit my country! kisses from Morroco! :)

you’re beautifull :)

congradulations for all

follow me


The dress is incredibly pretty x

Lovely dress and accesories! :D
The place look great too n.n


I love your shoes!

xoxo Karolien

You look absolutely amazing Kay! <3

love the dress so much!!


Perfect look! ^_^

Your dress is so cute. Plus I love your minimalist make up. It looks so fresh.

Kiss Andie ;)

what a nice dreamy dress, love it !


Breathtaking!!! The sunlights are perfect :) ! Do you like parisian fashion? There’s a New Give Away made in France on my blog :)

Much Love, ThePeppyMay

You look so nice…
The dress is wonderful. I love it.

That’s a really nice bracelet =)

wow, this outfit makes me like your style even more, as i see you make every single brand, with any style look yours, only you can do that!(: it looks so simple, but classy and elegant, and fresh(: i think billabong its a really interesting brand, by interesting i mean it doesnt have one style, its a mix of everything, beach, nights out, party, elegance, i dont know how to explain it, im not a billabong lover, or at least i havent been one, as i didnt really know that their clothes could be so “my style”, what i like the most about this post is that ive discovered that we dont have to write off brand without looking a bit more(: i would love to go to LA with you, as i really love you and your blog, it would be great!(:

Wow, this dress really is incredibly beautiful! I love the outfit you combined :) xx

you look really beautiful!

your dress is so pretty and you really look good in it:)

Beautiful. I love your dress!

ur nails color is sexy <3

The highheels are so lovely and so is the dress.

So beautiful outfit!

Hey, thanks for the post. Cool.