A DAY OUT IN LAUSANNE My friend and I spent the lovelies day in Lausanne last moday. Our plan was to hit one of the best restaurant/bar in Lausanne to have a bite of the most delicious club sandwich on earth (no joke or exageration, I am speaking seriously people : it really is the best of the best and I can tell you, I am an expert when it comes to club sandwiches). I swear you never tasted french fries that are as good as those. They melt in your mouth and have a slight paprika taste, it’s really good. After our lunch, it was to time for some serious walking to burn a little those patatoes fries and turkey mayonnaise (no, actually the purpose wasn’t really burning the fat of our little tummies but to get crazy over an extreme shopping afternoon, and more precisely : hit the sales). Once again I was wearing a lot of pieces from Zara. They make great and affordable clothing which has the advantage to be sold in Switzerland as well so I end up showinng you some Zara products in almost each post. We need more stores out here. I have been feeling the need to dress up in a very comfortable way lately, still of course I love staying elegant. Therefore I enjoyed playing with a casual chic look by combining some loose training cotton candy coloured pants to a white shirt and blazer. To add a little classier touch I added this Minusey golden necklace and my beloved Zara heels (which are yet on sale if you are wondering, so hurry up!).

Berlin is going to be great, I actually did a little break to write this article since I was packing my stuff. I am not taking a lot of things with me, I am planning to make a bit of shopping over there. I wanted to thank you all guys for your awesome suggestions, I have written them all down like a very organised person in my little notebook and will try some of them out. We are staying only for the week-end, so it’s going to be a super quick trip, but still I am really excited and looking forward to see the Bread and Butter exposition!

LIPSTICK : YSL ”Pink Guava”


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Nice pants, look very light and comfy for the summer!

Such a lovely and sophisticated look!

You’re gorgeous!


you are so lovely, keep it up!!! <3<3<3

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Such a fabulous outfit!!! I like your necklace and pants very much!!

The last picture yuummm and wow I fell in love with the necklace. I’ll also need to visit H&M, these sunglasses are gorgeous! x

These sunnies are made for you!! Nice outfit!

Love that nude and white look! gorgeous! …xo, Alma

Like that casual mix. It’s so elegant and simple!

wow! amazing outfit!
I love everything about it *-*

Cotton Candy


love your sunglasses! you look so pretty :)

great look :D

Très joli look, comme d’habitude

beautifull nude look! love your nackle!

You look soo effortlessly chic!!! I´m a Zara fan too. The good thing is if they don´t have in the shop I can try my luck online. Those fries look yummy. Have a nice trip!!!!!


Nice outfit as always <3
Viel Spass in Berlin!


fashion blog

i love your heels… the complete outfit is perfect.

You look really amazing. This girly colors are sooo good!

super cute, I love your blazer!

MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

lovely!! :D
love your blog…really!!

Love the look :) The glasses are awesome!
Hope you’ll be having a great time in Berlin!!!

The White Studio
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Anonymous 5 July 2012 / Reply

Salut ! Pour commencer, très jolie tenue :)
Mais le plus important, il est ou ton “meilleur club sandwich ever” ? Parce que je suis de Lausanne et ça m’intéresse, c’est vrai qu’ils ont l’air assez bon ;P

Sinon, j’adore ton Blog, vraiment très bien !


love the whole look! the nacklace!

Stunning oufit,I’m in love with your jacket!!


Amazing look! I love your sunnies!!


Still beautiful, you wear this comfy pants very well. ♥

You look gorgeous, i love the whole outfit combination! Even better is the fact that the majority of the clothing is from highstreet shops :)

Lots of Love, Ana

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I really love this outfit!

Love those shoes! But finally I didn’t buy them… and now they not exist in shops! :(
I’m searching pants like yours and sunglasses, do you know if I can found them in shops or online?


One of my fav outfits!

Great look! I’m also a huge fan of club sandwich! What the name of the restaurant you are talking about? :) xx

You look beautiful ! Love the nude shades !!!

Perfect outfit! I’m just in love with all pieces!

what a beautiful necklace!


You are so chic and yet, so young. Your sense of style is fresh and classic at the same time… I LOVE IT!

Have fun in Berlin,

-Elodie x

So beautiful ! :)

Great Outfit :) I love these pastel colors on you, and the sandals, I really need them in my wardrobe I think :) I wish you a wonderful time at Berlin Fashionweek, it will be very nice I guess! :)


veryyy nice outfit! <3

kisses from Greece


You look so pretty! I adore you :)

Fantastic outfit! Casual chic indeed!

nice outfit and stunning necklace.
the sandwiches look very tasty.

Stunning, love the colors and the comfort x


You look georgious as always! I looove your necklace, it is so beautiful! :)

Great look, the nude colours really fit you! I love your hair here! :-)

So beautyful!

Ah, this is such a lovely look :)


Love the sunnies! You look so chic!



you look great! love these soft colors!

Lovely photos! The club sandwich looks delicious!

Fashion in Pepperland

I love this outfit!!! beautiful!!!!

That necklace is amazing seriously and the trousers are very sports luxe but worn in a classy way. btw those sandwiches look delicious.

where is you bag dear? the Chanel one would go perfectly with the outfit

Amber'Ley 5 July 2012 / Reply

You look stunning as always and I hope you have a safe trip!

Love your style!gorgeous look

Love love this outfit..such a soft colors!!!

You look amazing, love the casual chick outfits.

you look so amazing

i think i need your necklace

i love this look and your makeup looks beautiful here. tutorial? :D

- katie

Gorgeous as usual. Loving the color palette here!

The sandwiches look really good! I wish I could take one from the picture! haha.
I love this outfit and how you combined it with they spiky necklace :)

I love your necklace!!!So much. Nice outfit, You’re beautiful!

stunning, this is a truly gorgeous and fresh and feminine outfit xxxx

this is such an elegant and lovely look! it suits you well! and those sandwiches look so delicious! have fun in berlin!
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Lovely look. Love the light colors! :)

love it ! you look so gorgeous ♥

that necklace is gorgeous. and the last photo ah <3

something cold is what i need♥mfashionfreak

very simple and fresh, you are awesome, honey:)

I love your outfit!
It’s casual but yet so fashionable. :)

Anonymous 5 July 2012 / Reply

Woher hast du eigentlich so viel Geld? Von deinen Eltern, oder hast du einen supergeilen Job oder so? :D Ich mein das nicht böse.

Casual yet elegant! You look fabulous! ♥ :)

I love this simple yet stylish look! xx

I love your look! The white blazer/sunglasses/spiked necklace combination is fab. You make style look effortless!


You look gorgeous!! I love the shoes and the pants and the food looks really yummy! :D

lovely as always dear!

Love that necklace! such a chic look!

Rachel’s Lookbook

You look great with those glasses. You look like a porcelain doll. The necklace is divine.

Tu es magnifique Kristina! Et tu m’as donné trop envie avec ton “meilleur club sandwich” ! C’est quel resto? J’habite dans les environs alors je serais curieuse de tester ça! Bonne continuation et bon séjour à Berlin! :)

Jestes niesamowita

Kliknij tutaj



The quality of these photos is a little strange, but I love this look ! perfection
new outfit post

Oh I really need the name of that restaurant (I live in Lausanne and I’ve never seen fries like these ones!!)!! And by the way, really like this outfit :)

Audrey Delaloye 5 July 2012 / Reply

On a failli se croiser alors :) Je bosse sur Lausanne ^^ Je viens te faire un coucou une fois si je te croise :) Bonne suite

Anonymous 5 July 2012 / Reply

Tu es vraiment une fille incroyable et j’adore suivre ton blog il est génial .
Je suis contente qu’une suissesse tienne un blog au succès international :) j’habite à Genève et je trouve ça génial de voir des photos avec des paysages familiers ça serait cool de te croiser un jour ;)
Tu as aussi été génial à miss Suisse !
Bonne continuation

Beautiful trousers! So light and fresh, amazing for the summer! And loved the colour match. Pastels. amazing =)

Gorgeous look! I love these colors together and these pants are soo pretty!!

Vanessa from

I confirm, BEST FRIES EVER *smiley with hearts in his eyes* ;)

I absolutely love the nude lipstick you’ve been wearing in recent posts! The brights are fun but somehow the nude makes you look more mature and instantly slims your face

J’adore le mélange des styles, et sinon je suis trop fan de tes lunettes de soleil mais je les trouve pas à H&M !!


uhhh after this post i wanna eat a club sandwich too!!

haha and i love ur loook as always, speciallythe necklace!

love it! it’s perfect for summer and just cute!! nice! check me out at ♥♥♥PinkPopMash

I love the necklace!

You have the most amazing style, so effortless and chic!
I am in love with your shoes x

this outfit is awesome!!i really need some Zara pieces unfortunately there is only one ZARA store here and it’s 2 hours away!
their pieces are very elegant i love it!

also may i ask.. for school do you use backpacks? what kind of bag do you use?

can u help me win a contest and like the leather satchel FB page and my satchel Design?? xx

nice necklace and pants :D! you look so nice and chic!


Such a classy look! Love the color combo!

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Beautiful photographs and I like your style :) The necklace is original and pretty !

i will always love u <3


I love your blog and I really like your outfit in the pictures! You look so perfect and classy <3

Hi, I just found your amazing blog. You have beautiful pictures and amazing outfit. I really love your style. I see that you living in switzerland. Thats pretty cool. I’m your neighbour and living in Liechtenstein ;)
I’m your new follower maybe you take a look on my blog someday.
Have a wonderful day
xo, Petra

Anonymous 6 July 2012 / Reply

Absolutely darling! Looks comfy but casual & cool…..

Anonymous 6 July 2012 / Reply

deine fotos sind gegensatz zu mir ist auch deine Haut perfekt makellos. nimmst du eine pille, welche sich positiv auf die haut auswirkt ?

Anonymous 6 July 2012 / Reply

Très joli look ! Et j’adore ton blazer ! Je cherche aussi un blazer blanc mais ils sont déjà tous hors stock sur l’e-shop de Zara, trop frustrant ! xoxo

Anonymous 6 July 2012 / Reply

Très belle ensemble, tres chic! question ou trouve-t-on la marque minusey? merci

great post!


You look so great and beautiful!!

Hi! your necklace is fabulous and the pants very comfortable :) Visit my blog

Gorgeous outfit. Looking like a strons feminine it! <3


beautifully. ♥

I can understand why you like Zara so much because they are truly a great brand to shop at! =)
I’m in Europe again and going to do some shopping here too! =)
Have a happy holiday at Berlin!

this look is really very chic and clean!

everything is perfect for a dandy ensemble.

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Love this outfit! You look so gorgeous in it! :)

I love a loads this clean and chic outfit!!! You look amazing as usual!!!

Ocean Wind

why your hair is looking like that?

I love such light looks with golden jewelry. PERFECT!


I long for that sunnies but I can’t find them…

You are officially one of my new FAVORITE Style bloggers now! Stumbled across your blog from Lookbook. I shall be visiting your blog often! Xo

OBSESSED with the white blazer


Really amazing look!

Linda parabéns seu blog é muito legal…


Salut :)

Tu pourrais m’indiquer le nom du restaurant? J’habite à Lausanne et j’aimerais beaucoup y aller !

Merci et très jolie blog!

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