Pictures by James Vyn

FRUITS ON MY BUSTIER Well I’ve seen those Dolce & Gabbana prints all over the stores, on swimwear, pants, blazer, dresses and so on, click here to see the pictures from the runway show. Though at the begining I was sceptic about it, I always find it better to wear the actual authentic print from the brand who actually created it, but then I saw this little buster on Lavish Alice’s online shop and I felt in love. And I mean, it’s half the price. Wait. What am I saying, it is like 10% of the price of the original one. And let’s admit that this isn’t the kind of thing you’ll be wearing everyday. So sorry D&G, but this time I went with the look-a-like version, and my wallet is happy so is my fashion trends cravings. It’s kind of a win win after all. And so I decided to wear this quite exuberant outfit on a day out in Lausanne. Must admit it’s quite dary since most of the people are dressed up with grey shirts and jeans in Switzerland. So there I was walking around like a fruity loop bowl in my little bustier. 

So I kept the outfit for a couple of hours, then I realised that first : the weather wasn’t sunny enough anymore to wear a capeline, and second of all my feet were hurting like hell. So I ended up putting on a comfy sweater I had with me and some flats which I always carry in case a shoe emergency pops up. Always well organised, I can tell you! Also, must admit that I was getting annoyed with the stares my outfit generated, like I was some sort of Oompa Loompa hanging around. I wish we could all dress up like fruits and walk around the town, you’d see giant bananas and strawberries in their cars or doing their groceries. It could be so much fun.

BUSTIER : Lavish Alice
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
SKIRT : Style Sofia
BRACELETS : Green one, Sal Y Limon / Golden one, Avant Première
LIPGLOSS : Nougat ”Bobbi Brown” mixed up with raspberry lipbalm



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heheh.. its a funny story.. i think i like your look so much.. you look awesome like usual


Hi Kristina! Your outfit totally cheers up the gloomy and cold summer. And you look really amazing in it. How can anyone resist from staring? :)

Oh wow, these photos are so chic and they look like
editorial photos! Well done :)

These pictures are beautiful! Your blog is so inspiring :)

I like the look, but I can imagine a lot of people aren’t used to seeing outfits like this on the street. At least you managed to take some nice photos before you changed.
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I love your bustier and your Jimmy Choo’s!


your pictures are so inspiring. beautiful set!! plus, you’re outfit is so fresh and summery !! loving it

Skirt is cute.

Stylish and sexy look.
I´m not surprised people
were looking at you :D


You look amazing fruit salad =)

I love it =)

you look wonderful as usual :D


very nice! i had sushi last evening:)

Beautiful as usual! But I’ll probably would have worn it with a 50′s style skirt… ;-)

les chaussures sont vraiment canons, j’adore !


You actually look great in your bodice! :)

I love your pretty face, you always look so amazing! Lovely hat and top :)

Beautiful photos! The top is beautiful, and sushi looks delicious!
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Anonymous 23 July 2012 / Reply

Your posts are always great, but that I was sadly disappointed … the combination of a black skirt and fruit bustier – awful. to this sweet bustier would fit perfectly bright light skirt and shoes … and the other, this hat is too dark, this way it is totally inappropriate. Fruit look should be juicy, bright. I’m sorry if you hurt what is, I just want you to not lose yourself and your style. Sorry for my bad english.Love u, Kristina.

Anonymous 23 July 2012 / Reply

oh sad …

So beautiful.

really lovely look!


Beautiful photo ! I like your look :)

I love your outfit!!

love this outfit! lovely top! xx

beautiful, you look like a movie star and you have a modely way of effortless posing, so pretty

You loo beautiful, and i love your skirt!

Your skirt is so pretty, I love that little translucent panel.

You look great! Love your top so much!

amazing pictures !

Beautiful make-up! :)

Cet ensemble est juste génial ! J’adore comme tu as chic-isé la capeline et le bustier (que j’adore d’ailleurs !) Et la jupe et les shows sont top !

Bisous !


it’s not necessarily your outfit that provokes the stares, might just be your beauty :) you look amazing as always!

nice pictures and your outfit is lovely:)

Love that bustier!
You look gorgeous.



love the outfit! and that skirt is amazing! xo, Alma

Omg! LOOOVE this look!

Don’t mind the stares Kristina, you look beautiful! ;)

you have a very beautiful smile!

UGLY!? not for me. I love this look!:)


You look fantastic!

it’s very possible that the reason why people were staring at you all the time is because you look amazing, you really do. :)

So in love with the bustier, chiffon trimmed skirt, and those sultry heels!

Love that top! You look so beautiful!

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I know how you must have felt walking around in this outfit. ;) Everytime I’m wearing stylish but still very elegant outfits, people in Switzerland stare at me as if they had never seen a human being. Especially women. By the way, your outfit looks stunningly! :)

I LOVE it! This outfit is so amazing. Everybody should just wear what they want.

super pics
your look amazing

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In love with the top. Beautiful.

Perfect outfit babe! You look great


Beautiful pics, I love your look!

oh, so gorgeous ♥ great pictures !

love that bustier!


You look absolutely stunning in this outfit, so elegant!!
I live in Zurich so I know something about people wearing gray and not daring too much!!!

You look fantastic! I love it.

- Victoria

Amaazing outfit! I love your big floppy hat. xx

Beautiful outfit. Lovely pics! :)

Michelle K. 23 July 2012 / Reply

Hi Kristina! That outfit is sooo cute. I know what you mean about the “grey sweaters and jeans in Switzerland”. I’ve lived here for 9 years now (my parents are Polish, I grew up in Canada and the USA) and I can’t believe how conservative and boring the fashion is here! But I’m learning to just cope with the stares and to say “who cares what you think!” :) you look gorgeous :)

love this look! and the top is definitely worth getting, and not having to spend an arm and a leg to get it is also a perk!

LOVE your top! So perfect for the summer!

Nice pictures!

that print is so nice! & I love the skirt xx

Amazing look! love the bustier & the hat!!! this is so vibrant look :)

hugs from latvia

baeutiful pics! lovely colours!

Anonymous 23 July 2012 / Reply

You are absolutely GORGEOUS!

You look really, really pretty!

And the color coordination is nice, and the top is cute for summer!

Anonymous 23 July 2012 / Reply

People in Switzerland are so closed minded about fashion! you looked great!

That is a flawless look,probably one of my favourites,love the skirt ;)

fruit prints are really popular!!!
despite the stares that you get, you have thousand of people here that supports you!!! so, don’t mind them!

you look lovely!

absolutely STUNNING!

XO Sahra

Anonymous 23 July 2012 / Reply

I love your pictures,u look super amazing!

Amazing photo-shoot, and I an loving the bustier with prints trend, you look stunning!

Love your outfit! So summery and chic!

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adorable outfit..i love it!

It was just too good!
I loved this look.

You look AMAZING!

Dear Kristina

I just love your blog! Seriously, don’t mind the people in Switzerland their sense of fashion is so outdated and un-original. We need more daring people like you, especially in boring Zurich where everybody seems to walk around in dark blue washed jeans and some tank and cardigan (I must admit, I adapt that style once in a while)

How is/was Montreux?
Could you still please recommend me some nice online shops, which deliver to Switzerland?

I love the H&M necklace btw, is it still available?

Amazing!! You’re so pretty!! :)

what camera do you use ? your pictures are amazing.

you are truly beautiful!

How beautiful! Love your top ♡

Wow, stunning!

- L

Very beautiful outfit – love your shirts and high heels…!

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Van –

the top is insaaane! love the outfit!)

I really love that fruit trend made by D&G, the top looks lovely on you. About the people staring you, just forget it, some people just can’t evolve!


Anonymous 23 July 2012 / Reply

16th picture is beautiful
Love your style! :)

Wow, such a beautiful skirt!

lovely outfit~
and i love your photos!! :)

they are just so adorable!!

have a fantastic week!!

Pretty outfit! Love the skirt. Have the same necklace ;)

beautiful top and shoes, my dear! :)

very nice outfit!

this look really suits you! :)

Anonymous 24 July 2012 / Reply

stop be so beautiful!!! :)

Loved your bustier and your hat! I’m sure all those people staring at you were just jealous! You looked gorgeous!

Just found your blog.
You’re gorge, girl!!
Wanna trade faces? :)
Eat Cake

Hot outfit! Really feeling the sheer layer over the skirt ;)

Are you a Model….you look stunning

Great pictures, I just discovered your blog, new follower ;) xoxo Mina.

such a lovely look! Hats look awesome on you.

your beauty is overload!!!hahahaha..dont mind the staring really, they’re just jealous of your beautiful face and your fashion sense… :)

Woooow! I totally loved this one! Your hair looks so BEAUTIFUL! And almost white, the way I like it haha, the top is so gorgeous and fits perfect with that skirt! So pretty outfit, really.

Very good blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

Thanks-a-mundo for the post. Great.

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